Diablo 4: BEST Gems [Rogue, Sorcerer, & Barbarian]

Certain gems can work in harmony with certain classes such as rogue, sorcerer, and barbarian & one must know about every best gem in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 is a game that features multiple types of gems, each set to achieve a different purpose. If you were to ask yourself what are Diablo 4 Best Gems, you’ll find yourself in quite a dilemma because this is a question with no straight answer, as every gem is unique, and it would depend more on the player’s playstyle rather than the actual gem itself.

However, certain gems can work in harmony with certain classes, such as Rogue, Sorcerer, Barbarian, and more, and one must know the best gems for these classes.

Key Takeaways
  • Each gem offers a different buff in Diablo 4 and is meant to be utilized in different scenarios.
  • There are 7 Gems in Diablo 4:
    1. Amethyst.
    2. Sapphire.
    3. Emerald.
    4. Topaz.
    5. Diamond.
    6. Ruby.
    7. Skull.
  • Each gem offers different buffs and is meant to be used by their class and the scenario the player may find themselves into. But one can generally consider the Diamond Gem and the Sapphire Gem to be the best ones.
  • Players can only unsocket a gem by visiting a Jeweler. The Jeweler is unlocked after completing a priority quest that is unlocked at level 20.

All Gems In Diablo 4 & What They Do

Here is an overview of all gem types in Diablo 4 and what is the best each one offers:

Serial NumberGem NameBest Uses
1Amythyst GemIncreases weapon overtime damage, enhances armor defense, shadow resistance
2Sapphire GemBoosts critical damage to crowd control enemies, fortifies player, cold resistance
3Emerald GemBoosts critical damage to vulnerable enemies, increases thorns, poison resistance
4Diamond GemIncreases ultimate skill damage, boosts barrier generation, all-element resistance
5RubyBoosts maximum health, fire resistance, increases Overpower damage
6Skull GemGrants Life on Kill, enhances healing, extra armor
7Topaz GemIncreases basic skill damage, reduces damage when control impaired, lightning resistance

Which Gem In Diablo 4 Is The Best Gem?

best gems diablo 4
Diamond Gems In Diablo 4 [Image Captured by eXputer]
Important: If you want my personal opinion, then I would rate Diamond to be the best gem for your jewelry in Diablo 4, solely due to it being the most balanced as it offers resistance against all elements; thus, being the best of all worlds.

Now that you know about each gem’s buffs in Diablo 4, let’s determine the best gem.

These versatile gems allow mixing and matching. Choose based on your opponent; Topaz works well against lightning damage specialists.

Weapon & Armor Gems

For weapons and armor, Sapphire shines as the top choice, especially against hordes of enemies. Its added critical damage and damage reduction while fortified make a significant impact. Let’s explore gems for specific classes.

Build & Class Gems

Emerald boosts critical damage against Vulnerable enemies for Rogue builds, while Sapphire is a close second.

The Sorcerer class benefits from Diamond, Sapphire, and Topaz gems, aligning with their play style.

Barbarians excel with Emerald, Ruby, and Skull Gems. Ultimately, your preference and playstyle dictate your gem selection.

1. Amethyst

Amethyst GemCrude Amethyst (Level 15)Chipped Amethyst (Level 20)Amethyst (Level 40)Flawless Amethyst (Level 50)Royal Amethyst (Level 60)
Weapon+4.0% Damage Over Time+5.0% Damage Over Time+6.0% Damage Over Time+7.0% Damage Over Time+8.0% Damage Over Time
Armor 4.0% Damage Taken Over Time Reduction5.0% Damage Taken Over Time Reduction6.0% Damage Taken Over Time Reduction7.0% Damage Taken Over Time Reduction8.0% Damage Taken Over Time Reduction
Jewelry11.5% Shadow Resistance14.3% Shadow Resistance16.9% Shadow Resistance19.6% Shadow Resistance22.1% Shadow Resistance

The Amethyst is one of the seven gems in Diablo 4, and it focuses on buffing your weapon’s damage, increasing your armor defense, or giving you shadow resistance, depending on which piece of equipment you will socket it into.

2. Sapphire

Sapphire GemCrude Sapphire (Level 15)Chipped Sapphire (Level 20)Sapphire (Level 40)Flawless Sapphire (Level 50)Royal Sapphire (Level 60)
Weapon+6.0% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemies+7.5% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemies+9.0% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemies+10.5% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemies+12.0% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemies
Armor 1.0% Damage Reduction while fortified1.5% Damage Reduction while fortified2.0% Damage Reduction while fortified2.5% Damage Reduction while fortified3.0% Damage Reduction while fortified
Jewelry11.5% Cold Resistance14.3% Cold Resistance16.9% Cold Resistance19.6% Cold Resistance22.1% Cold Resistance

The Sapphire specializes in increasing critical damage toward crowd control enemies, reducing damage taken while fortified, and cold resistance. It is considered one of Diablo’s 4 Best Gems.

3. Emerald

Emerald GemCrude Emerald (Level 15)Chipped Emerald (Level 20)Emerald (Level 40)Flawless Emerald (Level 50)Royal Emerald (Level 60)
Weapon+6.0% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies+7.5% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies+9.0% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies+10.5% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies+12.0% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies
Armor +12 Thorns+28 Thorns+70 Thorns+150 Thorns+250 Thorns
Jewelry11.5% Poison Resistance14.3% Poison Resistance16.9% Poison Resistance19.6% Poison Resistance22.1% Poison Resistance

The Emerald Gem is mainly used to increase your critical damage toward vulnerable enemies; if you were to socket it into armor, you can expect some extra thorns. In terms of jewelry, it increases one’s poison resistance.

4. Topaz

Topaz GemCrude Emerald (Level 15)Chipped Emerald (Level 20)Emerald (Level 40)Flawless Emerald (Level 50)Royal Emerald (Level 60)
Weapon+10.0% Basic Skill Damage+12.5% Basic Skill Damage+15.0% Basic Skill Damage+17.5% Basic Skill Damage+20.0% Basic Skill Damage
Armor 6.0% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired7.0% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired8.0% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired9.0% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired10.0% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired
Jewelry11.5% Lightning Resistance14.3% Lightning Resistance16.9% Lightning Resistance19.6% Lightning Resistance22.1% Lightning Resistance

The Topaz gem specializes in increasing basic skill damage. If you attach it to your armor, you can expect some damage reduction while being Control Impaired. Players can also expect Lightning resistance if they socket it into their Jewelry. 

5. Diamond

Diamond GemCrude Diamond (Level 15)Chipped Diamond (Level 20)Diamond (Level 40)Flawless Diamond (Level 50)Royal Diamond (Level 60)
Weapon+7.0% Ultimate Skill Damage+9.0% Ultimate Skill Damage+11.0% Ultimate Skill Damage+13.0% Ultimate Skill Damage+15.0% Ultimate Skill Damage
Armor +3.0% Barrier Generation+3.5% Barrier Generation+4.0% Barrier Generation+4.5% Barrier Generation+5.0% Barrier Generation
Jewelry4.0% Resistance to all elements5.0% Resistance to all elements6.0% Resistance to all elements7.0% Resistance to all elements8.0% Resistance to all elements

The Diamond gem can be considered one of Diablo 4 Best Gems because it is balanced overall. It offers an increase to your Ultimate Skill damage.

If one decides to socket it into their armor, they can expect an increase in their Barrier Generation. And finally, if you were to socket it into Jewelry, you can expect ample resistance against all elements.

6. Ruby

Ruby GemCrude Ruby (Level 15)Chipped Ruby (Level 20)Ruby (Level 40)Flawless Ruby (Level 50)Royal Ruby (Level 60)
Weapon+12.0% Overpower Damage+15.0% Overpower Damage+18.0% Overpower Damage+21.0% Overpower Damage+24.0% Overpower Damage
Armor 2.0% Maximum Life2.5% Maximum Life3.0% Maximum Life3.5% Maximum Life4.0% Maximum Life
Jewelry11.5% Fire Resistance14.3% Fire Resistance16.9% Fire Resistance19.6% Fire Resistance22.1% Fire Resistance

Players can expect a hefty increase to their Overpower damage if they socket the Ruby gem with their weapon. In terms of armor, one can expect a small increase to their maximum life, and if they were to socket it into their Jewelry, then they can expect some solid fire resistance.

7. Skull

Skull GemCrude Skull (Level 15)Chipped Skull (Level 20)Skull (Level 40)Flawless Skull (Level 50)Royal Skull (Level 60)
Weapon+2 Life on Kill+5 Life on Kill+8 Life on Kill+12 Life on Kill+24 Life on Kill
Armor 3.0% Healing Received3.5% Healing Received4.0% Healing Received4.5% Healing Received5.0% Healing Received
Jewelry+75 Armor+125 Armor+170 Armor+220 Armor+250 Armor

The set of stats offered by the Skull gem is pretty tempting for players who love to go on a killing spree because it offers Life on Kill if you were to attach it to your weapon. It offers increased healing if you attach it to your armor, and if you socket it on your Jewelry, it will grant you some extra armor.

How To Unlock The Jeweler In Diablo 4?

best gems diablo 4
Jeweler in Diablo 4 [Image Credit: eXputer]
One thing you should know is that once you socket a gem into your weapon, armor, or jewelry. You can not unsocket it alone, and you’ll need to visit the Jeweler. Players will receive the option to unlock this NPC once they hit level 20. It will be a priority quest, so players should have no worries about missing out on it. 

What Are Gems In Diablo 4?

best gems diablo 4
Gems [Image Taken by eXputer]
Gems can be socketed into a weapon, armor, or jewelry to increase damage and resistance, or generally, just buff whatever item to socket the gem into. There are currently seven different types of gems, and if we ask the question of which of these are the best gems, then the answer is not straightforward as all these gems offer different benefits. 

With that, my guide on Diablo 4 Best Gems and the ideal gems for certain classes, such as the Rogue, Sorcerer, and Barbarian, comes to an end. I hope my guide aided you in deciding which gem would work best with your build or for the scenario you may find yourself in.

Aside from builds, completing dungeons can be a great way to level up efficiently or potentially find more gems; consider reading our guide on all dungeon locations in Diablo 4, but that’s all from me. 


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