Player Recreates Snake Island, Ukraine In Minecraft

"Russian warship, go f*** yourself."

Minecraft never fails to amaze people, no matter who you are, and that has been the case for a decade now. Just recently, the Red Bull Ring was recreated by players In Minecraft. Before that, another player on Reddit shared their efforts recreating the Apex Legends Fragment East and Fragment West map In Minecraft. We can safely say that Minecraft players always have something up their sleeves to impress and leave the world in awe. Earlier today, another player shared their progress to recreate the Snake Island in Ukraine, in Minecraft, this time around.

With the ongoing invasion from Russia in Ukraine, the Snake Island, which is also known as Serpent Island or Zmiinyi Island, has played a huge part in protecting Ukraine. The player made no direct comments about the war going on between Russia and Ukraine, so it could be that they were just showing their skills as an artist in Minecraft. However, that is unlikely, since the player had a Ukraine Flag on the Island in the last image, indicating that it is a part of Ukraine.

Screenshot showcasing Snake Island, Ukraine recreated in Minecraft.

Nonetheless, the player made the recreation of the Snake Island in Minecraft brilliantly, and it’s absolutely gorgeous to gaze at. The mist, the grass, and the housing on the Island are just heartwarming. It took the player around three-and-a-half hours to recreate the entire island, but they “used worldedit and a bunch of other tools,” and they further added that “doing this without any plugins would certainly take days or even weeks.” Not only that, but they also used Chunky, a programme that visualizes worlds created in Minecraft, and additionally added a “layer of water on the render.”

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