Player Creates Massive Minecraft Map After Nearly 10 Years

"The vision that I have may take decades to finish."

Minecraft players are a dedicated bunch. The stories of their hard work and sheer dedication are as popular as ever. Somedays, they will be recreating the entire Snake Island, Ukraine, and on other days, they will be off to breaking world records. This time around, a player shared an entire map that they have been working on for nearly a decade.

The update for the huge map that I’m working on for 9 years and 3 months is now available for download! =D from Minecraftbuilds

On the r/Minecraftbuilds, player, u/FredericoJuan, posted a video sharing the entire map that they created in-game and even provided a download link for other players to witness it themselves. They named their map, or rather a whole country in Minecraft, “Republic of Union Islands”. Union Island has anything that one can imagine; a stadium, museum, church, subway; you name it, it’s there.

The video starts off by showing the city, and it is just mesmerizing; one would not be able to take their gaze off of it. The roads, infrastructure, inside of the buildings, and everything in between were just the definition of perfection in Minecraft. Personally, this is the best Minecraft build we’ve come across so far, and it did take the player almost a decade to reach there — nine years and three months to be exact — so, it’s well deserved. Other than the city, the player managed to create an amazing landscape on the city’s outskirts, not to mention, the underground panorama that they show at the end of the video.

Union Island Green Areas
Union Island Lush Areas

However, the build is not completed yet (still), as the player says that the vision that they have “may take decades to finish”. So, in the future, we can expect a greater return from the player with much more to showcase. The post had less than a thousand upvotes, which was sad to see, especially when such a build deserves much more attention. However, other players in the comments were extremely appreciative, and so are we about the amazing Republic of Union Islands in Minecraft.

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