Diablo 4: BEST Rogue Build [Skills & Playstyle]

Blow your enemies with the best Rogue build in Diablo 4!

This Diablo 4 best rogue build focuses mainly on AOE damage through explosions, and it is a blast to play. If you are someone who likes obliterating their targets through sheer explosions and firepower, then this build is for you.

Important: Diablo 4 is still in the beta phase, so almost all of the things are subject to change in the final release version.
Key Takeaways
  • For the basic skills of Rogue Build in Diablo 4, Blade Shift is the best bet for this build as it balances damage and movement speed.
  • The Twisting Blades form the core skills for this rogue build and are the main damage-dealing skill we will use.
  • The Dash skill is the main agility skill we will use for this build.
  • Shadow Imbuement and Poison Trap form a good synergy with each other and the other skills we have picked for this build, making the build exceptional at dealing with multiple enemies at once.
  • The Shadow Clone Ultimate skill makes this build pretty respectable for dealing single-target damage as well, on top of obliterating groups of enemies.
  • For the Codex Of Power, we recommend splitting your resources between offense and defense, as both of those options complement the build very well.

Before we begin, here’s the build summary for Rogue in Diablo 4:

Basic & Core SkillsAgility SkillsSubterfuge SkillsImbuement SkillsUltimate SkillOffensive AspectsDefensive AspectsUtility & Resource Aspects
- Blade Shift
- Twisting Blades
- Sturdy
- Siphoning Strikes
- Dash
- Concussive
- Trick Attacks
- Poison Trap
- Exploit
- Shadow Imbuement
- Precision Imbuement
- Shadow Clone- Aspect of Imitated Imbuement
- Aspect of Unstable Imbuements
- Bladedancer’s Aspect
- Shadowslicer Aspect
- Aspect Of Uncanny Treachery
- Escape Artist’s Aspect
- Cheat’s Aspect
- Aspect Of Explosive Verve
- Energizing Aspect

Best Rogue Build 

diablo 4 best rogue build
The Basic Skill Tree | Image Using The Diablo 4 Build Calculator

As discussed before, this build focuses mainly on dealing with AOE damage. Here are the skills you need for it:


There are both offensive and defensive skills in Diablo 4 that benefit the Rogue build/class in various ways. For the purpose of this build, we will be focusing on the following skills in order to maximize the potential of this build.

Blade Shift

  • From the Basic Skill Tree, we will be picking Blade Shift. With this skill, players can stab the enemy for 15% damage at Rank 1.
  • To further increase the effectiveness of this skill, we recommend that you pick Enhanced Blade Shift in addition to Primary Blade Shift.
  • After attacking, players will be able to Shift, allowing them to freely move through enemies for 3 seconds.
  • In addition to these effects, you also gain 15% to all Resistances that are Non-Physical in nature. Moreover, Control Impairing effects will have their durations reduced by 20%. These bonuses will work while Blade Shift is active.
  • When Blade Shift is active, your Movement Speed will increase by up to 20%, making it an excellent skill for both mobility and damage in general.

Twisting Blades

diablo 4 best rogue build
The Core Tree | Image From The Diablo 4 Build Calculator
  • For our Core Skill, we have decided to go with Twisting Blades due to its utility and synergy with the rest of the build that we are going for.
  • With this skill, players can impale an enemy for 50% damage, and after 1.5 seconds, the blades return to you, dealing an additional 79% damage to the enemies. Keep in mind that these numbers represent the skill at Rank 2.
  • In addition to this, enemies attacked with this skill will take 8% more damage while they are impaled.
  • To further increase the effectiveness of this skill, we recommend that you pick Enhanced Twisting Blades and Advanced Twisting Blades.
  • With these enhancements, Twisting Blades will do an extra 30% damage while they are returning, and your active cooldowns will be shortened by 1 second, with a maximum reduction of 3 seconds depending on how many enemies they touch.


  • Staying in the Core Skill Tree, we have the Sturdy skill.
  • It grants a 4% close damage reduction at Rank 1.
  • This is a good defensive skill, but the main reason to pick it is to get access to Siphoning Strikes.

Siphoning Strikes

  • This skill heals you for 3% of your maximum HP when you critically attack close enemies at Rank 3.
  • Since this build has a very high crit rate, it is extremely useful to have a skill like this that grants you survivability at no additional cost.


diablo 4 best rogue build
The Agility Tree | Image Using The Diablo 4 Build Calculator
  • For the Agility Skill Tree, we have decided to go with the Dash Skill.
  • With this skill, players dash forward and slash enemies for 37% damage at Rank 1.
  • For the modifiers, we recommend going with Enhanced Dash. With this modifier, enemies who are damaged by your Dash Skill will take 20% increased Critical Damage from you. This effect lasts for 5 seconds.
  • Overall, it is a nice mobility skill and goes well with the overall game plan of this build.


  • Also, in the Agility Skill Tree, we recommend that you pick up the Concussive Skill.
  • Thanks to this skill, when you knock down or knock back an enemy, you gain a 5% increased Critical Strike chance against them at Rank 1. This effect lasts for 3 seconds.
  • Critical Strike chance is what we mainly rely on for our damage in this build, as well as our survivability.
  • This skill is good for crowd control and dealing with multiple enemies at once.

Trick Attacks

  • The last skill that we recommend in the Agility Skill Tree is the Trick Attacks Skill.
  • When you critically strike a Dazed enemy, they are knocked down for half a second at Rank 1.

Poison Trap

diablo 4 best rogue build
The Subterfuge Tree | Image From The Diablo 4 Build Calculator
  • For our Subterfuge Skill, we have decided to go with Poison Trap, due to its unique nature of being able to deal single target damage as well as AOE damage.
  • As the name suggests, players place a trap that arms after 1.25 seconds and activates when an enemy moves within its range.
  • It deals a massive 344% Poison Damage to all the enemies in its radius over 9 seconds at Rank 1.
  • A thing worth noting is that you can have up to 4 armed traps on the field at a single time.
  • For the modifiers, we suggest picking Enhanced Poison Trap and Countering Poison Trap.
  • With the Enhanced Poison Trap modifier, your trap knocks down enemies for 1.5 seconds when it activates at Rank 1.
  • The Countering Poison Trap modifier makes it so that the Poison Trap has a 20% chance to reset your Imbuement Skill cooldowns when it is activated.


  • The second skill in the Subterfuge Skill Tree we recommend is Exploit.
  • It is a straightforward damage boost that deals an increased 6% damage to Healthy and Injured enemies at Rank 1.

Shadow Imbuement

diablo 4 best rogue build
The Imbuement Tree | Image Using The Diablo 4 Build Calculator
  • For the Imbuement Skill Tree, the main skill that we decided to go with for this best Rogue Build in Diablo 4 is the Shadow Imbuement Skill.
  • When this skill is active, you imbue your weapons with decaying shadows. Your next 2 Imbueable Skills, in our case, are Twisting Blades and Dash, which will deal with Shadow Damage and apply an infected debuff for 6 seconds.
  • The enemies that you infect will explode on death and deal 40% damage to all surrounding enemies at Rank 1.
  • In the case that the infection debuff wears off before the enemy dies, 40% damage will be dealt to that enemy only at Rank 1.
  • For the modifiers, we recommend going with Enhanced Shadow Imbuement and Mixed Shadow Imbuement.
  • Players will have a 25% increased Critical Hit chance against injured enemies that are infected by Shadow Imbuement.
  • Paired with the Mixed Shadow Imbuement, enemies damaged by Shadow Imbued Skills will take 12% increased Non-Physical Damage for 8 seconds.

Precision Imbuement

  • Complementing the other skills in the Imbuement Skill Tree is the Precision Imbuement Skill.
  • While this skill is active, Imbued skills gain an additional 15% Critical Hit chance.

Shadow Clone

The Ultimate Tree | Image From The Diablo 4 Build Calculator
  • For our Ultimate Skill, we have decided to go with the insanely overpowered Shadow Clone.
  • With this skill, players create a duplicate of themselves that deals insane amounts of damage for 15 seconds at Rank 1.
  • The shadow clone deals 60% of the player’s damage.
  • The cooldown for this ultimate is 60 seconds, so you can use it fairly often.

That does it for all the skills that we need to make this build shine. Now we will discuss how to properly utilize this best rogue build in Diablo 4 and get the most out of it.

Codex Of Power

The Codex Of Power | Image Using The Diablo 4 Build Calculator

The Codex Of Power is the crafting system in Diablo 4. Players may create aspects that are used to enhance their equipment. Here are the aspects that we will be using for this build:


The Offensive aspects are as follows:

  • Aspect Of Imitated Imbuement: The shadow clones that you spawn mimic the imbuements applied to your skills. 
  • Aspect Of Unstable Imbuements: When you cast an Imbuement skill, you trigger an Imbued Explosion around yourself, applying the imbuement effects and dealing the damage of the same type. It can be found at Dry Steppes in the game.
  • Bladedancer’s Aspect: Twisting Blades orbit around you for a short time after they return, dealing damage to the enemies they touch. 
  • Shadowslicer Aspect: When you cast Dash, a shadow clone is spawned at your location that also casts Dash, dealing damage in your wake. It can be found at Scosglen in the game.


The Defensive aspects of the Rogue Build are as follows:

  • Aspect Of Uncanny Treachery: Dealing direct damage to a Dazed enemy with an Agility skill grants Stealth.
  • Escape Artist’s Aspect: Upon taking damage from surrounding enemies, you will drop a smoke grenade and dodge the next attacks.
  • Cheat’s Aspect: You will take less damage from crowd-controlled enemies. When crowd-controlled enemies deal damage to you, you will also gain a buff to your movement speed.


Here is the Utility aspect:

  • Aspect Of Explosive Verve: Your grenade skills count as Trap skills, and whenever you arm grenades, you gain a buff to your Movement Speed. It can be found at Derelict Lodge – Fractured Peaks.


Here is the Resource aspect for this build:

  • Energizing Aspect: Damaging an Elite enemy with basic skills generates energy. The aspect can be found at Sanguine Chapter – Fractured Peaks. 


The main playstyle of this build revolves around dealing AOE damage with our Shadow Imbuement and Poison Traps. Here is how it is intended to be played:

  • First off, you attack a target with Twisting Blades and then use Dash to pass through all the other targets. The blades will follow you back as you are passing through the enemies, dealing damage and applying Shadow Imbuement on every enemy that they touch.
  • To finish off the mobs and deal explosive AOE damage, you can throw out the Poison Traps. Any enemy that survives your onslaught of attacks will be caught by the explosions and poison damage.
  • To make the damage even more insane, you can pop the Ultimate and watch as every enemy on your screen melts away.


This Diablo 4 Rogue build shines at dealing with multiple enemies at once and excels at crowd control. Clump up all the mobs together and then rip through them with Shadow Imbuement, Twisting Blades, and Dash. Admittedly, this rogue build isn’t the best single-target build in Diablo 4. But that shortcoming is made up for by the Ultimate Skill, allowing you to deal respectable single-target damage as well. If you want to learn more about the rogue build, then be sure to check this out.

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