Diablo 4: How To Get Spectral Charge Mount

Travel quickly and boost your defensive stat in Diablo 4 by using the Spectral Charge Mount!

Mounts in Diablo 4 serve as a fast and efficient mode of transportation within the game’s vast world of Sanctuary. They offer increased movement speed and can even boost your defensive stats. Mounts are a great alternative to walking and can help you navigate through the game’s various environments quickly. However, the only mount you can access in Diablo 4 beta is Spectral Charge.

Key Takeaways
  • In Diablo 4, mounts offer faster and more efficient transportation, increasing movement speed and boosting defensive stats.
  • The only mount available in the beta access version is the Spectral Charge.
    1. To obtain the Spectral Charge, players must complete the Gathering Legions event in the Fractured Peaks region and obtain Ghastly Reins as a loot drop.
    2. The Gathering Legions event takes place in Kor Dragan, one of three Strongholds in the Fractured Peaks. However, we do not recommend players below level 25 enter the area as it is full of enemies, mostly vampires.
    3. The event that rewards players with Ghastly Reins in Diablo 4 seems to spawn at random times.
    4. Once players obtain the Ghastly Reins, they can equip the Spectral Charge mount by visiting a Stablemaster in settlements or cities.
  • Players can access the Spectral Charge and other mounts by completing the Donovan’s Favor quest after the full release of Diablo 4
Important: During the beta, players cannot use the mount and can only view it in the stable.

How To Get The Spectral Charge Mount 

Diablo 4 Accessing Spectral Charge Mount
Accessing Spectral Charge Mount in Diablo 4 – [Image Credit: eXputer]
After capturing the Kor Dragan, you can start the Gathering Legions event in Diablo 4, and you can receive Ghastly Reins as a loot drop. Using these Ghastly Reins, you will be able to add the Spectral Charge mount to your stable.

  • The Gathering Legions event can be completed at Kor Dragan in the Diablo 4 beta.
  • Fractured Peaks has three Strongholds, and Kor Dragan is one of them.
  • Kor Dragan can be found northwest of Kyovashad and northeast of the Menestad Waypoint in Fractured Peaks.
  • The Stronghold is full of level 25 enemies, mostly vampires, and has many paths and climbing spots.
  • Players below level 25 are not recommended to attempt the Stronghold alone and should consider going with a party, while even those at the max beta level may find it challenging to complete solo.

Gathering Legions Event

Kor Dragan Location
Location of Kor Dragan – [Image Credit: eXputer]
After successfully recapturing Kor Dragan from the vampire enemies, players will become eligible to take part in the Gathering Legions event in the Diablo 4 beta. This task is completely independent of the Stronghold.

  • The event that rewards players with the Ghastly Reins in Diablo 4 seems to spawn at random times.
  • Players will need to wait till the event triggers specifically for their world.
  • Once the event does spawn, players can go back to Kor Dragan to complete it and receive the Ghastly Reins as a reward.
  • Players can find the Ghastly Reins in their inventory and activate them by clicking on the item’s box.
  • After clicking on the Ghastly Reins, a prompt will appear on the player’s screen, saying, “Reward Gained: Mount. Visit a Stablemaster to equip.”
  • To equip the spectral charge mount, players must visit a Stablemaster, which is marked on the map by the horse icon and is usually found in settlements and cities.
  • Talking to the Stablemaster will allow players to see the Spectral Charge mount in their stable.
  • However, players cannot use the spectral charge mount during the beta and can only view it in the stable.

Are Other Mounts Available In Diablo 4?

Once you view the Spectral Charge mount in your stable, you will notice a message under it that reads “Limited Access. Progress the campaign and complete Mount: Donovan’s Favor to gain access to mounts.” Players can complete a quest called Donovan’s Favor to gain access to the Spectral Charge and other mounts in the full release of Diablo 4.

It is currently unknown when exactly the Donovan’s Favor quest will become available in the game. 

Wrapping Up

Knowing where to acquire spectral charge should be helpful for players when Diablo 4 is officially released later this year. If you’ve not yet decided on which class to choose, you can read our guide on All Classes and get your pick. However, there are differences between some classes. You might want to read our guide on Best PvP Classes to gain superiority over other players. And if you plan to go solo, our guide on Best Solo Class will surely help you.


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