Diablo 4: All Item Tiers [Explained]

Explore the importance of Diablo 4 Item Tiers, their unique features, and how they impact your game progression.

Item tiers in Diablo 4 are crucial for understanding the game’s loot system. These tiers, ranging from Common to Unique, categorize the gear you find, affecting all Classes‘ power and special features. As you level up and advance through higher world tiers, you’ll encounter gear of increasing rarity, each with better stats and unique bonuses. Understanding these item tiers in Diablo 4 is key to enhancing the best class abilities and succeeding in making the best builds such as Barbarian, Sorcerer, Necromancer, Druid & Rogue.

Key Takeaways
  • Item tiers categorize gear in Diablo 4, from basic to powerful.
  • The higher the tier, the better the stats and bonuses a piece of gear provides.
  • Some items can have gem sockets to house the best gems for weapons & increase stats.
  • The drop rate of better items increases as your level goes up.
  • Sacred and Ancestral items, found at higher world tiers, offer increased stats.
  • Some loot gear items are tradeable, while others bind to your account.
  • Affixes are additional bonuses on items, varying by tier and item type.
  • Unique items are the rarest in Diablo 4 and provide fixed, powerful bonuses.

All Item Tiers In Diablo 4 

Here is my overview of all loot item tiers in Diablo 4:

Serial NumberItem TierAffix InfoOther Properties
1Common (White Items)No affixesNo Bonus Stats, Tradeable
2Magic (Purple Items)1-2 Random AffixesRandom Bonus Stats, Tradeable, May have a gem socket
3Rare (Yellow Items)3-4 Random AffixesRandom Bonus Stats, Tradeable, May have a gem socket
4Legendary (Orange Items)4 Random Affixes + Legendary AspectRandom Bonus Stats, Account-bound, May have a gem socket, Drops around level 20
5Unique (Tan/Bronze Items)4 Fixed Affixes + Unique ImprintFixed Bonus Stats, Account-bound, May have a gem socket, Drops in World Tier 3 and 4

What Are Item Tiers In Diablo 4?

diablo 4 items
Various Item Tiers in Diablo 4 [Screenshot by eXputer]
From my experience, item tiers in Diablo 4 are categories that determine the power and special features of the gear. They range from Common, Magic, Rare, and Legendary to Unique. The higher the tier, the better the stats and bonuses the gear has. Rare items get better as you level up.

Sacred and Ancestral are special types that offer more stats and appear at higher world tiers. Unique items are the rarest with fixed bonuses. Knowing this all gives you perspective about whether should you sell or salvage your gear in Diablo 4.

1. Common (White Items)

White Common item tier in Diablo 4 [Screenshot by eXputer]
In Diablo 4, Common items, represented as white items, are the most basic type of loot you can find. They could be anything such as the Pants that you see in the image above. They do not come with any bonus stats, meaning they won’t provide extra enhancements to your character.

They are often the first type of items I encountered and were available across all world tiers. While they may not have special features, they are valuable early on in the game when better gear is hard to come by.

2. Magic (Purple Items)

Magic items in Diablo 4, also known as purple items, are a step above the Common items. These items power provide 1-2 random bonus stats, which can give you an edge in gameplay. This could mean more damage, more health, or other useful perks.

Sometimes, Magic items may also have a gem socket. This is a special feature that allows you to insert a gem for even more bonus stats. These items are found throughout your adventure and provide a useful upgrade from Common gear.

3. Rare (Yellow Items)

In Diablo 4, Rare items, indicated by a yellow color, are even better than Magic items. They offer 3-4 random bonus stats, enhancing your character’s performance in various ways, such as boosting attack speed, increasing health, or improving spell power.

These items might also come with a gem socket, allowing for an additional level of customization with the best gems. Rare items drop more frequently as you progress in the game, providing a steady upgrade to your gear.

4. Legendary (Orange Items)

Legendary item tier in Diablo 4 [Screenshot by eXputer]
Legendary items in Diablo 4, which appear orange, are high-tier loot you start to see around level 20. They give you 4 random bonus stats, which are better than what you get from Rare items. An important feature of Legendary items is the Legendary Imprint, a special perk that provides unique benefits.

They might also have a gem socket, offering more customization options. When these items drop, they make a loud sound and show as Orange Stars on your minimap, so they’re hard to miss.

5. Unique Items

The Grandfather Sword
The Grandfather Sword – Unique item in Diablo 4 [Screenshot by eXputer]
Unique items in Diablo 4, such as the Grandfather sword, shown as tan or bronze, are the rarest and most powerful loot you can find. They only drop in World Tier 3 and 4, making them quite special. Unlike other tiers, Unique items come with 4 fixed bonus stats that provide specific benefits.

They also feature a Unique Imprint, offering unique abilities or effects. Like Legendary items, they may also have a gem socket for further customization. Given their rarity and power, finding a Unique item is a significant event in your Diablo 4 journey.

Which Loot Item Tiers Are Tradeable In Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, the ability to trade loot items varies by their tiers. The Common, Magic, and Rare items, which are the first three tiers, can be freely traded. However, Legendary and Unique items, the higher tiers, are bound to your account. This means that once you pick up a Legendary or Unique item, you can’t trade it. It’s important to remember this when managing your loot and interacting with other players.

Affixes On Loot Item Tiers

Item TypeNumber of AffixesSpecial BonusAffix Variability
Magic1None (varies)Varies
Rare3NoneMore diverse (varies)
Legendary4Legendary AspectFixed (4 affixes + Legendary Aspect)
Unique4NoneFixed (same every time)

Affixes in Diablo 4 are extra attributes on loot items that give various bonuses. Common items don’t have any affixes. Magic items have just one affix, which can vary. Rare items come with three affixes, providing more diverse bonuses.

What Are Sacred and Ancestral Gear In Diablo 4?

Sacred and Ancestral Gear In Diablo 4 [Image Credit: Cloud-man-jones]
In Diablo 4, Sacred and Ancestral Gear are special types of loot that provide increased stats. These items are not additional rarity types, but rather, they add an extra layer of power to your existing gear. Sacred Gear starts appearing in World Tier 3, while Ancestral Gear starts showing up in World Tier 4.

That is pretty much everything I had to discuss Diablo 4 Item Tiers, what to expect from various loot rarities & how to make the best builds utilizing the best items.


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