Diablo 4: Donan’s Favor Quest [Walkthrough]

Learn about Donan’s Favor Quest and how to complete it to unlock the mounts in Diablo 4.

The Donan’s Favor Quest in Diablo 4 serves as a pivotal moment for players, allowing them to acquire their first mount, Old Nell Steed, thereby significantly enhancing mobility across the vast game world. Undertaking this quest not only unlocks the ability to purchase additional mounts but also introduces customization options, amplifying combat capabilities and aesthetic appeal of your steed. Thus, it serves as a crucial stepping stone in your Diablo 4 journey.

Key Takeaways
  • Diablo 4 comes with the feature of in-game mounts that you can buy and equip to travel faster across regions.
  • You can get your first mount as soon as you complete the first three Acts and reach the start of Act Four.
  • Once you get to Kyovashad during Act Four, you can visit Donan to pick up the quest and visit Oskar’s saddle. 
  • As you enter the saddle you can get your first mount, Old Nell Steed, which is an ordinary horse.
  • Once the quest is complete, you will unlock the ability to buy and mount horses. 
  • Once you have access to the saddles, you can customize your mounts by making their cosmetics better and upgrading their combat abilities.
  • You can use your mounts to speed up your journeys as well as take them in combats to assist you in serious fights.

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How To Get A Mount In Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 Donans favor Quest
Mount [Image credits: [eXputer]
Getting a mount in Diablo 4 is not rocket science. You just need to make your way to the particular quest “Donan’s Favor” which will be available in Act 4. Before reaching this quest, you cannot equip or buy a mount from any saddle shop. So, once you are halfway through your in-game progression, you can finally get your first ride to complete the remaining Acts with a traveling buddy. 

So, let’s discuss how you can reach the specific quest and complete it to start collecting the horses, such as Spectral Charge mount, for your Barbarian, Necromancer, Rogue, Sorcerer, or Druid.

Completing The Donan’s Favor Quest

Get your first Mount
Donans Favor Quest [Image credits: [eXputer]
During the Kyovashad Act One, you must have passed by Oskar, who is a horse trader, willing to sell you a horse but you can not buy it until you reach Act Four and complete the required quest.

Diablo 4 Donan’s Favor quest is a priority task in Act Four so you don’t have to worry about missing it. You will get the quest as soon as you complete the first three Acts of the game in any order. After that, as you reach Kyovashad during Act 4, you can see a task from Donan in which he tells you about his friend who owns a stable and you should visit to get yourself a ride. You can take the quest at the Cathedral which is located in the north of Kyovashad. 

Important: You will only get the Donan quest once you’ve completely finished the first three Acts. When you’ll start Act 4, you’ll get the main quest “A Master’s Touch” in which you’ll also get the quest of Donan’s Favor.

Getting Your First Mount

Diablo 4 Donans favor Quest
Getting your first Mount [Image by eXpute]
Once you interact with Donan, you can visit Oskar’s stable to check out the few options of available horses. As you open the inventory, you can find the Old Nell Steed available to equip. You can also buy the other two options, the Mottled Steed and the Grey Steed in exchange for 20,000 gold each. Although the first mount you get in Diablo 4 is not so extraordinary, it still helps you in making your travels faster and more efficient.

Once you complete the Mount quest, you will unlock the ability to ride on mounts and buy any kind of horse to traverse on them. Your first horse is free of cost, but you can purchase more anytime from the stable. 

After getting access to stables, you will also unlock the ability to customize your mounts. The customization can range from aesthetic changes to combat upgrades. With the upgrades, you can enhance your mount armor, increase its movement speed and improve the damage absorption. 

How To Control And Use Mount

Now that you’ve got your first Mount, it’s time to learn how you can control it and use it to your advantage during different situations. 

  • To call your mount, you can press the D-pad on your console or the Y button on your PC.
  • You can use the Horses on the overworld map only and cannot summon them in the basements, cellars, or dungeons.
  • The horse can also jump through gaps and small barricades. However, it cannot climb or descend down the walls, requiring you to get off the ride and do it on foot.
  • You can do activities such as looting the gold and activating the shrines, while mounted on your ride. 
  • You can perform a jump attack with your horse by pressing the attack button while mounted. 
  • Use the Gallop ability to make your horse run much faster than the normal speed. Once you use the ability, you have to wait for the cooldown duration of ten seconds to use it again. 
  • If your horse receives enough damage or gets scared, the bar above its icon will get depleted and it will abandon you. However, your horse can not die. 

Wrapping Up

This sums up our guide on how you can complete Donan’s favorite quest to unlock the Mounts in Diablo 4. Mounts are an overall great assist as they not only help you travel faster across different realms but also help you perform better during your combats and fights. As you farm enough gold, you can spend some on your ride to enhance its capabilities and make it perform better, letting you dominate your opponents. 

Now that you’ve learned everything about mounts, you should consider going through Diablo 4 beginners guide to have a better understanding of the game. Other than that, you can learn about all classes in Diablo 4 along with their pros and cons. Lastly, you can go through the Diablo Immortal Vs Diablo 4 Comparison guide to learn the difference between both volumes.


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