Minecraft Infinity Enchantment: Definitive Guide

Looking to craft the ultimate bow that doesn't require any ammunition? Well then you should to check our Minecraft Infinity Enchantment guide

The Minecraft Infinity Enchantment is perhaps the most useful buff players can acquire in the game in terms of convenience. It helps shave off hours from your grinding time and is even helpful for the endgame boss. Who wouldn’t want a bow that keeps firing infinite arrows without constantly restocking your ammo? Especially when you consider how annoying it is to gather the crafting materials for said arrows.

Key Highlights
  • Infinity is one of the late-game bow-based enchantments you can get in Minecraft.
  • Like most enchantments in the game, you need Lapis Lazuli and an enchantment table, or an Infinity book to acquire this upgrade.
  • Introduced in v1.1, the Infinity enchantment essentially grants you infinite arrows regardless of the amount in your inventory.
  • However, one important requirement of using this enchantment is having at least one arrow in your inventory.
  • The enchantment constantly uses and replenishes that one arrow, so you have an endless supply of ammunition to take down hordes of enemies.
  • Infinity is incompatible with Mending, so you cannot simultaneously have both enchantments on a single bow.
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Minecraft Infinity Enchantment Guide

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As with all similar buffs, the Infinity Enchantment requires that you learn the basics of enchanting. It’s not a complicated procedure, but it does require a bit of work and time.

Minecraft Infinity Enchantment
Infinity I Bow

First off, players require four core components to begin their journey.

1. Enchanting Table: This workstation is at the core of the enchanting process, and it has to be crafted with 4x Obsidian, 2x Diamond, and 1x Book. Mining Obsidian requires you to have already crafted a Diamond or Netherite pickaxe; otherwise, nothing drops.

After crafting, please place it in an open area with space to place additional objects. You must leave a lot of room.

2. Bookshelves: These are technically decorative blocks, but they also serve another important function. Bookshelves allow Enchanting Tables to apply higher-level buffs to any items of your choosing. The Infinity Enchantment is one of these.

Minecraft Infinity Enchantment
Enchanting Table.

Place a bunch of Bookshelves all around your Enchanting Table, making sure to leave one block of space in between. You should also leave a path open for yourself to walk through. Check out the image above for visual aid.

3. Lapis Lazuli: The next piece of this equation is Lapis Lazuli, which can be found while exploring underground. It can be mined with any pickaxe in the entire game. It is also the resource that is used to perform enchantments.

When placing an item inside the Enchanting Table, you’ll have to use anywhere from 1 to 3 pieces of Lapis Lazuli for the process to go through. The stronger the enchantment, the more you’ll require. So it’s generally a good idea to keep a full stack of 64 with you for this entire process.

4. Levels: As you play through the game and perform different actions such as crafting, fighting and mining, the green bar at the bottom of the screen fills up. Each time it reaches the maximum limit, you go up one level.

Minecraft Infinity Enchantment
Level 29 Character.

You can then spend these levels to apply enchantments at your Enchanting Table. Depending on the strength of the buff, you require anywhere from 1 to 3 levels.

Now that we’ve gotten the essentials out of the way, let’s move on to the actual Enchantment.

Enchanting With The Enchanting Table

Minecraft Infinity Enchantment
Infinity I Enchantment.

Getting the Minecraft Infinity Enchantment involves a good bit of luck.

When you place your bow inside an Enchanting Table, a list of three enchantments will show up in the right window. One of these could be ‘Infinity I,’ or perhaps not.

If it’s not present, you have to remove the bow and place it in another item to enchant it. This step is extremely important to remember because the only way to generate a new list of enchantments for the bow is to enchant a completely different item first.

We recommend that you use Books for this purpose since they actually store the enchantments for later use. Now place the bow inside once again, to see if the enchantment pops up this time.

Keep repeating this step again and again until the Infinity Enchantment shows up for the bow. It should be third on the list.

Minecraft Infinity Enchantment
Enchanting Requirements Not Met.

The number to the right of the buff is the minimum level the player should be to enchant. While the number to the left is how many levels will actually be used up.

If you meet all of the requirements, all you have to do is click the ‘Infinity I’ button on the list to imbue your bow with the enchantment.

Enchanting With The Anvil

Minecraft Infinity Enchantment

Now let’s suppose that you didn’t get the Minecraft Infinity Enchantment for the bow. You instead managed to get it for a book.

All you have to do now is craft the Anvil workstation with 4x Iron Ingots and 3x Blocks of Iron. Once done, place it somewhere in your base.

Now putting both the bow and the ‘Infinity I’ book in the Anvil will let you apply the enchantment directly to your equipment.

No further resources like Lapis Lazuli are required, but you do have to expend some of your levels again. The book is also consumed and cannot be used again.

Congratulations, you now have a bow with unlimited ammo. All you have to do is make sure at least one Arrow is always in your inventory; otherwise the enchantment wont work.

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