Minecraft Fortune Enchantment – All You Need to Know

The Minecraft Fortune enchantment can truly get you profitable results when mining in-game. Learn all you need to know about it here.

Minecraft’s Survival Mode is where the player with the highest resources is king. You venture out into the wilds of the game and brave an exhaustive variety of mobs, just to revamp your gameplay experience. However, things aren’t as simple in Minecraft as picking up your pickaxe and going with the flow. Although, you should know that equipping the Fortune Enchantment can take you to new heights in Minecraft.

Key Highlights
  • Fortune is a unique digging and mining-based enchantment introduced in Minecraft v1.0.0.
  • Applying this enchantment to your tools lets you yield more item drops when mining or digging, like getting more diamonds from a diamond ore or more crops from a field.
  • The common ways to get this enchantment is from the enchantment table with Lapis Lazuli, trading with a Librarian, or finding it from chests or fishing.
  • However, Fortune is incompatible with the Silk Touch enchantment, preventing you from steamrolling through ores and fields while also getting higher drops!
  • It also does not increase the overall XP you get from digging or mining.

There is a bevy of different enchantments in Minecraft, including the best axe enchants, but none of them are quite like the Fortune enchantment. This particular buff implements a unique effect on players’ tools, allowing them to yield more resources. Quite exactly like the name of the enchantment depicts. That said, there’s much more to the Minecraft Fortune enchantment than what meets the eye. 

What Are Enchantments In Minecraft? 

Enchantments enhance tools, armor, and weapons with special bonuses. For example, Feather Falling on Boots reduces fall damage. Most enchantments have power levels; higher levels increase effects. Feather Falling IV offers the greatest 48% fall damage reduction.

Upgrading enchantments requires Experience, obtained from various activities like defeating mobs, mining, and trading. You need an enchanted item. The Enchantment Table or Anvil with Enchanted Books is used. The Anvil allows combining multiple enchantments for added power.

minecraft fortune on axe
Enchanting Table in Minecraft

That’s potentially how you get the best armor in the game to equip, as well. There are certain incompatibilities, however, to look out for when you’re merging enchantments. For instance, the Infinity enchantment that lets you shoot unlimited arrows from the crossbow cannot be used in combination with Mending

Talking about the Fortune enchantment in Minecraft will help you better understand what all of this fuss is about. We’ll be sure to cover everything important related to this enchantment, including the different ways you can obtain it to leave no stone unturned. Let’s get right into it. 

Fortune Enchantment Minecraft

Max Level Description Buffs How To Acquire
Fortune Level 3 Increase the chances of item drops as well as the number of item drops.
  • Fortune I gives a total of 33% chance increase for item drops.
  • Fortune II gives a total of 70% chance increase for item drops.
  • Fortune III gives a total of 120% chance increase for item drops. 
  • Fishing
  • Trading with a Villager
  • Looting Chests
  • Enchantment Table

The Fortune enchantment is a particular type of perk that lets you have more item drops compared to what you would be getting without it. Now, of course, Fortune also has power levels that it can be upgraded to. The higher the power level, the more the chances of you getting profitable results. 

Before we get into all that, it’s worth talking about the eligible tools that Fortune can be used with. This enchantment can be applied to the following tools in Minecraft: 

  • Pickaxe
  • Hoe
  • Axe
  • Shovel

Killing mobs, defeating bosses, and doing just about everything else with a sword also potentially drops resources. However, the enchantment in question cannot be applied to swords.

Fortune has power levels, as described earlier. The maximum level that the Fortune enchantment in Minecraft can be upgraded to is 3.

  • The base version of Fortune gives players a 33% chance of doubling what they get upon mining a resource block.
  • If you were to use the Fortune 2 Minecraft, enchant, you would be liable to a whopping 75% increase in total to receive more drops. It wouldn’t be just the chances that are increased when using Fortune II, but the number of drops as well. There would be a 25% chance of getting double drops and a similar 25% chance of getting triple the number of items. The average, therefore, would be a 75% chance of enhancement.
  • This leaves us with Minecraft Fortune 3, which is nothing but a godsend for players looking to gather a ton of resources in a relatively shorter period of time. Fortune III gives you an average of 120% increase in drops. It also takes the multiplier level to 4, making it possible to obtain four times the original number of items from resources. You should be aware of the fact that despite humongous multiplication in these chances, there’s still no guarantee that you’ll always get more drops, even with Fortune III equipped. 

Realistically speaking, though, you’ll almost always get more drops when Fortune III is applied to your tools. The enchantment works best on ores in Minecraft, especially the following: 

  • Lapis Lazuli Ore
  • Nether Gold Ore
  • Diamond Ore
  • Coal Ore
  • Amethyst Cluster
  • Nether Quartz Ore
  • Iron Ore
  • Copper Ore

Other valuable ores include Emerald Ore and Gold Ore. The Fortune enchant also applies to other blocks like Glowstone, Melon, Nether Wart, Redstone Ore, Sea Lantern, and Sweet Berries. Grass and Ferns remain unaffected by Fortune.

These blocks typically yield Wheat Seeds, vital for chicken breeding and Wheat farming. Fortune multiplies the number of Wheat Seeds when they drop, not the drop rate itself.

Fortune and Silk Touch are mutually exclusive. Silk Touch makes blocks drop themselves, not their usual items. For example, mining Diamond ore with Silk Touch gives you a Diamond ore block suitable for building.

Now, let’s explore how to obtain the Fortune enchantment.

How to Obtain Fortune in Minecraft  

The Fortune enchantment can be obtained in multiple ways. We will cover each of them in detail so you can be flexible with your options and choose which option to choose. 


fortune 2 minecraft
Fishing for Fortune

One of the first ways of getting Fortune in Minecraft is by fishing. It’s not recommended, though, since there is a low chance of getting the enchant in question this way. Odds are you might get an Enchanted Book that comprises the Fortune enchantment. 

If you have your house, base, or any other type of homestead set up near a water source, it might be worth fishing occasionally to get Fortune. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll find a decked-out Enchanted Book with all the bells and whistles for your digging tools. 

Trading With A Villager 

Trading for Fortune With a Villager
Trading for Fortune With a Villager

As iterated earlier, Fortune is a rare enchantment to get into the game. One of the best ways to obtain the enchant is to explore different villages spread out across the multitude of biomes in the game. By doing this, you’ll increase your reach and depth and find more traders to interact with. Some have even considered this method the best way to get Fortune enchantment in Minecraft!

The Librarian trader is the one to look out for in villages. This specific NPC will carry the most chances of having a Fortune enchantment up for grabs. If you’re lucky, you’ll even find Fortune III by trading with a Librarian without putting in any extra effort. 

You will have to venture out into the game’s Survival Mode and gather a fair amount of experience, too, while you’re at that. This will allow you to increase your chances of finding the enchant during trades. If you cannot locate the perk on your first go, don’t lose hope just yet, and keep up the exploration. 

Obtaining Through Chests

minecraft fortune 3
Fortune III in a Loot Chest

Another method that can be approached to obtain Fortune is through Loot Chests. You’ll find these present across the survival terrain of Minecraft, so don’t be afraid to pop open those chests in the hopes of finding Fortune. This is a rare enchantment to retrieve in the game, so it might take you a while before you can finally get your hands on it. 

It’s worth mentioning again that Fortune isn’t a common enchantment in Minecraft. The games have four major forms of chests: OrdinaryTrapped, Bonus, and Ender Chests. The biggest chance you have of finding Fortune would be in an Ordinary chest, which you’ll find quite commonly in Minecraft. 

Enchantment Table 

fortune enchant minecraft
Fortune III

To obtain the Fortune enchantment in Minecraft, use the Enchantment Table. It’s vital for enhancing tools, weapons, and armor. The Anvil can’t create enchantments; it only combines them into Enchanted Books.

To use the Enchantment Table:

  1. Gain Experience Levels to enchant (as explained earlier).
  2. Prepare your item for enchanting.
  3. Obtain Lapis Lazuli, found deep in underground regions, typically near the middle or lower levels.

Using Fortune III helps you gather more Lapis Lazuli from one ore. Note that the tool used to mine the ore matters.

The Enchantment Table is essential for empowering weapons and armor, making Survival Mode more manageable. By following these straightforward steps, you’ll master its use quickly.

Enchantment and Experience
Enchantment and Experience

The screenshot shows the necessary Experience Levels for specific enchantments; higher levels mean better enchantments. To find the Minecraft Fortune Enchantment:

  1. Surround the Enchantment Table with Bookshelves: Use 15 Bookshelves placed two blocks from the Enchantment Table. This enhances enchantment results, especially for Fortune. Ensure correct placement by watching for particles near the table.
  2. Use a Fortune-eligible tool with Lapis Lazuli: Apply Fortune to Pickaxes, Axes, Hoes, and Shovels. Combine these tools with Lapis Lazuli to boost your chances, even Fortune III.

Remember, Fortune on an Axe yields more apples and resources from wood-based blocks. If you don’t succeed immediately, keep trying without exhausting your resources. These strategies will assist you in obtaining Fortune in Minecraft.


We’ve covered everything to know regarding this practical game enchantment, so you should be ready now. Fortune is undoubtedly one of the rarer enchantments you can find in Minecraft. As it is with real life, finding fortune is hard. However, a mix of luck and effort can get you there, both in Minecraft and outside of it. Let me know in the comments section if you could get Fortune III or any of its counterparts. 

As always, eXputer wishes you good luck and happy gaming!

Minecraft Fortune Enchantment - FAQs

What does Fortune do in Minecraft?

Fortune makes it possible to get more item drops from blocks that you mine and gather more resources than ever before.

What is Fortune in Minecraft?

Fortune in Minecraft is applied to tools like Shovel and Pickaxe to enchant them and get more drops from mined blocks.

How to get Fortune in Minecraft?

The best ways to get Fortune in Minecraft is by finding it loot chests, trading with Librarians, using the Enchanting Table, and fishing.

What does Fortune do on a Hoe in Minecraft?

Fortune on a Hoe in Minecraft makes it capable of giving you more item drops, especially when you cut Oak Trees to obtain apples.

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