All Diablo 4 Acts List [Story Quests]

This guide lists the total number of acts that are featured in Diablo 4, along with the prologue and epilogue.

The total number of Diablo 4 Acts is Six. However, if I am to include the prologue and epilogue, then the total number of Acts will increase to 8. To complete the game, all players must go through these Acts, which provide immersive gameplay and thrilling combat. In this guide, you will learn how many Acts there are and a short description of each.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of Six Acts in Diablo 4.
  • The number of Acts increases to Eight, including Prologue and Epilogue.
  • Each Act has a specified name, which is listed as under:
    • Prologue: Wandering
    • Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith
    • Act 2: The Knife Twists Again
    • Act 3: The Making of Monsters
    • Act 4: A Gathering Storm
    • Act 5: Secret Bartered, Fates Sold
    • Act 6: Dance of Makers
    • Epilogue: From The Wound Spilled
  • The total number of quests in each Act of Diablo 4 is:
    1. Prologue: 8 quests
    2. Act 1: 19 quests
    3. Act 2: 17 quests
    4. Act 3: 16 quests
    5. Act 4: 5 quests
    6. Act 5: 18 quests
    7. Act 6: 10 quests
    8. Epilogue: 3 quests

Here’s my summary of all the Acts:

ActTitle Total QuestsRegionEncounter With
PrologueWandering 8--
1A Cold and Iron Faith19Fractured PeaksCathedral of Light and its followers who worship Inarius
2The Knife Twists Again17Scosglen RegionDruids fighting against corruption of nature by Lilith
3The Making of Monsters16Dry SteppesBarbarians struggling against Lilith
4A Gathering Storm4Hawezar RegionRogues resisting against Lilith's army tyranny
5Secret Bastered, Fates Sold18KehjistanVizjerei and their battle against Lilith's Magic
6Dance of the Makers10Fractured PeaksMonks affected by Lilith's Magic
Epilogue From the Wound Spilled3-Lorath

How Many Acts Are There In Diablo 4?

There are a total of Six Acts, excluding the prologue and epilogue. However, If I include the prologue and epilogue, the total number of Acts will increase to Eight. Acts can be considered a section of the full-story campaign that players must complete to finish the game.

I have listed all Diablo 4 Acts below:

  • Prologue: Wandering
  • Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith
  • Act 2: The Knife Twists Again
  • Act 3: The Making of Monsters
  • Act 4: A Gathering Storm
  • Act 5: Secret Bartered, Fates Sold
  • Act 6: Dance of Makers
  • Epilogue: From The Wound Spilled


Diablo 4 Prologue
Diablo 4 Prologue

Diablo 4 begins with a prologue known as “Wandering.” This prologue is an introductory part that provides a basic understanding of Diablo 4’s mechanics. Furthermore, it gives players insights into Diablo 4’s world, enemies, dungeons, etc.


The prologue, “Wandering,” consists of eight main quests. These Quests are:

  1. Dusk on the Mountain.
  2. Darkness Within.
  3. A Hero’s Return.
  4. A Hero’s Reward.
  5. Prayers for Salvation.
  6. In Search of Answers.
  7. Rite of Passage.
  8. Missing Pieces.

Once players complete all these eight quests, they will progress to the first Act. The prologue took me roughly one hour to complete.

Act 1

Diablo 4 Act 1
Act 1

The first Act, “A Cold and Iron Faith, ” starts right after completing the prologue. In this quest, players will journey through the FrActured Peaks region of Diablo 4. This is where you will encounter the Cathedral of Light and its devoted followers. These followers worship Inarius, the Angel of Creation.

Just like the prologue, this quest also consists of several different quests, but they are quite large in numbers. There are 19 quests in the first Act, “A Cold and Iron Faith.”


  1. III Tidings.
  2. Tarnished Luster.
  3. The Knight and the Magpie.
  4. Undertaking.
  5. Below.
  6. In her Wake.
  7. Storming the Gates.
  8. The Cost of Knowledge.
  9. Guidance of Light.
  10. Kor Valar.
  11. Pilgrimage.
  12. Light’s Judgement.
  13. Light’s Protection.
  14. Wayward.
  15. Shroud of the Horadrim.
  16. Fledgling Scholar.
  17. Crossing Over.
  18. Descent.
  19. Light’s Resolve.

Act 2

Diablo 4 Act 2
Act 2

Moving on to the second Act, “The Knife Twists Again,” begins with the quest, “An Unforeseen Visit.” In this quest, you will depict your journey through the Scosglen region, where you will encounter the Druids, who engage in a battle against the corruption of nature by Lilith’s minions.

The second Act also consists of 17 small quests. Starting from “An Unforeseen Visit,” you venture into the Scosglen and encounter Ragnor. He will request you to investigate the dark presence in the nearby forest. The last quest of the second Act is called “As the World Burns.”


  1. An Unforeseen Visit.
  2. Dark Omens.
  3. Encroaching Shadows.
  4. Exhuming the Forgotten.
  5. Harrowed Lament.
  6. Apex of Misery.
  7. Parting Embers.
  8. Feral Nature.
  9. The Beast Within.
  10. The Path of Rage.
  11. Fangs of Corruption.
  12. Stemming the Flow.
  13. Buried Secrets.
  14. In Ruins.
  15. Entombed Legacy.
  16. Shadow Overs Carrigar.
  17. As the World Burns.

Act 3

Diablo 4 Act 3
Act 3

The third Act chronicles your expedition through the Dry Steppes territory, where you encounter the Barbarians and their valiant struggle against the invasion led by Lilith’s army. The third Act is known as “The Making of Monsters.

This Act consists of 16 quests you must complete to complete the third Act. This Act includes many interesting quests, such as “Descent into Flames.” In this quest, you must defeat the Tyrant King Brol in the Altar of Sacrifice. 


  1. The Spreading Darkness.
  2. Suffering Disquiet.
  3. Whittling Sanity.
  4. A Moment to Collect.
  5. Brought Low.
  6. The City of Blood and Dust.
  7. Small Blessings.
  8. Whispers from the Past.
  9. Through the Dark Glass.
  10. Descent into Flames.
  11. Loose Threads.
  12. Oasis of Memories.
  13. Flesh from Bone.
  14. Beneath the Mask.
  15. Piercing the Veil.
  16. Exhumed Relics.

Act 4

Diablo 4 Act 4
Act 4

The fourth Act takes place in the Hawezar Region. In this region, you will encounter the Rogues and their futile resistance against the Lilith Army’s tyranny. This Act is called “A Gathering Storm.” Furthermore, you join Vani in this Act to liberate Hawezar from Lilith’s army.

Apart from the epilogue, which consists of only three quests, Act 4 can be considered the shortest Act, with a gameplay time of only 25 to 30 minutes that varies from player to player. The total number of quests in Act 4 is f4e. 


  1. Prying the Eye.
  2. A Master’s Touch.
  3. Lost Arts.
  4. A Meeting of the Minds.
  5. Anguish Incarnate.

Act 5

Diablo 4 Act 5
Act 5

During the fifth Act, you will experience your journey through the regions of Kehjistan. This is where you will counter the Vizjerei and witness their battle against the influence of Lilith’s Magic. This Act is known as “Secret Bastered, Fates Sold.” This Act has a total of 18 quests that vary in size. It took me around two hours to complete the fifth Act.


  1. The Path D4ided.
  2. Secrets of the Zankarum.
  3. Entombed Hatred.
  4. Swamp Hospitality.
  5. Witch of the Wastes.
  6. Encumbered Mind.
  7. The Cage of Grief.
  8. Tainted Flesh.
  9. Wrach & Ruin.
  10. Cold Blood.
  11. The Serpentine Path.
  12. Dirge of the Mire.
  13. A Cold and Lifeless Shore.
  14. Picking Through the Bones.
  15. Beneath The Wine-Dark Sea.
  16. Fragments of Mortality.
  17. On the Precipice.
  18. A Chorus of Voices.

Act 6

Diablo 4 Act 6
Act 6

Now, moving on to the final Act, Act 6. This Act is known as the “Dance of the Makers.” In the last Act, you return to the region of Fractured Peaks. This is where you will encounter the Monks grappling with the madness brought by Lilith’s magic. And in the second last quest of this Act, “The Blind Eye,” I fought against Lilith to defeat her.


  1. Evil Stirs in Kehjistan.
  2. The Jewel of the East.
  3. The Scouring of Caldeum.
  4. The Walls Shake.
  5. Turning the Tide.
  6. Essence of Hatred.
  7. In Desolation’s Wake.
  8. Light Extinguished.
  9. The Blind Eye.
  10. What Lies Ahead.


Diablo 4 Epilogue
Diablo 4 Epilogue

Once you complete the main campaign of Diablo 4, you will have to go through a small epilogue. The epilogue is known as “From the Wound Spilled.” The epilogue has only three small quests that will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. At the end of the epilogue, you speak with Lorath and hand him a letter. Neyrelle sends this letter. In which she states that she is going to embark on another journey without Lorath.


  1. Promises.
  2. A Heavy Burden.
  3. Legacy of the Horadrim.

In this guide, I have mentioned all the Acts with the total quests in each Act. Completing all these Acts will mark the completion of Diablo 4’s main story quest. While completing these Acts, players will face many hard bosses, including Lilith as the final boss in Act 6. 

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