Kai Cenat Says IShowSpeed “Doesn’t Know Right From Wrong”

YouTuber Kai Cenat talks about IShowSpeed's controversies.

Darren Watkins, famously known as IShowSpeed, is one of the most prominent faces on YouTube. Speed has gained popularity on Twitch and YouTube due to his rageful and hype reactions and comedic behavior.

On December 2021, Speed was banned on Twitch for violating specific Twitch Terms Of Service on Adin Ross’ popular e-dating broadcast.

IShowSpeed has managed to involve himself in several controversies even after the ban. Despite all mess-ups, the streamer is growing in popularity but for all the wrong reasons.

Recently, Streamer Kai Cenat shared his thoughts on IShowSpeed getting backlash from the community. He mentioned that Speed is too young to differentiate between right and wrong. He adds that he often has to teach Speed certain things that he doesn’t know.

Major Takeaways

  • IShowSpeed has been growing in popularity regardless of his past controversies. 
  • The community has tried to cancel the streamer multiple times but to no avail.
  • Speed’s IRL friend Kai Cenat shares his thoughts on the streamer’s lack of understanding about right and wrong.
  • Cenat says that Speed is too young to understand his mistakes.

Darren Watkins, famously known as IShowSpeed, is an American YouTuber who raised in popularity amongst gamers due to his hype and rageful reactions in his streams. The streamer is also a fan of soccer legend Christiano Ronaldo, making him loved by the soccer community.

In the act of entertaining the audience, Speed has done some stupendous things ranging from agitated sexual remarks towards a female streamer to promoting a crypto scam

The prior controversy led to the streamer getting permanently banned from Twitch. IShowSpeed shared the email he received from the Twitch team on his Twitter, and most of the community members thought it was deserved.

However, the streamer has never run away from his mistakes and has always come forward with responsibility and apologies regarding his mess-ups. This has led to a mixed response from the community. Some think he’s too young and stupid, while others believe that the streamer shouldn’t be on the platform.

On a Faxify podcast, YouTube sensation Kai Cenat shares his thoughts on people trying to cancel Speed. He mentions that Speed is oblivious to everything he does and is too young to differentiate between right and wrong.

Kai explained that he thought playing stupid was part of Speed’s act, but after spending time with the streamer, Kai realized that Speed was really unaware of the consequences of his actions. He further explained that he had to teach him certain things, claiming it to be hilarious.

Regardless of his controversial past, IShowSpeed has grown in popularity and has become the fastest-growing YouTuber with 14.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. The streamer seems to care for his fans and is ever-growing both as a person and a content creator.

What is your take on IShowSpeed? Should he be allowed to continue and grow, or is he too harmful to the community? Let us know in the comments below.

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