Diablo 4 Thorns Stat: Explained & How To Get

Learn to effectively use Thorns in Diablo 4 - an essential attribute for retaliatory damage against enemies.

Thorns are one of the most offensive or attacking stat and one of the most harmful stat attributes in Diablo 4. The thorn is referred to as the damage given back to the Enemy when the player deals with the damage; some percentage of that damage is given back to the Enemy is called the Thorn damage. 

Key Takeaways
  • Thorns in Diablo 4 are a defensive attribute that deals damage back to the enemy each time they attack the player.
  • Thorns damage can be inflicted using certain gear like Chest, Pants, and Shields and by employing specific Skills and Passives.
  • Thorns do not provide any immunity against damage but return a portion of it back to the enemy.
  • While Thorns are generally helpful, it might be less effective if the player character has a low health and defense pool.
  • Thorns can be gained by upgrading Skills and Gears based on the Class and Stats of the character.
  • Thorns are particularly effective with stronger classes like the Barbarian and Druid.

Here is how the Thorn effect works in Diablo 4:

How Do Thorns Work In Diablo 4?

Thorns damage enemies [All Images Credits: GamingOC
Thorns are the passive defense mechanism that lets you deal damage to your enemies, by giving them the damage back after every hit.  These Thorns can appear on your Chest, Pants, and Shields. You can also increase your Thorns damage by using specific Passives and Skills.

One important thing to understand is that Thorns do not create any sort of immunity against the Enemy’s damage. But it returns some of the damage to the Enemy. Sometimes Thorns may also not be very effective when the character is equipped with a lower health and defense pool, because it creates a lack of reduction capability in the Character, and it makes the Thorns less effective.

However, Thorns will strike back, which will cause some damage to the Enemy in return, but it will help to assist with some of the damage.

How Do You Get Thorns In Diablo 4?

Considering the best Class and Stats you are playing in, you can also level up the Skills and upgrade the Gears with the best Aspects to use Thorns with better efficiency. For example, the sorcerer’s Spiked Armor skill grants you 16 Thorns. 

This is why Thorns are considered to be more effective while dealing with damage, especially when utilized by harder classes in Diablo 4 including Barbarian and Druid. These classes become deadlier when Thorns are used with them.

All Classes That Inflict Thorn 

Needleflare Ring for Thorn Damage

Thorns damage increases based on the primary abilities of the characters

These Classes use the full potential and equip the character with the full capabilities of the Thorn effect in Fights with bigger enemies. Additionally, when using the Barbarian’s Death Wish Aspect while in a state of Berserking, you also gain Thorns. 

In addition to all these abilities of Skills and Aspects, players can also make use of Thorns by enabling any gear with this stat, this makes the Thorns more powerful while facing the enemies. 

From Armor Set Pieces

Razorplate armor

The following armor set pieces provide much power to the Thorns in Diablo 4

  • Razorplate
  • Ring of Mendeln
  • Rage of Harrogath

Diablo 4 Thorns Skills And Aspects

Following is the list of Thorn Skills that you can utilize 

Name of skillEffectSkill ClassUpgrade
Combat flayInflict damage to the Enemy, causing XX% of their health to decrease, and causing them to suffer YY% damage from bleeding over a duration of 5 seconds.BarbarianEnhanced Flay

Battle Flay

Combat Flay

Tough as NailsWhen you equip this ability, your Thorns will be boosted by an extra 20%. This means that when enemies strike you in combat, they will suffer an additional 1% damage from your Thorns as Bleeding damage over a period of 5 seconds.

Furthermore, as you upgrade this ability, your Thorns will receive an even greater increase of +{3/6/9/12/15/18/21/24/27/30}%. Consequently, whenever foes hit you, they will experience even more pain, taking 10% of your Thorns as Bleeding damage for 5 seconds.

BarbarianNo related Upgrades
Spiked Armour16 Thorns GainNecromancerNo related Upgrade
Outburst Acquire 2 Thorns initially. Additionally, for every 2 extra Maximum Life you possess, you will gain an additional 2 Thorns.BarbarianNo related Upgrade 
Strategic challenging shout When you activate Challenging Shout, you will gain Thorns damage that is equal to 50% of your Maximum Life.BarbarianNo related Upgrade 

Additionally, here is a list of Thorn Aspects that you can use to your advantage: 

Name of AspectEffectBest for class
Death wish Aspect The Death Wish Aspect is a special attack choice that makes the Barbarian stronger in attacking enemies in Diablo 4 (Diablo IV). 

It Gain (XX) Thorns while Berserking.

NeedleFlare Aspect It is one of the most powerful Aspect against all enemies, and it can be equipped for all the classes. 

There is a (XX)% chance that the damage caused by Thorns will also harm all nearby enemies around you.

For All

Harnessing the power of Thorns in Diablo 4 is a true game-changer. This passive, yet forceful ability delivers damage right back at the enemy, making it a compelling feature in your arsenal. Particularly effective with stronger classes such as the Barbarian and Druid, Thorns enhance their brutal capabilities, and add a layer of complexity to gameplay.

So, while navigating the dark corners of the Diablo universe, remember, Thorns can turn your defensive moves into a fierce offensive strategy. Use wisely, and your character’s path through this grim world will be that much more victorious. Let the Thorns guide your way.

With this, I conclude my Diablo 4 Thorns guide, where I have listed every single possible detail about this stat you should not miss. While you’re at it, read the Diablo 4 tier list, Donan’s Favor Quest, Travelers Prayer, and best Solo Class guides.  


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