Diablo 4: BEST Druid Build [Skills & Playstyle]

The best Druid is with good defense and offense in Diablo 4.

Druid is a playable class that makes its return in Diablo 4. With a proper Druid build that balances both defense and offense, players will be able to use this class as effectively as possible.

Important: Diablo 4 is still in the beta phase, so almost all of the things mentioned in this guide are subject to change.
Key Takeaways
  • The Hardened Killer Druid build focuses on both defense and offense for a jack-of-all-trades playstyle.
  • We recommend enhancing the Claw skills to provide strong offensive capabilities.
  • Attaining 1 Spirit Boon from each Spirit Animal that benefits either offense or defense is recommended.
  • Also, we suggest specializing in the Wolf Spirit Animal as it provides helpful buffs to companions and defense.
  • Using the Codex of Power, we recommend investing in the defensive aspects as our offense is already good enough.
  • However, attaining one or two aspects for offensive aspects is also viable.
  • Ultimately, the game is still in the beta phase, so all of the things mentioned here are subject to change.

Best Druid Build For A Balanced Playstyle

For this build, we will be focusing on Spirit Boons, skills, and aspects that guarantee Critical Hits and provide a strong defense for the Druid. This ensures that we get the maximum amount of damage while remaining safe.

Let’s first have a summarized look at the best options for Skills, companions, and aspects for the Druid Build:

SkillsSpirit BoonsCompanionResource AspectDefensive AspectsOffensive AspectsMobility Aspect
- Claw
- Predatory Instinct
- Shred
- Blood Howl
- Rabies
- Lacerate
- Deer
- Snake
- Wolf (Specialized)
- Eagle
Wolf or Raven- The Aspect of the Unsatiated- Aspect of Might
- Aspect of Disobedience
- Skinwalker's Aspect
- Aspect of the Protector
- Protecting Aspect
- Shepherd's Aspect
- Aspect of the Expectant
- Ghostwalker Aspect


Skills in Diablo 4 unlock and enhances the abilities of the Druid with various beneficiary and offensive effects. Players should unlock the following skills in order to maximize the potential of this build.

Diablo 4 Skill Tree
The Skill Tree | Image Using The Diablo 4 Build Calculator


  • After unlocking Claw from the Basic skills tree, players will be able to transform into a Werewolf to deal 21 percent damage to the enemy.
  • In addition, we also recommend unlocking Enhanced Claw and Wild Claw to further boost this attack’s effectiveness.
  • Thanks to these skills, Claw’s speed will be greatly enhanced.
  • In addition, Wild Claw will grant a chance to make the Claw skill execute a double hit.

Predatory Instinct

Predatory Instinct is a Spirit skill. It gives the druid +9 perfect more chance to land a Critical Strike against enemies that are close.


  • Shred is an offensive Spirit skill that executes a flurry of consecutive attacks after transforming into a Werewolf. It costs 35 Spirit gauge.
  • In addition, unlocking Enhanced Shred and Primal Shred is also required.
  • Enhanced Shred lets the Druid heal themselves upon connecting any hit at the enemy.
  • Additionally, Primal Shred incorporates a dash effect in the Shred skill.

Blood Howl

  • Blood Howl is a Defensive skill that regenerates 20 percent of your maximum HP. It has a cooldown of 15 seconds. 
  • However, after unlocking Enhanced Blood Howl, players can reduce the total cooldown by 1 second after killing any enemy.
  • Also, unlocking the Preserving Blood Howl grants you a speed increase for your attacks upon execution of a Blood Howl.


  • Rabies is a Wrath skill that executes a bite attack after transforming into a Werewolf. This attack deals damage that is equivalent to almost 30 percent of the enemy’s health.
  • In addition, it also leaves behind a damage-over-time effect.
  • Do not forget to unlock Enhanced Rabies and Natural Rabies as they boost the damage-over-time aspect of this skill.


  • Lacerate is one of Druid’s Ultimate skills. It transforms the Druid into a Werewolf and makes them completely immune, dealing 420 percent damage to all nearby enemies. It has a cooldown of 50 seconds.
  • Unlocking Prime Lacerate allows the Druid to heal themselves if any one of Lacerate’s attacks is a Critical Strike.
  • Also, Supreme Lacerate is very important as it makes the first hit of Lacerate a Critical Strike that deals 200 times more damage.

Spirit Boons

After level 15, Druids can unlock their very own Spirit Animals. At first, these Spirit Animals will be limited to just 1. However, as the Druid levels up, they will unlock more and more Spirit Animals.

Druid Spirit Boons
The List Of Spirit Animals | Screenshot From The Diablo 4 Build Calculator

Players can select one boon which is a beneficiary status effect from each animal. In addition, they can also specialize in one Spirit Animal to receive two boons.

For our build, we will focus on these Spirit Boons with 4 Spirit Animals unlocked.


  • We will be using Prickleskin in the Deer section as it allows us to deal some damage to enemies if we get hit.
  • This is exceptionally useful in increasing the overall damage dealt by the Druid while remaining relatively defensive as well.


We will select Masochistic as a Spirit Boon here. It allows us to regenerate 3 percent of the Druid’s maximum health while landing a critical strike as a Werewolf.

Wolf (Specialized)

  • For the Wolf Spirit Animal, we will select Pack Leader as it grants us a 20 percent chance of completing resetting the cooldown of our Companion skills.
  • Thanks to our Companion skills, the damage dealt by a Druid can skyrocket.
  • Also we will also select Fortify, as it bolsters the Druid for 10 percent of their maximum HP upon using a defensive skill.
  • As we have used the Blood Howl, which heals the Druid, this can make the Druid exceptionally tanky.


As our build will be using the Eagle Spirit Animal, we will be selecting this Spirit Boon.

  • Scythe Talons: Increases the chance of attaining a Critical Strike by +percent.


As for the companions, you can use any one of them. We recommend either Wolves or Ravens as they both deal high amounts of damage.

Diablo 4 Companion
The Companion Tree | Image From The Diablo 4 Build Calculator

Codex Of Power

Codex of Power is the crafting system in Diablo 4. This allows players to create aspects that are used to augment equipment, similar to runestones from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Our build will be using the following aspects.

Diablo 4 Codex Of Power
The Codex Of Power | Image From The Diablo 4 Build Calculator

While these aspects are very strong, attaining all of them is not necessary.


The following Resource aspects should use utilized for maximizing damage output for the Druid build in Diablo 4.

The Aspect of the Unsatiated

This aspect boosts the damage dealt by Shred. 


It can be found in the Tormented Ruins located in the Fractured Peaks.


Here are all the defensive aspects we recommend.

Aspect Of Might

The Aspect of Might grants mitigation that reduces damage dealt by 25 percent. 


It is obtained from the Dark Ravines located in the Dry Steppes.

Aspect Of Disobedience

With the Aspect of Disobedience, players can obtain light mitigation after hitting any enemy with an attack. The important thing is that this mitigation can stack on itself.


It can be obtained from the Halls of the Damned, located in Kehjistan.

Skinwalker’s Aspect

With the Skinwalker’s Aspect, players can heal themselves after transforming into a Werewolf.


It can be obtained from the Lost Archives in the Fractured Peaks.

Aspect Of The Protector

Using the Aspect of the Protector, the Druid will gain a barrier after every 10 seconds.


This aspect can be obtained from Anica’s Claim, located in the Fractured Peaks.

Protecting Aspect

Players will obtain a defensive shield if they take damage while the Protecting Aspect is equipped.


The aspect is obtained from the Caldera Gate in the Fractured Peaks.


Using these aspects, the Druid build’s offensive capabilities will benefit greatly in Diablo 4.

Shepherd’s Aspect

Using the Shepherd’s Aspect, the damage of your Core Skills will increase by percent, provided you have a companion summoned.


Players can find this aspect in the Dry Steppes.

Aspect Of The Expectant

Using this aspect, players can boost the potency of their Core Skills by 5 percent up to a maximum of 50 percent by hitting enemies with basic attacks.


The aspect can be obtained from Scosglen.


These aspects affect the Druid’s speed and flexibility in movement.

Ghostwalker Aspect

With the Ghostwalker Aspect, players can move through enemies if their health is below 40 percent.


Players can obtain this aspect from Scosglen.


Diablo 4 is the latest entry to the Diablo series and is slated for release in June 2023. Players have gotten the chance to test the improvements and enhancements of Diablo 4 with the newly released beta test. Diablo 4 has expanded upon the gameplay with the introduction of 3 new attributes. Even though the game has some flaws and some merits, it is looking bright for the future of the series.

And there you have it; with our build for Druid in Diablo 4, you will be able to breeze through any enemy type with ease.

If you have yet to start, you should learn more about the Diablo 4 closed beta access. Also, knowing some beginner tips and tricks can make the game very easy for you. Lastly, here are all of the classes in Diablo 4 explained in detail. 


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