Diablo 4 Ladder System [Explained]

This guide contains all information regarding the Diablo 4 ladder, along with all the new features that will introduced with each ladder.

Diablo 4 ladder and how it resets will most likely be the same as that from Diablo 2. But the term ladder is replaced by a much-known term, “Season.” The Diablo 4 seasons are going to be similar to Diablo 3 seasons. However, some improvements will be made along with additional content and new features. In this guide, I will entail all the information regarding the seasonal journey in Diablo 4 and the different features regarding it.

Key Takeaways
  • The season system introduced in Diablo 4 will be different from that of Diablo 3 and Diablo 2.
  • Diablo 4’s seasons will reset after every three months. 
  • After the season reset, players will have to start the seasonal progress from zero with a new character and class of their own choice.
  • Each season in Diablo 4 will provide new features to the game.
  • These features can include:
    1. Seasonal Questlines
    2. New Gameplay Features
    3. Long Term Progression
    4. Battle Pass
    5. Character Customization
  • Diablo 4 also contains three different Battle Pass tracks.
    1. Free Track
    2. Premium Track
    3. Accelerated Track

What Is Diablo 4 Ladder?

The term ladder was introduced in Diablo 2 for the first time and then was renamed in Diablo 3 as “Season.” In Diablo 4, it is also termed as Season. But seasons in Diablo 4 will be different from Diablo 3 and Diablo 2. If compared to Diablo 2 ladders, it takes full six months for the Diablo 2 ladders to reset. But it will be different in Diablo 4 as the Diablo 4 ladder reset in three months.

Diablo 4 Season
Diablo 4 Season System

So, there will be four seasons in Diablo 4 each year. Each Season will allow Diablo 4 players to start their progress from zero with a new character and class. Furthermore, a Season Pass will also be added to Diablo 4 in each Season. Completing each rank in the Season will grant players rank rewards and cosmetic rewards.

As I have stated above, after the end of each Season, players will have to start their seasonal journey from zero with a new character. Once a season ends, the seasonal character will move to the “Eternal Realm,” where players can continue to level up these characters outside their seasonal journey.

What Seasons Will Bring To Diablo 4?

Each Season in Diablo 4 will bring new content, such as:

  • Seasonal Questlines
  • New Gameplay Features
  • Long Term Progression
  • Battle Pass
  • Character Customization

Seasonal Questlines

Diablo 4 Seasonal Questlines
Diablo 4 Seasonal Questlines

The Seasonal Questlines introduced in Diablo 4 will not be an expansion of the main campaign story. However, these seasonal questlines will have a story of their own. These questlines will be self-contained stories that will go on throughout the whole Season. Players will also get new mechanics and themes for each Season. 

New Gameplay Features

In each Season of Diablo 4, new powers will be introduced. There will also be new ways to explore these powers, and players will experience different ways of growing their characters. There are also rumors that each Season will bring some unique gameplay from the past.

Long-Term Progression

The long-term progression can be considered as a story that will last for many seasons. The long-term progression will be made part of the seasonal journey. The objectives of the long-term progression stories will be made part of the chapters, as each season will contain one or more chapters.

Battle Pass

Diablo 4 Battle Pass
Diablo 4 Battle Pass

The Battle Pass introduced in each season will contain two tiers. These tiers include:

  1. Free Tier
  2. Premium Tier

Every player participating in the seasonal journey will receive the rewards available in the Free Tier. However, to get their hands on the Premium Tier rewards, players must purchase the Premium Tier of Diablo 4’s Battle Pass. Players can progress through the Battle Pass by earning favors and completing the Seasonal Quests.

Battle Pass Tracks

The Diablo 4 Battle Pass will include three tracks:

Track Rewards Price
Free Track All rewards included in the Free Tier 0 USD
Premium Track All rewards included in the Premium Tier 10 USD
Accelerated Track
  • All rewards included in the Premium Tier
  • 20-tier skips
  • Special Cosmetics
25 USD

Character Customization

Diablo 4 Character Customization
Diablo 4 Character Customization

Character customization has been an important aspect of almost every game so far. Diablo 4 Seasons will also provide different character customization features. Diablo 4 contains hundreds of transmogs that players can unlock by salvaging different gear. 


With all the information provided above regarding the seasonal journey of Diablo 4, this guide comes to an end. In this guide, I have mentioned all the information regarding the Diablo 4 seasons, along with all the new features and Battle Pass system that Diablo 4 will get.

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