Diablo 4: Best Healer, Health Potions & Gems

With the absence of the Healer Class in Diablo 4, each class jumps in with their own healing abilities. Lets take a look at them.

With the variety of Classes available, there aren’t any Diablo 4 Best Healer classes. Instead, the players utilize the healing factor using different skills or items. Although not as good at healing as a dedicated Healing Class would have been, these skills and items do the job perfectly. But unlike most games, the healing factor in Diablo 4 isn’t the dominant one. Players can utilize it to last a bit longer in fights, but they shouldn’t rely on it.

Key Takeaways
  • There is no Dedicated Healer Class found within Diablo 4.
  • Each Class has a few healing abilities.
  • The Barbarian has the highest healing compared to others, making them the most durable class.
  • Druids can last longer in fights thanks to the different healing abilities available.
  • Although most of the Necromancer’s abilities heal the corpses raised, a few heal the Necromancer too.
  • Rogue has to get in and out of fights in seconds, so healing plays an important role for them.
  • Sorceress has to rely on their teammates to tank for them, as the Sorceress is the weakest class.
  • Apart from these abilities, the Potions can heal a chunk of the classes’ health.
  • Gems, on the other hand, provide with increased Healing received and extra Life on Kill.

Best Diablo 4 Classes For Healer Playstyle

As stated above, no dedicated Diablo 4 Best Healer Class exists. Instead, each class heals itself using different skills and items. Players can utilize that to ensure that they can sustain for longer in fights. So, here are all of the Classes with their Healing Active or Passive abilities, which will heal you or your allies during gameplay.

IMPORTANT: Although healing is an important aspect, players shouldn’t rely on it. They should discover other tactics to survive for longer in battle.


The Barbarian is said to be the strongest Class in Diablo 4. And that has to be true because if you take in the way that the Barbarian has to stand in front of the enemies and take damage from them. For that reason, Barbarian needs to have the most sustain. Without it, Barbarian can’t last longer in fights and might die after a few powerful hits from the enemies.

Barbarian healer class diablo 4.
The Barbarian Class can heal itself the most. [Image by eXputer]
Skill nameAbility TypeDescription
Invigorating FuryUltimateHeal for 3% of your Maximum Life for each 100 Fury spent
Enhanced Lunging StrikeBasicLunging Strike deals 30% increased damage and Heals you for 2% Maximum Life (1) when it damages a Healthy enemy.
Tactical Iron SkinDefensiveWhile Iron Skin is active, Heal for 10% of the Barrier's original amount as Life per second.
Raid LeaderBrawlingYour Shouts also Heal allies for 1% of their Maximum Life per second.
Fighter's RuptureWeapon MasteryHitting at least 1 enemy with Rupture heals you for 15% of your Maximum Life.

If you take a look at Barbarian’s Skills, you’ll note that most of these have the ‘attack enemy to get healed’ factor. That is because Barbarian will often be in-between enemy lines trying to deal great damage and to tank that damage all at the same that. That is why his skills are of such a nature.


The Druid is a shapeshifter. He often changes into different animals, such as the Werewolf or Werebear. That allows Druid to utilize their unique skills to deal serious damage. Apart from that, the Druid specializes in casting magic spells that control the environment. Apart from that, the Druid often uses its melee weapons to deal damage to the closer enemies.

Druid Diablo 4 class.
Druid has the most healing skills/abilities. [Image by eXputer]
Skill nameAbility TypeDescription
Enhanced ShredCoreShred gains 30% Attack Speed and Heals for 2% of your maximum Life if an enemy is struck.
Preserving Debilitating RoarDefensiveDebilitating Roar also heals you for 4% of your Maximum Life each second for its duration.
MendingWrathWhile in Werebear form, you receive 5% additional Healing from all sources.
Prime LacerateUltimateEach time Lacerate deals a Critical Strike, Heal for 3% of your Maximum Life.
Circle of LifeUltimateNature Magic skills that consume Spirit restore {1/2/3}% of your maximum Life.
Blood HowlDefensiveShapeshift into a Werewolf and howl furiously, restoring 20.0% of your Maximum Life.

A few of the Shapeshift-specific abilities will heal you over time. But you must remember that your early game will be a lot slower. Although you can rely on these abilities to heal you, having another companion to tank damage or use the Healing Potions is better.


The Necromancer, as the name suggests, resurrects different corpses in battles to assist you in defeating enemies. The resurrected corpses are the fallen enemies or risen using special abilities. They are the main ability of the Necromancer as they can’t sustain in fights. In addition to that, the Necromancer uses Essence, which allows them to deal high damage to enemies.

Necromancer class.
The Necromancer’s skills mostly focus on healing their corpses. [Image by eXputer]
Skill nameAbility TypeDescription
Enhanced Blood SurgeCoreBlood Surge Heals you for 2.5% of your Maximum Life when drawing blood from enemies. If 4 or more enemies are drawn from, then Heal for an additional 2.5% of your Maximum Life.
Blood MistCorpse & Macabre (1st Cluster)Disperse into a bloody mist, becoming Immune for 3 seconds. Your Movement Speed is reduced by 20% and you periodically deal X damage to enemies and Healing for 0.5% of your Maximum Life.
Abhorrent Iron MaidenCurseHeal for 5% of your Maximum Life when an enemy dies while afflicted with Iron Maiden.
Gruesome MendingCorpse & Macabre (2nd Cluster)While below 50% Life, you receive 10% more Healing from all sources.

When it comes to healing, the Necromancer knows how to heal themselves. Using a variety of active and passive abilities can increase her healing capabilities. As they deal damage, they heal a bit of her health too.


The Rogue is an assassin with command over close-quarters and ranged combat. Their high agility allows them to get in and out of fights in the blink of an eye.

That allows them to deal high damage and come out of the fight unscratched. The weapons and combos that the Rogue has allowed her to perform powerful combos on enemies. All in all, the Rogue is perfect for players who don’t want to stay in the spotlight but are quite impactful in the fights.

Rogue healer class diablo 4
The Rogue Class is vulnerable to high damage but can dish out great damage too. [Image by eXputer]
Skill nameAbility TypeDescription
Siphoning StrikesCoreHeal for 1% of your Maximum Life (1) when you Critically Strike Close enemies.
Enhanced FlurryCoreEach time Flurry damages a Crowd Controlled or Vulnerable enemy, you are Healed for 1% of your Maximum Life, up to 12% Maximum Life per cast.
Mending ObscuritySubterfugeWhile Stealthed, you Heal for 1% Maximum Life (1) per second.

Now the Rogue won’t stay in fights for much longer. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t require healing because one hit can take out a chunk of their health. However, the best healing option is to utilize the Healing Potions. But the skills aren’t bad; they will heal Rogue if they are out of battle or in battle.


If players are looking for the Glass Canon, then the Sorceress is the best way to go. They are the High-Risk, High-Reward type class of Diablo 4. They are great at dealing with Elemental Damage to enemies, making them significantly powerful against enemies vulnerable to that. Now as they aren’t durable on their own, they need to be taken care of, especially in the early game.

Sorceress Class
The Sorceress Class is the high-damage, high-risk class. [Image by eXputer]
Skill nameAbility TypeDescription
Shimmering Flame ShieldDefensiveFlame Shield heals you for 50% of your missing Life.
WarmthUltimateEvery 1 second, you Heal for 0.3% of your Maximum Life (0.1) for each Nearby Burning enemy. Healing increased to 0.6% from Bosses.

As I’ve already mentioned, the Sorceress are quite weak; if they don’t have a durable hero, they will have to heal themselves as soon as possible. But that is somewhat limited as they only have two abilities for the healing factor. Still, with proper setups, your Sorceress can be the one to help you win.

Healing Potions

In the beginning, you will start with a Healing potion that is for new players of Diablo 4. It is named the Weak Healing Potion. As you progress, you will unlock new and better potions, eventually making your potions better and more reliable. So, here are all of the potions and how you can unlock them.

Health Potion Diablo 4.
The Health Potion heals a chunk of health at once. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Potion NameLevelEffectsGoldMaterials Required
Weak Healing PotionLevel 1Heals 17 Life instantly and 35% of your Maximum Life Over 3 Seconds.N/AN/A
Tiny Healing PotionLevel 10Heals 48 Life instantly and 35% of your Maximum Life over 3 seconds.250 Gold2x Gallowvines
Minor Healing PotionLevel 20Heals 80 Life instantly and 35% of your Maximum Life over 3 seconds.400 Gold15x Gallowvines
5x Biteberry
Light Healing PotionLevel 30Heals 141 Life instantly and 35% of your Maximum Life over 3 seconds.470 Gold20x Gallowvines
10x Biteberry
5x Crushed Beast Bones
Moderate Healing PotionLevel 45Heals 255 Life instantly and 35% of your Maximum Life over 3 seconds.900 Gold20x Gallowvines
12x Howler Moss
5x Demon's Heart
Strong Healing PotionLevel 60Heals 378 Life instantly and 35% of your Maximum Life over 3 seconds1,700 Gold27x Gallowvines
15x Reddamine
5x Paletongue
Greater Healing PotionLevel 70Heals 559 Life instantly and 35% of your Maximum Life over 3 seconds.2,500 Gold36x Blightshade
18x Lifesbane
5x Grave Dust
5x Angelbreath
Major Healing PotionLevel 80Heals 827 Life instantly and 35% of your Maximum Life over 3 seconds.5,000 Gold10x Angelbreath
27x Reddamine
27x Biteberry
27x Lifesbane
27x Howler Moss
5x Fiend Rose
Superior Healing PotionLevel 90Heals 1274 Life instantly and 35% of your Maximum Life over 3 seconds.12,500 Gold10x Forgotten Soul
20x Angelbreath
10x Fiend Rose
20x Grave Dust
36x Blightshade
20x Demon's Heart
36x Howler Moss

The Healing Potions can heal a chunk of your health with a single use. They are great for the last resort. But, if your healing skills are on cooldown, you should use it as soon as your HP drops below 50%. That will ensure that you stay alive in the fight.


Similar to the Healing Potions, a few Gems in Diablo 4 allow you to heal yourself directly and indirectly. And like the Healing Potions, you can upgrade them too to ensure you get the best out of them. For now, as I am considering the ‘Healing’ aspect of the Gems, the best ones to consider are the Skull Gems. Here are their stats and upgradability table.

Skull Gem diablo 4.
The Skull Gems enhance Healing abilities. [Image Credit: eXputer]
NameLevel RequiredEffectsGoldRequired Material
Crude SkullLevel 15Weapon: +2 Life On Kill
Armor: +3% Healing Received
Jewelry: +100 Armor
Chipped SkullLevel 20Weapon: +5 Life On Kill
Armor: +3.5% Healing Received
Jewelry: +125 Armor
4,500 Gold3x Crude Skull
SkullLevel 40Weapon: +8 Life On Kill
Armor: +4% Healing Received
Jewelry: +150 Armor
12,500 Gold3x Chipped Skull
Flawless SkullLevel 50Weapon: +11 Life On Kill
Armor: +4.5% Healing Received
Jewelry: +175 Armor
18,000 Gold3x Skull
Royal SkullLevel 60Weapon: +14 Life On Kill
Armor: +5% Healing Received
Jewelry: +200 Armor
50,000 Gold3x Flawless Skull

As you can see, the Skull Gems provide a specific amount of Life on Kill and increase the Healing Received. They can be great if you want to sustain longer in fights.

Plus, if you’re fighting against a ton of minion enemies at a time, you can get significant benefits. As with each kill, you will gain a specific amount of Health, depending on the Skull’s upgrade. To utilize the Skull gems for healing purposes, you can get them in your Weapons and Armor. If you get it in your Jewelry, it will give you solid Armor, which has its own uses.

Final Words

That was all for the Diablo 4 Best Healer. As there is no healer, it doesn’t mean that you should give up on playing Solo or anything. There are still great Classes that you can try out. Check out the Beginner’s Guide to make sure that you get the best out of the game.

If you were one of the Beta players, you would get your hands on the Spectral Charge Mount. That is a great trophy for players waiting for a new installment. Check out all the different Dungeons that you can visit. Don’t forget to go to the Best Farming Spots to get the best gear.

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