Street Fighter 6 Development Team Is “Highly Motivated,” Says Producer

Street Fighter 6 feels like three games merged into one with distinct modes.

Street Fighter 6 is Capcom’s latest endeavor that has been brewing for almost half a decade. The game development process has been steady, and the release date may be announced down the road. The reveal trailer led to a storm of whirring in the community, with fans completely accepting the game’s new modernistic look.

Street Fighter 6 supposedly innovates on the traditional fighting formula by incorporating unique game modes not included in the past installments. SF6 approach seems fresh, crispy, and has modern vibes as opposed to the last two installments. The title is proving to be the perfect step in the right direction from its predecessor.

Speaking during an interview with IGN Japan, the film’s producer, Shuhei Matsumoto, claimed that the project for “Street Fighter 6” was initiated around 2018. Director Takayuki Nakayama seemingly prepared a 92-page proposal which was followed to the core. In addition to “FIGHTING GROUND,” which is the standard fighting game, “WORLD TOUR” and “BATTLE HUB” modes were penned in the proposal.

A new “Drive” system is incorporated in Street Fighter 6, which innovates on the traditional battling system. Commenting on that, Nakayama mentioned, “The Drive Gauge is a new element in the fighting portion of Street Fighter 6. We started with making it easy for players to experience strong actions and defenses using the gauge.”

Five characters have been revealed for Street Fighter 6 thus far, dubbed: Luke, Ryu, Chun-Li, Jamie, and Guile. Jamie is a drunken fist-fighter who becomes robust by drinking and getting high during battles. Nakayama cited concerning Jamie. “The ‘Street Fighter’ series has never had a character that uses drunken fists. I chose this fighting style because I wanted to introduce a new fighting style.”

Nakayama also commented about his drink, “By the way, what he is drinking is not alcohol, but a special drink called yakuyu, which is more like …… a medicine or …… tea.” Matsumoto answered, “It’s a special drink (laughs).”

Mr. Nakayama also stated that there are other new characters in development, although he did not share details at this time. For existing characters of Street Fighter 6, he mentioned that he is trying to keep all the good elements of each character while altering the game.

Nakayama cited, “We don’t want to spoil anything that has been in the game and has been fun to play, so we’ve made some adjustments to ……. For example, we’ve kept the V-trigger in “Street Fighter V” for Ryu and the electric blade Neriki with a different input, the ↓↓ punch.”

The World Tour mode features free-roaming and adventures in the metro city while depicting American street art as a whole. When questioned about whether representing the USA was intentional, Matsumoto said, “I don’t think street culture has anything to do with the country, so I don’t have that in mind.”

He continued, “When I wondered what (visual) would fit the world of Street Fighter, I was wondering about hip-hop, urban-style taste, and graffiti art.” Nakayama says the developers working together in harmony and putting efforts have made keeping with the ambitions even smoother.

Nakayama sugar-coated the team with his remarks, “All the development members were motivated and earnestly worked on it, thinking about new things, and suggesting that it would be more interesting every day, and the functions and modes were getting better and better.”

Mr. Nakayama also praised the development process of Street Fighter 6, “This is the first time I’ve had such a positive development system in my development life. Of course, there are a lot of things to do, and it’s difficult, but everyone has a strong desire to deliver a new experience of “Street Fighter positively.” I think you could see the results on the PV during this time.”

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