Resident Evil Village Could Be Coming To Xbox Game Pass

CAPCOM's recent survival horror installment to the Resident Evil franchise may be making its way to the Xbox Game Pass.

Update: The tag display alongside the Resident Evil Village on the Microsoft Store was nothing but an error on their part. However, fret not, the last title did become a part of Xbox Game Pass eventually. According to my opinion, the game may get incorporated into gamepass in the coming years. 

CAPCOM‘s 2021 survival horror game, Resident Evil Village, dominated last year’s survival horror genre. Players were hyped up about the game even before its release, and the title received excellent scores overall. The sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard answered some questions about Ethan, our protagonist that cannot seem to escape trouble.
At the moment, only Resident Evil 7 is included in the Xbox Game Pass. However, that may seemingly change very soon, as Microsoft may have accidentally revealed Resident Evil Village’s release on its subscription-based gaming service. This is suggested by the incidental evidence witnessed on the Xbox Store website.

The Polish website (Dedicated to Xbox & Game Pass) first noticed and reported in its article that Resident Evil Village had an “Included in Game Pass” tag on the Xbox Store storefront. The badge has now been wiped out (no surprise there), but fortunately, the website took a screenshot of it before this happened. This could either be a mistake, or Microsoft added it sooner than it should have. Either way, this suggests that Resident Evil Village may soon be making its way to the Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass Resident Evil Village leak
Resident Evil Village may seemingly be coming to the Xbox Game Pass soon. || Source:

The unfortunate news is that after only a few minutes, the tag no longer remained under the game’s description on the Xbox Store, so there’s no way to be completely certain whether Microsoft has decided to bring the game to its subscription-based gaming service or not. However, this doesn’t seem to be the first time that has covered something like this. A few months prior, the website reported a similar situation with Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which BioWare added to the Xbox Game Pass a month later. The same could be the case with the Resident Evil Village as well.

It’s been almost a year since the game was released and the sales of the CAPCOM game are not at their peak anymore, so adding it to the Xbox Game Pass would make sense, especially since Resident Evil 7 has been a part of the subscription-based gaming service for a while now. In two months, Resident Evil Village will be commemorating its first anniversary. It seems like that would be the perfect time to introduce this game to Microsoft’s highly successful subscription-based gaming service.

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