Diablo 4: Gathering Legions [Location & Reward]

Know the spawn time & complete the Gathering Legions Diablo 4 mission and Get Rewards Like Greater Radiant Chest And Murmuring Obols.

Similar to Helltide events, the Gathering Legions is a global zone event that happens in all zones of Diablo 4. As an exclusive open-world local event, players are tasked to defeat a series of monsters, the culmination of which eventually spawns a stronger monster called a “Blood Bishop.” This procedure is similar to a time trial method, with each wave becoming increasingly difficult.

Key Takeaways
  • The Gathering Legions is a world zone event in Diablo 4 that takes place across all regions in Diablo 4.
  • It is a large-scale event in which multiple players can participate.
  • Players must defeat enough monsters to summon and defeat three Servants of Hell within a given time limit across three waves.
  • The event spawns in Scosglen or the Dry Steppes, and when it is ready to begin, a white circle with the title Legions appears on the Sanctuary map.
  • The event is in the Fractured Peaks zone, specifically near the Kor Dragan Stronghold.
  • Gathering Legions provides XP and cash, as well as a Greater Radiant Chest containing additional treasures such as crafting supplies, jewels, and Murmuring Obols.
  • To unlock The Gathering Legions event, players must first clear out the Kor Dragan Stronghold and defeat Nilcar, the Forgotten Bishop.

What Is The Gathering Legions Event In Diablo 4?

Gathering Legions Fighting Servant of Hell
Fighting Servant of Hell

The Gathering Legions spawn time is a zone event in Diablo 4. These special open-world events show up prominently on the Diablo 4 map with a timer, and players can participate simply by heading to the indicated location.

They are large-scale events, and as such, other players might be present to assist and need teamwork.

  • Players must summon and slay three Servants of Hell by beating enough monsters in each of three subsequent waves under a set time limit.
  • These Legion occurrences spawn in almost every major region, including Scosglen and the Dry Steppes.
  • When an event is ready to begin, a white circle symbol with the Legion’s title shows on the Sanctuary map.

Location Of The Gathering Legions 

The Gathering Legions Diablo 4 event takes place in the Fractured Peaks zone, notably northwest of Kyovashad and near the Kor Dragan Stronghold. This world zone event spans nearly the entire Kor Dragan area, which is in the upper left region of Fractured Peaks. The event is triggered near the entrance of the Kor Dragan fortress ruins.

  • Unlike other events, The Gathering Legions does not have a global announcement or a map icon when it spawns, which can make it somewhat more challenging to locate.
  •  If you wish to reach this location quickly, you can teleport to the town of Menestad and head northeast toward Kor Dragan.
  • Please keep in mind that the spawn times for this event appear to be arbitrary, with an endless period of time passing before it respawns in the same location.

How To Beat The Gathering Legions In Diablo 4?

To complete Diablo 4’s The Gathering Legions global zone event, you must summon and defeat three Servants of Hell in three waves within a set time restriction. This process operates much like a time trial, with each subsequent wave being more challenging than the last. The event will start once you arrive at the designated location, with objectives awaiting you. In each wave, you will need to defeat many monsters within the time limit.

  • Defeating these monsters will eventually spawn a stronger monster known as a Blood Bishop, which you will also need to defeat within a certain timeframe.
    Completing the first wave and beating the first Harbinger is the bare minimum for finishing the tournament.
  • However, you must complete the second and third waves to receive the Mastery bonus, which provides additional prizes comparable to Local Events.
  • If you fail the second wave, an Overlord will spawn, and you’ll have to defeat this Overlord to complete the event.

It’s worth noting that The Gathering Legions timer is a world event designed to be played in a group.
As such, teamwork is crucial for success, and working with other players can make completing this event significantly easier.

  • However, if you find yourself alone at the event, it’s still possible, albeit much more challenging, to complete it on your own.
  • Finally, please note that in order to unlock The Gathering Legions zone event, you must first clear out the Kor Dragan Stronghold, which is a Level 25 area in the Fractured Peaks region.

By defeating Nilcar, the Forgotten Bishop within the stronghold, you’ll liberate it from the forces of evil and open up the Gathering Legions event.

Key Info About The Quest

Once you successfully summon a Servant of Hell, the challenge is to locate and defeat this adversary within approximately one minute. It’s essential to note that prior to launching an attack on the servant and in the Gathering Legions event, it’s necessary to destroy certain structures, specifically blood blisters and defiled altars, that grant immunity to the servant. Concentrating efforts on eliminating these structures is key to success.

  • You should remember, after the defeat of all three servants or upon the expiration of the time limit, the final boss of the event, the Blood Bishop, will appear, accompanied by up to three Elite enemies.
  • The number of these Elite enemies is dependent on the number of servants you’ve previously defeated.
  • When you defeat the Blood Bishop, you’ll be rewarded with a chest for each Servant of Hell you defeat, as well as a unique prize chest for defeating the final monster.
  • These reward chests contain various rewards, including gold ovals and other in-game benefits.

Gathering Legions Event Rewards

Radiant Chest the gathering legions diablo 4
Radiant Chest

The Gathering Legions is a timed world zone event in Diablo 4 that is considered quite challenging but also known for offering some of the best rewards. Players can expect to receive experience points (XP), gold, and renown upon completing the event. In addition to these rewards, players who successfully complete The Gathering Legions spawn timed event can also receive a Greater Radiant Chest.

  • This chest contains further rewards such as crafting materials, gems, and equipment.
  • A unique reward also includes Murmuring Obols, a special type of currency or item.
  • These rewards are obtained by successfully completing waves of enemies and bosses within a given time limit, with each wave being progressively harder than the last.

That’s it from my side. I hope you now know all the things about the Gathering Legions Diablo 4. Feel free to check out the take on Diablo 4: Best Solo Class and Diablo 4: All Dungeon Locations.


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