Diablo 4: How To Get Splintering Aspect

In Diablo 4, the Splintering Aspect empowers your Necromancer's Bone Spear build, delivering incredible damage to vulnerable enemies.

Splintering Aspect is Diablo 4, is a Necromancer class legendary aspect perfect for your Bone Spear Build. In Diablo 4, as you progress through Sanctuary you need different aspects that help you make or break your build and find out certain traits of weapon or any piece of gear.  The Splintering Aspect in Diablo 4 is also one of the legendary aspects you can imprint on your Necromancer class weapons to make damage to specific enemies.

Key Takeaways
  • Splintering Aspect is one of the best aspects in Diablo 4 under the Legendary category for the Necromancer class, ideal for enhancing your Bone Spear build.
  • As a player, you can imprint Splintering Aspect on your Necromancer class weapons for increased damage against specific enemies.
  • The usage of Splintering Aspect increases weapon power by 50%, causing massive damage to vulnerable enemies with Bone Spear.
  • Splintering Aspect can be found in the Guulrahn Slums Dungeon, located next to the Hidden Overlook waypoint in Dry Steppes.
  • Completing all objectives and defeating the dungeon boss, Resurrected Malice rewards you with the Splintering Aspect.

What Is Splintering Aspect In Diablo 4?

Splintering Aspect In Diablo 4
Splintering Aspect In Diablo 4 [Image Credits: eXputer]

Splintering Aspect Diablo 4 uses the Bone Spear skill to act as a damage multiplier for vulnerable enemies. Fortunately, you don’t need to find a Legendary item and then extract it at Occultist you can find it directly inside dungeons.

The use of Splintering Aspect in Diablo 4 increases the weapon’s power by 50 percent which causes immense damage to vulnerable enemies using Bone Spear.

How To Get Splintering Aspect In Diablo 4

To get Splintering Aspect in Diablo 4, you need to make your way to Dry Steppes and enter Guulrahn Slums Dungeon located next to the Hidden Overlook waypoint.

Diablo 4’s Open World of Sanctuary has almost 106 dungeons in every settlement that engages you in different objectives. Guulrahn Slums Dungeon in Dry Steppes also has different objectives, and then there’s a Boss, in the end, waiting to kill you.

Once you, complete all the objectives and defeat the boss, you will receive Splinterring Aspect as a Reward. Splintering Aspect Diablo 4 can appear on any item or weapon like gear, amulet, ring, or gloves but unfortunately, Splintering Aspect is not mentioned on these luxury items so it can be missed easily.

Complete Guulrahn Slums Dungeon

Guulrahn Slums Dungeon
Guulrahn Slums Dungeon [Image Credits: eXputer]
As you enter the dungeon, there are six prisoners in the dungeon which you have to set free. After making them free, kill each enemy present there in Forlorn Cells. The main part of this quest is to now deal with Resurrected Malice who is Diablo 4 Guulrahn Slums Boss. Once you defeat the boss, Splintering Aspect Diablo 4 is introduced into your codex

Resurrected Malice Boss Fight

Resurrected Malice Boss Fight
Resurrected Malice Boss Fight [Image Credits: eXputer]
Resurrected Malice in Diablo 4, is an extremely strong boss that can perform multiple attacks leaving you vulnerable. The best strategy to defeat this boss is to carefully watch out for his attack pattern and then dodge a maximum number of these attacks to get less damage.

  • This boss can throw projectiles at you in the form of balls and Spirit Ball stars, which when hit leave you vulnerable.
  • These projectiles as they come towards you split into several projectiles therefore it becomes even hard to dodge them.
  • Apart from all his attacks, Resurrected Malice, when half of his health is gone, summon Spirits.
  • Once you see this happening, get away quickly and then kill these Summons before you battle with the Boss.
  • These Spirit Summons otherwise will keep distracting your attacks and therefore you” ll just waste your HP and time.
  • As you defeat the boss, it will drop gold, 3 magic items, and over that, it also drops 2 rare items which is a great treat.

Thus, eventually after finishing all the objectives inside Guulrahn Slums Dungeon and defeating Resurrected Malice, you will receive a Splintering Aspect as a reward in Diablo 4.

In conclusion, the Splintering Aspect is a powerful boost for your Necromancer character. It makes your Bone Spear attack a lot stronger. You can find it in the Guulrahn Slums Dungeon, and it can go on any weapon or item. Beating the dungeon boss, Resurrected Malice gets you this aspect as a reward.

It’s a handy thing to have, making your attacks more potent and helping you become even stronger in the game. Keep playing and exploring Diablo 4 to find more cool stuff like this!

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