Top 10 Minecraft BEST Armor Enchantments

Looking to buff up your defense with the best enchantments for armor in Minecraft? Say no more and check out our top picks here.v

Enchantments are additional buffs or extra perks that can be added to swords, axes, and even crossbows. These serve the purpose of enhancing the properties of whatever item they’re applied to. For instance, the Unbreaking III enchantment added to swords increases their durability and makes them last longer. The same is the case with armor in Minecraft, allowing your attire to persevere for a longer amount of time in the face of your foes. 

Key Takeaways
  • Aqua Affinity on your helmet allows you to mine underwater like you would if you were mining on land.
  • Protection IV reduces absorbed damage by 16 points.
  • Mending allows you to repair your equipment by consuming XP orbs. This allows you to use XP farms to repair all your gear.
  • Feather Falling IV on your boots reduces fall damage by 48%. Paired with Protection, it can reduce fall damage by 80%.
  • Soul Speed III on your boots allows you to move 61.5% faster than you normally would on soul sand and soul soil.
  • Respiration III on your helmet allows you to breathe underwater for longer than normal.
  • Unbreaking III exponentially increases your equipment’s durability. Paired with mending, it saves you from constantly using your resources to repair weapons.
  • Depth Strider III increases horizontal movement speed underwater.
  • Thorns III can be added to all armor pieces and will damage any entity that attacks the wearer.
  • The best way to get all these enchantments is by villager trading. Manipulating villager trades allows you to easily pick and choose the right enchantments for you
  • After receiving the books, use an anvil to add them to your armor pieces.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the best Minecraft armor enchantments you can possibly use. We’ll be sure to add a detailed description of where to find each enchantment, so the process can be seamless for you.

Before we begin, here is a look at the comparison between each Armor Enchantment from our guide:

Minecraft Armor Enchantments Table

Enchantment NameMax LevelApplicable ToEffects
Aqua AffinityLevel 1HelmetsProvides players with the
same mining speed when underwater as they
have on land.
ProtectionLevel 4Helmets, Chestplate, Leggings, and
Reduces the damage taken
from enemy attacks
MendingLevel 1All Tools, Weapons, and ArmorUses your experience
points and grants your item with durability
Feather FallingLevel 4BootsReduces the damage taken
when falling from considerable heights.
Soul SpeedLevel 3BootsAllows players to walk
faster on Soul Soil or Soul Sand blocks.
RespirationLevel 3HelmetsProvides players with
additional oxygen time when submerged underwater.
UnbreakingLevel 3For All Tools, Armor, and WeaponsIncreases the durability of
an item.
Depth StriderLevel 3BootsIncreases
player’s speed when walking underwater.
ThornsLevel 3Helmets, Turtle Shells,
Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots.
Attackers receive damage when they touch the wearer.

Best Armor Enchantments In Minecraft

Before we get going with the best armor enchantments in the game, it’s best to catch up on the whole concept of enchantment first. Enchantments or otherwise called enchants are extra buffs or perks that can be applied to swords, crossbows, bows, fishing rods, and other tools in the game to increase one or various parts of their physical properties. You’re free to play the game without enchanting a single item, but that would just be taking the fun out of Minecraft, wouldn’t it? 

Enchantments offer a unique Minecraft experience and allow you to brave the difficult parts of the game with charm and vigor in equal measure. While other enchantments can pay off to enhance your gameplay experience, there’s no doubt that the Best Minecraft armor enchantments will help you the most to survive. You definitely need to know what are these to level up and become a top-notch player. Let’s get started with them right away. 

1. Aqua Affinity 

minecraft best enchantments for armor
Aqua Affinity
Max LevelDescriptionBuffsApplicable To
Aqua Affinity 1This enchantment provides players with the same mining speed when underwater as they have on land.NoneHelmets

Starting off this list is the brilliant Aqua Affinity enchantment that can only be applied to Helmets in the game. You can’t use it for any other armor piece on your character, including ChestplateLeggings, and Boots. That’s probably because you don’t need to anyway, given the property buff provided by the enchantment.

Aqua Affinity’s major purpose is to provide players with the same mining speed underwater as they would have on land. Mining is an essential game mechanic and something that constitutes a major part of Minecraft. As for the benefit of mining underwater, you’ll find that no mobs and other lighting-related issues will hinder your digging experience. 

You’ll even discover some of the best Minecraft houses being structured on a sub-aquatic level, so there’s that as well.

  • The maximum level that you can upgrade Aqua Affinity to is 1, which is already established at its base. Furthermore, it’s worth taking into account a distinct way of using this enchantment that can allow you to utilize it to the full. 

Don’t try mining while being partially submerged in water. Delve into digging when you’re standing on the sea bed for the best results. You’ll be able to mine at the exact same speed as you would on land. It’s definitely one of the best Minecraft armor enchantments you can get your hands on in the game. 

Speaking of which, Aqua Affinity can be obtained in multiple ways. One of the easier methods of acquiring it is trading with a villager. Another alternative is to find an Enchanting Book. Lastly, you also have the option of enchanting a Turtle Shell to yield Aqua Affinity.


  • Aqua Affinity allows you to mine while underwater much faster than you would normally be able to.
  • Aqua Affinity gives you more time underwater, as you have a much lower chance of drowning.
  • You can mine while submerged in Lava with Acqua Affinity, as long as you have some equipment to protect you from the fire.
  • Aqua Affinity allows you to see much more clearly underwater compared to without it.


  • While you can mine faster with Aqua Affinity, your movement speed underwater does not change.
  • Aqua Affinity cannot be used with any equipment that is not a Helmet.

2. Protection IV 

minecraft best armor enchantments
Protection IV
Max LevelDescriptionBuffsApplicable To
Protection 4This enchantment reduces the damage taken from enemy attacksProtection 1 reduces the damage taken by 4 points.

– Protection 4 reduces the damage taken by 16 points.

Helmets, Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots.

The Protection enchantment is probably the most go-to armor enchant in Minecraft. It’s multi-faceted and can be applied to all four armor pieces: HelmetChestplateLeggings, and Boots. The maximum level that you can upgrade this buff to is 4, so make sure you’re all stocked up on Experience Points.

A good way to get started with that is by creating an XP farm, should you want to know how to do that here. As for the Protection enchant’s basic functionality, it serves the purpose of reducing the damage dealt by enemy attacks. It tolerates damage taken from heat-based sources like lava, flames, and explosions and even covers harm coming from projectile-oriented attacks. 

  • The good part is that since you can apply the enchantment to different armor pieces, the effects can usually stack up.
  • The base level of Protection will reduce the damage taken from different attacks by 4 points. However, with each level that you upgrade the enchantment, the base effect will be multiplied.
  • For instance, Protection IV will reduce absorbed damage by 16 points. This is one of the best enchantments for Netherite armor as well, so definitely keep that in mind if you’re focusing your build around it. The buff is incompatible to use with the likes of Blast Protection, Fire Protection, and Fire Protection as well.

You’re better off not employing those enchantments anyway since they’re each focused on specific enemy attacks. Unless you’re venturing into a particular area and you need exceedingly distinct damage protection, the Protection enchantment is your best bet to roll with consistently.


  • You can apply the Protection IV enchantment to all types of armor pieces.
  • Protection IV protects you from enemy takes by reducing the amount of overall damage that you take.
  • Because Protection IV can be used with multiple armor pieces, you can stack its effect and make it much stronger.


  • You cannot use Protection IV in combination with Blast Protection, Fire Protection, and Projectile Protection.
  • Some of the other enchantments are incompatible with Protection IV.

3. Mending

Mending I Enchanted Book

Max LevelDescriptionBuffsApplicable To
Mending 1This enchantment uses your experience points and grants your item durability points.For 2 XP points you receive 1 Durability PointAll Tools, Weapons, and Armor 

Mending is not an armor-specific enchantment. It is rather a buff that can be used with all tools and weapons in the game. You’re definitely not going to find an enchantment as utilitarian and handy as this one. What it does is basically use up your gained Experience Points and utilize them in replenishing your armor’s durability. 

Whether it’s a sword, a crossbow, or a pickaxe in Minecraft, nothing is built to last forever. You’ll typically need to manage your items in the game if you want to preserve and whip them out when they are required the most. Mending is one of the best armor enchantments in the game for this purpose. 

The item that you have enchanted with the Mending perk will automatically be repaired and prevented from becoming unusable. This goes out for your armors too, including the relatively strongest Netherite armor that can give out after a certain number of uses. 

The maximum level that this enchantment can be upgraded to is 1, so you’re pretty much set with the base version of Mending. You can use this perk with any other enchant you can get your hands on, but beware that the Infinity Enchantment is the only one that won’t work with it. 

Just defeats the whole purpose when you’re able to shoot out infinite arrows, no? Mending goes with every tool, weapon, and armor in the game while boasting an exceedingly beneficent effect. It’s easily one of the best Minecraft enchantments for armor that you can get in the game.


  • Mending is not limited to just armor and can be used with any sort of tool or equipment in the game.
  • Mending allows you to use your experience points to repair your armor without having to manually do it.
  • You will save a lot of time if you use Mending, as you do not have to constantly switch your equipment.
  • You will be able to focus a lot more on exploring or building with Mending.


  • You will use up a lot of your experience orbs while using Mending.

4. Feather Falling IV 

minecraft best armor enchantments 1.14
Feather Falling IV
Max LevelDescriptionBuffsApplicable To
Feather Falling 4This enchantment reduces the damage taken when falling from heights.
  • Feather Falling I provides the players with a 12% damage reduction from considerable heights.
  • Feather Falling IV provides the player with a 48% damage reduction.

Feather Falling is an enchantment that can be applied to Boots only. It is possible to obtain this perk in a wide variety of ways. The chances of retrieving it through fishing are a tad bit rare, but an easily approachable method is by finding the enchant in loot chests and trading with villagers. We’re placing our bets on the latter.

The reason it’s on this list is that this enchantment can genuinely save your life in Minecraft. Feather Falling does the service of reducing fall damage.

  • The base level of this enchantment will reduce damage taken from considerable heights by 12%. Another way of iterating that is 2 heart icons, which convert to 4 health points.
  • The maximum power level that Feather Falling can be upgraded to is 4.
  • 12 times 4 is just about 48, so you can expect a 48% fall damage reduction when you’ve got Feather Falling IV equipped on your Boots.
  • The best way to utilize this enchantment is by falling on Hay Bale. That way, you can get a substantial decrease in fall damage. 

The cherry on top here is that Feather Falling can be stacked up with other enchantments. The aforementioned Protection IV enchant, in particular, can combine the effects of the latter to give you a fall damage reduction that’s as high as 80%. That’s because Protection is also capable of decreasing the damage taken by falls.

Feather Falling will also protect players from the damage dealt by using an Ender Pearl. This item is used to teleport from one area in the Minecraft world to another. However, as soon as you’re teleported, you’re made to fall from a decent height. That is where fall damage can occur, but not unless you have the ever-brilliant Feather Falling enchant ready by your side.    

Another praiseworthy trait of Feather Falling is that it can be effectively utilized in Minecraft “Dropper” maps. This is a fun type of user-generated game mode where the objective is to keep falling down while avoiding the trajectory of mid-air suspended blocks. You have to be aware of your health points as you reach the bottom of the map without failing. 

Having Feather Falling equipped will definitely boost your chances of success in this case. Although you will have to make sure that this buff isn’t forbidden to use in multiplayer Dropper maps.


  • Feather Falling IV greatly reduces the amount of damage you take from falls.
  • You can stack Feather Falling IV with other Minecraft enchantments like Protection or Unbreaking to get maximum durability.
  • You will be able to freely use Ender Pearl with Feather Falling IV equipped and teleport with little worries.


  • Feather Falling IV is a bit limited and can only be applied to boots.
  • If you are at level 30, the chances of getting Feather Falling IV are less than 3%.
  • Feather Falling IV will only protect you from fall damage, as you will still take other types of damage.

5. Soul Speed III 

minecraft best armor enchantments 1.14
Soul Speed III
Max LevelDescriptionBuffsApplicable To
Soul Speed 3This enchantment allows players to walk faster on Soul Soil or Soul Sand blocks.Increases the player speed by 61.5%.Boots.

Soul Speed is another Boots-only Minecraft armor enchantment that can be used in combination with Feather Falling, just so you know. There’s a wide variety of biomes in Minecraft, each with its own distinct geographical features and other environmental characteristics. As opposed to the Taiga, Jungle, Mountains, and other different variants of biomes in the game, there is the frighteningly generated Soul Sand Valley biome as well.

This is a part of the Nether world where you can build some of the best castles Minecraft, among doing other things. However, it’s worth noting that this biome is ridden with two special yet grim types of blocks: Soul Soil and Soul Sand. You definitely have to be wary of your environment when treading along these units in the game. 

  • Soul Sand block can slow down the movement of the player by a factor of 50%. Furthermore, it compels the character to go down into the block by a margin of 2 pixels thereby impeding the speed of the player.
  • Don’t fret though since this is exactly where the Soul Speed enchantment dives in, allowing players to walk or sprint at normal speed without breaking a sweat.
  • The maximum level that you can achieve with these enchants is 3. If you manage to upgrade Soul Speed to the highest power level, you’ll actually be able to sprint faster on Soul Sand and Soul Soil than on regular blocks. That’s because this enchantment grants you a 61.5% speed increase, which is decently more rapid than on normal occasions.  

With all that being said, there is one downside to what is otherwise one of the best armor enchantments in Minecraft. And that is durability. You’ll be eligible for a 4% chance of durability depreciation when you step on any Soul Sand or Soul Soil block. The good news is that this chance occurrence can be reduced by a maximum of 30% if you have the Unbreaking III enchant equipped on your boots.


  • You will be able to walk or run at normal speed in Soul Sand Valley if you are using Soul Speed.
  • There is the potential of being able to walk or run faster than normal in Soul Sand Valley if you get Soul Speed III.
  • Soul Speed III will increase your chances of survival in Soul Sand Valley by a lot.


  • There is a 4% chance that your boots might lose their durability if you step on either Soul Sand or Soul Soul.
  • You cannot get Soul Speed III from normal means like an enchantment table or fishing.
  • In the Java edition, Soul Speed III will not increase your speed if you are on slabs or some other surfaces.

6. Respiration III

minecraft best enchantments for armor
Respiration III
Max LevelDescriptionBuffsApplicable To
Respiration 3This enchantment provides players with additional time when submerged underwater before they take any damage.
  • Respiration I grants an extra 15 seconds underwater.
  • Respiration III grants a full extra minute underwater.

If you’re a fanatic of building terrific underwater bases and beach houses, you’re not going to want to miss out on the Respiration enchantment. It’s worth noting that the perk can only be applied to the Helmet of your armor set, and not any other piece of the apparel unless you’re using commands, which may not be painlessly approachable for Minecraft newcomers. 

You might be wondering what is making this enchantment so great for it to be on this list. Well, Respiration prolongs the amount of time that you can breathe without drowning while submerged underwater. Furthermore, the functionality of this enchant is two-fold. You’ll not only be breathing underwater for longer, but you’ll also take damage at a lesser rate if you run out of breath and reach the point of drowning. 

  • The maximum power level that Respiration can be upgraded to is 3.
  • The base power level grants you an additional 15 seconds of underwater time before you start taking drown damage. This means that you’ll be able to breathe for 30 seconds just by having Respiration I equipped.
  • If you were to upgrade the enchant to the maximum level, expect a full one minute to be given to you underwater without absorbing drown damage. 

There is a way to capitalize on the total output of Respiration III. You can get yourself a Turtle Shell and wear it on your head. The process of crafting a Turtle Shell is lengthy, but easy nonetheless. All you have to do is grow a Baby Turtle on your Minecraft farm or anywhere else that’s suitable by feeding it consistently. 

When the Turtle reaches the appropriate age, it’ll automatically allow you to pick up Scutes—an in-game item that’s necessary for crafting a Turtle Shell. Equipping the latter on your player’s head will grant you 10 extra seconds to breathe underwater on top of the already established 60-second breathing time period. It’s definitely one of the best armor enchantments in Minecraft that you can get and revamp your gameplay with.


  • The time you can spend underwater will greatly increase if you are using Respiration III.
  • Mining underwater will become much more efficient and easier with the use of Respiration III.
  • Respiration III is the perfect Minecraft enchantment for you if you love building underwater structures or beach houses.
  • If you use up your time underwater with Respiration III, the damage you take from drowning will still be lowered.


  • Respiration III can only be equipped for helmets in your armor set.

7. Unbreaking III

best minecraft enchantments for armor
Unbreaking III
Max LevelDescriptionBuffsApplicable To
Unbreaking 3This enchantment increases the durability of an item.Unbreaking III allows an increase in the lifespan of an item by 42.9%For All Tools, Armor, and Weapons

You’ve seen us mention the Unbreaking III enchantment for its effectiveness before in this guide, so it’s only logical that we provide it a separate entry. This hefty buff is centered on the durability trait—just like Mending—and serves the purpose of increasing any tool’s, weapon’s, or armor piece’s endurance toward a decrease in durability points. You definitely need to have this enchant equipped to savor your most cherished armor builds in the game.

The working mechanism of Unbreaking differs quite significantly from the aforementioned Mending enchant. The latter operates by using up your Experience Points to replenish an item’s durability points. Unbreaking, on the contrary, simply increases the chances of your armor piece avoiding pushing through incoming hits without getting a reduction in its durability points. It does not utilize any resource that a player has in Minecraft.

  • The maximum power level that Unbreaking can be taken up to is 3. There is a certain formula that this enchant follows to implement the favorable effects.
  • You’ll receive a 42.9% increase in the typical lifetime of an armor piece with the Unbreaking III equipped if we’re to sum that formula up. 

This can come across as a substantial game-changer for your armor pieces in Minecraft, especially if you’ve applied the enchant to each piece of the armor you’re donning. Unbreaking can be obtained in several ways, with the major one being the Enchanting Table. You can also get it if you trade with villagers, go fishing, and explore Dungeon chests. 

We definitely recommend pairing Unbreaking III with Mending if you want to make your high-end armor indestructible. The duo is easily one of the best Minecraft armor enchantments that can alter the odds in your favor in Survival Mode. Besides, you will be needing the extra buffs when mining a great deal of blocks for some of the most amazing player-made cottages in the game.


  • You can use Unbreaking III to greatly increase the durability of any piece of equipment you use it with.
  • Unbreaking III does not use up any of your resources, unlike a lot of the other defensive enchantments.
  • You can prolong the lifetime of an armor piece quite significantly if you use Unbreaking III.
  • You can combine Unbreaking III with other enchantments like Mending to create an almost indestructible set of armor.


  • While Unbreaking III is easy to understand for items, it might be a bit difficult to comprehend with armor sets.

8. Depth Strider III

all armor enchantments minecraft
Depth Strider III
Max LevelDescriptionBuffsApplicable To
Depth Strider 3This enchantment allows the increase of a player’s speed when walking underwater.
  • Horizontal movement is going to be the same as it is on land.
  • Vertical movement is still slower than normal.

The second last enchantment that has made the cut on this list is Depth Strider, providing players with fairly basic yet heavily convenient functionality. This enchant lets you walk underwater faster than you would without having it equipped. The gist of it is that the player’s speed is significantly slowed down when they submerge in any water source.

After all, this is a fairly natural affair incorporated by the developers in Minecraft. Water comprises a bigger molecular structure than air and, therefore, slows us down greatly. The same is the case in our favorite sandbox block-based building title, well, apart from the inclusion of the Depth Strider enchantment. Applying this buff to your Boots gets you the third part of the movement underwater that you would normally get on land. 

The maximum level that this perk can be upgraded to is 3. Depth Strider III will grant you the ability to walk underwater at the same speed as you would walk elsewhere. However, it is worth noting that the enchantment is only applicable to movements made in the horizontal direction. You’ll still have to bear with the slowness of vertical movement when swimming in water. 

To come back to the side of the positives, Depth Strider also influences how you’re affected by the flowing water current that can push you when you’re idle. Furthermore, drinking a speed-enhancing potion, such as the Potion of Swiftness, will add to the effects implemented by the enchantment, making your character faster than ever underwater. Do bear in mind that Boots are the only eligible armor piece for this perk.   

Another synonymous enchant that allows you to literally walk on water is Frost Walker. Although it’s fairly useful, this particular buff isn’t quite on the level of Depth Strider. In addition, the two are also incompatible with each other, so you’ll have to pick one between them. Our bets are definitely on the latter, considering it’s one of the best enchantments for armor in Minecraft.


  • Your underwater walking speed will get enhanced with Depth Strider III.
  • Depth Strider III can give you a great advantage when it comes to fighting underwater, as you can move much faster.
  • Building underwater structures can be a breeze with Depth Strider III.
  • You will stay much safer underwater with the use of Depth Strider III, as you can escape dangerous situations much faster.


  • Depth Strider III only affects your walking speed and does not apply to movements that are not horizontal.
  • You will only be able to apply Depth Strider III to boots and not any other piece of equipment.

9. Thorns III

best enchantments for netherite armor
Thorns III
Max LevelDescriptionBuffsApplicable To
Thorns 3This enchantment allows an attack from an enemy to be received right back at them.
  • Thorns I grants a 15% success rate of dealing damage to the enemy.
  • Thorns III grants a 45% success rate.
Helmets, Turtle Shells, Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots.

Next up is the exceptional Thorns enchantment. This perk is primarily applied to the Chestplate armor piece but can also accommodate Leggings, BootsHelmets, and even Turtle Shells. Having this enchant equipped means that whoever manages to land a hit on you gets it right back at them. We mean that this unique enchant boasts the benefit of dealing damage to the entity that has attacked you. 

The attack that makes the effect of the Thorns enchantment can be melee or any other projectile-based hit. You may observe something similar while fighting Guardians in Minecraft. They’ll often deal damage if you hit them with a melee attack, but only when their spikes are protruding out of their bodies. On the contrary, the enchant in question will damage enemies even if they attack you from afar with a weapon like a crossbow.

  • The maximum power level that Thorns can achieve is 3.
  • The enchantment has a 15% success rate of damaging your enemy upon a registered hit. This success rate, however, is multiplied with each power level. This means that having Thorns III equipped on any of your armor pieces will grant a 45% chance of getting back at your enemies.
  • As for the damage dealt, the health points deducted from the enemy range from anywhere around 1 to 4. 

The best part about Thorns is that it can be stacked. You’re free to apply the enchant to different armor pieces to increase your odds of damaging your foes when you take a hit. Having this enchantment on all four armor parts will make you eligible for a 61.18% chance to land the highest damage.

The only gripe that players can possibly have with Thorns is the toll it takes on your armor’s durability. It takes away 2 of the latter’s points each time it activates. An armor piece will be chosen on a random basis for the durability reduction to apply if you’ve equipped the enchant to all parts of your armor.

The good news is that this is where the Unbreaking enchantment can factor in, making it possible to diminish this hefty downside of Thorns.

All things considered, you’re definitely looking at one of the best Minecraft enchantments for armor here. Just make sure you’ve taken the right measures to avoid sacrificing the durability of your outfit for gaining an upper hand in battles.


  • Thorns III can be applied to a diverse amount of armor pieces, making it incredibly versatile.
  • Thorns III returns any damage you might take from potential enemies right back to them.
  • You can stack the effect of Thorns III by applying it to a wide variety of armor pieces.


  • Thorns III has the potential to reduce your armor’s durability every time it is activated.
  • Thorns III is not very useful in situations other than combat, which makes it a bit less versatile.

10. Projectile Protection IV

Projectile Protection IV

The Projectile Protection enchantment is one of the most useful enchantments that you can use in Minecraft. You can use it with any sort of armor piece, like helmets, chest plates, leggings, or boots. This makes Projectile Protection rather versatile. The main purpose of it, as the same suggests, is to protect you from projectiles. It successfully reduces the amount of damage you take from attacks that are considered projectiles in Minecraft.

While using Projectile Protection, you will notice a significant reduction in the damage you receive from arrows, tridents, shulker bullets, llama spit, and blaze fireballs. In the case of wither skulls and ghast fireballs, you will notice a damage decrease only during the impact but not during the actual explosion.

You can unlock Projectile Protection in a number of different ways, which makes it incredibly easy to obtain. Some of these ways include obtaining it through enchanting books, trading with villagers, or defeating certain mobs. Once obtained, you can use it with any armor piece of your choice and be ready to take on a large group of enemies. You will especially find Projectile Protection to be incredibly useful in the Nether dimension.

  • The highest level you can get with Projectile Protection is 4, and every time you get a higher level, the damage reduction is increased by 8%.
  • This means that once you get to level 4, the overall damage you will reduce from projectile attacks will be 32%.
  • Do keep in mind that Projectile Protection is not compatible with the Protection, Blast Protection, and Fire Protection enchantments. 

As mentioned, the greatest and sole advantage of using Projectile Protection is its ability to reduce damage taken from ranged attacks. This makes combat much easier and gives you the advantage, especially when facing a large group of enemies or powerful mobs. But there are still a few downsides, including the fact that Projectile Protection serves no purpose outside of combat. But regardless, players that regularly engage in combat should definitely consider using Projectile Protection.


  • Projectile Protection IV allows you to reduce the amount of damage you take from projectile attacks by up to 34%.
  • You will be able to fend off a large number of enemies or hostile mobs much easier with Projectile Protection IV.
  • Projectile Protection IV is compatible with all types of armor pieces, making it incredibly versatile.


  • Projectile Protection IV might not be very useful in situations that do not involve combat.
  • Projectile Protection IV is not compatible with other protection enchantments.

How to Create the Best Minecraft Armor Using Enchantments 

Enchantments on their own can surely do the job for you, but did you know there is a way of merging enchantments together and increasing the overall effect they create for your armor? This is the way most pro players utilize their armor pieces and end up crafting the most solid robust in the game. 

We’ll be covering how to create the best Minecraft armors using a combination of enchantments in this section. You’ll also acknowledge the most efficient method of using these armor enchants. Follow along with the instructions below, therefore, to power through the game’s Survival Mode like never before. Let’s dive right in without any further chit-chat. 

Best Helmet – What Minecraft Armor Enchantments to Use

Crafting the best helmet in Minecraft requires you to obtain the following enchantments: 

  • Protection IV 
  • Aqua Affinity
  • Respiration III 
  • Unbreaking III 
  • Mending

Knowing how to blend these enchantments perfectly will definitely get you the best helmet in Minecraft. The prerequisite here is to have the Netherite Helmet to apply the combination of these enchantments to. Once you’ve obtained the required items, the next step is to merge the enchantments in their Enchanted Book forms in a specific method. 

It’s best that you know that an already enchanted item in Minecraft cannot be enchanted again, but that is only when you’re factoring in working with the Enchanting Table. The Anvil is what will help us here, allowing us to combine different enchants together, and even merge together double-enchantment books for the best results.  

Get started by combining Respiration III with Mending. This will cost you 2 Experience Levels. That shouldn’t be an issue at this point. The next step is to put together Aqua Affinity and Protection IV. This will demand 2 Experience Levels yet again. You now have to combine the end product of the previous two enchantment combinations. Doing so will cost you about 8 XP Points.

Proceed by taking your Netherite Helmet and enchanting it with the Unbreaking III enchant. This will merely cost you 3 XP. The final step is to merge the enchanted Helmet with the remaining Enchanted Book and get yourself an OP Helmet to work with. Do note that this enchantment will cost you about 18 Experience Levels. This makes the whole affair cost you 33 XP points in total, so make sure to stock up on these beforehand. 

Best Chestplate – What Minecraft Armor Enchantments to Use

You will need the following enchantments to transform your Netherite Chestplate into an overly resilient armor piece:

  • Mending
  • Protection IV 
  • Unbreaking III

Begin by putting together Protection IV and Mending in the Anvil. This will cost you 2 Experience Points. The next step is to combine Unbreaking III with the Netherite Chestplate while spending 3 XP along the way. Top the operation off by enchanting the armor piece by the previously double-enchanted book. You will need 8 XP Points for this. Congratulations! You can now enjoy the most decked-out Chestplate in all of Minecraft. 

Best Leggings – What Minecraft Armor Enchantments to Use

The following enchantments are required to buff up the Netherite Leggings like never before: 

  • Unbreaking III
  • Mending 
  • Protection IV 

The most efficient way of applying these enchants to the Netherite Leggings is nothing but easy. You need to begin by combining Mending and Protection IV together. This step will require you to spend 2 Experience Points. You now have to get your Netherite Leggings enchanted with Unbreaking III to instill a profound notion of durability in it. 3 XP Points will be deducted from your account for the process in question. 

The final step is to imbue your enchanted Netherite Leggings with the amalgam of Mending and Protection IV. This was our very first enchantment in this section. You will be required to spend 8 Experience Levels for this enchantment. The total cost of XP will be marked as 13 afterward. That’s about it for making the hardest-hitting Leggings in the game. We only have one armor piece left to cover now. 

Best Boots – What Minecraft Armor Enchantments to Use

Getting the best Boots in Minecraft warrants the presence of the following enchants in your inventory. Do note that this one will be fairly complex to manifest, so bear with us as we walk you through the whole procedure.

  • Protection IV 
  • Feather Falling IV
  • Unbreaking III
  • Depth Strider III
  • Soul Speed III 
  • Mending

There is a decent number of enchants involved to imbue the Netherite Boots with, but we can get there easily using step-by-step instructions. Commence the operation by fusing your Netherite Boots with the Mending enchantment. Prepare yourself to spend 2 XP Points here. The next step is to enchant Depth Strider III with Protection IV, costing you 4 Experience Levels. 

You should be having a combined Enchanted Book of Depth Strider III with Protection IV and a Mending-enchanted Netherite Boots armor piece at this point. Continue by adding the latter two together. You will have to spend 12 Experience Points at this stage. Proceed by fusing Unbreaking III and Soul Speed III together. This will only demand 3 Experience Levels from you, so don’t fret just yet.

 You should only have 3 items left in your Anvil inventory to work with now. Continue by merging the Soul Speed III and Unbreaking III-infused Enchanted Book with Feather Falling IV. 5 XP Points will be deducted from your account at this stage. Use your Netherite Boots next and combine it with the Enchanted Book you just got now in the previous step. This will set you back for 25 Experience Points and top off the whole procedure. 

Time to go at them mobs like crazy because you’ve just learned how to craft the most effective armor in Minecraft. You’ve done this by using nothing but the best Minecraft armor enchantments that we’ve laid out in this guide already. We’ve now reached the article’s conclusion. 


Playing Minecraft with significant buffs is the best way of enjoying the game in Survival Mode. That way, you have far better chances of making it through the day and returning to your decked-out base in the nighttime. With that being said, venturing out into the dangers of the various Minecraft worlds without the proper equipment truly sets you up for defeat and subsequent frustration. 

That is exactly why you need to be well-versed with the best Minecraft armor enchantments around to absorb enemies’ attacks like a sponge. In this article, we’ve talked about just that, including how to get these high-end enchantments for your Minecraft character. Make sure you take the time out and invest some effort in finding these enchantments for the best results. 


What are the best enchantments for armor in Minecraft?

The best enchantments for armor in Minecraft are Mending, Unbreaking III, Aqua Affinity, Protection IV, Respiration III, Soul Speed III, and Depth Strider III.

What are the best armor enchantments in Minecraft?

The best armor enchantments in Minecraft are Feather Falling IV, Unbreaking III, Mending, Thorns, and Protection IV for a robust defense like never before.

How to enchant in Minecraft?

You can enchant in Minecraft by crafting an Enchantment Table and using resources like Experience Levels and Lapis Lazuli.

How to take enchantments off armor Minecraft?

To take enchantments off armor in Minecraft, you need to craft a Grindstone using Stick, Stone Slabs, and Planks and disenchant your armor with it.

How to make Netherite armor in Minecraft?

An easy way to make Netherite armor in Minecraft is by crafting Diamond armor first and then using Netherite ingots in combination with a Smithing Table.

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