Diablo 4 Best Class [DPS, Tank, Glass Cannon]

Master the Rogue and Barbarian classes as these 2 are the best DPS, Tank and Glass Cannon class choices in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 has a range of classes to choose from, from which classes can fit many roles, such as that of a Tank, DPS, and classes that serve as a glass cannon. Players might want to know which classes to attend to fit these roles. Therefore, they might need an in-depth walkthrough of the Diablo 4 Best Class to choose from. 

Important: The Rogue class is extremely difficult to play with a Glass Cannon build. Therefore, players should know the caveats of maining it beforehand.
Key Takeaways
  • The classes in Diablo 4 can fit several categories, such as playing the role of a tank, a DPS, or even a Glass-Cannon-centric class. 
  • DPS: The best class for a DPS role is the Rogue, as it offers melee and ranged combat, allowing for faster decimation of opponents. 
  • The Rogue has features such as making opponents Vulnerable, imbuing weapons with Shadow, Poison, or Cold, and being able to lay Traps for enemies. 
  • Tank: The best option to play the role of a Tank is the Barbarian, an insane powerhouse that balances its defense and offense during combat and uses an Arsenal system. 
  • The Barbarian offers an overpowered Berserker mode, which increases the damage output and movement speed and makes enemies bleed out on the battlefield. 
  • Glass Cannon: The Rogue is again the best option for a Glass Cannon build, with the Twisting Blades skills being the center of attention. 

Here is an overview of the best DPS, Tank, and Glass Cannon classes in Diablo 4. 

Serial NumberClass NameProsCons
1RogueVersatile, High damage output, Excellent agility, Weapon imbuementSquishy, Accuracy required during combat
2BarbarianPerfect tanks, Excellent survivability, Solid damage output, Excellent agility, Berserker mode is brokenDodging is required all the time, High fury cost for skills
3Rogue (Glass Cannon)Insanely high damageVery squishy class

Best DPS Class (Rogue) 


Regarding the Diablo 4 Best DPS Classit is pretty clear that the Rogue outclasses every other DPS class in Diablo 4, no questions asked. 

  • When it comes to the Rogue class is essentially one in which players can become extremely agile combatants through which they can take part in both closed combats as well as ranged combat as needed. 
  • They can carry out combos that would render any enemy useless, allowing them to use their features, which are as follows. 
    D4 Rogue Class
    Rogue Class

Rogues can murder enemies at a bit of distance by using their bows and arrows, and they can also land critical strikes toward opponents by making them Vulnerable. Also, Rogues can imbue their weapons using either Shadow, Poison, or Cold and lay down traps. 


  • Versatility: The Rogue class stands out due to its flexibility, and skillfully handling both melees and ranged weapons.
  • High Damage: The Rogue offers an impressively high damage output, solidifying its status as an optimal DPS class.
  • Agility: Rogue ranks amongst the quickest classes, allowing for effortless battlefield navigation.
  • Weapon Imbuement: Rogues can imbue their weapons with Cold, Poison, or Shadow elements, hastening opponent defeat.


  • Squishiness: Despite high damage, Rogues are vulnerable and can be easily targeted, necessitating quick battlefield maneuvers.
  • Accuracy: Positioning is crucial in combat; constant vigilance for accuracy is required when playing Rogue.

Recommended Skills

D4 Rogue Skills
Rogue Skills

Let’s take a few rogue skills you might want to invest in if you plan to lead as the Rogue. 

Skills Effects 
Blade Shift With Blade Shift, players can quickly stab their opponents to deal a bit of damage, and then they can shift, through which theta can move through the opponents for 3 seconds. 
Twisting Blades Players can impale an opponent using their blades, which can deal 45% damage and make them take in 8% extra damage while they have been impaled. 
Sturdy Passive skill through which players can gain a total of 4% close damage reduction. 
Siphoning Strikes Passive skill through which you can heal for 1% of your max life anytime you can carry out a critical strike against close enemies. 
Dash Dash ahead and continue to slash your way through your opponents, through which you can deal 36% damage. 
Enhanced Dash Opponents damaged using dash will end upon intaking 15% extra critical strike damage for 5 seconds. 
Concussive After causing knockback to opponents or causing an opponent to get knocked down, you will be able to gain a 4% critical strike chance increase against the enemies for 3 seconds
Trick Attacks Passive skill through which you can critically strike down a Dazed opponent that has been knocked down for 0.5 seconds. 
Poison Trap Place down a trap that can detonate after 1.25 seconds and gets activated anytime an opponent can move within the broad range of it.
Exploit Passive skill through which players can deal 6% enhanced damage to Healthy and Injured opponents. 
Shadow Imbuement Players can imbue their weapons using festering shadows, through which the following 2 Imbue-able skills can deal shadow damage, and they can infect opponents for a total of 6 seconds. 
Precision Imbuement Passive skill that can give the player a 5% increased critical strike chance with their imbued skills. 
Shadow Clone The player’s shadow can mimic your actions for 15 seconds, and the shadow will also deal 60% of your base damage to opponents. 
Enhanced Blade Shift With Enhanced Blade Shift, players can cause damage to an enemy using Blade Shift with 5% extra movement speed. 

Tank Class (Barbarian) 


Regarding one of the Diablo 4 Best Tank classes, the Barbarian will be your best choice as it balances offenses and defenses. 

D4 Barbarian
  • In essence, the Barbarian class typically focuses on using its class as an ultimate powerhouse, with its insane amount of strength, through which it can focus on carrying out AoE attacks and demolishing opponents. 
  • The class will focus on using an Arsenal system, through which they can swap between the weapons they might have, such as a mace or even axes, and it all comes down to the need of the player during combat. 

Other than that, the Barbarian will have a few key features, such as being able to enter the Berserking mode, through which it can increase its overall movement speed as well as damage output, or being able to make opponents bleed, or making use of the high Fury cost to cast deadlier skills. 


  • Tanks: The Barbarians are excellent tanks, meaning they can take in extra damage. 
  • Survivability: This coincides with making them have excellent survivability, through which they can be indicine during combat. 
  • Damage Output: Regarding the overall damage output, Barbarians can also benefit from having stable damage output. 
  • Agility: Besides that, Barbarians are also pretty agile, allowing them to swerve and move through the battlefield easily. 
  • Berserker Mode: Being able to enter Berserker mode, they can increase their damage output.
    D4 Barbarian Gameplay
    Barbarian Gameplay


As far as their cons are concerned, they are listed as follows. 

  • Dodging: This has to be one of the most significant caveats of the maining as a Barbarian tank since they must constantly move around in close combat with enemies. 
  • Fury Cost: They also have a high Fury cost for a few of their skills, but this is tackled by making the skills pretty strong, which balances out. 

Recommended Skills 

Moving on, there are a few recommended skills that you might want to use for the Barbarian class, which are as follows. 

Skills Effects 
Flay Players can flay their opponent, through which they can deal 5% damage and make the opponents take in 36% Bleeding damage over 5 seconds. 
Rend Go ahead and cleave the opponents before you, through which you can deal 12% damage.
Enhanced Rend Inflicting direct damage using Rend will extend the overall duration of making the enemies vulnerable for 2 seconds. 
Enhanced Flay Flay will gain a 10% chance, making the opponent Vulnerable for a total of 2 seconds, through which it can double their overall chance.
Whirlwind Continue to attack enemies that are surrounding you for 16% damage. 
Iron Skin Protect yourself, during which you can get a Barrier that absorbs 50% of the Life that is missing for 5 seconds. 
Rallying CryCarry out a rallying cry, enhancing your overall movement speed by 30%.
Challenging Shout Go ahead and taunt opponents close by to you, and players will gain 40% damage negation for 6 seconds.
Charge Players will become unstoppable, as they can advance forth, and it can push opponents and swing them around, allowing it to deal 25% damage and cause knockback. 
War Cry Carry out a deadly war cry, which enhances your damage by 15% for 6 seconds.
Death Blow Attempt to carry out a killing strike, which makes opponents take in 120% damage that is present in front of you. 
Rupture Skewer the opponents standing in front of you, which ends up dealing 13% damage, then cause opponents to bleed, and then remove the Bleeding damage from the enemies.
Call of the Ancients Call upon the 3 ancients who can assist you during combat for 6 seconds which range from Korlic, Madawc, and Talic. 

Glass Cannon Class 

Moving on, when it comes to one of the best options for a Diablo 4 Best Glass Cannon Class, compared to all five classes that are made available, it is the Rogue class. 


  • Insanely high damage output: The class has the potential to annihilate opponents quickly.
  • Skill Variety: The class boasts a diverse set of skills, ranging from Twisting Blades to Shadow Step and Enhanced Dash, which can cause various effects such as slowing down enemies, enhancing damage, and more.
  • Versatility: The Glass Cannon class can be built around the Twisted Blades skill, allowing for a versatile playstyle.
  • Speed and Agility: The Glass Cannon class has several abilities that enhance movement speed, like Shadow Step and Dash.
  • Healing Abilities: The class has skills like Siphoning Strikes that can heal a portion of their max life each time they critically strike enemies.


  • Vulnerability: The Glass Cannon class is extremely squishy, which can take significant damage if not handled carefully.
  • Requires Precision: Many of the class’s skills require precise strikes to be effective, requiring player skill and focus.
  • Dependency on Shadows: Several skills, such as Dark Shroud, rely on shadow usage, which can be limiting in certain situations.

Recommended Skills 

D4 Twisting Blades
Twisting Blades

If you want to go for a glass cannon build for the Glass Cannon Diablo 4 Classes, then your best option would be to go for a class build that is typically centered towards using the Twisted Blades skill and the skills that you would want to go for are listed as follows. 

Skills Effects 
Puncture It casts out blades for a short distance, during which it can deal 21% damage, and every 3rd cast will be able to cause enemies to become slowed down by 20% for 2 seconds, and crit hits will always end up slowing them down. 
Enhanced Puncture Gain 2 energy anytime. A puncture can damage an opponent that has become crowd controlled. 
Fundamental Puncture Puncture skill can now cast out 3 blades spread out, with each blade able to deal 35% of its base damage.
Twisting BladesYou can impale an opponent using your blades, dealing 45% damage and making them take in 8% increased damage from the player while they have been impaled. 
Enhanced Twisting Blades The twisting blades skill will now deal 30% enhanced damage when returning. 
Advanced Twisting Blades Anytime your Twisting Blades return to you, the cooldowns get reduced by 0.1 seconds for every opponent it has passed through and can be increased to 2 seconds. 
Sturdy Passive skill through which players can gain 4% relative damage reduction. 
Siphoning Strikes Passive skill during which players can heal up to 1% of their overall max life every time you can strike enemies close to the player Critically. 
Shadow Step Players can become unstoppable for a bit, through which they can move through opponents to stab them and deal 72% damage from behind. 
Dash Move forth, and slash opponents, dealing 36% damage. 
Enhanced Shadow Step Causing harm to an opponent using the Shadow step now enhances your critical strike chance against the opponent by 8% for 3 seconds. 
Methodical Shadow Step Opponents that end up getting damaged by Shadow Step are Immobilized for 2 seconds. 
Enhanced Dash Opponents damaged by Dash end up intaking 15% enhanced critical strike damage for 5 seconds. 
Disciplined Dash The Dash skill ends up slowing opponents that it attacks by 30% for 3 seconds, and any opponent that has already been slowed will also get Dazed for 2 seconds. 
Dark Shroud Surround yourself with 5 shadows that oath to protect you during combat, and players also get 8% damage negation for every active shadow. 
Concealment Vanish immediately, gaining Stealth for 4 seconds which does not vanish if you take damage. 
Enhanced Dark Shroud The shadows from Dark Shroud gain a 10% chance whereby they won’t get consumed as easily. 
Subverting Dark Shroud For every shadow that is activated during Dark Shroud, it increases the movement speed by 3%. 
Enhanced Concealment If you enter the Concealment skill mode, you also gain 40 energy
Poison ImbuementPlayers can imbue their weapons with deadly poison, and the next 2 Imbue-able skills they use will cause opponents to take in poison damage.
Enhanced Poison Imbuement The overall poison duration when using Poison Imbuement gets enhanced by one second. 
Blended Poison Imbuement Critical strikes that are landed using Poison Imbue skills will cause opponents to take in 30% extra poisoning damage. 
Deadly Venom Players will deal 3% extra poisoning damage
Alchemical Advantage Players will get 1% extra attack speed for each opponent they manage to poison, up to 15%. 
Precision ImbuementPassive skill through which your imbued skills get a 5% extra critical strike chance. 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Diablo 4 Best Class, and with that, let’s wrap up the guide! While you’re here, why not read the Diablo 4 Best Gems guide, which details the best gems! Apart from that, read up on the Feactured Peak Quest Locations guide, which showcases all side quest locations!

Lastly, the Diablo 4 Crushed Beast Bones guide will show the best farming spots for them!

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