Diablo 4: Best Farming Spots For Legendary Items

After spending weeks playing Diablo 4, here are my recommendation about the Best Farming spots to target.

Farming spots are some of the best ways to get rich quickly. These locations provide access to high-end Gear and Gold, allowing players to improve their rank as well! This guide hopes to inform you guys of the Diablo 4 Best Farming Spots so you do not have to waste any time searching for them.

Best Rune Farming Spots Summary
  • Diablo 4 Best Farming locations can be found all around the map, but there are a few that include the better stuff!
  • All these places house the most, and the best stuff to farm!
  • You can make multiple trips to these farming spots, and keep on building up your inventory.
  • You will have to defeat multiple elites to get your mitts on these items, so be prepared.

1. Kehjistan

Best Farming Spot Near Kyovashad.
where to find kehjistan on the map
Kehjistan Location on the Map.

The first, out of many, locations I recommend is Kehjistan. This can be found in the far southwest of Kyovashad. This place is one of the many places that are considered the Diablo 4 Best Farming Spots! 

The best way to farm Legendary items is by going around and defeating Elite enemies. Almost every 3-4 Elite enemies down, they will drop a ton of Legendary items. Treasure Goblins are also a great way to loot Legendary items, and thankfully, this space is full of them!

  • Killing enemies will not only gain you Legendary items, but they will also drop Blood Seeds.
  • Make sure to pick them up and travel to the Altar of Extraction, which is located at different places around Kehjistan. Here, once activated, you will gain Gold in return for them.
  • That can be used to purchase stuff or just collect it all up!
  • Kehjistan is not only a great farming spot, but it is also home to Lifesbane.
  • It is an herb that is used in the creation of many different potions, elixirs, and incense. 

2. Anica’s Claim Dungeon

Best Farming Spot In Malnok.
view of Anica's Claim Dungeon
What Anica’s Claim Dungeon looks like.

My other recommended place for the books is Anica’s Claim Dungeon. This can be found in Malnok, by going south of the Bear Tribe Refuge waypoint, and you can’t miss it! 

Once inside the dungeon, you find the place crawling with Animus Carriers. The best way to farm a tonne of Legendary items is by defeating these cretins. They are Elite enemies and a great source of Legendary items with the amount you will in the dungeon. They will drop not only Legendary items but also a great amount of other high-level gear. Walking out of the dungeon with legendary and high-level items is almost guaranteed!

view of animus carriers
What Animus Carries look like.

To get your hands on Gold, the easiest and most trusted method is to farm Gold by selling any unwanted items in your inventory. This will not only help by getting rid of the clutter but also be a great way to farm Gold.

  • Apart from this, head on over to the Greed Shrine; this can be found at different places, and once activated, it makes enemies drop Gold when they are defeated.
  • Once you are done with farming, till your heart’s content, or till your inventory fills up, do not leave the dungeon.
  • Instead, reset the dungeon so you get kicked out and teleported back to your own town.
  • There, you can sell any additional items you gathered and repeat your farming at the dungeon once more! 
Important: Each trip to the dungeon will help you earn 25000 Gold and a bunch of Legendary items.

3. Hold Your Ground World Event

Best Event for Farming Legendary Items.

Another great way to farm Gold and Items that I found is by participating in events, and luckily for us, this event takes place just next to Anica’s Claim Dungeon. This is located northwest of the Bear Tribe Refuge waypoint, the northern part of the Frigid Expanse region in Fractured Peaks. 

  • The good thing about this event is that its difficulty is not that hard, and is level based.
  • So the higher your level, the harder the enemies will be!
  • Make sure to go in knowledgeable about how to beat different enemies and a jam-packed inventory.
  • Once you win this event, you will win XP and a bunch of Legendaries.
  • The best part is, as soon as you get teleported back to your own town, you can head back here and restart the quest as if you haven’t done it before! An extremely efficient way to farm items in Diablo 4.

4. Defeating Osgar Reede

Best Elite Enemy to get Legendary Loot.
battling osgar reede
Fighting Osgar Reede.

This method is not a location per se, but a great way to farm Items and Gold in Diablo 4. Osgar Reede is an Elite enemy, but not just a normal one. He is a Unique Elite Enemy, and defeating him is no easy feat.

To find Osgar Reede, head to the Camios Landing which is in the northern part of Nostrava. It can be easily accessed by the Nostrava Waypoint. 

  • Once you have defeated Osgar Reede, make sure to get out of the way as quickly as possible.
  • He will explode, and this does cause damage.
  • His remnants will include high-value loot, and some Level 35 power items. Although this is a great way to farm items and gold in Diablo 4, it is a difficult task.
  • Make sure to only head here if you have enough means to defeat the beast. 

My Thoughts

That is all from my side about the Diablo 4 Best Farming spots! These spots are not unequivocally the best ones in the whole of Diablo 4, but they are some of the better ones. You can visit them to increase your chances of getting the legendary gear and dominate your opponents by getting more powerful.

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Let me know in the comments below if you would like more guides like this one! If there is any guide you have been scrapping for, let me know down below.

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