How to Make a Saddle In Minecraft? [Explained]

We've put together a Saddle crafting guide to help you know everything there is to know about the saddles in the game. 

The saddle is an essential item available in the 1.18 update of Minecraft as well as the Bedrock edition. This item is used to ride mobs in Minecraft. You can obtain a saddle from fishing and trading. However, you can only trade Saddle in the bedrock edition of Minecraft.  

You cannot make a saddle by crafting. However, you can obtain it by using a wide variety of methods, including mob loot, chest loot, retrieving the saddle during fishing, and even during trading. The easiest way to secure a saddle is by finding it in a Dungeon chest. 

Key Highlights
  • A saddle is a necessary item to mount and ride rideable mobs such as horses and pigs in Minecraft.
  • You can put it on an animal once they’re tamed, and its health bar also appears once you mount them.
  • A saddle cannot be crafted in the game, and some of the most common ways to get it are by looting chests in different dungeons and villages, trading, or catching it from fishing.
  • You can retrieve a tamed animal’s saddle by unequipping it from their inventory.
  • Killing an untamed or tamed animal with a saddle will also retrieve it.

Additionally, it can also be obtained when the player with the saddle dies. You can use a saddle to ride horses, donkeys, pigs, skeleton horses, mules, and striders. 

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How to Get a Saddle In Chests

As iterated earlier, finding a saddle in chests is the easiest way to get it. One of the first places that you can look for a saddle is a Stronghold. Chests placed on an altar in Strongholds have a 2.5% chance of housing a saddle. The following is what an “Altar Chest” looks like in the game. 

how to make a saddle in minecraft
Finding a Saddle in a Stronghold Altar Chest

Another location to look for a saddle in the game is a Dungeon. Surprisingly, Dungeon Chests have a 28.3% chance of carrying a saddle within, so definitely one of the best places to try your luck in. 

Finding a Saddle in a Dungeon Chest
Finding a Saddle in a Dungeon Chest

However, if you truly want to get that saddle in your first go, the Nether fortress is the way to go. This location packs a whopping 35.3% chance of sporting a saddle, so you’ll certainly get this resourceful item after opening up a couple of chests. Many players have gotten a saddle on their first opened chest.

how to make a saddle in minecraft survival
Finding a Saddle in a Nether Fortress Chest

Other places where you can possibly find a saddle include: 

  • Desert Temple – With a 23.5% Chance of a Succesful Find
  • End City – With a 13.3% Chance of a Successful Find
  • Jungle Temple – With a 12.9% Chance of a Successful Find
  • Village – With a 16.2% Chance of a Successful Find Inside the Weaponsmith’s Chest
  • Bastion Remnant – With a 13.6% Chance of a Successful Find

How to Get A Saddle During Fishing

Saddles can be found as treasures inside water, so there’s a 0.8% chance that you’ll find a saddle by using this method. This is, of course, without a fishing enchantment equipped. 

How to Get A Saddle During Fishing
Fishing for a Saddle
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How to Get a Saddle By Trading

One final way that you can get a saddle is through trading. If you’re not in the mood to pursue the item in question through any of the aforementioned methods, it’s best that you take your nearby village and find a Leatherworker. You’ll find the saddle on the third tier of trades at the Leatherwork NPC.

In addition, you will have to give up Emeralds to get a saddle. About 8-10 Emeralds will be needed, depending on your game edition and level, to bag a saddle.

How to Get a Saddle By Trading
Trading Emeralds for a Saddle

How to Make a Saddle In Minecraft PE? 

To make a saddle, you will need the following items in your Minecraft world:

  • Leather 
  • Lead 
  • Tripwire Hook 

You’ll be needing 3 Leather pieces, a single Tripwire Hook, and 2 Lead pieces. The next step goes without saying, but you now have to make haste to the Crafting Table, place the required materials under the “Crafting” section, and enjoy your saddle. 

how to make a saddle in minecraft pe
Crafting a Saddle

Please note that this is a method of making a saddle that’s only intended for the Pocket Edition. Several players have made the mistake of trying to implement the strategy in question for Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, but to simply no avail. 

What Do Saddles Do in Minecraft?

What Does a Saddle Do in Minecraft?

You’re primarily going to need a saddle to ride a certain category of mobs. Therefore, this seemingly minuscule item is potent enough to enable your transportation in the game. Getting from point A to point B would’ve otherwise been no less than a gut-busting nightmare. 

With your reliable saddle by your side, you can ride the following mobs:

  • Horses 
  • Pigs 
  • Striders 
  • Mules
  • Donkeys


That concludes my guide on finding saddles in Minecraft. All the possibilities have been mentioned for nabbing this item in the game above, so there should be flexibility in choosing whatever route seems smoother or easy-going to you. A helpful tip would be to sport the Smite axe enchantment while taking on the Nether world. Find out how to get Smite and a bunch of other tip-top enchantments for your axe in The Best Axe Enchantments in Minecraft.  

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