Capcom Sales Increased By 62.5% On Steam In Last Fiscal Year

The company's titles have seen a noteworthy increase in sales on the storefront.

The gaming world has such a wide array of developers that it’s hard to keep track of everyone making games. Even with this extensive scope of a thousand publishers, only a select few earn the most. One of these big publishers in the world of video games is the popular Capcom.

You probably know the Japanese video game developer from its very famous Resident Evil series. But, Capcom has many other amazing titles, like Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter. Games like these make a lot of profit for the developer, making the company one of the most profitable in the world.

Capcom has been around for a long time and has been successful for a large part of two decades. However, even such triumphant companies need to innovate new ways to make money and stay relevant. Recently, the Japanese developer did exactly that and is now seeing the fruit of its labor.

The recent report detailing Capcom’s last fiscal year ending March 2022 tell us that the company’s Steam sales increased by 62.5%. It made a whopping ¥17.2 billion from Steam sales last year which amounts to about $126 million. These figures account for almost 15.6% of the company’s total sales in the year 2022.

Global game market continuing to expand.

Seeing how good Capcom’s numbers are on consoles, these sales figures for PC are very good. More and more people are now buying titles from the publisher on PC, according to a recent report from gamebiz. All of this is due to the work that the Japanese company has done to put games on the platform. 

Capcom has been actively releasing titles on PC in the last few years or so. The company has been putting all of its best games on Steam for a while now and the results are showing. It started with older titles of the flagship Resident Evil series and has now expanded to its other franchises.

Most of its popular games, from games like Devil May Cry 5 and the Monster Hunter franchise, are available on PC now. Every PC release has been successful and the player reviews have also been amazing. With the new Street Fighter and Resident Evil games coming soon, these sales are bound to increase.

Through leveraging the PC platform, 353 titles in 237 countries and regions contribute to stable earnings.

PC and Steam have also allowed Capcom to reach countries that don’t have dedicated console sellers. Now, the publisher sells in 237 countries around the world, with all of them contributing to its profit. According to the financial report, all of its 353 titles are playable in more than 200 countries, which is a great milestone. 

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