Horizon Forbidden West Fixed Performance Mode Improves Graphics

The already-gorgeous game looks unrecognizable by the massive graphics upgrade in the fixed performance mode.

Horizon Forbidden West has broken a bundle of milestones since its inception. Like its predecessor, the game has gone above and beyond to deliver an immersive experience. The title features highly realistic graphics alongside a compelling story that pulls the players into the Horizon universe. Many hail Forbidden West to be the best-looking PlayStation 5 game available on the market.

The argument is hard to dispute when the difference between real-life images and in-game images rests on the thinnest line possible. Like a bundle of games on PlayStation 5, Forbidden West incorporates two visual modes, a Performance Mode and a Resolution Mode. Performance Mode aims for the 60 FPS while the resolution mode targets 30 FPS.

In the past, Resolution Mode appeared to be preferred within the community due to decreased image quality. The 1.16 patch in Horizon Forbidden West might have changed the preference of the audience by fixing the performance mode.

Aloy and the foliage have never looked more enticing in Horizon Forbidden West and fans are all in for it. Guerrilla Games collaborated with Digital Foundry to explore the inner workings of the amazing patch that has supposedly altered the way the game functioned in Performance Mode.

The 1.16 patch has patched up all the issues that affected the foliage by making it look more grainy and static. The difference between the Performance Mode before and after the patch is like night and day. Digital Foundry has provided an in-depth analysis in its most recent YouTube video.

This paragraph from the video sums up most of the behind-the-scenes workings of the 1.16 patch, “When Horizon Forbidden West launched, we recommended playing with the 30fps quality mode – because the 60fps mode’s 3200×1800 checkerboard solution didn’t quite work.”

Digital Foundry continued, “However, Guerrilla Games’ latest patch is a game-changer. It’s still 1800p checkerboard, but the developers have massively revamped the anti-aliasing solution, removing the shimmer and vastly improving image quality. So which way should you play the game now – 30fps 4K or 60fps checkerboard? John Linneman gives us his thoughts!”

The Performance Mode is able to run the game at a constant 60 FPS while providing breath-taking quality that appeared to be improbable in the past. Two images that unveil the massive before and after disparity of Performance Mode are shared below.

Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy looked realistic enough that her little whiskers could be noticed on her cheeks. However, the fixed Performance Mode has taken it to a whole new realm of graphics. Horizon Forbidden West appears more crisp and sharp as opposed to shimmery and grainy.

Horizon Forbidden West

The brimming foliage bathing in sunlight seems more realistic and pleasing to the eye as compared to the un-patched version where the apparent rays of light don’t appear invigorating. The 1.16 patch has wholly upgraded the Performance Mode and it has already become the preferred mode for gamers.

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