Diablo 4: Best Necromancer Solo & Blood Build [With Videos]

Here is my take on the best solo and blood Necromancer build in Diablo 4!

Necromancer is one of the classes in Diablo 4, but choosing the best build can enhance the combat. It relies heavily on spells, including blood and bone, to damage enemies. It can also summon undead helpers that will make your combat easier. 

Key Takeaways
  • Necromancer is one of the classes in Diablo 4
  • For the Solo Build of the Necromancer, the players can utilize bone skills and focus on dealing with high AOE attacks and bone spells. 
  • If you want to curate a build using blood skills, then you can use hemorrhage as your basic skill and Blood Surgery as your core skill. 
  • Many variations are available in other skills for the blood build. 
  • For specializations, the players can go for Rathma’s Vigor Passive, increasing their maximum life. 

Watch this video and learn about our take on the best Necromancer build, its playstyle & the best skills in the game.

YouTube video

Necromancer Build Summary

Here is a summarized look at my Best Necromancer Builds:

BuildBasic SkillsCore SkillsMacabre SkillsCurse SkillsCorpse SkillsUltimate SkillsUpgradesBest For
Solo Necromancer BuildBone SplintersBone Spear- Bone Spirit
- Bone Prison
Decrepify-- Army Of The Dead
- Ultimate Bone Storm
- Skeletal Warriors
- Skeletal Mages
The Best Solo Necromancer Build
Blood Necromancer BuildHaemorrhage- Blood Surge
- Unliving Energy
- Blood Mist
- Grim Harvest
- Necrotic Carapace
- Bone Prison
Iron Maiden- Corpse tendrils
- Blood Begets Blood
- Blood Wave
- Stand Alone
- Golem Mastery
Memento MoriThe Best Blood Necromancer Build In Diablo 4

Solo Necromancer Build 

The Best Solo Necromancer Build.

For this particular build, I focused on solo skills for the players choosing Necromancers as their class. 

YouTube video

  • Deals a good amount of damage.
  • Has high offensive capabilities.
  • Focuses on summoning.
  • Low defensive capabilities.
  • No support.
  • Why I Chose This: I chose the following solo necromancer build as it has high DPS potential and can summon skeletons to fight the enemies. 

Spell Type 

For the solo build, I prefer Bone Magic instead of Blood, as it is more suitable for engaging in combat without assistance. Also, you can use projectiles against your enemies that can deal heavy damage. 

Spells And Skills  

For spells and skills, I focused on more defensive than offensive ones.

Diablo 4 Best Necromancer Solo And Blood Build
Bone Skills [Screenshot Capture by eXputer]
I recommend unlocking spells like Bone Spirit, Bone Splinters, Bone Spare, Bone Prison, and Decrepify. Don’t forget to unlock Army Of The Dead and Ultimate Bone Storm as well. These skills will really complement the offensive style of the high AOE build you’re going for. 

Book Of Dead Upgrades To Unlock 

I would highly recommend unlocking the following upgrades for the best solo Necromancer build in Diablo 4:

  • The first upgrade is Skeletal Warriors, which will allow you to unlock the Sacrifice Ability in skeletal skirmishers. 
  • Next is Skeletal Mages, as it will increase damage when alive after 5 seconds.
    Diablo 4 Best Necromancer Build
    Using Golems [Screenshot Capture by eXputer]
  • Lastly, the Blood Golem upgrade allows players to intake 15% of their damage without losing their health. 

Tips For Solo Build  

In addition to the build I have mentioned above, you can consider using the tips below to make your build more powerful:

  • Make sure to run the solo Necromancer build with a Blood Golem. 
  • Doing so will allow the players to absorb 15% of the damage from enemies. 
  • The solo build will allow you to use the Bone Storm Skill. 
  • The Bone Storm Skill will be much stronger thanks to the Sacrifice Effect.
    Diablo 4 Best Necromancer Solo And Blood Build
    Skeletal Warriors And Skeletal Mages for Sacrifice [Screenshot Capture by eXputer
  • Ossified essence can also be used to increase the damage of your attacks. 
  • The essence will allow the players to increase their bone skills and give them a 1% boost for every essence they use. 
  • Further on in their gameplay, they can also use blood skills. 

Blood Necromancer Build 

The Best Blood Necromancer Build In Diablo 4.
Blood Skills
Showcase Of Blood Skills [Screenshot Capture by eXputer]
  • The Blood skills feature serious damage.
  • Various spell variations are available. 
  • Deals massive amounts of damage.  
  • Features summoning spells, too.
  • Difficult to master.
  • Why I Chose This: I chose the following Blood Necromancer Build as it carried me through many areas of the game thanks to its blood skills. 

The following are my recommended skills for the best blood Necromancer build in Diablo 4: 

Basic Skills 

For the basic skills, you can consider using Haemorrhage, which includes upgrades like Enhanced Haemorrhage and Initiates Hemorrhage. 

  • Using Haemorrhage, you can deal 25% damage by bursting your opponent’s blood. 
  • You will get a 30% chance to form a Blood Orb that will heal you for 15% off your health. 
  • Enhanced Haemorrhage will give you a Blood Orb and two additional essences with each enemy you hit. 
  • The second upgrade, Initiates Haemorrhage, will allow the players to obtain a Fortify ability and a 1.5% chance for the enemies to fortify you each time you attack your enemies. 

Core Skills

Consider the following core skills:

  1. Blood Surge (Active Skill): Utilize Blood Surge as your primary skill for a powerful blood build. It allows you to draw blood from enemies, dealing 20% more damage. 
  2. Supernatural Blood Surge (Upgrade): Fortify yourself each time you hit an enemy with a Blood Surge Nova.
  3. Unliving Energy (Passive): Increases your maximum essence by three.
  4. Reconstitution (Optional): Provides a 4% higher chance to create a corpse at the enemy target location.

Macabre Skills:

Enhance efficiency with these macabre skills:

  1. Blood Mist (Active Skill): Disperse into a bloody mist, granting immunity for three seconds. 
  2. Grim Harvest (Passive): Consumes a corpse to generate three essences. Fueled By Death increases damage by 4% for four seconds.
  3. Necrotic Carapace (Optional): Allows skills and fortification for you and your Minions.

Bone Prison

For the second active skill, use Bone Prison:

  1. Bone Prison (Active Skill): Summons a bone prison surrounding the enemy target for six seconds.
  2. Enhanced Bone Prison (Upgrade): Gain three essences for each enemy trapped inside your bone prison.
  3. Dreadful Bone Prison (Upgrade): Fortify yourself for each enemy trapped inside your bone prison.

Corruption Skills

If using Corruption Skills, remove macabre skills like Bone Prison:

  1. Iron Maiden (Active Skill): Curses targeted areas, causing 10% damage to enemies for 10 seconds.
  2. Enhanced Iron Maiden (Upgrade): Gain five essences for each cursed enemy instead of using your own essence.
  3. Abhorrent Iron Maiden (Upgrade): Heals 5% of your maximum health when killing an enemy afflicted with Iron Maiden.

Summoning Skills

  1. Corpse Tendrils (Active Skill): Causes veins to burst out of a corpse, stunning enemies for three seconds and dealing 20% damage.
  2. Blood Begets Blood (Passive): Grants 10% more healing when your health is below 50%.

Ultimate Skills 

The players can invest in ultimate skills like Blood Wave to strengthen their build. 

  • Blood Wave will allow the players to summon a tidal wave of blood, which will deal around 90% Damage with a cooldown of 50 Seconds.
    Blood Wave
    Blood Wave [Screenshot Capture by eXputer]
  • The first upgrade is called the Prime Blood Wave, which will slow them down for four seconds in the game. 

With this, I conclude my detailed guide on the best Necromancer solo and blood build in Diablo 4. While you are at it, don’t forget to check out the detailed guide on all classes, as well as a detailed beginners’ tips and tricks guide. Also, check out the guide on all editions of Diablo 4 and how to get a wolf pet. 

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