What does Impaling do in Minecraft?

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Minecraft won’t ever let you get bored easily. With the passage of time, it always came up with new features and updates to get the players hooked on this game. Enchantment is also one feature that allows the weapons to work more efficiently. To be more precise, it helps to increase the damaging power of the weapon. There is a long list of enchantments in Minecraft that are used for different purposes. The list also includes Impaling, an effective enchantment.

Key Highlights

  • Minecraft is a survival game, and just like any other survival game, you must have weapons to fend off enemies and stay stronger to deal with stronger enemies ahead in the game.
  • One strong weapon in Minecraft is the Trident which can be obtained by eliminating drowned zombies, but the chance for them to drop them is very rare.
  • Just like any other tool, armor, or weapon in Minecraft, Tridents can also be enchanted to be made more powerful and have more perks.
  • Impaling is one of those enchantments, and in simple terms, it allows you to deal more damage to sea creatures than on land, however, this differs between the two versions of Minecraft.
  • In the Java edition, you can only deal greater damage to sea creatures such as Fishes, Squids, Glow squids, Dolphins, etc.
  • In Bedrock Edition, however, you can deal greater damage to every sea creature in oceans, even including the undead.

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What Is Impaling In Minecraft

As said earlier, Impaling is an enchantment that is specific to the trident weapon and cannot be used for others. As for other weapons, there are plenty of options available other than impaling.

Life underwater has its own place in the Minecraft world. Therefore, there is no reason to take these sea creatures for granted. To compete with them, you must own an extraordinary weapon. Trident was specifically introduced in the 1.13 edition to fight with these tiny creatures. 

Remember, you can not just rely on tridents and impaling to survive underwater. You must have to go for other enchantments, such as respiration, depth strider, etc., that will help you to spend more time underwater and to explore new secrets.

Now let us learn about it in more depth.

What Does Impaling Do In Minecraft?

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The common usage of impaling in all editions is to maximize the destruction made to sea creatures. However, the type of sea creatures on which impaling is applicable differs from version to version. Let’s check out the role of impaling in different versions.

  • JAVA EDITION: In this edition, the damage caused by impaling is only limited to the aqua mobs. The list includes fishes, squids, glow squids, dolphins, etc. This edition doesn’t include other sea creatures. Also, drowned is excluded from this list because its classification is under the undead and not in the aqua mobs.
  • BEDROCK EDITION: This damaging rule is much different in the bedrock edition. This edition includes all the sea creatures, be they aqua mobs or drowned. All are even in this edition. Hence, no one can get away from the extra damage caused by your trident. Even other players in water or rain can also be a victim of your merciless attacks.

It was introduced in the 1.13 edition together with the launch of tridents. According to the Minecraft wiki, progress was made in the 1.17 version, and impaling was started to implement on axolotl too. 

Maximum Level of Impaling In Minecraft

You can go up to level 5 in impaling. The higher the level, the more damage can be done by it. Each level is capable of doing 2.5 damage to the attack. Therefore, the ratio increases up to 12.5 damage at the maximum level.

Levels of Impaling

 Sounds great right? But in order to enjoy this power, the first thing you need to learn is how to get this enchantment. We have prepared a complete guide to assist you while selecting this enchantment. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner, this guide will help you from the start till the very end.

How To Get Impaling Enchantment In Minecraft

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There are different ways to access this enchantment, but the fastest and easiest way is to find this in the enchantment table. Now if you are a complete noob and don’t know what this table means, then don’t worry, you can surf through the internet and can make your own enchantment table.

In case if you don’t find it in the enchantment table, you can try looking for the enchanted book. You can access this book by either fishing or by simply doing a trade with the librarian villager. As for fishing, you can find many tutorials on YouTube that will guide you to do proper fishing. Sometimes, loot chest also possesses these kinds of books so you should give it a try too.

You can also use these methods to find other Minecraft enchantments as well. You can read about other enchantments here.

However, there is a way that is specified for impaling only, i.e., by killing the drowned. Although, not every drowned can give you impaling you can still give this method a try. After successfully getting the impaling enchantment for your trident, the last thing you need to do is to click on the enchantment menu and then select trident along with the number of lapis lazuli. This way, the impaling will get attached to the trident. Now, your trident is ready to conquer the world underwater with the help of impaling.

Impaling in Minecraft
Enchantment table

Minecraft Impaling Summary

Can we use other enchantments along with the impaling?

You can remove the impaling from the trident in the grindstone. Grindstone can be used to get rid of all sorts of enchantment from the weapon. Getting rid of these enchantments after the desired mission will remove the work penalty


Impaling can be used along with the other enchantments underwater such as loyalty and channeling. However, it can not be used along with the riptide.


You can repair it by merging two of the tridents in the grindstone or in the crafting table. It can also be repaired by the mending enchantment. As discussed before, you can get this enchantment by fishing, chest loot, or trading. This enchantment will help to increase the durability and power of the trident.

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