Diablo 4 Best PvP Classes [All Ranked]

Play with the best class in Fields of Hatred of Diablo 4 & slay your rival in the most brutal fashion!

There are five classes that you can use in PVP of Diablo 4 currently, and these include the Barbarian, Necromancer, Sorcerer, Druid, and Rogue. All of these classes have certain pros and cons, but some are extremely powerful to play, and there are specific builds that further enhance your class in PVP.

Key Takeaways

There are five different classes that you can choose to play in Diablo 4, and these include the Barbarian, Necromancer, Sorcerer, Druid, and Rogue.

  1. The Necromancer excels in PVP due to summoning abilities and health-stealing.
  2. Barbarians wield four weapons and focus on close-range combat with bleeding attacks.
  3. Sorcerers have strong offensive spells but weak defense, with crowd control options.
  4. Rogues are versatile with high mobility, specializing in ambush tactics and ranged attacks.
  5. Druids excel in PVE with shapeshifting abilities and spirit animal buffs, lacking mobility for close-range combat.

Diablo 4 Best PvP Classes Comparison

Here’s a quick look at the stats:

Necromancer- Attacks usable at both melee
and range.
- Movement is the worst
among all classes.
- Ability to summon and customize
corpses to fight for you.
- Reliance on crowd control
due to lack of fast movement.
- Strong crowd control and
debuff capabilities.
- Ability to sacrifice summons
for personal strength.
- Healing through Blood Skills.
Barbarian- Strong defense and close-range
combat mechanics.
- Weakness in long-range attacks.
- Ability to equip four weapons and
utilize their buffs.
- Movement is below average.
- Bleed effects on enemy attacks.
- Fury system allows for powerful
combo attacks.
- Stun abilities for crowd control.
Sorcerer- Wide variety of spells for different
- Weak defense and low health compared to other classes.
- Great crowd control and mobility.- Depletion of mana with continuous spell usage.
- Attacks at both close and
long range.
- Ability to inflict status effects
and slow enemies.
- Defensive boosts through spells.
Rogue- Versatility in close and long-range
- Less damage compared to other classes.
- Excellent mobility and trap usage.
- Diverse build variety.
- Weapon enhancements with Cold,
Poison, and Shadow effects.
- Stealth for surprise attacks.
Druid- Transformations into different
attacking forms.
- Poor mobility for combat and playstyle.
- Powerful attack based on
percentage of total health.
- Good crowd control and
offense/defense capabilities.
- Spirit animal bonds for
player buffs.


diablo 4 best pvp class
The Necromancer Class In Diablo 4 (Image Captured by Us)

Necromancers have always been really powerful in most Diablo games, and Diablo 4 is no exception to that rule. The player has various playstyles to choose from when they’re playing as a necromancer, and you have skills for both range and melee. 

The only thing that the class lacks is probably mobility, but that does not become an issue when you can literally reincarnate the corpses of your dead enemies to serve you. The special skill of necromancer also allows you to customize these summons, making them even stronger.

Summoning is probably the most powerful move that the necromancer can pull off, as the summons can act as both offense and defense for the player. You can even make yourself stronger or cause status effects on other players by using some of the skills in this class.


  • Attacks that you can use at both melee and range.
  • Can summon the corpses of your dead enemies to fight for you.
  • Ability to customize your summons in order to make them stronger on the battlefield.
  • Necromancers have the best crowd control and can easily stun enemies and players.
  • Ability to cause debuffs or status effects on other players and enemies.
  • Can sacrifice summons to make yourself even stronger.
  • Can heal yourself by using Blood Skills that steal the health of other players or enemies.


  • Movement is the worst out of all of the classes available in Diablo 4.
  • Have to rely on crowd control attacks more due to the lack of fast movement.


diablo 4 best pvp class
The Barbarian Class In Diablo 4 (Image Captured by eXputer)

The Barbarians are especially good in the game and give the necromancers a run for their money in being the best class in the game. With great defense and the best use of melee weapons, you will sweep the battlefield as a barbarian in Diablo 4.

You can make the most out of weapons if you choose the barbarian as your starting class. Firstly, there are four slots for weapons meaning that you can equip four weapons at a time, whereas other classes can only equip two. This allows the barbarians to utilize the buffs of all four weapons in addition to two-handing or dual wielding them.

Barbarians are also very tanky, and that’s a given since their whole playstyle requires them to be close to the enemy additionally. You can melt your opponents using some of their skills, too whilst not worrying about taking damage since your defense is also good. Lastly, barbarians deal bleed with almost all of their attacks which is a very dangerous ailment.


  • A good defense paired with great close-range combat mechanics.
  • Ability to equip four weapons at once utilizing the buffs of all weapons. 
  • Can deal bleed to enemies with almost all of their attacks.
  • Can spam attacks that build up fury, which can be used to combo into special attacks.
  • Ability to stun enemies for better crowd control.


  • They are extremely weak at long range and have almost no attacks to deal damage from afar.
  • Movement is not as bad as the necromancers, but it is still below average.


character in the game
The Sorcerer Class In Diablo 4 (Image by eXputer)

Sorcerer is ranked below both barbarian and necromancer even though spells deal massive damage, but there is a reason for that. Basically, the sorcerers are a glass canon; they deal massive damage and even cause status effects with their attacks. However, their health is pretty low, and they can die very easily if they do not use spells to boost their defense, and these spells have cooldowns too.

Sorcerer has three different spell types in the game currently, all of which are really powerful in their own right. The fire spells can cause a burn status effect to enemies, which deals damage over time additionally. Lightning spells are good for dealing damage in a huge radius, whereas Ice spells can be used for defense and crowd control in the game.

The sorcerers lack in their defense, and this is probably their biggest flaw in Diablo 4. However, you can overcome this weakness using the ice armor, but even that spill has a cooldown that you’ll have to wait for after utilizing it every time.


  • Variety of spells to add to your playstyle and different spell types with distinct strengths.
  • Great crowd control and mobility.
  • Attacks for both close and long-range on the battlefield.
  • Can deal status effects to enemies and slow them down.
  • Sorcerers can boost defense using spells.


  • Very weak defense and low health compared to other classes.
  • Mana gets easily depleted if you continuously use spells, which are the main weapons for sorcerers.


character in game
The Rogue Class In Diablo 4 (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Rogue is probably the most versatile class in terms of mobility in Diablo 4. There are also various different skills that players in this class can use to outwit their opponents. Rogues are not as strong as the necromancer or the barbarian, but they have a lot of tools at their disposal.

Firstly, you have weapons to combat opponents both at close and long-range, as the rogue can utilize melee weapons as well as bows efficiently. You can use crossbows in your build. Additionally, the rogue can make use of traps that can be used to outplay your opponents on the battlefield.

These traps can really pick a player by surprise. In conclusion, the rogue lets you play with a versatile build where you can plan out your playstyle in advance, and there are various tools at your disposal. You can even apply Cold, Poison, and Shadow to your weapons when you’re playing as a Rogue. Poison is a really deadly status effect in the game, additionally.


  • Work well both at close and long range in the game.
  • Have great mobility in the game and can utilize traps additionally.
  • Build variety is much more diverse compared to other classes.
  • Can apply Cold, Poison, and Shadow to their weapon, in turn buffing them.
  • Can use stealth which can be utilized to pull off surprise attacks.


  • They are not as heavy hitting as other classes and deal less damage.


diablo 4 best pvp class
The Druid Class In Diablo 4 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

The final class that we will discuss is Druid in Diablo 4, and this is another niche class that we will probably see less in PVP. This class is really strong for PVE but not so much in PVP due to its bad movement, paired with the fact that most of Druid’s attacks require you to get really close to your opponents.

The Druid does pack a great defense and offense with his Bear and Wolf forms, respectively. Yes! You can change into one of those animals and attack your enemies. Additionally, one of Druid’s attacks, known as the Crushing Blow, is one of the best attacks in the game. It basically deals a percentage amount of damage equal to the total health of your enemy. 


  • Different attacking forms that you can transform into.
  • A really overpowered attack that deals damage equal to the percentage of total health.
  • Good Crowd Control and is great in both offense and defense.
  • Can form bonds with spirit animals which in turn buffs the player.


  • Extremely bad mobility for Druid’s combat and playstyle.


Diablo 4 has been fully released and can now be accessed by all the players! The game allows you to play with different classes, and you can create various builds to suit your playstyle additionally. You can even get yourself a wolf pet or can even transmog your armor for fashion as well.

This concludes our guide on the best class for PVP in Diablo 4. We have ranked all five available classes, and these rankings are actually popular in the community, as seen in the following subreddit post. The pros and cons of using each class have also been explained in complete detail. We hope that the guide was helpful in choosing the right class for your best PVP experience. Let us know if you’ve been playing Diablo 4 in the comments below!


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