Diablo 4: All Uber Unique Items List

The Diablo 4 Uber Unique List guide will showcase the details as well as affixes and effects that each uber unique has!

Diablo 4 has a selection of items that have been classified with different rarities, making it incredibly difficult for players to obtain the items, with them being unique. Players have to grind extra hard to get the unique items, and recently, Diablo 4 Uber Unique List has been dropped, which features 6 items that are nearly impossible to get. Players might want to know what the items are, what they do, and how to obtain them; therefore, a detailed walkthrough might be necessary! 

Important: Players must understand that there is a less than 1% chance that Uber unique items can drop.
Key Takeaways
  • Uber Unique items in Diablo 4 are items that are nearly impossible to obtain through drops but are highly unique. 
  • Players need to fight enemies that are level 85+, which can drop from the same dungeons as uniques do, as well as from enemies in the overworld. 
  • Andariel‘s Visage: Allows players a 20% chance to trigger a poison nova that deals Poisoning Damage to opponents. 
  • Doombringer: Gives players a 20% chance to deal Shadow damage to surrounding opponents and reduce the damage done. 
  • The Grandfather: It increases overall critical strike damage from between 60 to 100%. 
  • Ring of Starless Skies: It features the ability to reduce the cost of the next core skill that is used by the player. 
  • Harlequin Crest: Players will be able to get Damage reduction during combat. 
  • Melted Heart of Selig: Allows players to get 30% maximum resource and draining 3-6 resources for each 1% Life that you lose. 

What Are Uber Unique Items In Diablo 4? 

Diablo 4 introduces Uber Unique Items, incredibly rare and highly sought-after. Acquiring them proves daunting due to their exceptionally low drop rates, causing doubts about their existence.

Nevertheless, these elusive items are confirmed to exist, adding to their allure. Lead class designer Adam Jackson’s tweet provided insights into their nature.

These items mainly drop from enemies with a difficulty level exceeding 85, making encounters exceptionally challenging yet rewarding. They also appear in locations where regular unique items drop.

Areas with unique item drops, such as the Nightmare Dungeon, Helltide Chests, and various overworld enemies, offer chances to obtain Diablo 4’s Uber Unique Items.

These items possess an impressive 820 power and come in six varieties, making them a rare and formidable discovery for lucky players.

1. Andariel’s Visage 

D4 Andariel's Visage
Andariel’s Visage [Image Credits: eXputer]
Andariel Visage AffixesEffects
Attack SpeedPlayers will be able to have their overall attack speed boosted up.
All StatsAll stats for players get an enhancement.
Life StealThe overall life steal for players also gets increase.
Poison ResistanceIf enemies carry out poison attacks against you in combat, the resistance increases.

The first item in the Diablo 4 Uber Unique List is known as the Andariel’s Visage, which is a helmet that can be adorned on the head. The Andariel Visage is described to have the horrific whispers of Maiden of Anguish that continue to flicker through the player’s mind, bringing you one step closer to madness. 

  • The Andariel Visage is not class-specific, meaning that it can be equipped by any class with ease, and can be used in combat. 

The Andariel Visage has a unique effect that is able to grant the player a 15-20% chance to trigger a poison nova whenever they are in the middle of the battlefield, and it continues to apply poisoning damage over the course of 5 seconds to opponents that are present in the area. 

2. Doombringer 

Doombringer (Image Credits Exputer)
Doombringer AffixesEffects
Critical Strike DamagePlayers will experience an overall increase in the amount of critical strike damage they carry out.
DamageGeneral damage also gets boosted up.
Core SkillAnytime you use your core skills, the damage being dealt to opponents get boosted.
HealYour chance to heal gets increased.
LifeMax life gets boosted

Moving on, the next item that players can see in the Uber Uniques list is the Doombringer, a famous unique sword that can be used and equipped by all classes. Whenever the sword has reappeared, it has been known to provide great aid in battle while being able to take a life with it too. 

The Doomrbinger has a unique effect that grants players a total of 15-25% chance through which they are able to deal out Shadow Damage to opponents that are surrounding them, and the overall damage that they do gets decreased by 20% for a total of 5 seconds. 

3. The Grandfather 

The Grandfather
The Grandfather (Image Credits Exputer)
The Grandfather AffixesEffects
Critical Strike DamageThe player's overall critical strike damage will be increased.
DamageYour overall damage will be enhanced.
LifePlayers will experience their max Life will be enhanced.
StatsOverall stats will be boosted up.
DurabilityDurability loss will be ignored.

Next up, another one of the items in the Diablo 4 Uber Unique List is The Grandfather. It is essentially a weapon that can be used in combat, and it is part of the collection of various two-handed swords that are made available in Diablo 4. The two-handed sword is known to hail from a lineage that can’t be broken and has unwavering strength.

  • As far as the unique effect of the Grandfather is concerned, it can enhance your overall critical strike damage by anywhere from 60-100%, which can allow you to decimate opponents easily. 

4. Ring Of Starless Skies 

D4 Ring Of Starless Skies
Ring Of Starless Skies 
Ring Of Starless Skies AffixesEffects
ResistanceYour lightning and shadow resistance gets boosted up.
StatsGeneral stats gets increased.
Crowd Controlled DamageThe amount of damage that players are able to deal to enemies that are crowd-controlled gets enhanced.
Core Skill DamageYour core skill damage gets enhanced.
Lucky Hit ChanceThe overall lucky hit chance is amped up.

Another solid unique item that you shouldn’t be missing out on is the Ring of Starless Skies, which happens to be a ring. The ring is described to be one that tells the players to gain the power to “pluck the stars from the heavens” with ease. 

  • Unique and uber-unique rings are one of the highest rarities of rings available in Diablo 4, making them highly valuable but making them just as difficult to get your hands on. 
  • The Ring of Starless Skies offers players the effect whereby each core skill that the player has used will decrease the resource cost that is required by your next core skill by 8-12% up to a max of 40%. 

5. Harlequin Crest 

Harlequin Crest
Harlequin Crest (Image Credits Exputer)
Harlequin Crest AffixesEffects
Max LifeThe player's overall Max Life gets boosted up.
Cooldown reductionCooldown reduction for everything gets boosted up.
Material FindThe ability to finding crafting material is amped up.
General StatsGeneral stats gets increased.

As far as the Harlequin Crest is concerned, it is basically a piece of the helm that is able to protect the player from any kind of attack that will be launched at your head. It can protect you and can be worn by the best class in Diablo 4. The Crest is described to be a headdress that was once worn by an assassin who had been disguised as a court mage. 

  • The Harlequin Crest offers the unique effect whereby players are able to gain 10-20% damage reduction, as well as being able to gain 4 ranks to all of their skills, which makes them absolutely overpower

6. Melted Heart Of Selig 

D4 Melted Heart of Selig
Melted Heart of Selig
Melted Heart Of Selig AffixesEffects
ResistanceYour resistance to all elements gets boosted.
General StatsPlayer's will experience that all stats gets increased too.
Core Skill DamageThe total amount of core skill damage that you are able to deal gets boosted.
Resource RegenerationResource regeneration is enhanced.

Last but not least, the final item in the Diablo 4 Uber Unique List items is the Melted Heart of Selig. It is an amulet, an item that is highly sought after, as it can provide solid bonuses that can amp up the player’s combat abilities. 

  • Its unique effect can allow players to gain 30% maximum resource, and in addition to that, anytime you take damage, it will end up draining 3-6 resources for every time 1% Life that the player ends up losing. 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Diablo 4 Uber Uniques List, and with that, let’s wrap up the guide! While you’re here, why not read up on the Diablo 4 How To Respec guide, which will showcase how to respec in great detail? Apart from that, the Diablo 4 Murmuring Obols guide tells players how to get Murmuring Obols!

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