Diablo 4: All 115 Dungeons [Location & Aspects]

With the sheer amount of dungeons, players should know where all 115 dungeons are located in Diablo 4!

Diablo 4 has a total of 115 dungeons that players can access. Here, they can take down all sorts of bosses, gain XP, and even find some of the Best Aspects. Although, players might have issues figuring out where all the Dungeon Locations might be. Therefore, I have conjured up a concise walkthrough that might assist them!

Key Takeaways

Here are the locations of various dungeons in Diablo 4:

  • Pallid Glade:
    • Derelict Lodge: Lower half of the map.
    • Caldera Gate: Top edge of the area.
    • Nostrava Deepwood: Between Derelict Lodge and Caldera Gate.
  • Desolate Highlands:
    • Defiled Catacombs: Bottom of the map.
    • Tormented Ruins: Top edge of the map.
    • Lost Archives: Bottom left of the map.
  • Nostrava:
    • Cultist Refuge: Top edge area of the map.
  • Frigid Expanse:
    • Forsaken Quarry: Top edge of the area.
    • Immortal Emanation: Left area.
    • Black Asylum: Right of Forsaken Quarry.
    • Hallowed Ossuary: Right of Immortal Emanation.
  • Sarkova Pass:
    • Kor Dragan Barracks: Top of the map.
    • Forbidden City: Top edge of the map.
    • Mercy’s Reach: Top left area of the map.
  • Dobrev Taiga:
    • Light’s Watch: Middle of the map.
    • Maulwood: Bottom of the map.
  • Seat Of The Heavens:
    • Hoarfrost Demise: Top area of the map.
    • Zenith: Top area of the map.
    • Sanguine Chapel: Below Zenith dungeon on the map.
  • Gale Valley:
    • Dead Man’s Dredge: Bottom right of the map.
  • Malnok:
    • Rimescar Cavern: Top right of the map.
    • Anica’s Claim: Top left of the map.

Here’s a quick look at the amount of Dungeons found within each region in Diablo 4:

Sanctuary RegionDungeons
Fractured Peaks23
Dry Steppes21

Dungeons In Fractured Peaks

Derelict LodgePallid Glade Aspect of Explosive Verve.
Caldera GatePallid Glade Eluding Aspect
Nostrava Deepwood Pallid Glade Flesh Rending Aspect
Defiled Catacombs Desolate Highlands.Aspect of Tempering Blows
Tormented Ruins Desolate HighlandsAspect of The Protector
Lost Archives Desolate HighlandsAspect of The Protector
Cultist Refuge Nostrava AreaFlamewalker's Aspect
Forsaken QuarryFrigid ExpanseAspect of Encircling Blades
Immortal Emanation Frigid Expanse (Area of Fractured Peaks)Mangled Aspect
Black Asylum dungeonFrigid ExpanseAspect of Torment
Hallowed Ossuary Frigid ExpanseAspect of Unrelenting Fury
Kor Dragan BarrackSarkova PassAspect of Anemia 
Forbidden City Sarkova PassAccess to Gerudo Town.
Mercy’s ReachSarkova PassBlood Seeker's Aspect.
Light’s WatchDobrev TaigaAspect of Conflagration
MaulwoodDobrev TaigaSlaking Aspect
Hoarfrost DemiseSeat of The HeavensGold & XP
ZenithSeat of The HeavensRecharging Aspect 
Sanguine Chapel Below The Zenith dungeonEnergizing Aspec
Dead Man’s DredgeGale ValleyAspect of Piercing Cold
Rimescar CavernMalnokAspect of Plunging Darkness
Anica’s ClaimMalnokStormclaw's Aspect.
Kor Valor RampartsKor ValorBlast-Trapper’s Aspect

Fractured Peaks is situated on the west of the Sanctuary in Diablo 4. It’s a deadly place with extreme temperatures and bloodthirsty monsters. Players can find up to 23 Dungeons in Fractured Peaks.

Pallid Glade

D4 Pallid Glade Area
Pallid Glade Area

All of the dungeons have been split off into certain areas, which are known as Sub-zones. In the Pallid Glade, I found that there are 3 dungeons available, ranging from Derelict Lodge, Caldera Gate, and Nostrava Deepwood. 

Derelict Lodge

Starting things off, the Derelict Lodge is one of the first dungeons that players can access in the Pallid Glade. The lodge is located towards the lower end of the map, right below the other two dungeons. 

  • The lodge itself is a brightly-orange colored dungeon gate with fiery light illuminating from the inside. 
  • The main reward players can get from the Derelict Lodge is the Aspect Of Explosive Verve, which will be used for the Rogue class.

Caldera Gate

Regarding finding Diablo 4 Dungeon Locations, Caldera Gate is one of the main dungeons players will find in the Pallid Glade area. As seen on the map, players can note that the Caldera Gate is the dungeon towards the top edge of the Pallid Glade area. 

  • The Caldera Gate entrance is marked by spiky mountain edges, with spikes that can impale anyone lest they are too unlucky to encounter it. The same orange light illuminates the inside of the dungeon, igniting the player. 
  • The main reward players can get from the Caldera Gate is Eluding Aspect, which can be used for all classes. 

Nostrava Deepwood 

I’ve discovered that the Nostrava Deepwood dungeon is the final dungeon that players can access, and it is laced right between Caldera Gate and Derelict Lodge. 

  • The entrance to the dungeon screams horror, as it is coveted by sharp branches, fences, and everything from your deepest nightmares, with the same fire illuminating from within. 
  • The aspect reward for the dungeon is the Flesh Rending Aspect.

Desolate Highlands 

D4 Desolate Highlands Area
Desolate Highlands Area

Players can access several dungeons in the Desolate Highlands, including Lost Archives, Tormented Ruins, and Defiled Catacombs.

Defiled Catacombs

The first accessible dungeon is Defiled Catacombs, which can be challenging due to lurking enemies. It is located towards the bottom of the map, slightly towards the top from the edge. The entrance is marked by a flight of stairs and a cave-like entrance that illuminates itself. The primary reward here is the Aspect of Tempering Blows, designed for the Barbarian class.

Tormented Ruins

Tormented Ruins are also in the Desolate Highlands, located towards the top edge of the map and easily accessible. The entrance consists of mere brick and mortar with a single-lit lamp and a hanging chain, inviting players inside. Players can obtain the Aspect of The Protector as a reward, which is usable for all classes.

Lost Archives

From what I recall, Lost Archives is the final accessible dungeon in the Desolate Highlands area, located towards the bottom left of the map. The entrance features a flight of stairs leading up and a narrow hallway. The rewards include the Aspect Of The Protector, which all classes can use.


D4 Nostrava Area
Nostrava Area

In Nostrava, there is only one dungeon that players can access, which is known as the Cultist Refuge. Players must first clear out the actual Nostrava Stronghold to get to the Cultist Refuge. 

  • In the Nostrava map, the Cultist Refuge is on the top edge. Flamewalker’s Aspect is the reward at this dungeon.

Frigid Expanse 

D4 Frigid Expanse Map Area
Frigid Expanse Map Area

Moving on to the next Dungeon Locations, players are able to traverse over to the Frigid Expanse area, which has a total of 4 dungeons that players can go for, including the Forsaken Quarry, Immortal Emanation, Black Asylum as well as the Hallowed Ossuary. 

Forsaken Quarry 

One of the first dungeons that players can encounter is the Forsaken Quarry. If players open up the map, the dungeon itself will be located toward the very top of the Frigid Expanse area and will be located towards the top edge. 

  • The dungeon’s entrance is showcased by unfinished buildings, loads of wooden planks, and a wooden entrance to the dungeon itself. 
  • As for the rewards, I found that the players can get their hands on the Aspect Of Encircling Blades, which can be used for the rogue class. 

Immortal Emanation 

As far as the next dungeon is concerned, it is the Immortal Emanation, which can be seen on the map as follows. There are two dungeons. Therefore, players shouldn’t confuse the two. The Immortal Emanation dungeon is the one to the left. 

  • A stone gate represents the dungeon’s entrance with two unlit lamps by the side, and a grand entrance awaits the player as it invites you in. 
  • Regarding the rewards, players can get the Mangled Aspect here. 

Black Asylum

The Black Asylum dungeon is the third dungeon that players can access in Frigid Expanse, and as can be seen on the map, it is present towards the right of the Forsaken Quarry right in the middle of the area. 

  • A stone building represents the entrance of Black Asylum, with two lamps lit on either side of the entrance and a sharp gate ready to impale anyone who dares trespass. 

Hallowed Ossuary 

Last, the Hallowed Ossuary is the final dungeon players can access in the Frigid Expanse. It is located towards the right of the Immortal Emanation dungeon, towards the very edge of the map. 

  • Its entrance is represented by a snowy patch, with a temple-like entrance awaiting the player. The same orange light illuminates the inside, inviting you in. 
  • Players can gain access to the Aspect of Unrelenting Fury as a reward. 

Sarkova Pass 

D4 Sarkova Pass Map
Sarkova Pass Map

Moving on, the next of the Diablo 4 Dungeon Locations that I would like to discuss is known as Sarkova Pass. There are a total of 3 dungeons that players can access here, ranging from the Forbidden City, Kor Dragan Barracks, and Mercy’s Reach. 

Kor Dragan Barracks 

We have the Kor Dragan Barracks, located towards the very top of the region. On the right side map, the Kor Dragan Barracks is located on the very edge of the map. 

  • I suggest looking for the entrance, which is represented by two massive stone pillars, as well as a stone lantern that is hanging from the ceiling. 
  • The reward for the Barracks is the Aspect of Anemia, which is used for the Barbarian class. 

Forbidden City 

The second main dungeon in Sarkova Pass is the Forbidden City; as the name suggests, it is a pretty mysterious dungeon. It is located around the circular edge toward the top edge of the map. 

  • The entrance of the Forbidden City speaks like a true abandoned one, as the cave entrance is nothing short of scary, covered in ragged mountain edges, and the same fiery light illuminating the entrance. 

Mercy’s Reach 

Lastly, we have Mercy’s Reach, the final dungeon in Sarkova Pass, located towards the top left edge of the map. 

  • The entrance of the dungeon is surrounded by barrels and abandoned items. 

Dobrev Taiga 

D4 Dobrev Taiga Area
Dobrev Taiga Area

Whenever players start to make their way over to the Dobrev Taiga area, they can take note of two main dungeons they can encounter, one of which is the Light’s Watch, while the other dungeon is Maulwood. 

Light’s Watch 

The Dobrev Taiga area is quite small, and the first dungeon is Light’s Watch. Towards the middle of the map if players look towards the left edge of the map, the Light’s Watch dungeon can be located. 

  • In my opinion, this dungeon’s entrance is as basic as it gets, with a few stairs, a few trees surrounding the area, and the same light illuminating the other dungeons. 
  • The aspect reward still hasn’t been revealed. 


The second dungeon that players can access in the Dobrev Taiga area is Maulwood. The dungeon’s main location is toward the bottom of the map, a bit away from the bottom edge. 

  • As for the dungeon’s entrance, it is in a thick forest covered in trees, and a branch blocks off the main entrance. 
  • Players can gain the Slaking Aspect as its aspect reward, which is used for the Barbarian class. 

Seat Of The Heavens 

Seat Of The Heavens Map
Seat Of The Heavens Map

Next up, another of the Diablo 4 Dungeon Locations is the Seat Of The Heavens, which focuses on expanding three dungeons, including Sanguine Chapel, Hoarfrost Demise, and Zenith. 

Hoarfrost Demise 

I found that the first dungeon players usually encounter in Seat Of The Heavens is the Hoarfrost Demise. The location of dungeon itself is located towards the top of the map, quite a bit away from the edge, towards the left of the Zenith. 

  • The Hoarfrist Demise’s entrance is represented by spiky weapons on both edges of the entrance. 
  • Players can get their hands on plenty of Gold & XP while playing through the Hoarfrost Demise dungeon.


As far as the second dungeon is concerned, we have the Zenith dungeon. It is located towards the middle of the map area, a bit towards the top edge, and present towards the right of the Hoarfrost Demise dungeon. 

  • The Zenith dungeon location is present in a snowy area, and the entrance is covered by spikes that are enough to kill anyone. 
  • When it comes to rewards, players are able to get the Recharging Aspect from it, which can be used on the Sorcerer. 

Sanguine Chapel 

Last but not least, the final dungeon that players can access in the seat of the area of the heavens is the Sanguine Chapel. It is located quite far beneath the Zenith dungeon, towards the bottom right edge of the area. 

  • The entrance of the Sanguine Chapel is represented by an open door, letting players know that it is intractable and to head inside. 
  • As for the rewards, players can get their hands on the Energizing, which can be used on the Rogue class. 

Gale Valley 

D4 Dead Man's Dredge Map Location
Dead Man’s Dredge Map Location

Moving on, the next area I would traverse from here is the Gale Valley, which has only one dungeon called Dead Man’s Dredge. The location of the dungeon itself is located towards the bottom right of the map. 

  • The Dead Man’s Dredge dungeon entrance is once again covered in spikes and can look very intimidating. You can get the Aspect of Piercing Cold as a reward here.


D4 Malnok Map
Malnok Map

Last but not least, in the Malnok area, there are 2 dungeons that players can access, which are Anica’s Claim and the Rimescar Cavern. 

Rimescar Cavern 

The Rimescar Cavern is present towards the top right of the map towards the very edge, and the circular entrance represents the entrance covered all around with spikes. 

Anica’s Claim 

The final dungeon is present towards the top left of the Malnok area, and a snowy area represents the entrance. 

Kor Valar

Next up, we have the Kor Valar region, which is also a rather small area in Fractured Peaks. Kor Valar is situated in the furthest east part of the map. It only holds one Dungeon, which is called Kor Valar Ramparts.

Players can acquire the Blast-Trapper’s Aspect from the dungeon. The particular aspect will offer a buff that enhances the chances of making an enemy vulnerable by 30% whenever they receive a Trap skill.

Dungeons In Scosglen

Dungeons Locations Rewards
Howling WarrenNorthshore The Aspect of Arrow Storms
Sunken RuinsNorthshore Aspect of Ancestral Force
Calibels MineNorthshore Aspect of the Relentless Armsmaster
Penitent CairnWailing HillsThe Death Wish Aspect
Vault of the ForsakenWailing HillsRequiem Aspect
Raethwind WildsWailing HillsAspect of Inner Calm
Luban’s RestStrandCheat’s Aspect
Garan HoldStrandAspect of the Dire Whirlwind
Mariner’s RefugeStrandOvercharged Aspect
Domhainne TunnelsStrandAspect of Efficiency
AldurwoodThe Shrouded MoorsAspect of Reanimation
Jalal’s VigilThe Shrouded MoorsRogue’s Bladedancer’s Aspect.
OldstonesThe DownsEdgemaster’s Aspect
Sarat’s LairThe DownsSnowveiled Aspect
HiveHighland WildsAspect of Swelling Curse
Maddux WatchHighland WildsCharged Aspect
Whispering PinesHighland WildsBallistic Aspect
StockadesThe Emerald ChaseCrashstone Aspect
Broken BulwarkWestering LowlandsGhostwalker Aspect
Demon’s WakeWestering LowlandsAspect of Uncanny Treachery
Feral’s DenMoordaine LodgeAspect of Quicksand
Twisted HollowMoordaine LodgeShadowslicer Aspect
Flooded DepthsHope’s LightAspect of the Empowering Reaper
UnderrootTur Dulra Aspect of the Expectant
Wretched DelveTur Dulra The Aspect of Static Cling

Scosglen is the northmost region of Sanctuary. It’s the richest land when it comes to dungeons. Players can put their strengths to the test in 25 different dungeons inside Scosglen. 


northshore dungeons in diablo 4
All Dungeons in Northshore

Northshore, located north of Scosglen, lies just below the Hope’s Light Stronghold region and features three dungeons:

Howling Warren

  • Located in the southmost part of Northshore, between the Deep Forest and The Emerald Chase region.
  • Completion rewards players with the Aspect of Arrow Storms: Rogue’s Markman skill can summon an Arrow Storm with a slight chance in a specific area, allowing players to activate up to 5 Arrow Storms simultaneously.

Sunken Ruins

  • It is found in the Northeast part of Northshore, next to Wailing Hills.
  • Acquire the Aspect of Ancestral Force, which creates a shockwave during the Barbarian Class’s Hammer of the Ancients, dealing damage to foes based on a percentage.

Calibel’s Mine

  • It is located in the center of Northshore.
  • Completion grants the Aspect of the Relentless Armsmaster for the Barbarian class, increasing fury generation by 20% whenever Walking Arsenal’s damage bonuses are active.

Wailing Hills

wailing hills dungeons db4
All Dungeons in Wailing Hills

The Wailing Hills region is right next to Northshore in Scosglen. It is a packed area that also happens to have 3 Dungeons, which are:

Penitent Cairn

The Penitent Cairn Dungeon is at the heart of Wailing Hills. In my opinion, the dungeon is mostly infected with corpse finders and thorn beasts. Upon completion, players will earn the Death Wish Aspect.

The Death Wish Aspect allows players to gain thorns whenever they are berserk. This aspect is meant for the Barbarian Class.

Vault of the Forsaken

The Vault of the Forsaken Dungeon can be found at the eastern edge of Wailing Hills. The dungeon is placed right next to the shorts of Scosglen. Here, players can acquire the Requiem Aspect.

With the Requiem Aspect, the Necromancer class will gain 3 additional max essences based on minions deployed in Diablo 4.

Raethwind Wilds

The final dungeon in Wailing Hills is called the Raethwind Wilds, and it’s situated on the southern side of Wailing Hills (next to The Emerald Chase). You can obtain the Aspect of Inner Calm here.

With this aspect, you can inflict an additional 5% damage while your character is standing still. It can be stacked up to 30%.


strand dungeons in diablo 4
All Dungeons in Strand

Strand, a region in Scosglen, boasts the most dungeons in this area, each rewarding players with aspects for Sorcerer, Rogue, Druid, or Barbarian. Let’s explore Diablo 4’s Strand Dungeon Locations.

Luban’s Rest

  • Located in the southern part of Strand.
  • Completing it grants the Cheat’s Aspect (For Rogue).
  • With the Cheat’s Aspect, your character takes 15% reduced damage from crowd-controlled enemies and gains a 15% speed boost.

Garan Hold

  • Attractive to Barbarian players.
  • Holds the Aspect of the Dire Whirlwind.
  • Enhances your chance to inflict crit damage with Whirlwind by 5%.

Mariner’s Refuge

  • It is found in the top-left portion of the region.
  • Completing Mariner’s Refuge grants the Overcharged Aspect (For Druid).
  • When dealing Lightning damage with this Aspect active, there’s a 5% chance the victim will become overloaded for three seconds, causing any direct damage to pulse an additional 1395 damage on nearby opponents.

Domhainne Tunnels

  • Offers the Aspect of Efficiency as a reward.
  • This Sorcerer-exclusive aspect reduces the core skill cost by 10% each time you use a basic skill.

The Shrouded Moors

shrouded moor dungeons diablo 4
All Dungeons in Shrouded Moor

The Shrouded Moors is a region found in the Eastern bits of Scolsgen. It holds two Dungeons, presenting players with Aspects for the Necromancer and Rogue Class.


Aldurwood is one of the two dungeons you will encounter in The Shrouded Moors. It’s located quite close to the Garan Hold Dungeon. You can acquire the Aspect of Reanimation here.

I recommend Necromancers to focus on this one since The Aspect is solely meant for them, as it buffs up their Skeleton’s damage in battle.

Jalal’s Vigil

At the Eastern tip of The Shrouded Moors, you will find the second dungeon, which is called Jalal’s Vigil. Here, you can get your hands on Rogue’s Bladedancer’s Aspect.

After returning to you, Twisting Blades continue to orbit briefly, inflicting damage equal to 10% of the initial hit with each strike. However, this damage percentage can escalate up to 20% depending on the distance between you and your target.

The Downs

diablo 4 the downs dungeons
All Dungeons in The Downs

Next up, we have The Downs region, which is situated at the heart of Scosglen. Despite having ample area, the region only holds 2 Dungeons. These are as follows:


The first Dungeon that you can explore in The Down is called the Oldstones. It is located at the Northeast edge of the region, and it offers the Edgemaster’s Aspect as a reward. 

All classes can use the Edgemaster’s Aspect; with it, players get a 10% increase in skill damage. The damage dealt can be altered by the primary source in use. I suggest exercising caution; you can also face the Khazra Abomination Boss at Oldstones.

Sarat’s Lair

The second and final dungeon in The Downs is Sarat’s Lair. It is situated at the opposite end of Oldstones, which means you can find it in the southwest part of The Downs. Upon completion, players will get the Snowveiled Aspect.

The Snowveiled Aspect is built for the Sorcerer class. The aspect will make you unstoppable for 2 seconds when you cast the Ice Armor.

Highland Wilds

highland wilds dungeons in Diablo 4
All Dungeons in Highland Wilds

The Highland Wilds is a treacherous region in Scosglen, it holds some of the toughest enemies. However, it also holds 3 Dungeons that players can explore to beat bosses and obtain new Aspects.


The western area of the Highland Wilds has 2 Dungeons, one of which is known as the Hive. At the Hive, you can get the Aspect of Swelling Curse and face off against the Broodguard boss.

The Aspect of Swelling Curse offers a buff for the necromancer class. You can deal up to +15% damage with Bone Spirit, depending on the distance you traveled.

Hive is also considered one of the Best Dungeons to Farm in Diablo 4.

Maddux Watch

the other Dungeon in the western parts of Highland Wilds is the Maddux Watch. The Dungeon holds the Tomb Lord as its boss fight.

Players can get the Charged Aspect upon completion of the Maddux Watch dungeon. When gathering Crackling Energy, your Movement Speed receives a 10% boost for a duration of 4 seconds.

Whispering Pines

Next up, we have the Whispering Pines Dungeon inside the Highland Wilds. This dungeon can be found at the right end of the Highland Wilds map. Players get to fight the Spiritcaller of Squalls here and have the chance to get the Ballistic Aspect.

The Ballistic Aspect is a utility buff for the Druid class. Whenever you get Fortify, your Earth Skills will get increase by 2 ranks.

The Emerald Chase

Stockades Dungeon diablo
Stockades Dungeon

The Emerald Chase region is a central area of Scosglen. It only holds one Dungeon, which is known as the Stockades. You can find the dungeon in the middle of Emerald Chase on the map (as shown above). 

Completing the Stockades Dungeon will get you the Crashstone Aspect (for Druids). With this aspect, your Druid class will be able to deal 40% increased damage to crowd-controlled foes with Earth Skills.

Westering Lowlands

westering lowlands dungeons
All Dungeons in Westering Lowlands

The last region in Scosglen is the Westering Lowlands. It is also one of the biggest regions in the whole area. The Westering Lowlands also holds the Firebreak Manor. Nevertheless, here you can find 2 Dungeons:

Broken Bulwark

Broken Bulwark is one of the two dungeons found within the Westering Lowlands. The reward for completing this dungeon is the Ghostwalker Aspect.

Fortunately, the Ghostwalker Aspect can be applied to any class. It offers a mobility buff in which you get a 10% increase in your speed and the perk of moving through your opponents. This aspect only comes into play when you are Unstoppable for four seconds.

Demon’s Wake

The Demon’s Wake is another dungeon that you can find within Westering Lowlands. It is situated quite close to the Firebreaker Manor. Here, I found an exclusive Rogue Aspect of Uncanny Treachery.

Here’s what it does: If you inflict direct damage on a dazed opponent using an Agility skill, you will acquire Stealth for a period of four seconds. If you break Stealth by launching an attack, you will receive a reduction of 15% in control-impaired duration for another four seconds.

Moordaine Lodge (Stronghold)

diablo 4 moordaines lodge dungeons
All Dungeons in Moordaine’s Lodge

As we all know, Strongholds are one of the most enemy-infested regions in Diablo 4. Scoglen happens to have a few strongholds, one of which is known as the Moordaine Lodge. In this region, players can find 2 Dungeons.

Feral’s Den

One of the dungeons I come across in Moordaine Lodge is called the Feral’s Den. It is located at the corner of the Moordaine Lodge’s map. However, to unlock it you will first need to capture the Moordaine Lodge Stronghold.

Inside the Feral’s Den Dungeon, you’ll get to face Innes, Vengeance of Glorhan-Fhaida (Boss). On top of that, you can also obtain the Aspect of Quicksand (Druid Class): Attacks from the earth skills slow its targets by 25% for five seconds.

Twisted Hollow

The other Dungeon in Moordain Logge is called Twisted Hollow. It’s on the western side of the region’s map. Here, you get to face the Bramble (boss), and after completing the dungeon, you get the Shadowslicer Aspect.

This particular offensive aspect is designed for the Rogue class. When you cast Dash, a Shadow Clone appears nearby and casts Dash as well, causing 25% base damage.

Hope’s Light (Stronghold)

Flooded Depths Dungeon location
Flooded Depths Dungeon

The Hope’s Light Stronghold is the northmost part of the Diablo 4 map. The small area only holds one Dungeon, which is known as the Flooded Depths. You can only access the dungeon after you have liberated the Stronghold at Hope’s Light.

At the Flooded Depths, you will acquire the Aspect of the Empowering Reaper for the Necromancer class. With this aspect, Sever’s critical strikes have a 10% chance of creating a pool of blight beneath the enemy, which does an additional 20% damage.

Tur Dulra (Stronghold)

tur dulra dungeons diablo 4
All Dungeons in Tur Dulra

At the western end of Scosglen, there is yet another Stronghold in Tur Dulra. Within the dangerous Stronghold, you can also reach 2 different dungeons. These are known as:


Underoot is a dungeon found within the Tur Dulra Stronghold. There is also a side quest linked with this dungeon in Diablo 4. It’s called “Daughter of the Oak,” which can be initiated in The Emerald Chase region.

In the Underroot Dungeon, players can get the Aspect of the Expectant, which is an offensive aspect suitable for all classes. Get a 5% increased damage for your core skill after you use a basic skill (can be stacked up to 30%).

Wretched Delve

The Wretched Delve is the second dungeon you can get to in the Tur Dulra region. It also has a side quest called “The Diviner,” in which you are tasked to complete the Stronghold, apart from that the Wretched Delve Dungeon offers the Aspect of Static Cling as a reward.

I reckon this Aspect is best suited for the Sorcerer Class as it helps your Charged Bolts get pulled toward the enemies and have a 300% extension in duration.

Dungeons In Kehjistan

Tomb Of The SaintsAmber SandsIncendiary Aspect
Shivta RuinsAmber SandsWind Striker Aspect
Sunken LibraryAmber SandsAspect of Control can
Collapsed VaultAmber SandsAspect of Cyclonic Force
InfernoAmber SandsVengeful Aspect
Sirocco CavernsScouring SandsAspect of Echoing Fury
Halls Of The DamnedScouring SandsDamned Aspect
Abandoned MineworksScouring SandsAspect of Retribution.
Fading EchoScouring SandsSkinwalker’s Aspect
Crusaders’ CathedralCaldeumStormshifter Aspect
Prison Of CeldeumCaldeumOpportunist's Aspect
Yshari SanctumCaldeumNeedleflare Aspect
Renegade’s RetreatCaldeumAspect of Corruption
Deserted UnderpassCaldeumTorturous Aspect
Putrid AquiferRagged CoastlineAspect of Unwavering
Forgotten RuinsRagged CoastlineIron Blood Aspect for the Barbarian build
Uldur’s CaveRagged CoastlineOffensive Necromancer Aspect
Corrupted GrottoRagged CoastlineAspect of Grasping Veings
Heretics AsylumRagged CoastlineVeteran Brawler’s Aspect
Hakan's RefugeSouthern ExpanseBerserker’s Aspect
ConclaveSouthern ExpanseAspect of the Changeling’s Debt
Sepulcher of the ForswornAltar Of RuinHulking Aspect
Crumbling HekmaOmath’s RedoubtAspect of Splintering Energy

Kehjistan is the southwestern area of the world of Sanctuary. In my opinion, it is chock-full of cultists and multiple deserts. Players can find 23 Dungeons inside Kehjistan.

Amber Sands

amber sands dungeons in diablo 4
All Dungeons in Amber Sands

Amber Sands, one of Kehjistan’s largest sub-regions, boasts 5 dungeons. It also neighbors the Altar of Ruin Stronghold. Here are the dungeons in Amber Sands:

Tomb Of The Saints

  • Located in the western part.
  • Completing the “Symbol of Faith” side quest here.
  • Rewards the Incendiary Aspect, providing Sorcerers a 5% chance to restore +10 Mana when inflicting burning damage.

Shivta Ruins

  • Contains a boss fight against the Seething Divemaster.
  • Rewards the Wind Striker Aspect, granting a speed boost for 1 second upon landing a Critical Strike (stackable up to 6 seconds).

Sunken Library

  • Found in Southern Amber Sands.
  • Rewards the Aspect of Control for Sorcerers, enhancing immobilization, freezing, or stunning effects.

Collapsed Vault

  • Located in the middle of the Amber Sands Desert.
  • Grants the Aspect of Cyclonic Force (Druid only), which reduces physical damage taken and extends to allies.


  • Positioned at the northern tip near Untamed Scarps (Dry Steppes).
  • Yields the Vengeful Aspect for Rogues, offering a 30% chance to increase critical hit rate by 3% for three seconds when rendering an enemy vulnerable (stackable up to 9%).

Scouring Sands

diablo 4 scouring sands dungeons
All Dungeons in Scouring Sands

Scouring Sands, located in Kehjistan, features 4 different Dungeons:

Sirocco Caverns

Situated near the Seared Basin, it grants the Barbarian Class the Aspect of Echoing Fury, providing 2 Fury per second when using Shout skills.

Halls Of The Damned

Found west of Scouring Sands, near the Crusader Monument, it offers the Aspect of Disobedience, applicable to all classes. It provides a stacking 0.25% increased armor for 4 seconds after dealing damage to an enemy.

Abandoned Mineworks

Located in the southern mining area of Scouring Sands, it awards the Aspect of Retribution, which can be applied to every class. It gives an 8% chance to stun distant foes for 2 seconds while allowing +20% damage to stunned opponents.

Fading Echo

Found in the northwest part of the desert, it provides the Skinwalker’s Aspect, exclusive to the Druid class. This Aspect grants Life upon using Shapeshifting skills and activates Fortify when Life is maxed out.


caldeum dungeons in Diablo 4
All Dungeons in Caldeum

In the central area of Kehjistan lies the Caldeum sub-region, housing 5 Dungeons despite its smaller size than Amber and Scouring Sands. Let me delve into these Diablo 4 dungeons and their locations.

Crusaders’ Cathedral

As one of the initial Caldeum dungeons, it rewards players with the Druid’s Stormshifter Aspect, boosting shapeshifting skills during Hurricane use.

Prison Of Celdeum

A must-visit for Rogue builds, this dungeon grants the Opportunist’s Aspect, deploying Stun Grenades when Stealth is broken, stunning, and damaging foes.

Yshari Sanctum

Located in the north, it offers a universal aspect and a unique boss fight against Mother’s Judgement. Completing it earns the Needleflare Aspect, increasing Thorn’s damage chances to nearby enemies.

Renegade’s Retreat

Situated in the east, this dungeon provides the Aspect of Corruption, enhancing Imbuement skill effects by 20% against weaker foes for Rogues.

Deserted Underpass

Found in Southern Caldeum, it caters to Necromancer Builds, offering the Torturous Aspect, which has a 15% chance to stun enemies for one second when Iron Maiden deals direct damage in Diablo 4.

Ragged Coastline

diablo 4 ragged coastline dungeons
All Dungeons in Ragged Coastline

I’ve jotted down the 5 dungeons located in Diablo 4’s Ragged Coastline:

Putrid Aquifer

Located in the southern border, it grants the Sorcer-exclusive item Aspect of Unwavering a 2% chance to reset defensive abilities on taking direct damage.

Forgotten Ruins

Found in the north, liberating a stronghold is necessary for access. It rewards Barbarians with the Iron Blood Aspect, providing up to +20% damage reduction based on bleed effects.

Uldur’s Cave

At the heart of Ragged Coastline, it yields the Offensive Necromancer Aspect, Aspect of the Damned, granting +30% Shadow damage against afflicted foes.

Corrupted Grotto

Southern Ragged Coastline gives Necromancers the Aspect of Grasping Veins, boosting critical strike chance by 10% for six seconds after casting Corpse Tendrils and +30% damage to affected foes.

Heretics Asylum

Located at the western edge, completing it rewards Barbarians with the Veteran Brawler’s Aspect, increasing subsequent Charge or Leap damage by +15% (up to 225%) for each core skill hit.

Southern Expanse

southern expanse dungeons in diablo 4
All Dungeons in Southern Expanse

Despite being a large sub-region inside the Ragged Coastline, the Southern Expanse only holds 2 Dungeons.

Hakan’s Refuge

The first of the two Diablo 4 Dungeons found in the Southern Expanse is called the Hakan’s Refuge. This dungeon is situated in the central area of the region, and it holds the Relentless Berserker’s Aspect for the Barbarian class.

The aspect offers a lucky hit buff. So when players use a core skill to damage an adversary, there is a chance of up to 22% that the duration of Berserking will be extended by one second. Additionally, if you manage to get a crit hit, the duration of Berserking is doubled.


The second dungeon found in the Southern Expanse is the Conclave. The Aspect of the Changeling’s Debt is the reward for beating the Conclave. Other than the usual features of a dungeon, players can also progress a side quest called “A Voice from the Past” here.

Here is what I found regarding the Druid-exclusive aspect: When a Werebear skill damages a poisoned enemy, they immediately receive an additional 120% of the poisoning damage. So if you rely on poison damage in Diablo 4, the Conclave Dungeon is a must-visit!

Altar Of Ruin (Stronghold)

altar of ruin dungeon diablo 4
Sepulcher of the Forsworn Dungeon

Earlier, I mentioned the Altar of Ruin next to the Amber Sands region. The Altar of Ruin is actually a stronghold in Diablo 4; on top of that, it also holds a dungeon. However, to access the Sepulcher of the Forsworn dungeon, you must first complete the stronghold.

After liberating Alter of Ruin, players can access the Sepulcher of the Forsworn dungeon and eventually get the Hulking Aspect. This particular aspect is only suited for the Necromancer class as each time your Golem deals regular damage to an enemy, it has a 1% chance to create a corpse and a 1% chance to shorten its active cooldown by two seconds.

Omath’s Redoubt (Stronghold)

Crumbling Hekma Dungeon
Crumbling Hekma Dungeon Location

Within the Southern Expanse and next to the Fields of Hatred is another Ragged Coastline Stronghold known as “Omath’s Redoubt.” In this small Stronghold region, you can find the Crumbling Hekma dungeon.

Although, in order to unlock it, you will first need to liberate the area. Once that is done and you also manage to beat the dungeon, you will get the Aspect of Splintering Energy for the Sorcerer class. When the aspect is equipped, an extra Lightning Spear may appear 11% of the time after casting a Lightning Spear.

Dungeons In Dry Steppes

Seaside DescentKotama Grassland Aspect of Retaliation
Dark RavineTusmaa RiftAspect of Might
MournfieldKhargai CragsAspect of Berserk Ripping
Path Of The BlindKhargai CragsAspect of Bursting Bones
Grinning LabyrinthKhargai CragsAspect of the Calm Breeze
Whispering VaultChambatar RidgeAspect of Unstable Imbuements
Forgotten Depths Dindai FlatsAspect of Biting Cold
Carrion FieldsThe Scarred CoastAspect of Iron Warrior
Komdor TempleThe Scarred CoastAspect of the Bounding Conduit
Bloodsoaked CragUntamed ScarpsShephard’s Aspect
Charnel HouseUntamed ScarpsAspect of Perpetual Stomping
Sealed ArchivesUntamed ScarpsAspect of Mending Stone
Champion’s DemiseUntamed ScarpsAspect of the Umbral
Ancient’s LamentUntamed ScarpsAspect of Volatile Shadows
Guulrahn CanalsJakha BasinTrickster’s Aspect
Guulrahn SlumsJakha BasinSplintering Aspect
Buried HallsJakha BasinRapid Aspect
Betrayer’s Row The Accursed WastesAspect of Potent Blood
Shifting CityThe Ruins Of Qara-Yisu Ravenous Aspect
Pallid DelveThe Ruins Of Qara-Yisu Elementalist Aspect
Onyx HoldThe Onyx WatchtowerStorm Swell Aspect

The Dry Steppes is the Western region of the Sanctuary. Similar to Kehjistan, the Dry Steppes is a worn land full of deserts and sand regions. It holds enemies like demons, phantoms, and cannibals. On top of that, I stumbled upon up to 21 Dungeons in Dry Steppes.

Kotama Grasslands

Seaside Descent Dungeon location
Seaside Descent Dungeon

Kotama Grasslands sub-region is found in the north of Dry Steppes. It holds only one Dungeon right at the edge of its map, overlooking the sea. It is titled Seaside Descent.

After completing the dungeon, you can acquire and use the Aspect of Retaliation on your Druid class. Depending on your Fortify, your core skills can deal +20% damage while the aspect is active.

Tusmaa Rift

diablo 4 Dark Ravine dungeon
The Dark Ravine dungeon

Tusmaa Rift is one of the smaller sub-regions in the Diablo 4 map. Similar to Kotama Grasllands, it also houses a single dungeon for players to explore. The Dark Ravine Dungeon is a good spot for farming and it also gives you a general aspect that can be equipped in any class.

The Aspect of Might will help you enhance your defense by reducing the damage taken by 20% for two seconds every time you use the basic skills.

Khargai Crags

khargai crags dungeons in diablo 4
All Dungeons in Khargai Crags

The Khargai Crags is a central area of the Dry Steppes. It holds 3 different dungeons as well as The Onyx Watchtower.


Mournfield is one of the dungeons found in Khargai Crags. It’s situated in the middle of the sub-region, quite close to the Onyx Watchtower. Here, players can get the Aspect of Berserk Ripping for their Barbarian class.

While the aspect is active, every time you deliver direct damage while Berserk, deal an additional 20% of the base damage over a 5 seconds period as bleeding damage.

Path Of The Blind

The next dungeon is found at the northern tip of the Khargai Crags. The Path of the Blind Dungeon can be a little tricky to clear. Although, once you do clear it up, you will earn the Aspect of Bursting Bones.

When players equip this aspect on their Necromancer class, the Bone Prison will inflict AoE damage every time it’s either expired or destroyed.

Grinning Labyrinth

Grinning Labyrinth is the final dungeon in Khargai Crags. It offers the Aspect of the Calm Breeze as a completion reward. In addition to that, players can also progress through the Hubris Smiles side quest here.

Nonetheless, the aspect offers a lucky hit buff during which your Druid class will have a 5% chance to have the Wind Spear replenish its Spirit.

Chambatar Ridge

Whispering Vault Dungeon location
Whispering Vault Dungeon

The Chambatar Ridge is an eastern sub-region in Dry Steppes. I discovered that it only holds a single dungeon called “Whispering Vault”, despite being a considerably large area. Players can get a Rogue Aspect in the Whispering Vault. Other than that, you can also progress the “In the Name of Love” side quest in this dungeon.

The Aspect of Unstable Imbuements, found in Whispering Vault, offers an offensive buff. While the aspect is active you cause an imbued explosion all around yourself when you cast an imbuement skill.

Dindai Flats

Forgotten Depths Dungeon
Forgotten Depths Dungeon

Next up on the list of Diablo 4 dungeons, we have the Dindai Flats region. Here you’ll be able to come across the Forgotten Depths Dungeon. Players can get the Aspect of Biting Cold by completing the Dindai Flats Forgotten Depths Dungeon.

What does the aspect offer? A 25% possibility that an enemy will become vulnerable for 3 seconds if you freeze them. I want to stress that the Aspect of Biting Cold can only be applied to a Sorcerer Class.

The Scarred Coast

scarred coast dungeons in diablo 4
All Dungeons in Scarred Coast

The Scarred Coast is the coastal area of Dry Steppes. You can visit two dungeons inside the Scarred Coast which include Carrion Fields and Komdor Temple.

Carrion Fields

The Carrion Fields is the first explorable dungeon in Scarred Coast. The dungeon is especially more attractive for Barbarian classes since you get an exclusive defensive aspect here. 

The Aspect of Iron Warrior elevates the Iron Skin by reducing 10% damage taken and granting Unstoppable buff.

Komdor Temple

You can find the other dungeon, Komdor Temple, in Southern Scarred Coast. Here you can acquire a mobility aspect called Bounding Conduit for the Sorcerer class. 

The Aspect of the Bounding Conduit increases movement speed by 20% for the next three seconds after you use Teleport.

Untamed Scarps

untamed scarps dungeons
All Dungeons in Untamed Scarps

The Untamed Scarps, one of Dry Steppes’ largest sub-regions and Kotama Grasslands, boasts five Dungeons, surpassing other areas in Dry Steppes.

Bloodsoaked Crag

Situated in the northern Untamed Scarps, houses the Chief Marauder boss, offering an opportunity to defeat a boss and earn extra gold. Completing this dungeon rewards you with the Shephard’s Aspect, an Offensive aspect designed for druids. While active, it boosts core skill damage by +6% for each ally on the battlefield.

Charnel House

Located near the Sealed Archives dungeon and the Temple of Rot in Untamed Scarps, grants the Aspect of Perpetual Stomping upon completion. This aspect benefits the Barbarian class by resetting Leap’s cooldown whenever the player damages enemies with Ground Stomp or Kick.

Sealed Archives Dungeon

Adjacent to Charnel House, it contains the Aspect of Mending Stone for druids. It extends Earthen Bulwark’s duration by 6 seconds and restores the Earthen Bulwark’s Barrier effect by X amount when defeating enemies using an Earth skill.

Champion’s Demise Dungeon

Found in the eastern Untamed Scarps, provides the Aspect of the Umbral, applicable to all classes in Diablo 4. Equipping this aspect allows you to regain 1 primary resource when crowd-controlling an opponent, making it one of the best dungeons for farming in Diablo 4.

Ancient’s Lament

The final dungeon in Untamed Scarps, located at the northwest tip, contains an offensive Rogue aspect called the Aspect of Volatile Shadows. This aspect causes an explosion of Shadow damage around you when a Dark Shroud shadow would otherwise be removed.

Jakha Basin

jakha basin dungeons diablo 4
All Dungeons in Jakha Basin

Jakha Basin is a tiny sub-region found within Dry Steppes. It holds 3 Dungeons within its small geographical area. Here are all the locations I have written for the Jakha Basin Dungeons in Diablo 4.

Guulrahn Canals

Guulrahn Canals is located in the center of Jakha Basin. It is considered one of the Best Diablo 4 Dungeons, especially when you’re playing allies. After completing the Trickster’s Aspect, players can get the Trickster’s Aspect from the Guulrahn Canals Dungeon.

While the aspect is equipped, Caltrops discharge a cluster of Stun Grenades that explode and stun foes for 0.5 seconds while dealing X physical damage.

Guulrahn Slums

The next Diablo 4 Dungeon Location I will discuss is the Guulrahn Slums. It is situated in the northern part of Jakha Basin, close to where the Guulrahn Canals are. You can acquire the Splintering Aspect by completing this dungeon.

What does the Splintering Aspect do in Diablo 4? It focuses on the Necromancer class in which the primary attack of Bone Spear renders foes hit after the first vulnerable for 1.5 seconds. Plus, the Bone Spear’s Bone Shards pierce and do 50% more damage to weaker foes.

Buried Halls

Buried Halls is the final dungeon in Jakha Basin. It’s located in the southern part of the sub-region. Buried Halls Dungeon has one of the best general aspects that you can get in Diablo 4.

The Rapid Aspect increases the attack speed by 15% for all Basic Skills.

The Accursed Wastes

The Betrayer’s Row dungeon
The Betrayer’s Row Dungeon location

In Diablo 4, the Accursed Wasted region in Dry Steppes only has one Dungeon and its location is quite easy to find. The Betrayer’s Row Dungeon is situated right next to the Saraan Caldera (Story Dungeon) in Diablo 4.

The Betrayer’s Row has a Resource aspect that players can apply to their Necromancer Class. The Aspect of Potent Blood will allow you to get +10 Essence by Blood Orbs if you’re at full life. 

The Ruins Of Qara-Yisu (Stronghold)

qara yisu dungeons in diablo 4
All Dungeons in Qara Yisu

The Qara-Yisu has a dark lore in the Diablo world. In Diablo 4, the land has been turned into ruin and has become a stronghold that also holds 2 Dungeons. 

Shifting City

The first dungeon you can find in the Ruins of Qara-Yisu. It is situated in the north of Qara Yisu. However, I recommend clearing the stronghold since you cannot access the dungeon before that. After completing the dungeon and defeating the Tomb Lord boss, players will get the Ravenous Aspect.

The Ravenous Aspect can be applied to the Rogue class. It grants a 50% increase in energy generation after you kill a vulnerable opponent (effective for 4 seconds after the kill).

Pallid Delve

Pallid Delve is the other dungeon in the Ruins of Qara-Yisu. The Diablo 4 Dungeon’s location is right around the southwest part of Qara-Yisu. After completing the Pallid Delve Dungeon, you will get the Elementalist’s Aspect. 

While equipped, the Elementalist Aspect will grant a 20% chance of critical strikes occurring when core or mastery spells are cast with more than 100 mana.

The Onyx Watchtower (Stronghold)

The Onyx Hold Dungeon location
The Onyx Hold Dungeon

Another Dungeon found in Dry Steppes is inside yet another Stronghold, which goes by the name of The Onyx Watchtower. It is right next to the Khargai Crags sub-region. The Onyx Hold is the dungeon found within the stronghold.

The Onyx Hold unlocks after you liberate the stronghold. Once you complete the dungeon, you’ll gain the Storm Swell Aspect. It can only be equipped in the Sorcerer class. The Storm Swell Aspect increases damage to vulnerable opponents by 11% whenever you activate the Barrier.

Dungeons In Hawezar

Dungeons Locations Reward
Heathen’s KeepDismal FoothillsAspect of Numbing Wrath
Light’s RefugeDismal FoothillsAspect of Bul-Kathos
Fetid MausoleumThe Writhing MireSnowguard’s Aspect
Bastion Of FaithUmir PlateauTrickshot Aspect
Lost KeepUmir PlateauAspect of the Deflecting Barrier
Earthen WoundUmir PlateauAspect of Singed Extremities
Endless GatesUmir PlateauAspect of the Rampaging Werebeast
Blind BurrowsFethis WetlandsAspect of the Tempest
Maugan’s WorksFethis WetlandsEarthstriker’s Aspect
Iron HoldRuins of Rakhat KeepFastblood Aspect
Steadfast BarracksRuins of Rakhat KeepVigorous Aspect
Akkhan’s GraspRuins of Rakhat KeepBlighted Aspect
Ruins Of EriduToxic FensSacrificial Aspect
Leviathan’s MawToxic FensAspect of Siphoned Victuals
Ghoa RuinsToxic FensEnshrouding Aspect
WitchwaterBlightmarshProdigy’s Aspect
Serpent’s LairBlightmarshAspect of Three Curses
Faceless ShrineForsaken CoastCommander’s Aspect
Haunted RefugeRotspill DeltaBrawler’s Aspect
Ancient ReservoirRotspill DeltaBarbarian Aspect
Belfry ZakaraRotspill DeltaAspect of the Ursine Horror
Oblivion DungeonEriman’s PyreAspect of Shared Misery
Shadowed Plunge Dungeon VyereszAspect of Branching Volleys

Hawezar is a late-game region in Diablo 4. It’s located in the southeast of the Sanctuary. In total Hawezar holds 23 Dungeons. With that said, let me go through each Diablo 4 Dungeon and its location that you can get to in Hawezar. 

Dismal Foothills

dismal foothills dungeons in Diablo 4
All Dungeons in Dismal Foothills

Dismal Foothills is one of the largest sub-regions in Hawezar. However, it only holds 2 Dungeons for the players to discover. Both of these Dungeons grant an aspect for the Barbarian class.

Heathen’s Keep

Heathen’s Keep is the first Dungeon you might encounter in dismal Foothills. It features a boss fight against the boss Blood Bishop. As for the reward, players can obtain the Aspect of Numbing Wrath by completing the dungeon.

The Aspect of Numbing Wrath is usable in the Barbarian class. When at maximum fury, every point of fury produced grants +3 Fortify when the aspect is equipped.

Light’s Refuge

Right next to Heathen’s Keep is another dungeon which is called “Light’s Refuge”. The dungeon is also part of the Desperate Remedies Side Quest. You can also get the Aspect of Bul-Kathos in Light’s Refuge dungeon.

What does the Aspect of Bul-Kuthos do in Diablo 4? Leap causes an Earthquake that lasts for four seconds and inflicts physical damage. Also, you receive a +5% damage mitigation when standing in an earthquake.

The Writhing Mire

Fetid Mausoleum dungeon
Fetid Mausoleum Dungeon

Next up on my Diablo 4 Dungeons Locations list is The Writhing Mire. This sub-region is in the northern parts of Hawezar and right next to Gale Valley, Fractured Peaks. The Writhing Mire only has one Dungeon in Diablo 4.

The Fetid Mausoleum is in the northwest area of The Writhing Mire. Here, you can acquire the Snowguard’s Aspect for your Sorcerer and take down the Blood Bishop boss. If you equip the aspect, you will take a 10% decreased damage whenever you are inside your own Blizzard.

Umir Plateau

umir plateau dungeons
All Dungeons in Umir Plateau

The Umir Plateau sub-region, located southwest of Hawezar, boasts 4 Dungeons, making it Hawezar’s richest dungeon area in Diablo 4. I have typed down the Hawezar Dungeons and their locations:

Bastion Of Faith

Found on the border between the Umir Plateau and the Crusader’s Monument, this dungeon grants the exclusive Trickshot Aspect to Rogue class characters. When Penetrating Shot wounds an enemy, it splits into two extra arrows on either side, each dealing 10% of Penetrating Shot’s damage.

Lost Keep

Located near Bastion of Faith, the Lost Keep Dungeon offers a general Aspect suitable for all Diablo 4 classes. The Aspect of the Deflecting Barrier provides a 7% chance to ignore direct damage from distant enemies while you have an active barrier.

Earthen Wound

Situated in the southern part of the Umir Plateau, Earthen Wound is a prime farming dungeon in Diablo 4, especially for solo players. Completing this dungeon awards the Sorcerer class with the Aspect of Singed Extremities, which slows down enemies for 4 seconds after the immobilization effect wears off.

Endless Gates

Sharing the area with Bastion of Faith and Lost Keep, the Endless Gates Dungeon offers the Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast for Druid class characters. Grizzly Rage lasts longer with this aspect, and critical strike damage increases by 10% while Grizzly Rage is active.

Fethis Wetlands

fethis wetlands dungeons in Diablo 4
All Dungeons in Fethis Wetlands

The Fethis Wetlands is a narrow sub-region in Diablo 4 Hawezar, and it holds 2 Dungeons. You can figure out the location of both dungeons in the image above or the description below.

Blind Burrows

Blind Burrows is one of the Dungeons you’ll counter in the Fethis Wetlands region. It’s one of the most well-known dungeons in Diablo 4 because it’s a great farming spot for solo players. Not only that, but you can also face the Broodguard boss here.

Players can also complete the “A Price to Pay” side quest in Blind Burrows. Last but not least, you can also acquire the Aspect of the Tempest for the Druid class. While it is active, the Hurricane does 7% more damage per second.

Maugan’s Works

The other dungeon you’ll find in Fethis Wetlands is Maugan’s Works. It’s also the place where you can carry out the rest of the “Remnants of Faith” side quest. I’ve also uncovered that players can achieve the Earthstriker’s Aspect for their Barbarian class in Maugan’s Works.

So what exactly does the aspect do? Once you’ve switched weapons ten times, your subsequent attack will Overpower and deliver 30% more damage than usual.

Ruins of Rakhat Keep

diablo 4 ruins of rakhat keep dungeons
All Dungeons in Ruins of Rakhat Keep

In the heart of Hawezar lies the Ruins of Rakhat Keep, a small sub-region with three dungeons for players to explore and acquire Aspects for their Diablo 4 builds.

Iron Hold

The largest among them is Iron Hold, home to the formidable boss Scourge of the Land. Defeating him and clearing the dungeon rewards you with the Fastblood Aspect. This Aspect is exclusive to Necromancers, converting Blood Orbs and reducing the Ultimate Skill cooldown by 0.5 seconds.

Steadfast Barracks

Nearby, in the compact Ruins of Rakhat Keep, you’ll find the Steadfast Barracks Dungeon. Here, players can obtain the Vigorous Aspect, a Druid-exclusive buff that reduces damage taken by 10% while in werewolf form.

Akkhan’s Grasp

Adjacent to Steadfast Barracks is Akkhan’s Grasp Dungeon, inhabited by the formidable Blood Bishop boss. Conquering him yields the Blighted Aspect, which Necromancers can equip. This Aspect boosts damage by 50% for 6 seconds after the Shadowblight key passively damages enemies ten times.

Toxic Fens

toxic fens dungeons diablo 4
All Dungeons in Toxic Fens

At Hawezar’s southeastern tip lies the Toxic Fens sub-region, home to three dungeons. Two of them grant a Rogue Aspect, while the last offers a Necromancer Aspect.

Ruins Of Eridu

Located in the western Toxic Fens of Diablo 4, completing this dungeon yields the Sacrificial Aspect. It boosts Sacrifice bonuses by 15%, exclusively equippable by the Necromancer class.

Leviathan’s Maw

This dungeon is recommended for level 40+ characters. Victory rewards you with the Aspect of Siphoned Victuals for the Rogue class, providing a 10% chance of dropping a Healing Potion when using a core skill to damage a vulnerable enemy.

Ghoa Ruins

Also recommended for level 40+, this Toxic Fens dungeon awards the Enshrouding Aspect, exclusive to Rogues. It grants a free Dark Shroud shadow every three seconds when stationary, each increasing damage reduction by 2%.


blightmarsh dungeons in Diablo 4
All Dungeons in Blightmarsh

Blightmarsh is another central sub-region in Hawezar, just like Fethis Wetlands. I found 2 Dungeons in total, which are called Serpent’s Lair and Witchwater.


Witchwater is a dungeon found at the southwest border of Blightmarsh, it is next to the Vyeresz Stronghold. For many players, Witchwater is a great Diablo 4 dungeon to farm in. However, since it’s accessible in the late game, so make sure you’re well set up before you farm items, XP, and gold in Witchwater.

At the Witchwater Dungeon, you’ll face Slither boss. Once you wrap him up along with the dungeon, you’ll get the Prodigy’s Aspect for the Sorcerer class. With this aspect, you’ll restore 15 mana every time you use a Cooldown.

Serpent’s Lair

The Serpent’s Lair is the second dungeon found within Blightmarsh. Players can acquire the Aspect of Three Curses for the Sorcerer class by completing it. When the aspect is equipped, the Meteor critical damage will increase by 33% on Healthy enemies.

Forsaken Coast

Faceless Shrine Dungeon
Faceless Shrine Dungeon

Forsaken Coast is the area found at the southeast end of Hawezar. It only contains one dungeon which is called Faceless Shrine. This place should be attractive to all the Necromancer build out there because you can get the Unyielding Commander’s Aspect as a reward.

When this aspect is applied to a Necromancer class, the Minions will gain a 90% reduction in damage taken and a 70% increase in attack speed when the Army of the Dead is activated.

Rotspill Delta

rotspill delta dungeons diablo 4
All Dungeons in Rotspill Delta

Rotspill Delta is a coastal sub-region found on the west of Hawezar. Here, I can assure you that players can find loads of stuff to do, like the Statue of Lilliths and Cellars. In addition to all that, you can also find 3 Dungeons in here; I have included their location from Diablo 4 down below.

Haunted Refuge

The Haunted Refuge is the first dungeon you’ll come across in Rotspill Delta. Barbarian classes in Hawezar can finally rejoice since they’ll get the exclusive Brawler’s Aspect from here. 

Here’s what the Brawler’s Aspect does in Diablo 4; When a Kick or Charge hits an enemy, they will explode (if killed within the next 2 seconds), dealing AoE damage to the hostiles nearby.

Ancient Reservoir

Ancient Reservoir Dungeon in Diablo 4 can be found right at the edge of the border next to The Writhing Mire sub-region. This dungeon also offers the player a Barbarian Aspect as a reward for completion. 

The Aspect of Ancestral Echoes grants a luck bonus in which Leap, Upheaval, or Whirlwind damage to enemies has a chance of up to 40% to summon an Ancient to use the same skill; this can only occur once every five seconds.

Belfry Zakara

The final Dungeon in Rotspill Delta is the Belfry Zakara. It can be found on the map’s southeastern edge of the subregion. Players get to face the Drowned Seahag boss while beating the dungeon.

On top of that, you will also get the Aspect of the Ursine Horror for the Druid class. When the aspect is being used, Tectonic spikes continue to deal additional damage over two seconds after casting Pulverize, which turns into an Earth skill.

Eriman’s Pyre (Stronghold)

oblivion dungeon location
Oblivion Dungeon

Eriman’s Pyre is one of the stronghold points found within Hawezar. Be wary since these areas are some of the toughest places to go to in Diablo 4. Although, if you do manage to regain the Eriman’s Pyre stronghold, you will unlock the Oblivion Dungeon.

The Oblivion Dungeon is located in the north of Eriman’s Pyre. Here, players can get their hands on the Aspect of Shared Misery, which is usable in all classes. The aspect mainly focuses on lucky hits. 

Here’s what it does: There is a 30% chance that the crowd-control effect will spread to other enemies when you hit a crowd-controlled enemy.

Vyeresz (Stronghold)

Shadowed Plunge Dungeon
Shadowed Plunge Dungeon location

Vyeresz is one of the toughest strongholds and regions in all of Diablo 4 Sanctuary. It is located next to the Toxic Fens sub-region. Once players liberate the Vyeresz Stronghold, they will unlock the Shadowed Plunge Dungeon. 

To complete the dungeon, players will undertake all sorts of tasks, from freeing prisoners to taking down tough enemies. You will also be able to complete the Left Behind side quest here. Last but not least, you can get the Aspect of Branching Volleys after completing the dungeon.

When the aspect is active, anytime an arrow from Barrage ricochets, there is a 15% chance that it will split into two.


And there we have it! These are all of the Diablo 4 Dungeon Locations that players can access, and with that, I will wrap up my guide! While you’re here, you might want to check out our How To Respec guide, which goes into great detail about its method and how to do it! Apart from that, you should also read our All Waypoint Locations guide to know where each one might be located! 

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