8 Ways To FIx Diablo 4 Code 397000

Learn how to fix Diablo 4 Code 397000 error with our comprehensive guide. From graphics drivers to server status, we cover it all.

Diablo 4 is a newly released game and like all recently launched games, it occasionally crashes or runs into game-breaking bugs. Code 397000 is the error that most players will encounter. It will leave your game stuck in an infinite loading screen and won’t let you progress any further.  

Key Takeaways
  • Diablo 4’s Code 397000 error is typically caused by incompatible updates or outdated graphics card drivers.
  • Running Diablo 4 as an administrator can help prevent crashes and launch problems.
  • Updating the game via Battle.net frequently resolves errors and bugs.
  • Checking the server status on the Activision Online Services page can identify server issues that may cause loading problems.
  • Verifying and repairing game files can resolve issues caused by missing or corrupted files.
  • Closing unnecessary background tasks can improve PC performance and prevent loading issues.
  • Power cycling your router can help clear network glitches that may cause connectivity issues.

What Causes Diablo 4 Code 397000?

The infinite loading screen usually occurs when the game gets a new update that your version is incompatible with. Since the game automatically updates to introduce new features or to fix bugs. You may occasionally run into Diablo 4’s error code 397000. 

How To Fix The Diablo 4 Infinite Loading Screen?

Like its previous versions, Diablo 4 also goes through crashes, glitches, FPS drops, and even stutters. Sometimes issues with the game’s server connectivity, internet issues, corrupted files, antivirus software, outdated graphics drivers, and a lot more can give you trouble.

Solving the stuck loading screen in Diablo 4 can be quite frustrating without knowing exactly what causes the error. So make sure you don’t skip any of the steps in the solutions we have provided below.

Check System Requirements

If your PC does not meet the recommended system requirements to play Diablo 4, it could lead to an infinite loading screen error. We recommend checking the minimum system requirements to play Diablo 4 and comparing your PC specifications to see if your PC can run the game.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD FX-8100
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 280
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: SSD with 45 GB available space
  • Internet: Broadband Connection

Restart Your Gaming Device (PC & Console)

Restarting your gaming system can help you eliminate any connection errors you might be facing. It is possible that some of the files may not have loaded properly when booting the game. Restarting your gaming console at least once before jumping to the other solutions below is recommended.

Restart Diablo 4

If your PC does meet the minimum requirements for the game and you’re still facing the error, we recommend that you restart the game. Although this is a very simple fix, it can fix any temporary bugs and errors that might occur due to the game files not being loaded correctly. You can press Alt + F4 on your keyboard to close the program or use Task Manager to end the current task if it is unresponsive.

Update Graphics Card Driver

Sometimes, if your graphics drivers are not up-to-date, they could cause bugs and other glitches to appear in games. There is a chance that the ‘Stuck on Loading Screen in Diablo 4‘ error might occur due to the corrupt graphics drivers. If that is the case, we recommend updating your GPU drivers to the latest version, which might fix the infinite loading screen error in Diablo 4.

For Nvidia

If you’re using Nvidia GPUs, we recommend updating your graphics card drivers to newly released Game Ready Drivers By Nvidia. You can do that through the GeForce Experience or manually download them through the Nvidia website.

  1. Open GeForce Experience > Click on Check For Updates > Make Sure Version 497.29 or higher is installed.
Diablo 4 stuck in loading screen - Driver Update.
Geforce Experience. – Image: eXputer


Make sure that your AMD Drivers are updated to the latest version. You can search for the latest drivers on the AMD website. AMD also installs an auto-detection tool compatible with all Windows 7 and Windows 10 PCs with Radeon graphics cards. This tool can detect the graphics card model and Windows version installed on your PC, allowing you to install the latest compatible driver. Here’s how to install it:

  1. Go to the AMD support page and download the Auto-Detect tool for Radeon Graphics drivers.
  2. Open the download and Install the application.
  3. Accept the License Agreement.
  4. AMD will find the latest drivers for your system that can be installed with one click.
Diablo 4 stuck in loading screen - Amd tool
AMD Radeon Tool – Image: eXputer

We recommend reading our Best AMD Settings Guide for more in-depth information.

Run Diablo 4 as Administrator

Running Diablo 4 as an administrator will allow your system to run the program files smoothly. This will also prevent crashes and launching problems.

  1. Locate the Diablo 4.exe file on your PC and right-click on it.
  2. Select Properties and then press the Compatibility tab.
  3. Next, click on the Run this program as an administrator checkbox.
Run Diablo 4 as administrator
Run as Administrator

4. Click on Apply and then press OK to save all your changes.

5. Now your game is ready to be launched.

Delete Battle.net Cache Data

Deleting the Battle.net cache can help resolve the ‘Diablo 4 stuck on loading screen’ error. The Battle.net launcher cache might be faulty and causing connection issues with the online servers. To clear the cache data, follow these steps:

  1. Press Windows Key + R on your keyboard to open Run.
  2. Type %programdata% in the box and press OK.
  3. Find the Battle.net folder and delete it.
  4. Then, find the folder named Blizzard Entertainment and delete it.
diablo 4 stuck in loading screen.
Cache Folders

Launch the Battle.net app and the game.

Update Diablo 4

The Diablo 4 ‘stuck on loading screen’ error could appear due to outdated game files. If your game is not up to date, it could lead to connectivity issues while launching due to the game version being different from the game servers. We recommend that you manually check for updates on your PC or Console and update the game to the latest version.

Updating your game is highly suggested as Battle.net frequently fixes errors and bugs. Sometimes outdated game versions may cause conflicts at your end that can cause the error, ‘Code 397000’, to pop up. 

  1. Open the Battle.net launcher and then click the blizzard logo on the top left corner.
  2. Go to Settings and click on Game Install/Update.
  3. Once there, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Apply latest updates, and download future patch data for recently played games. This will enable Battle.net to automatically update your game to the latest available version.
  4. Now, press Done to save the changes you made.
  5. Restart the Battle.net launcher to apply the changes.

Check Server Status

The infinite loading screen error could occur due to temporarily unavailable servers. To check the status of Diablo 4 game servers you can visit the Activision Online Services page. It’s important to remember that server issues can occur at any time and can cause crashes or cause your loading screen to be stuck. So, it is best to wait for updates from the game developer until the problem is fixed.

You can also head over to the down detector page for Diablo 4 to see the current status of the game servers. There is a chance that your problem might be caused by a server outage, as the servers go under maintenance now and then. In that case, you must wait for the servers to come online again.

You can check the Diablo Twitter Page to know when the servers go under maintenance. 

Verify and Repair Diablo 4 Game Files

Sometimes missing or corrupted game files on your PC can be the culprit of Diablo 4 error 937000. By identifying and repairing these files your PC will be able to run the game smoothly.

Follow the below to verify and repair your game files:

  1. Open Battle.net client.
  2. Click on Diablo 4.
  3. Then, press OPTIONS > Scan and Repair.
  4. Click on Begin Scan and wait for the program to complete.
  5. Once it’s finished, close the Battle.net launcher and restart your PC.

Close Unnecessary Background Apps

Background programs that aren’t necessary for your PC or Diablo 4 use a lot of processing power and thus reduce the system’s overall performance. This can cause your game to crash, lag, and may even cause loading issues. By simply ending these background tasks you can improve your PC’s performance. 

To do this:

  1. Open the Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys.
  2. Now, press the Processes tab.
    Opening task manager
    Task Manager

    3. Then find the apps you want to close, like Google Chrome, and right-click on them. After which you can select the End Task option.

Closing programs
End Task

4. Finally, restart your PC so it can apply the changes. 

Perform a Clean Boot

Sometimes, other programs and drivers can interfere with the game files in Diablo 4, causing errors to appear. A clean boot starts Windows with a minimal set of drivers and startup programs so that you can determine whether a background program is interfering with your game or program.

  1. Open the Search Menu by pressing the Windows Key.
  2. In the Search box on the taskbar, type msconfig, Select System Configuration from the results list.
  3. Select Hide all Microsoft services on the Services tab, then select Disable all. Select Apply.
  4. On the Startup tab, select Open Task Manager.
  5. On the Startup tab in Task Manager, Disable any unwanted Enabled apps. 
  6. diablo 4 stuck in loading screen - startup tab.
    Startup Tasks.

    Close Task Manager.

  7. On the Startup tab of System Configuration, select OK
  8. When you restart the computer, it’s in a clean boot environment.

Turn Off Windows Defender

You must turn off Windows Defender on your system to make sure no antivirus software is blocking Diablo 4’s game files from running properly.

To turn off Windows Defender:

  1. Press the Start icon on the bottom left of your desktop.
  2. Search for ‘Windows Security‘.
  3. Click on Virus & threat protection from the bar on the left.
  4. Next, click Manage settings.
    Manage Settings
    Virus & Security settings
  5. Turn off Real-time protection to disable Windows Defender.
Turn off protection
Toggle Real-time protection

Check and Restart your Internet Connection

Since Diablo 4 is a completely online-only game, one of the possible reasons for Diablo 4 getting stuck on the loading screen could be a poor or unstable internet connection. Checking your internet connection is a crucial first step in fixing the error.

You can check your Internet speed on the Speedtest website.

Perform a power cycle. A power cycle allows your Wi-Fi router to clear any network glitches

The following steps will take you through the process:

  1. Power off your router and wait for the LEDs to turn off.
  2. Unplug the power cable from the router.
  3. Now you must wait for at least 30 seconds before plugging in the power cable.
  4. Finally, power on the router and check your connectivity.

If you are running the game on a Wi-Fi connection, try switching to a wired connection because a Wi-Fi connection is not as stable as a wired connection and might cause connectivity issues. Once you solve the internet connectivity issues, launch Diablo 4 to see if the issue is solved.

Reinstall Diablo 4

If updating the game or repairing the game files did not resolve the infinite loading screen error, we recommend reinstalling the game at least once as a last resort. The battle.net launcher may be unable to identify the corrupt game files. Performing a fresh reinstall will potentially replace any corrupt game files from the previous installation.

Did You Fix the Diablo 4 Infinite Loading Screen?

To sum it up, Diablo 4 is an exciting new game, but like any newly launched game, it can have its fair share of bugs and errors. Code 397000, which leaves the game stuck on an infinite loading screen, is a particularly frustrating issue for players. Fortunately, there are several solutions to this problem, ranging from updating graphics card drivers, running the game as an administrator, and checking for server status. Remember, if all else fails, it’s always a good idea to wait for updates from the game developer until the problem is fixed.

After following these fixes, we hope you can eliminate the Infinite Loading Screen Error in Diablo 4. Players should note that Diablo 4 is still a new game, and it would take some time for the developers to completely fix all the bugs and glitches. If your issue isn’t solved after trying the fixes above, we recommend contacting Activision Support by submitting a ticket or waiting for the developers to patch the game.

For more informative articles related to Diablo 4, stick around at eXputer!

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