Diablo 4 Best AOE Class Builds [Sorcerer & Necromancer]

The following is my take on the best AOE class in Diablo 4, including the Necromancer and Sorcerer, as well as their builds. 

Sorcerer and Necromancer are considered the best AOE class in Diablo 4. If you are looking for a class with the best area of effect and a good range, these two classes are perfect. With them, you will be able to do high AOE damage.

What Is The Best AOE Class In Diablo 4?

Sorcerer AOE- Unstable Currents
- Arc Lash
- Frost Nova
- Mystical Frost Nova
- Ice Armor
- Enhanced Ice Armor
- Teleport
- Shimmering Teleport
- Chain Lightning
- Great Chain Lightning
- Fireball
- Meteor
- Flame Shield
- Recharging Aspect
- Stable Aspect
- Aspect of Overwhelming Currents
- Prodigy Aspect
- The Aspect of The Three Curses
- The Aspect of Control
- The Aspect of The Unbroken Tether
- Aspect Of Unwavering
Necromancer AOE- Army of The Dead
- Prime Army of Dead
- Supreme Army of The Dead
- Corpse Explosion
- Blighted Corpse Explosion
- Enhanced Corpse Explosion
- Blight
- Enhanced Blight
- Paranormal Blight
- Corpse Tendrils
- Enhanced Corpse Tendril
- Plagued Corpse Tendril
- Decompose
- Enhanced Decompose
- Acolytes Decompose
- Mage Skeletal
- Reaper Skeletal
- Aspect of the Umbral
- Aspect of the Void
- Mother’s Embrace
- Black River
- Aspect of Grasping Veins
- Aspect of Disobedience
- Aspect of Shared Misery
- Flesh-Rending Aspect
- Blighted Aspect
- Diamond
- Ruby
- Amethyst

Classes like sorcerer, necromancer, and Druid are considered some of the best AOE classes. These classes have a good range of damage and decent crowd control.

You will also be able to use many different buffs while dealing damage to your enemies. Using weapons, skills, and aspects that can increase your overall range without compromising damage is important. 

1. Best Sorcerer AOE Build 

  • Why I Chose This: I chose the following sorcerer build due to its high AOE damage output that can wipe out many enemies. 

If you want to increase the AOE of attacks available in the sorcerer class, then it is important to use skills, aspects, attributes, and gems that will complement the range of this class.

Best AOE Sorcerer Class In Diablo 4 
Sorcerer Class [Image By: eXputer]
Below are the pros and cons of the build based on my experience.

  • Great DPS potential.
  • Various varieties are available.
  • Deals large AOE damage.
  • Difficult to master.


For a good AOE build, I mostly focus on skills, including shock spells, as they have the best range.

Best AOE Necromancer Class In Diablo 4 
Sorcerer Skills

Furthermore, these skills also deal with debuffs and allow you to repel incoming attacks while maintaining health. Using the skills I mentioned below for Diablo 4 best AOE class build, you can deal critical strikes on your enemies with extra damage as you level up.

Skill  Effect 
Unstable Currents  Stuns enemies and applies a debuff. Your damage will be doubled, and for the next 10 seconds, you can cast any of the shock spells you want. 
Arc Lash  Allows you to stun or freeze your enemies in battle for a period of time. 
Frost Nova  By using the attack, you will be able to stun enemies for about 3 seconds. 
Mystical Frost Nova  You can stun your enemies for around 6 seconds by leveling up to the mystical Frost Nova
Ice Armor  Allows you to use a barrier to shield yourself against incoming damage. However, it will use about 30% of your life. 
Enhanced Ice Armor  By upgrading, you can increase your mana by 25%. You can add damage to the barrier you set up and constantly deal attacks to your enemies while shielding yourself from damage. 
Teleport  The teleport skill will increase your AOE and allow you to teleport wherever you want in the battle.
Shimmering Teleport  The shimmering teleport will allow you to use a damage reduction of about 30% for 3s.  
Chain Lightning  Using the chain lightning skill, you will be able to deal 42% damage by casting a bolt of lightning that will attack enemies nearby. 
Great Chain Lightning  You will be able to increase damage by 10% and protect yourself against hordes of enemies. 


When it comes to enchantments, you can use the ones that complement the shock skills I have recommended for Diablo 4, the best AOE class build.

Best AOE Class In Diablo 4 
Enchantments [Image By: eXputer]
Enchantments like the Fireball, Meteor, and Flame Shield work with almost every build and will also allow you to increase your AOE. 

  • Use Fireball, Meteor, and Flame Shield enchantments for AOE builds.
  • Select two enchantments for your sorcerer build.
  • Flame Shield provides damage protection with a 2-minute cooldown.
  • Consider Fireball for explosive AOE damage.
Flame Shield
Flame Shield [Image By: eXputer]


You can use any aspects that you have found so far; however, it is important to make sure that they complement the skills and enchantments you have used in your AOE sorcerer build so far.

Aspects of Unwavering
Aspects of Unwavering [Image By: eXputer]
  • Choose aspects that complement your AOE skills and enchantments.
  • Recommended aspects include Recharging Aspect for extra mana, Stable Aspect for free spell casts, Aspect of Overwhelming Currents for extra shock skills, and Prodigy Aspect for mana restoration.
Prodigy Aspect
Prodigy Aspect [Image By: eXputer]


When it comes to attributes, I highly recommend focusing on Willpower and Intelligence.

Best AOE Sorcerer Class In Diablo 4 
Attributes for Sorcerer [Image By: eXputer]
Per hundred intelligence, you will get an increased resistance of about 5%. Furthermore, you will also get increased skill-based damage of 10%. 

  • Prioritize Willpower and Intelligence for your sorcerer build.
  • Investing in intelligence leads to stronger endgame performance.
  • Willpower grants 3% increased resource generation, 25% overpower damage, and 10% increased healing.
  • Higher willpower boosts mana generation and reduces cooldown times.


Lastly, for gems, I recommend using rubies for Diablo 4, the best AOE class build. You can also make use of sapphires if you want to increase the chance of landing critical strikes more often.

Gems [Image By: eXputer]
Furthermore, it complements the crowd control ability that comes with the sorcerer class as well. 

  • If you want to focus solely on more mana generation, then go for rubies, as they will increase it by up to 6% while offering you an extra life. 
  • You will also be able to use diamonds to get more skill damage and higher AOE. 

2. Best Necromancer AOE Build 

  • Why I Chose This: I chose the following Necromancer build due to massive AEO, and it carried me in the mid-phases of the game. 

Another great Diablo 4 best AOE class to use is the necromancer, as it allows you to summon minions to help you in battles.

  • Allows to summon different creatures.
  • The damage is massive.
  • Attacks have great range.
  • Carries through the game when mastered.
  • Difficult to master.


For skills, I would recommend using abilities and attacks that will allow you to deal damage over a vast range.

Diablo 4 Best AOE Class build
Necromancer skills

This includes attacks like the Army Of The Dead and Decomposing. Below is a list of all skills that you can use to get a powerful AOE build. 

Skill  Effect 
Army Of The Dead  Allows you to summon skeletons that will help you in battle. 
Prime Army Of Dead  Allows you to make use of corpse explosions to damage more enemies. 
Supreme Army Of The Dead  Allows you to summon more minions against your enemies that will explode. 
Corpse Explosion  Summons more explosive corpses in battles. 
Blighted Corpse Explosion  Allows the exploding corpses to deal shadow damage to nearby enemies for six seconds. 
Enhanced Corpse Explosion  Allows you to increase the summons and exploding minions while increasing the range by about 15%. 
Blight  The skill will allow the players to deal shadow magic on any nearby enemies with a huge AOE for around 6 seconds
Enhanced Blight  This upgraded version will allow you to stun and slow down your enemies by 25%, allowing you to deal additional damage. 
Paranormal Blight  The upgrade can grant a 30% chance to stun your enemies nearby for around 1.5 seconds. 
Corpse Tendrils  Stuns enemies for 3 seconds during battles. 
Enhanced Corpse Tendril  Increases the effectiveness of the terror passive and slows down your enemies as soon as they are affected by the attack. 
Plagued Corpse Tendril  Applies the vulnerable debuff to enemies in the surrounding range for 3s. 
Decompose  Summons a corpse in battle every 2.5 seconds. 
Enhanced Decompose  It will allow you to deal more damage while granting an additional 10 essence whenever you kill an enemy. 
Acolytes Decompose  Increases the damage given to you as well as your minions


The necromancer class also has access to a unique system called the Book of the Dead.

Diablo 4 Best AOE Class build
Necromancer Minions [Image By: eXputer]
During the battle, the mechanism will allow you to summon an army of skeletons with different abilities, including warriors, golems, and mages. 

  • The Necromancer class utilizes the Book of the Dead to summon various skeletal minions during battle, including warriors, golems, and mages.
  • For a high AOE build, choose Mage skeletal minions and warriors by unlocking the Raise Skeleton skill.
  • Reaper skeletal warriors offer a 15% increased chance to create corpses, complementing corpse tendrils and corpse explosion attacks.
  • Shadow mages are recommended for their high AOE and range attacks, while the cold variant works well with skills like bone spear and golem slam.


You can use aspects like the Aspect of the Umbral and Aspect of the Void if you manage to find them during exploration and by completing dungeons.

Diablo 4 Best AOE Class aspects
The aspect of Grasping Veins [Image By: eXputer]
I recommend the following aspects for a good AOE necromancer build in Diablo 4

  • The Mother’s Embrace: Allows you to deal damage to enemies while returning around 40% of your resource cost. 
  • The Black River Aspect Deals an increased damage of 130%. 
  • The aspect of the Umbral: Generates more essence whenever using skills like the corpse tendrils. 
  • Since you will be using the corpse tendrils skills a lot, you can also use the Aspect of Grasping Veins and deal extra damage to enemies.
Diablo 4 Best AOE Class skills
The aspect of Umbral [Image By: eXputer]
  • The Aspect of the Void allows you to deal more damage to enemies nearby and increase the range of the attack. 


I recommend focusing on the same attributes as the sorcerer class and investing in intelligence and willpower.

  • Prioritize intelligence and willpower for necromancer AOE build.
  • Every 100 points in intelligence increases skill damage by 10% and resistance by 5%.
  • Willpower enhances resource generation (10% increase per 100 points), overpowers damage (25% increase), and healing (10% increase).


Regarding gems, I will be recommending diamonds, rubies, and amethysts.

Best AOE Class In Diablo 4 
Gems [Image By: eXputer]
  • You can also use skulls instead of diamonds in the jewelry slot if you want to increase resistance. 
  • Amethysts work great in the weapon slot and can complement skills like corpse explosion, blight, and decompose. 
  • Rubies for armor can make you tankier and increase your survivability. 

With this, I conclude my detailed guide on Diablo 4 best AOE class and the recommended builds. While you are at it, don’t forget to read the guide on the ladder system in Diablo 4 and the blood and sweat walkthrough. You can also visit the best assassin build and twisting blades build in Diablo 4. Make sure to check out the guide on gathering legions and XP farming. Lastly, don’t forget to see the guide on how to get a mount in Diablo 4. 

Skill Credits: D4Builds

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