Diablo 4: All Classes [Pros, Cons & Skills]

Whether you're a natural barbarian or a rogue, players should know about all 5 classes in Diablo 4!

Diablo 4 has been released, and with full access, players are able to test out Diablo 4 Classes. There are 5 classes ranging from Rogue, Barbarian, Druid, Sorceress, and Necromancer. Players might need assistance with figuring out the skills, mechanics, and gameplay for each class, as it can get quite daunting!

Key Takeaways

There are a total of 5 classes that players can play, ranging from Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Sorceress, and Rogue. 

  • Rogue: A swift and agile class proficient in melee and ranged attacks for enemy takedowns. The class specialization includes combo points, inner sight, and preparation.
  • Necromancer: A spell-casting class adept in life and death manipulation. Class specialization involves the Book Of The Dead and summoning abilities like Golems, Skeletal Warriors, and Skeletal Mages.
  • Sorceress: A spell-caster utilizing elemental magic against adversaries. Features an enchantment system as their class mechanic.
  • Druid: Shapeshifter class capable of transforming between a bear and a werewolf. Class mechanics involves forming connections with Spirit Animals.
  • Barbarian: Among the strongest classes, boasting high aggression, damage output, and tanking prowess. Employs the Arsenal System as its class mechanic, allowing the use of 4 weapons.

Diablo 4 Classes

I have compiled all the classes and their respective skills in the table below:

ClassSkill List 1Skill List 2Skill List 3Skill Clusters
Rogue- Blade Shift
- Invigorating Strike
- Puncture
- Heartseeker
- Forceful Arrow
- Twisting Blade
- Flurry
- Penetrating Shot
- Rapid Fire
- Barrage
- Shadow Step
- Dash
- Caltrops
- Dark Shroud
- Smoke Grenade
- Poison Trap
- Concealment
- Poison Imbuement
- Shadow Imbuement
- Cold Imbuement
- Shadow Clone
- Death Trap
- Rain Of Arrows
- Basic
- Core
- Agility
- Subterfuge
- Imbuement
- Ultimate
Necromancer- Decompose
- Reap
- Hemorrhage
- Bone Splinters
- Blight
- Sever
- Blood Surge
- Blood Lance
- Bone Spear
- Corpse Explosion
- Blood Mist
- Bone Prison
- Iron Maiden
- Decrepify
- Corpse Tendrils
- Bone Spirit
- Army Of The Dead
- Blood Wave
- Bone Storm
- Basic
- Core
- Corpse
- Macabre
- Curse
- Ultimate
Sorceress- Frost Bolt
- Arc Lash
- Spark
- Fire Bolt
- Frozen Orb
- Fireball
- Ice Shards
- Incinerate
- Chain Lightning
- Charged Bolts
- Flame Shield
- Ice Armor
- Frost Nova
- Teleport
- Ice Blade
- Hydra
- Lightning Spear
- Blizzard
- Meteor
- Ball Lightning
- Firewall
- Unstable Currents
- Deep Freeze
- Inferno
- Basic
- Core
- Defensive
- Conjuration
- Mastery
- Ultimate
Druid- Shred
- Wind SHear
- Maul
- Pulverize
- Tornado
- Landslide
- Earthspike
- Storm Strike
- Cyclone Armor
- Trample
- Debilitating Roar
- Ravenous Bite
- Earthen Bulwark
- Boulder
- Hurricane
- Wolves
- Vine Creeper
- Ravens
- Cataclysm
- Grizzly Rage
- Petrify
- Basic
- Spirit
- Defensive
- Wrath
- Companion
- Ultimate
Barbarian- Bash
- Flay
- Lunging Strike
- Frenzy
- Rend
- Double Swing
- Hammer of the Ancients
- Upheaval
- Whirlwind
- Rallying Cry
- Undying Rage
- Ground Stomp
- Challenging Shout
- Kick
- Leap
- Charge

- War Cry
- Steek Grasp
- Death Blow
- Rupter
- Wrath of the Berserker
- Iron Maelstrom
- Call of the Ancients
- Basic
- Core
- Defensive
- Brawling
- Weapon Mastery
- Ultimate


D4 Rogue Class
Rogue Class

I’ve also listed the Stats and Skills you can anticipate when starting as a Rogue Class:

Starting Stats
  • Strength: 7
  • Intelligence: 7
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Willpower: 8
  • Class Mechanics: Specialization
Skill Clusters
  • Basic
  • Core
  • Agility
  • Imbuement
  • Subterfuge
  • Ultimate

Kicking things off, is a fast striker that is extremely agile, and they can combine together the power of melee attacks as well as ranged attacks to decimate enemies.

Here’s an overview of the rogue class that I’ve condensed into a few key points:

  • Rogues can lay down, due to which opponents can get poisoned, as well as get the slow debuff.
  • Rogues can also become, due to which they can keep at a safe distance and strike down opponents.
  • Rogues can also imbue any of their wielded weapons with three energies ranging from poison, cold, or shadow.

Advantages And Disadvantages 

Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)

Additionally, I have included some of the pros and cons of playing as a rogue, as nothing comes without strings:

Advantages  Disadvantages 
  • Rogues can dish out high damage. 
  • While they have high damage, rogues are easily damaged, making them easy to kill, and players need to dodge a lot to avoid taking spike damage. 
  • Rogues are probably one of the fastest classes, allowing them to cover more ground on the battlefield. 
  • Positioning and planning are required for rogues. 
  • They have access to effects like Slow, Stun, and Freeze. 
  • Players need to dodge quite a bit in order to stay safe from enemies. Therefore, impeccable dodging skills are required
  • Rogues can be the perfect all-rounder class, with traps, debuffs, high damage, and more. 

Special Traits 

As far as the special traits of the Rogue Class are concerned, rogues can take into hand two one-handed weapons and a ranged weapon simultaneously. You can swap out the weapons as you please. 

Class Specialisation

Class Specialisation
Class Specialisation (Image Credits Exputer)

Whenever you reach level 15 for rogue, you gain access to the class specialization for Rogues, which includes:

  • Combo Points: With combo points, players can gain combo points whenever they use their basic skills, granting players extra effects. 
  • Inner Sight: With Inner Sight, players can fill an inner sight gauge anytime they carry out attacks against marked opponents. 
  • Preparation. 


D4 Skills

As far as skills are concerned, there are a total of 6 skill trees that you can use, such as the basics, cores, weapon imbue skills, agility, subterfuge, and ultimate skills. 

I’ve organized tables below that contain all the skill trees and their respective descriptions:


The basic skills are listed below. 

Basic Skills  Description 
Blade Shift  It is a physical skill that allows a player to stab their opponent, shift, and then move through them for a few seconds. 
Invigorating Strike  Physical skill with which players can melee attack an opponent, dealing damage as well as enhancing energy regeneration. 
Puncture  Launch out blades to a short radius, causing damage and causing opponents to get slowed down for a few seconds. 
Heartseeker  Launch an arrow targeting an opponent and enhancing your critical strike chance. 
Forceful Arrow  Launch out a damaging arrow toward an opponent, dealing damage. 


Moving on to the core skills; 

Core Skills  Description 
Twisting Blade  Cause an opponent to get impaled using welded blades, dealing extra damage. 
Flurry  Carry out stabs against opponents and deal damage. 
Penetrating Shot  Launch out an arrow that slashes through all opponents in one line. 
Rapid Fire  Continuously fires out arrows, causing opponents to take in damage. 
Barrage  Launch out barrages of arrows that continue outwards, continuously dealing damage. 


The agility skills for the Rogue Class can be seen as follows. 

Agility Skills  Description 
Shadow Step  Continue to move through enemies and stab opponents and gain enhanced movement speed. 
Dash  Slash through opponents while dashing forward. 
Caltrops  Launch out caltrops on the ground, causing enemies to become slowed and deal damage. 


With that, we also have the Subterfuge skills shown below. 

Subterfuge Skills  Description 
Dark Shroud  Gain shadows that protect you and get damage reduction
Smoke Grenade  Launch out smoke toward opponents that causes them to get Dazed. 
Poison Trap  Launch out a trap that poisons enemies. 
Concealment  Become invisible and become stealthy for a bit. 


For Imbuement skills, 3 skills are listed below. 

Imbuement Skills  Description 
Poison Imbuement  Imbue your wielded weapons with poison
Shadow Imbuement  Imbue weapons with shadows
Cold Imbuement Imbue weapons such that your skills cause enemies to take in cold damage


Last but not least, the ultimate skills are as follows. 

Ultimate Skills  Description 
Shadow Clone  Casts out a shadow clone that copies the actions of the Rogue for a bit and deals its damage, too. 
Death Trap  Launch out a trap that deals damage. 
Rain Of Arrows  Launches out arrows that rain down and deal damage. 


D4 Overview

Moving on to the Necromancer class, here is the list of Stats and Skills you can expect when starting this Class:

Starting Stats
  • Strength: 9
  • Intelligence: 12
  • Dexterity: 7
  • Willpower: 8
  • Class Mechanics: Book of the Dead
Skill Clusters
  • Basic
  • Core
  • Corpse
  • Macabre
  • Curse
  • Ultimate

The next class is Necromancers, who are essentially custodians of life and death. They are a spell-casting class that combines death aims to decimate opponents. They make use of essence as well as Corpses. 

Below, I’ve summarized the Necromancer class into a few key points for your reference:

  • Necromancers can use their undead armies, such as skeletal mages, golems, and skeletal warriors, to bring out the worst in you and defeat enemies. 
  • Bone magic is used to destroy the opponent absolutely. 
  • Darkness and Blood magic further make Necromancer all the stronger. 

Class Specialisation 

Class Mechanic
Class Mechanic (Image Credits Exputer)

Regarding class specialization, Necromancers use the Book Of The Dead, which allows you to customize to summonses like Skeletal Warriors, Golems, and Skeletal mages. Some use cases that I found useful are:

  • For example, skeletal warriors can be skirmishers, defenders, and reapers. 
  • Mages can shift between shadow, bone, and cold. 
  • With golems, players can choose between iron, bone, and blood. Bone taunts enemies, blood sucks out life from opponents, and Iron stuns opponents.

Advantages And Disadvantages 

D4 Gameplay

As far as the pros and cons of the Necromancer are concerned, here’s what you can expect: 

Advantages  Disadvantages 
  • Skeletal Skirmishers gain increased damage
  • Skeletal Skirmishers have less HP
  • Skeletal Defenders have extra HP
  • Skeletal Reapers end up having slower attack outputs. 
  • Skeletal Reapers deal high damage
  • Necromancer is pretty versatile, with customizations for your minions. 


Skills (Image Credits Exputer)

When it comes to skills, there is a lot of confusion about the different skills that are available. For your ease, I have tabulated all the skills and their respective description to choose from:  

Skills  Description 
Decompose  Tear out opponents in pieces, making them take damage per second. 
Reap  Cast out a swiping motion with your scythe and deal damage while your damage reduction gets enhanced
Hemorrhage  Cause an opponent’s blood to burst, dealing damage as well as forming a blood orb. 
Bone Splinters  Cast out 3 bone splinters, dealing damage. 
Blight  Cast out concentrated blight that ends up making opponents take in the damage and also deals DoT
Sever  A part of the player casts forward and uses the scythe to launch attacks for a percentage of damage. 
Blood Surge  Players can draw blood from opponents, making them intake damage and casting out blood nova, which deals damage. 
Blood Lance  Cast out a blood lance that stays in the opponent for a bit and deals damage. 
Bone Spear  Bring forth a bone spear from the ground, which slashes through enemies. 
Corpse Explosion  A corpse will get detonated, causing opponents nearby to take in damage, too. 
Blood Mist  Disperses out into a mist of blood, which ends up gaining the player immunity for a bit. However, players have their movement speed decreased.
Bone Prison  Players get essence every time an opponent hits the bone prison
Iron Maiden  Players end up cursing the area, and opponents take damage anytime they end up launching an attack. 
Decrepify  Opponents that are hit with Decreify remain stunned for a bit. 
Corpse Tendrils  The veins of a corpse end up breaking out, which causes opponents to be pulled in and stunned for a bit and deals damage to them. 
Bone Spirit  Use up all the essentials that you have in order to conjure a spirit of bone that seeks out opponents. 
Army Of The Dead  Summon the dead, and they continue to explode around opponents, causing them to intake damage. 
Blood Wave  Summon forth a tidal wave that’s bloody and causes enemies to be decimated.
Bone Storm  A tornado of bones ends up surrounding the players as well as their golem, causing damage to opponents that are close by. 


Overview (Image Credits Exputer)

Transitioning to the Sorceress class, here’s a rundown of the Stats and Skills you’ll encounter when beginning this Class:

Starting Stats
  • Strength: 7
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Dexterity: 7
  • Willpower: 8
  • Class Mechanics: Enchantment System
Skill Clusters
  • Basic
  • Core
  • Defensive
  • Conjuration
  • Mastery
  • Ultimate

Let’s take a look at the Sorceress class, which is a class that is essentially able to use torrents of flames and other elements. The Sorceress class is able to take on the role of being a spellcaster with which they can use elemental magic to murder opponents. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what this class is capable of:

  • The sorcerer can use Frost to cause enemies to become chilled and slow them down. 
  • They can also use pyromancy in order to unleash fire damage, while shock can be used to carry out lightning damage. 

Advantages And Disadvantages 

Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)

Like every other class, the Sorceress also has its own pros and cons that I have listed below: 

Advantages  Disadvantages 
  • Sorceress is able to deal impeccable AoE damage, and they can decimate opponents easily. 
  • Due to the attacks being summoned by Mana, the sorceress can be mana-dependent
  • Their crowd-controlling abilities are unparalleled. 
  • The Sorceress is best used as a distant unit. Therefore, close combat is not their greatest forte. 
  • Their movement is also unparalleled, able to move from one space to another with ultimate ease. 
  • The sorceress can be extremely selfish, as she requires a lot of support from her team rather than providing support. 
  • Their skills are extremely versatile
  • They are done for the second a Sorceress gets close to an enemy. 
  • Sorceresses can be extremely safe while being at a distance, keeping them alive for longer

Enchantment System 

Moving on, let’s take a look at the enchantment system, with which you are able to take the skills and place them into two locations, both an enchantment slot and a skill slot

Personally, these uses of the Enchantment System proved beneficial in my playthrough and could benefit your run as well:

  • You are able to gain passive effects from these enchantments, and you need to have skill points to use them. 
  • You can’t really use ultimate skills for these slots. 
  • Any skill that has been upgraded will end up being the cause of the passive being impacted, too. 
  • The enchantment slot effects impact Basic, Core, Defensive, Conjuration, and mastery skills


Regarding skills, a Sorceress encompasses basic, core, defensive, conjuration, mastery, and ultimate skills, which I’ve compiled in a table below for your convenience:


Basic (Image Credits Exputer)

For basic skills, players can use Frost bolt, fire bolt, arc lash as well as spark. 

Basic Skills  Description 
Frost Bolt  Cast out a bolt of frost, which deals damage and chills enemies. 
Arc Lash  With arc lash, players can cast out arcing lightning that deals damage and stuns enemies. 
Spark  Cast out a bolt of lightning that shoots opponents 4 times. 
Fire Bolt  Summon forth a flaming bolt that deals damage and burns enemies for 8 seconds. 


Core (Image Credits Exputer)

As for the core skills, they range from the frozen orb, Fireball, Ice Shards, Incinerate, Charged Bolts, as well as Chain Lightning. 

Core Skills  Description 
Frozen Orb  Cast out an orb that ends up chilling opponents and casts out shards, and at the end, the frozen orb will explode. 
Fireball  Cast out a fireball that deals damage to opponents close by
Ice Shards  Cast out 5 shards that deal 25% enhanced damage to enemies that are frozen. 
Incinerate  Cast out a fire beam, burn enemies, and deal fire damage. 
Chain Lightning  Summon forth lightning that deals damage as well as chains close by opponents 6 times
Charged Bolts  Cast down 5 bolts of lightning that move along the ground and damage opponents. 


With defensive skills, they range from the flame shield, Ice Armor, Teleport as well as Frost Nova. 

Defensive Skills  Description 
Flame Shield  Using Flame Shield, players can set themselves on fire for a bit and then cause damage and become immune to it for a bit. 
Ice Armor  An ice barrier forms around the players, which takes a bit of base life from players and then deals damage. 
Frost Nova  Cast out a torrent of frost, which freezes opponents for a bit. 
Teleport  Transform into lightning, which causes players to be unstoppable and go towards the target location, through which they can deal damage. 


Conjuration (Image Credits Exputer)

With the Conjuration skills, there are three skills Ice Blade, Lightning Spear, as well as Hydra. 

Conjuration Skills  Description 
Ice Blade  Summon forth ice blades that continue to slash enemies and might make opponents vulnerable for a bit. 
Hydra  Cast out a 3-headed hydra with which it is able to spit out fire at enemies. 
Lightning Spear  Summon out lightning that targets opponents and deals damage. 


Mastery (Image Credits Exputer)

With the mastery skills, including the following from blizzard, Ball Lightning, Meteor, and Firewall. 

Mastery Skills  Description 
Blizzard  A blizzard can be cast out that inflicts damage unto enemies and also chills opponents. 
Meteor  Launch out a meteor that strikes down the target location and burns the ground. 
Ball Lightning  Cast out a ball of lightning that continues to move forward and zaps opponents in the way. 
Firewall  Launch out a wall of flames that continue to burn opponents. 


Lastly, the ultimate skills include unstable currents, deep freeze, and inferno. 

Ultimate Skills  Description 
Unstable Currents  Players can feel lightning within them for a bit. 
Deep Freeze  Cast yourself in ice and become immune for a bit, and also chills out opponents. 
Inferno  Continue to summon forth a serpent that burns enemies and causes them to intake damage. 


Overview (Image Credits Exputer)

Progressing to the Druid class, here’s the breakdown of Stats and Skills you’ll have at the start of this Class:

Starting Stats
  • Strength: 9
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Dexterity: 7
  • Willpower: 10
  • Class Mechanics: Spirit Boons
Skill Clusters
  • Basic
  • Spirit
  • Defensive
  • Wrath
  • Companion
  • Ultimate

The next set of classes that I would like to cover is the Druid, which is essentially a shapeshifter class and is able to switch forms between a werewolf and a bear. Alongside that, it is also able to use the power of nature to cause death unto enemies. 

Here’s an overview of the Druid class that I would like to share:

  • Druids can turn into a werewolf, with which they can be agile and move fast, while the werebear can allow them to become extremely powerful. 

Advantages And Disadvantages 

Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)

As far as pros and cons are concerned, based on what I experienced, Druids have more pros than cons;

Advantages  Disadvantages 
  • Druids are pretty agile when they are in their werewolf form
  • Druids can only form one bond with a spirit animal at first. 
  • Druids can become Bears, allowing them to become absolute menaces on the battlefield. 
  • The overall damage output of druids is pretty solid. 

Class Mechanics 

Class Mechanic
Class Mechanic (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s look at the class mechanics that Druids offer. You can form different bonds with spirit animals, and whenever you reach level 15, you can interact with 4 spirit animals.

Here are some of the advantages of bonding with the spirit animal that I found insightful: 

  • The spirit animals allow Druids to gain boons, which unlock bonuses for you. 
  • When all four animals are unlocked, you can either bond with a fifth animal or you can choose to gain two bonuses from one spirit animal of their choosing and another bonus from all four animals. 


The next thing I would like to discuss is the skills such as basic, spirit, defensive, wrath, companion, and ultimate skills;


Basic Skills
Basic Skills (Image Credits Exputer)

The basic skills include Earthspike, Storm Strike, Wind Shear, Maul as well as Shred. 

Basic Skills  Description 
Earth spike  Players can sunder the ground, with which they can impale the first enemy for a bit of damage, and anytime an opponent has been hit with Earthspike, the chances to deal a crushing blow get enhanced by 10%. 
Storm Strike  Cover your weapon with electricity, which deals damage that ends up splitting between your opponents. 
Shred  Players can transform into a werewolf and shred enemies, dealing damage. 
Wind Shear  Take on a blade of wind that inflicts damage and increases your overall movement speed by 5% for a bit. 
Maul  Transform into a werebear and maul any opponent, which also allows you to fortify yourself. 


Spirit Skills
Spirit Skills (Image Credits Exputer)

With the spirit skills, players can choose from Pulverize, Tornado, and Landslide. 

Spirit Skills  Description 
Pulverize  Transform into a werebear and slam down, inflicting damage on opponents. 
Tornado  Summon forth a vortex that continues to move out and inflicts damage every second. 
Landslide  Players are able to crush opponents in between 3 pillars and gain a 10% chance to inflict a crushing blow. 


Defensive (Image Credits Exputer)

As far as defensive skills are concerned, you can choose from Cyclone Armor, Trample, Debilitating Roar, Ravenous Bite, and Earthen Bulwark. 

Defensive Skills  Description 
Cyclone Armor Winds continue to protect the player, which then grants a 15% damage negation from ranged damage
Trample  Continue to advance forward as a werebear, which deals damage and stuns enemies for a bit. 
Debilitating Roar  Players can transform into a werebear and be absolutely devastating and decrease the overall attack speed of opponents. 
Ravenous Bite  Players can tear apart opponents while being a werewolf, which inflicts damage and also heals you. 
Earthen Bulwark  Players get surrounded by rocks for about 3 seconds, which makes them unstoppable, and players can absorb damage for a bit. 


Players gain access to two skills, Boulder and Hurricane, using wrath skills. 

Wrath Skills  Description 
Boulder  Cast out a boulder that causes enemies to be knocked back and also crushes them. 
Hurricane  With hurricanes, players can cast a hurricane around them, which causes enemies to undergo damage. 


Companion (Image Credits Exputer)

There are 3 companion skills ranging from Ravens, Wolves, and Vine Creepers. 

Companion  Description 
Wolves  A passive that allows players to summon forth 2 wolf companions that bite opponents for a bit of damage. The active skills allow for the wolves to target an opponent and gain players a 50% chance to crit. 
Vine Creeper  With the active skill, vines continue to choke opponents and cause them to be poisoned for a while, also stunning them for a bit. 
Ravens  The active skill allows the target area to be surrounded by ravens, which causes them to intake damage as well as be vulnerable for a bit. 


Lastly, the ultimate skills include Grizzly Rage, Petrify, and Cataclysm. 

Ultimate Skills  Description 
Cataclysm  A storm that follows players and continues to knock back opponents, as well as lightning that continues to deal damage to opponents. 
Grizzly Rage  Players transform into a werebear for a bit, through which they regenerate spirit a bit faster. 
Petrify  Players cause all nearby opponents to be petrified and cause them to be stunned. 


Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)

Turning to the Barbarian class, I have provided an overview of the Stats and Skills you can expect upon starting this Class:

Starting Stats
  • Strength: 10
  • Intelligence: 7
  • Dexterity: 8
  • Willpower: 7
  • Class Mechanics: Arsenal
Skill Clusters
  • Basic
  • Core
  • Defensive
  • Brawling
  • Weapon Mastery
  • Ultimate

Last but not least, the final of the classes is the Barbarian, which is essentially one of the strongest classes, with immense damage output, aggression, and defense. 

  • Players are able to go into a berserk state, which allows them to gain enhanced damage and movement speed, and they can also allow them to cause enemies to bleed

Advantages And Disadvantages 

When it comes to pros and cons, I bear witness to the following while playing as a barbarian in Diablo 4:

Advantages  Disadvantages 
  • Barbarians are insanely tanky
  • In order to use skills, players have an increased fury cost
  • The class is able to get enhanced movement and can zip around the battlefield. 
  • Their skill cooldowns are incredibly long. 
  • More damage buffs. 
  • Insanely good DPS potential

Class Mechanic 

Arsenal System
Arsenal System (Image Credits Exputer)

With that out of the way, the main class mechanic of a Barbarian is known as the Arsenal System, with which players are able to use four different weapons, ranging from a two-handed bludgeoning weapon, a main hand, off-hand weapon as well as a two-handed slashing weapon. 


Lastly, in line with other classes, I’ve compiled a detailed overview of barbarian skills as follows:


The basic skills include Bash, Frenzy, Lunging Strike, and Flay. 

Basic Skills  Description 
Bash  Players are able to bash their opponents using their weapon, and after 4 bashes, the next bash ends up stunning enemies for a bit. 
Flay  Players can flay the opponent and cause them to bleed for a bit. 
Lunging Strike  Lunge forward and strike down the opponent. 
Frenzy  Cast out blow after blow, dealing damage, and if Frenzy attacks end up hitting opponents, then the attack speed is enhanced. 


Core (Image Credits Exputer)

The core skills range from Whirlwind, Upheaval, Double Swing, hammer of the Ancients, and Rend. 

Core Skills  Description 
Rend  Players can cleave opponents, causing damage and allowing them to bleed. 
Double Swing  Players can use their weapons in a sweeping motion in opposite areas. 
Hammer Of The Ancients  Cast down your hammer, causing opponents to take in damage in a concentrated radius. 
Upheaval  Tear into the ground using your weapon and throw forward debris. 
Whirlwind  Continuously attacks nearby opponents. 


Defensive (Image Credits Exputer)

With defensive skills, you can use Rallying Cry, Undying Rage, Ground Stomp, and Challenging Shout. 

Defensive Skills  Description 
Rallying Cry  Shout out a rallying cry, which enhances your movement speed as well as resource generation by a bit. 
Undying Rage 
Ground Stomp  Players can smash down onto the ground, dealing damage as well as causing enemies to be stunned. 
Challenging Shout  Players can cause nearby opponents to be taunted and can also gain a bit of damage reduction. 


Brawling (Image Credits Exputer)

In addition to defensive skills, with brawling skills, you can choose from kick, charge, leap, and a war cry. 

Brawling Skills  Description 
Kick  A deadly kick can be launched out that causes knockback and causes them to take bonus damage. 
Leap  Forward and continue to slam down, causing knockback. 
Charge  Players become unstoppable for a bit and can charge forward, causing them to swing against you and causes them to be knocked back. 
War Cry  Cry out a war cry, which enhances the damage dealt. 

Weapon Mastery 

Weapon Mastery
Weapon Mastery (Image Credits Exputer)

Weapon mastery ranges from Steel Grasp, Death Blow, and Rupture. 

Weapon Mastery  Description 
Steel Grasp  Cast out a trio of chains that continue to damage and pull in opponents. 
Death Blow  Cast out a killing strike, and if it succeeds, the cooldown is reset. 
Rupture  Skewer opponents nearby, which causes them to be ripped out as well as damages them. 


Ultimate (Image Credits Exputer)

The ultimate skills range from Wrath Of The Berserker, Iron Maelstrom, as well as Call of the Ancients. 

Ultimate Skills  Description 
Wrath Of The Berserker  Players become unstoppable as well as berserk for a bit. 
Iron Maelstrom  Cast it three times to attach chains to your weapons and cast out attacks. 
Call Of The Ancients  Cast down 3 ancients to help you in battle. 

And there you have it! All 5 Diablo 4 Classes, including their overviews, skills, and class mechanics, and with that, I will wrap up my guide! Before you leave the page, you must read Diablo 4: How To Get Wolf Pet and All Game Editions guides.

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