Best Boots In Minecraft 1.19 [275+ Hours Experience]

Learn the best boots in Minecraft and how to make and mend them.

There are 6 different types of Boots that you can make or acquire in Minecraft. They all have different stats and are made from different materials. Some boots are considerably stronger than others, and there are boots that are even immune to lava. Here are all the best pairs of Boots in Minecraft 1.19.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 6 types of Boots in Minecraft Leather, Gold, Chainmail, Iron, Diamond, and Netherite.
  • All boots have different stats and vary in defense and durability
  • The best boots in Minecraft are Netherite Boots. They have the most durability and are immune to lava, making them indestructible. 
  • All shoes have the same recipe, but chainmail and Netherite boots cannot be crafted
  • You can only find or trade chainmail boots and will have to upgrade diamond boots to get Netherite Boots
  • You can mend your boots using a grindstone or an Anvil.

Here’s a look at the comparison table which consists of some important stats and information regarding Minecraft boots:

RankBoots NameDurability PointsDefenseMaterials For CraftingAdditional Perks
1Netherite Boots481.03 (1.5 Armor)Nethierite Ingot and Diamond Boots10% knockback resistance
and burnproof
2Diamond Boots429.03 (1.5 Armor)4 DiamondsNone
Iron Boots195.02 (1 Armor)4 Iron IngotsNone
4Chainmail Boots195.01 (0.5 Armor)Found in Treasure chestsNone

Best Boots In Minecraft

Minecraft Best Boots
All Of The Best Boots In Minecraft – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

To start off boots are an essential part of your body armor in Minecraft but are often overlooked while starting off. Most players prioritize Chest Armor or helmet over boots in Minecraft, which is understandable. However, boots can not be overlooked in the game. There are a number of enchantments specific for boots, such as feather falling and frost walker. These enchantments are essential but will be wasted on the wrong pair of boots. 

There are six boots you can make in the game Leather, Chainmail, Gold, Iron, Diamond, and Nietherite. Now all of these shoes are useable at different parts of the game but you wouldn’t want to face the Ender Dragon with leather boots. Getting the right pair of boots is important, but if you are having trouble finding Netherite, you might have to substitute those boots.

Netherite Boots

Best Boots Minecraft Netherite Boots
Minecraft Netherite Boots – Image Captured by us

Of course, the best and strongest material for any armor, tool, or weapon is currently Netherite. So, logically Netherite boots are going to be the strongest and best pair of boots in Minecraft. If you have upgraded all your other armor pieces it’s highly recommended to save up and get yourself a pair of these otherworldly kicks. It’s going to help you out a lot and you won’t lose these even if you fall into lava and burn to a crisp. 

That’s not the only, benefit of having these stylish black boots. They also have the highest stats out of any shoes in the game and give you armor and defenses a significant boost.

  • You get a total of 481 durability from these boots.
  • That means you can take more hits and jump off cliffs with feather-falling. 
  • However, the increase in Durialbity does not come with an increase in defense, which stays at 3

If you are going for Netherite Boots you have to keep a few things in mind. Netherite is a pretty rare resource and you will need at least one ingot to get them. Also, you can only upgrade diamond armor with netherite to get netherite armor. You can not make them separately and seeing how hard it is to get netherite scraps, that’s a good thing. So you will need 

  • 4 Netherite Scrapes
  • 4 Gold ingots 
  • A pair of Diamond boots.

Once you have acquired all the Things you can turn those Netherite Scrapes and Gold ingots into one glorious Netherite Ingot. Then you will need to make a smithing table to combine the two. You can make one out of two iron ingots and 4 blocks of wood. Place the diamond boots in one box and the netherite ingot in the second box and you get Netherite boots.

Diamond Boots

Boots Diamonds
Minecraft Diamond Boots – Image by eXputer

Now diamond boots aren’t going to be as durable as the Netherite ones, but they are a strong contender for the best pair of boots in Minecraft title. They don’t take as much time to make, and you already need a pair of them to make netherite boots. So, without diamond boots, there will be no Netherite boots making them crucial and one of the best boots in Minecraft.

Now you can craft diamond boots quite easily, and you don’t have to go through all the trouble of traveling to a different dimension. All you need to do is dig straight down, or make a staircase all the way to level 11. Now you can mine on this level to have the highest possibility of finding those precious diamonds. Once you have them you can use four of them to make some diamond boots. 

  • Diamond shoes are quite durable and have the second highest durability, right after Netherite.
  • You get a pretty good 429 durability which is just  52 durabilities less than Netherite boots.
  • Although you get the same amount of defense which means they protect you from incoming damage the same amount.
  • Also, diamonds are quite easy to find compared to Netherite, and if you fortune 3 you get even more. So they are considerably easier to repair.

Overall you will be needing Diamond boots anyway and they are a great fit for the job. They would be the best pair of Boots in Minecraft, but sadly they are no match for lava. So, if you aren’t afraid of losing them in lava, go for diamond boots. 

Iron Boots

Boots Iron Minecraft Best Boots
Minecraft Iron Boots – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

The third best shoes in Minecraft 1.19 have to go to iron boots, they have pretty good stats and you can make them in the first 10 minutes of starting the game. They are cheap and reliable and are the first shoes most Minecraft players make. They go great with iron armor, have decent stats, and you don’t need to really worry about losing them or mending them as they are so easy to get.

First of all finding iron is pretty easy but since the update in 2022, you have to look around a bit. Once you find raw iron or iron ore in a cave or mine you can smelt it in a furnace or a blast furnace if you want to speed things up. Once you have iron ingots, the recipe is the same as any other bots. Just stack two iron ingots. Make sure to do this in opposite corners of the crafting table, leaving a gap in the middle. 

The durability of Iron Boots is 195, and they have a solid defense of 2. Iron boots are the only shoes with a defense of 2, making them quite unique. Plus the durability is no matter of issue since you can always just repair them with iron ingots in an Anvil or combine two damaged boots in a Grindstone. They are pretty low maintenance, and you don’t even feel bad when you lose them. 

If you’re just starting a new world and especially a hardcore world, getting enough iron to make a full armor set including the boots should be your top priority. The iron boots will keep you safe and alive in the early game, and you never know that extra two defenses might save your life. 

Chainmail Boots 

Boots Chainmail
Minecraft Chainmail Boots- Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Statistically, the best boots in Minecraft 1.19 after iron are Chainmail Boots. However, they will be so hard to obtain that it’s going to be a challenge just to obtain them. You can not craft them by any means and the only two ways to get them both are to require you to get very lucky. Also, their stats are higher than gold and leather boots, but they aren’t really that useful or practical.

The only pro that they have going for them is that they have the same durability as iron. However, they have none of the other benefits. Chainmail boots are going to be very rare and if you lose them good luck finding a second pair. They look better as decoration in your base. Moreover, they have the same defense as leather and Gold, so they are not great as armor. 

You can get them from the chest, drops from a mob wearing them, or trade them with an ironsmith. However, all of these have a very small chance of actually happening. If you get lucky and get them they will take the iron ingots to repair, and you rather go for Iron Boots. 

Recipe For Boots

 Boots Recipe
Minecraft Recipe For Boots- Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

The recipe for Boots is going to be quite simple, and you just need 4 of the resource that you are going to be using to make your new shoes. Whether it be Leather, Iron, or even diamonds, all you need is a crafting table. Once you have your material, you need to place them one over there other in two opposite collum. Make sure to leave the middle collum empty. Now collect your boots from the item box. 

A tip for making multiple of the same item such as boot is to shift-click the item box. For example, if you place a stack of iron ingots in each of the four boxes and then shift-click all the empty boxes in your inventory will be filled with iron boots. 

Upgrading To Netherite Boots

Netherite Boots
Minecraft Netherite Boots – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

The only shoes you can not craft are going to be the Netherite boots and that’s because they are considered an upgrade of the diamond boots. That is easier said than done and is a long and challenging process to obtain and complete the required steps. 

Firstly, you should start off by getting yourself a pair of Diamond boots since they will be required. While you gather your materials, the boots will also keep you safe and provide you with +3 defense. Now that you have diamond boots, you need one Netherite Ingot.

However, Netherite is the rarest material in the game to mine after emeralds. You might also need to try different strategies to obtain it. Netherite is found near level 11 same as diamond but in the Nether. Now you can use an efficiency 5 pickaxe and drill through all the Netherrack or beds to blow us the place. Be careful while using beds since you can die pretty easily. 

You will find Ancient Debri, so you are going to need to find at least 4 of those for one Netherite ingot. Once you have them, you can smelt them in a furnace and get netherite scarp. After that, you can line 4 Netherite scraps and four gold ingots in the Crafting table to get a Single Netherite Ingot. 

Now use a smithing table to upgrade your Diamond boots to Netherite Boots, increasing their durability and making them indestructible. 

Mending Your Boots

Grindstone And Anvil
Minecraft Anvil And Grindstone – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Sadly even Netherite boots aren’t Immortal and will eventually die if you don’t heal them. There are two ways to heal or mend your items. The first way is to use a Grindstone and grind two boots of the same kind together. However, that will remove the enchantments from your shoes. If you want to keep your significant enchantments, you should use the second method, which is by using the Anvil.

The grindstone is great if you have no enchantments and repairs boots a lot more than the Anvil. The grindstone even gives you XP for grinding your item. On the other hand, the Anvil will take away your exp levels each time you repair your Boots. Both work the same way, but you can use items such as diamonds for diamond shoes and Iron for irons boots to repair in an Anvil. 

Final Words

Now that you know which boots are the best in Minecraft 1.19, you are ready to enchant the right pair that is fit for you. If you are wondering what enchantments to use, our Best Enchantments For Boots guide will help you decide. You can also enchant other items such as  HelmetBowAxe, or even Swords.

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