New Minecraft Preview Lets Players Customize Shadows, Lightning, Bloom, And More

A hearty alternative to use instead of ray tracing.

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  • The New Minecraft preview build adds unique features to improve the visuals of the game. It lets you customize shadows, lighting, bloom, and many other details to increase immersion.
  • The features are now only possible because of the game’s recent Render Dragon engine, which allows for many upgrades that were only a dream for Minecraft fans.
  • The RTX graphics cards are not needed for these features to work. Moreover, no official minimum requirements have been revealed, so you may have to tinker your way through.
  • The features are currently available in the Windows, Xbox, and Android preview beta builds. Many of the features revealed in the beta update are subject to change in the future.

Mojang has added unique features in its latest Minecraft preview that could be the start of something big. The game’s rather basic graphics can now be customized by every user using an assortment of tools to beautify the experience. In other words, users can utilize the new preview build to customize shadows, lighting, bloom, and many other facets that can enhance the visual esthetics of your Minecraft worlds.

We’re providing a technical preview of a new deferred lighting rendering pipeline. This is an experimental set of graphical customization features available to creators to use in add-on development,” reads the new patch notes.

The features have been made possible using the game’s fresh Render Dragon engine, which allows for many upgrades that were impossible in the past. It is bringing a slew of new customization options across the Minecraft Bedrock Edition platforms. These features are far from being finished, as they are in the experimental phases to iron out all the nooks and crannies for a smooth-sailing experience.

We want to enable new levels of creative expression in Minecraft with new graphics features. But we also want to make it easy for creators to share these experiences with players, regardless of what device they play on.”

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The new features will allow creators to come up with creative ideas. The add-on development will severely benefit the Minecraft preview, as the creators can utilize the new customization options. The update is quite versatile and removes the requirement for RTX cards to implement the many visual improvements, unlike in the past, where many features were seemingly locked for a good bunch of Minecraft players. 

The new features will let gamers customize PBR materials, like the primary lighting from the sun and moon, shadows, bloom, and tone mapping. The features are currently available in the Windows, Xbox, and Android preview beta builds. No official minimum requirements exist for the new features, but they will be added. You may have to tinker around with the settings and gameplay to see the performance impact for yourself.

Mojang ensures that it will work to improve performance continuously and emphasizes that the currently implemented features are sure to change dramatically in the future as they evolve.

Minecraft has brewed to perfection over the last decade. It still stands out among the open-world games for its highly creative and enthralling gameplay. For instance, users often come up with gigantic builds that take a long time to complete but look exquisite after completion. The YouTuber C1OUS3R recently whipped up the original The Legend of Zelda without using any mods in Minecraft

And with all the mod support, hardcore Minecraft players have failed to run out of hearty content to consume over the gargantuan amount of playthroughs. Microsoft has also been experimenting with AI that seemingly plays the game for you.

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