Diablo 4: BEST Twisting Blades Build [Skills, Aspects & Playstyle]

Learn about the Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Build skills, aspects, stat allocation, as well as specializations to master the end-game content.

Diablo 4 has finally been released, and with Twisting Blades being one of the most broken and sought skills in Diablo 4, players might want to know a few handy Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Build options that can allow them to achieve an end-game build but also work out a build that might help them while starting!

Key Takeaways
  • Twisting Blades is an overpowered skill players can use for Rogue class Skills & build. 
  • The Twisting Blades build typically focuses on much Burst damage output, mobility, high regeneration, and AoE damage
  • Regarding specialization, you can focus on Inner Sight since it allows you to have unlimited energy for 4 seconds once the gauge has been filled up.

Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Build Summary

For your convenience, here’s a summarized look at Twisting Blades Build:

Basic SkillsCore SkillsAgility SkillsActive SkillsPoison SkillsUltimate Skills
Enhanced Puncture
Fundamental Puncture
Twisting Blade
Enhanced Twisting Blades
Advanced Twisting Blades
Sturdy (Passive)
Siphoning Strikes
Shadow Step
Enhanced Shadow Step
Methaodical Shadow Step
Enhanced Dash
Disciplined Dash
Dark Shroud
Enhanced Dark Shroud
Subverting Dark Shroud
Enhanced Concealment
Poison Imbuement
Enhanced Poison Imbuement
Blended Poison Imbuement
Deadly Venom
Alchemical Advantage
Precision Imbuement
Shadow Clone
Adrenaline Rush
Momentum (Passive)

Playstyle Information

Playstyle (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Twisting Blades Build is focused and based on an alteration of the Rogue build for Diablo 4
  • Core focus: Twisting Blades for high burst damage and enhanced mobility.
  • Emphasis on Poison application and high regeneration due to heavy energy recharge demands.
  • Significant attention to AoE damage for effective opponent elimination.

Basic Skills

The primary skill choice here will be to use Puncture to carry out some form of ranged throwing damage to enemies, while the enhancements will be centered around Enhanced Puncture and Fundamental Puncture

Puncture (Image Credits Exputer)

A basic skill enhancement that can carry out Vulnerability while being able to deal a bit of ranged damage is overpowered as hell. I recommend incorporating these skills into your strategy for maximum effectiveness:

Skills  Effect 
Puncture  Using the Puncture skill, players can throw out blades at a short distance, dealing 21% total damage. 

  • Every 3rd cast will end up slowing enemies by 20% for 2 seconds, and critical strikes will always cause enemies to be slowed. 
Enhanced Puncture  Players can gain 2 energy anytime. A puncture can damage a crowd-controlled enemy. 
Fundamental Puncture  Puncture can now cast out 3 blades in one spread, each of which can deal 35% of the base attack. 

Core Skills 

Moving on, I’ll now discuss the various core skills that players would need to focus on, which typically focuses on Twisting Blades as the centric skill.

D4 Twisted Blade
Twisting Blade

In my opinion, the main enhancements here should revolve around Enhanced Twisting Blades and Advanced Twisting Blades.

Skills  Effect 
Twisting Blade  Players can impale an opponent using their blades, through which they can deal 63% damage from the player while being impaled. 

  • After 1.5 seconds, you can have the blades get back to you, through which it can pierce enemies by dealing 101% damage. 
Enhanced Twisting Blades  Twisting Blades can now deal 30% enhanced damage anytime the blades are returned to the player. 
Advanced Twisting Blades  Anytime your Twisting Blades return to you, the active cooldowns for the players will be decreased by 0.25 seconds for every opponent that it has passed through for 3 seconds. 
Sturdy (Passive) Players can gain a 4% relative damage reduction. 
Siphoning Strikes  You can heal for 3% of your max Life when you can carry out critical strikes on close opponents. 

Agility-Based Skills 

Next up, let’s discuss the Agility skills that can work for your Twisting Blades Build since another major aspect of the Twisting Blades skill is to focus on mobility as well; while being able to carry out great damage, you also want ultimate agility. 

D4 Shadow Step
Shadow Step

Between the Shadow Step and Dash skills, you want to focus more on Dash. Weapon Mastery will also be used, allowing you to gain a bonus based on the weapon type you are attacking with. 

Most of these skills are considered Active skills, while the others are enhancements, but they have been classified as agility skills for mobility reasons. 

Shadow Step
Shadow Step (Image Credits Exputer)
Skills  Effect 
Shadow Step  Players can become Unstoppable, and while the skill is active, they can quickly make their way through the shadows to stab their opponents from behind to deal 72% damage. 

  • They can also gain 50% enhanced movement speed for 2 seconds after. 
Dash  Carry out a forward dash to slash enemies for 52% damage. 

  • The charge cooldown is for 9.8 seconds. 
Enhanced Shadow Step  Damaging an opponent using the Shadow Step will enhance your overall Critical Strike Chance against opponents by 85 for 3 seconds. 
Methodical Shadow Step  Opponents damaged by using Shadow Step will get stunned for 2 seconds. 
Enhanced Dash  Opponents damaged by using Dash will take 20% enhanced critical strike damage from the player for 5 seconds. 
Disciplined Dash  The dash can cause enemies to become slowed down by 30% for 3 seconds, and any opponent that has already been slowed will also get Dazed for 2 seconds instead. 

Active Skills

D4 Dark Shroud
Dark Shroud

As we move forward, let’s delve into the realm of active skills worth your investment. In my view, many of the previously mentioned skills fall under the category of active ones as well.

Dark Shroud
Dark Shroud (Image Credits Exputer)
Skills  Effect 
Dark Shroud  You will be able to surround yourself with 5 protective shadows through which you can also gain an 8% damage reduction per dynamic shadow. 

  • Every time you intake damage from opponents, the damage gets negated, and one shadow gets consumed. 
Concealment  With Concealment, you can vanish, through which you can get an advanced form for 4 seconds and gain stealth. 

  • Through Concealment, you will also become Unstoppable, through which you gain 30% extra movement speed, and you are also able to make your way through the enemies for a 
Enhanced Dark Shroud  The Dark Shroud’s shadows will give you a 10% chance of not getting consumed. 
Subverting Dark Shroud  Every Active Shadow from Dark Shroud can grant the player 4% extra movement speed. 
Enhanced Concealment  Players can gain a total of 40 energy anytime they enter concealment. 
Exploit  You can deal 18% extra damage to enemies that are both healthy and have been injured. 
Malice  Players can deal 9% extra damage that is essentially Vulnerable. 

Poison-Based Skills To Choose

D4 Poison Imbuement
Poison Imbuement

Next up, there are Poison-based Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Build Skills that players might want to consider as well since poisoning enemies with this build is also pretty essential. 

Poison Imbuement
Poison Imbuement (Image Credits Exputer)
Skills  Effects 
Poison Imbuement  Players can imbue their weapon with the help of Lethal Poison, and the following 2 imbue-able skills will be able to carry out Poison damage and 140% of the base damage as extra Poisoning damage for 5 seconds. 
Enhanced Poison Imbuement  The overall duration of poisoning is increased by a total of one second. 
Blended Poison Imbuement  Any crit strikes carried out with the Poison Imbued skills can carry out 75% extra poisoning damage to opponents. 
Deadly Venom  Players can carry out 9% extra poisoning damage to opponents. 
Alchemical Advantage  Players can get 1% extra attack speed for every enemy they have poisoned, and it can stack up to a 15% attack speed increase. 
Precision Imbuement  All your imbued skills get a 9% extra critical strike chance. 

Ultimate-Based Skills 

D4 Shadow Clone
Shadow Clone

Next up, let’s take ultimate, for which you might want to typically place your focus on skills like the Shadow Clone; however, the 60-second cooldown does end up being a hurdle. 

Shadow Clone
Shadow Clone (Image Credits Exputer)
Skills  Effects 
Shadow Clone  The player’s shadow can mimic their actions for a total of 15 seconds, and the shadow clone will be able to deal a total of 60% of your damage. 
Innervation  There is a total of 30% chance to gain back 8 energy. 
Adrenaline Rush  While you are moving, you can gain a total of 5% enhanced energy regeneration. 
Haste  While you are at or higher than 50% max energy, you can gain 50% increased movement speed, and if you are below 50% energy, you get 15% extra attack speed. 
Momentum (Passive) Your Cutthroat skills will be able to get a stack of momentum for 8 seconds if they: 

  • Hit an opponent that has been stunned, dazed, or frozen. 
  • Hit an opponent from the back. 

Whenever you have 3 stacks of momentum, you can gain 20% extra damage negation, 30% extra energy regeneration, and 15% extra movement speed. 

Twisting Blade Build Specialization 

Now, when it comes to the Specialization for the Twisting Blades Build, I recommend considering the three specialization options that will be made available for the Rogue class as follows:

  • Combo Points can allow your basic skills to generate combo points, through which the player can carry out different effects toward opponents by consuming those combo points. 
  • Inner Sight, through which you can attack enemies that have been marked to fill your Inner Sight gauge, and after it is complete, it will grant you unlimited energy for a total of 4 seconds. 
  • Preparation allows you to decrease the overall cooldown for your Ultimate’s skill by 4 seconds for every 100 energy you might have. 

For this build, you can choose the Inner Sight specialization, which allows unlimited energy after filling up your inner sight gauge. Using that, you can carry out insane amounts of DPS damage that will annihilate opponents. 

Twisting Blade Build Aspects 

Aspects (Image Credits Exputer)

Finally, regarding the various aspects available, you have several options to choose from, some of which I have listed below:

Aspects Effects 
Energizing Aspect  Damaging an elite opponent using an essential skill will cause 5 energy to be regenerated. 

  • Unlocked by finishing up the Sanguine Chapel in Fractured Peaks. 
Bladedancer’s Aspect  Twisting Blades will continue to orbit around for a little bit before they come back to you, which will then further deal 10% of the Twisting Blade’s return damage. 

  • Based on the total distance that the blades returned, the orbit damage will end up getting enhanced up to 20% of the returned damage. 
Edgemaster’s Aspect  Skills can deal up to 24-34 extra damage based on the available primary resource when cast, and it receives the maximum benefit. 

A few other aspects you can use will be listed as guided by this build. 

Aspects Effects 
Aspect Of Corruption  The player’s Imbuement skill effects will get 20-40% extra potency against enemies that have become Vulnerable. 
Accelerating Aspect  Critical Strikes with core skills will enhance your overall attack speed by 15-25% for 3 seconds. 
Aspect Of The Umbral  Players can restore 1-4 of their overall primary resources whenever they carry out crowd control on any opponent. 
Aspect Of Shared Misery  Whenever you hit a crowd-controlled enemy, there is a 30-50% chance of the crowd-control effect spreading further down to an otherwise unaffected enemy. 
Aspect Of Quickening Fog  You can drop down a Smoke Grenade towards the end of Dash, and the overall cooldown of Dash gets reduced by 0.25-0.35 seconds for every opponent that has been dazed. 
Cheat’s Aspect  Players will intake 15.0-25% less damage from enemies that have been crowd-controlled, and if a crowd-controlled enemy deals damage to you, you get 15% movement speed for a total of 2 seconds. 
Aspect Of Disobedience  Players gain 0.25%-0.50% enhanced armor for 4 seconds anytime they deal any damage, which can stack up to 25-50%. 
Blast-Trapper’s Aspect  Anytime you directly damage opponents affected by your Trap Skills, that has up to 30-50% chance to cause them to become Vulnerable for 3 seconds. 
Aspect of Bursting Venoms  Critical Strikes that are carried out using your Poison Imbued skills have a 10% chance to create a toxic pool that will deal a certain amount of Poisoning damage over 3 seconds to opponents within. 

Stat Priority For Twisting Blade Build

Last but not least, in terms of overall stat allocation, I recommend emphasizing stats that enhance both the damage output and the overall potential of your build.

Stats  Reasoning
% Crit Damage  Crit Damage stat priorities will allow players to enhance their overall damage output, and the more crit damage stats they can get on their pieces, the better. 
% Crit Chance  Getting a % Crit chance on your pieces will indirectly benefit the % crit damage since the higher the % crit chance you have, the more times the player can carry out crit damage on enemies. 
Attack Speed  Since the build relies on enhancing mobility and overall agility, having extra attack speed on your pieces will allow the player to carry out attacks faster, making it even easier to murder opponents. 
% Movement Speed  Alongside attack speed, you should also aim to get in a little movement speed since it allows you to move around the battlefield much faster, through which you can carry out attacks more. 
% Damage Reduction  With great damage also comes the need for damage reduction; therefore, having a bit of Damage reduction from enemies can save your ass when trying to survive while fighting enemies. 
Armor  Armor allows you to become more defensive during combat. 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Twisting Blades Build, and with that, let’s wrap up the guide! While here, you might as well read up on the Diablo 4 Tower Key guide. The How To Craft In Diablo 4 guide also showcases how to craft and collect materials!

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