Travelers Prayer Diablo 4: Side Quest Walkthrough

Complete the Side Quest called Travelers Prayer Diablo 4 & get tons of rewards including Gold & XP.

The newest addition to the Diablo Universe is Diablo 4, a game packed with stories and quests to complete! One of these is a Side Quest called Traveler’s Prayer, which has confused many players on how to complete it. This guide will make sure all the information is provided on how to successfully complete Travelers Prayer Diablo 4!

Key Takeaways
  • Travelers Prayer Diablo 4 is a side quest where players have to say Thanks to a Shrine.
  • Completing this quest requires knowledge of the Emote Wheel. 
  • To begin the quest, navigate to the Hog’s Head and pick up the Letter on the table.
  • Navigate to the Shrine location which is marked on the map once the quest has begun. 
  • At the Shrine, the customize emote wheel, assign Thanks Emote.
  • Go to the Shrine and use the Thanks emote to complete the quest.
  • Rewards: Weak Elixir of Poison Resistance, Weak Third Eye Elixir, 4086 XP, 1040 Gold Coins, 20 Fractured Peaks Renown.

Here is quick video summary for Traveler’s Prayer quest in Diablo 4:

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What Is The Traveler’s Prayer In Diablo 4?

The Traveler’s Prayer is one of many side quests in Diablo 4. This quest requires players to give thanks to a Shrine. Although this side quest does seem like a straightforward task, it is quite the opposite. To complete the Travelers Prayer Diablo 4 Side quest, you need to have knowledge of the Emote Wheel and how to use it. Apart from this, to complete this quest players must be Level 7 and above.

Travelers Prayer Diablo 4 Solution

First, navigate yourself to the Hog’s Head; a local watering hole that can be found on the Southern Part of the Fractured Peaks. Inside this pub, there will be a note on the table. Picking up this letter, it will read “From Yelesna, I set out on my pilgrimage. I offered thanks at a roadside and received a blessing for my journey…” 

Once you have seen the letter, an objective will appear on the screen saying “Give thanks at the Shrine.” This marks the start of the side quest, Travelers Prayer.

You can now leave Hog’s Head and follow the marker which will lead you to the Shrine. I recommend you to follow the steps below in order to get to the specified location: 

  1. Turn Right and run towards the Zeleny Lowlands.
  2. Keep on North cutting through Murmuring Mill. Here there will be a gang of Ghouls you will have to take out.
  3. In the end, you will find the Shrine.
ghouls at murmuring hill
The Ghouls encountered at Murmuring Hill.

Once you have reached the Shrine, open the Emote Wheel. I believe this can be done by either pressing on the Keyboard or the Up D-Pad button on your controller. Select Customize and assign the emote labeled “Thanks” to your Emote Wheel. 

At the Shrine, I recommend you to use the Thanks Emote previously assigned. This will complete the side quest, and you will be awarded the following rewards all inside of a chest:

  • A Weak Elixir Of Position Resistance
  • A Weak Third Eye Elixir
  • 4896 XP
  • 1040 Gold Coins
the shrine at completion
The Shrine once the Quest has been completed.

Final Thoughts

That is all folks, this concludes the guide on how to complete the Travelers Prayer Diablo 4 Side Quest. You can also assign different stuff to the Emote Wheel, and you can change that as you progress throughout the game. Check out the guides for other quests such as Finding Tower Keys, or solving the Secret Of Spring Riddle.

Let us know in the comments below if you would like any more guides like this one!

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