IShowSpeed Eats Black Scorpion On Stream, Pretends To Call 911

IShowSpeed appeared to feel discomfort after eating a black scorpion on stream and then pretended to call the emergency services.

IShowSpeed is a well-known streamer with more than 4 million subscribers on his streaming channel titled “Live Speedy” on YouTube. Speed is notorious for being involved in several controversies, one of which got him permanently banned from Twitch.

He’s recognized for his gaming and entertainment live streams and is particularly famous for his high energy and exaggerated reactions. 

On December 24, Speed was streaming live on YouTube when he alarmed his fans with the announcement to eat a black scorpion live. He repeatedly insisted that the snake was “venomous”. However, after eating, he panicked and pretended to call the emergency services.

Major Takeaway

  • IShowSpeed, in a live stream, ate a black scorpion that he claimed was venomous.
  • After eating the edible scorpion, he panicked and then pretended to call 911.
  • His fans had mixed reactions to his prank.

Although black scorpions are known to be non-venomous and safe to eat, IShowSpeed claimed that the one he was eating was poisonous. He announced to his viewers, 

“All right man, I will be eating a Black Scorpion that is venomous [sic], sold only in Pakistan… And if I die, I die, bro.”

After ingesting the scorpion, Speed appeared to have discomfort in his throat and seemed to have some difficulty. He, along with his fans, began panicking with many advising him to call the emergency services. 

Acting upon his fans’ advice, IShowSpeed called, what appeared to be, the emergency services. He explained to the operator about eating the scorpion and said, “Ma’am, I just ate this scorpion. I just want to know if I am going to be okay or not.”

YouTube video

The operator explained that she wasn’t a medical professional and directed Speed to call one. She also offered to send help to his home but Speed rejected it. 

He proceeded to call various numbers for help. After hearing a specific response from the other end, the viewers understood that this was a prank and that Speed was just kidding.

One person that Speed called said, “Sir, this is very bad. Sir, you have one hour to live.” This revealed the prank to his viewers.

 Fans had mixed reactions to this prank. While some were genuinely concerned for his health, many continued to troll him. One said, “Speed is a different breed lol”. Another wrote about his exaggerated reaction, “bro thinks he’s gonna die”

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