YouTuber C1OUS3R Recreates Original Legend Of Zelda Without Mods In Minecraft

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Story Highlights

  • YouTuber C1OUS3R manages to recreate The Legend of Zelda with such accuracy that it looks like the real thing in Minecraft.
  • No mods were used, making it accessible to players who don’t use modifications.
  • C1OUS3R had to overcome the tricky step of the disabling sprint, which involved applying a blindness effect to the player and then editing shaders.
  • The results looked uncannily like the 37-year-old Zelda title.

Minecraft is a modern game that has achieved immense popularity due to its near-endless creative potential. But its influence isn’t limited to just the present day; it is also inspired by the retro days of gaming, and one particular Minecraft player has proven it uniquely.

YouTuber C1OUS3R has managed to recreate the 1986 classic The Legend of Zelda, with no mods and just the vanilla game, in Minecraft. The project is impressive because it looks almost indistinguishable from the original title.

To achieve his ambitious goal, C1OUS3R had to disable sprint. He did this by applying a blindness effect to the player and then editing shaders that turn off the said effect. Further, he had to build his version of the game board with all the necessary features. He includes elements like such as Zelda’s sword and shield, monsters, and the Hylian Shield.

The result is an impressive tribute to the iconic game, capable of providing a nostalgic experience to any Zelda fan. While the recreation may not be as feature-rich as the original, it is still faithful enough to provide a remarkable experience. It emphasizes the creative potential of both Minecraft and the original game.

Overall, C1OUS3R’s project is a great reminder of the influence that older video games have had on modern titles. His project also shows how powerful a tool Minecraft is for the creative mind. It proves that it is more than capable of creating amazing experiences that pay homage to the classics. 

Mojang’s immensely popular video game has many creative achievements enabled this is one of its latest. Players have crafted Resident Evil’s notorious Dimistrescu Castle. Furthermore, a variety of intricate contraptions using Redstone, shows that the possibilities of Minecraft are almost endless. After more than ten years on the market, the game continues to captivate players with its innovative potential.

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