Diablo 4: All Altars Of Lilith Locations

Don't miss out on any Altar statues during your exhilarating adventure in Diablo 4!

The Altar of Lilith statue is a stats enhancer that grants you different types of buffs in Diablo 4. There are a total of 28 statues scattered around the map that you could discover. You can explore the map again in the full game, where you will come across different waypoints that will assist you in certain ways. So, ensure you know all the Altar of Lilith locations in Diablo 4. 

Key Takeaways
  • Diablo 4 features plenty of the Altar of Lilith Statues in Fractured Peaks scattered all around different zones and areas of the map. 
  • You can find the Altars of Desolate Highland Zone in Icehowl Taiga, Eastern Pass, and Father’s Cross.
  • The Altars of the Pallid Glade zone are in Brinewood, Lower eastern Brinewood, and Melnik’s Hill.
  • The Sorkova Pass zone beholds statues in Western Ways, Forbidden City, and Cargs of Wind. 
  • You can find the Altars of Dobrev Taiga zone in Southeast Foothills, Shadow Trails, and Western Tunnels. 
  • The Frigid Expanse zone Altars are in  Olyam Tundra, The Deep White, and Shivering Wilds. 
  • The Altars of the Gale Valley zone are in Treker’s Nook and Tsepilova Pond.
  • You can find the Seat of the Heavens zone Altars in Sinner Pass, Field of Judgement, and Serac Rapture.
  • Individual Alters are also near event areas, including Kor Dragan Stronghold, Nostava Stronghold, and Malnok Stronghold.

All Altar Of Lilith Locations

Desolate Highlands Zone- Icehowl Taiga
- Eastern Pass
- Father's Cross
- Icehowl Taiga II
- Murmuring Obols Max +5
- Dexterity +2
- Intelligence +2
- Strength +2
The Pallid Glade- The Brinewood
- Lower Eastern Brinewood
- Melnik's Hill
- Murmuring Obols Max +5
- Dexterity +2
- Willpower +2
Sarkova Pass- Western Ways
- Western ways II
- Forbidden City
- Crags of III Wind
- Willpower +2
- Murmuring Obols Max +5
- Strength +2
- Intelligence +2
Dobrev Taiga- Southeast Foothills
- Shadow Trail
- Western Tunnels
- Dexterity +2
- Willpower +2
- Strength +2
Frigid Expanse- Olyam Tundra
- Olyam Tundra II
- The Deep White
- Shivering Wilds
- Shivering Wilds II
- Intelligence +2
- Strength +2
- Dexterity +2
- Willpower +2
- Murmuring Obols Max +5
Gale Valley- Zeleny Lowlands
- Trekker’s Nook
- Tsepilova Pond
- Dexterity + 2
- Intelligence +2
- Willpower +2
Seat Of The Heavens- Sinner’s Pass
- Fields of Judgement
- Serac Rapture
- Dexterity +2
- Intelligence +2
- Strength +2
Event Alters- Kor Dragan Stronghold
- Nostava Stronghold
- Malnok Stronghold
- Willpower +2
- Intelligence +2
- Strength +2

The Diablo 4 map is divided into several zones, each having different spots and areas. Here, I’ve arranged each zone’s Altar of Lilith locations according to their spots. Following are all the locations of the Lilith Statues in Diablo 4 known so far.

Desolate Highlands Zone Altars

You can find the Alters of Desolate Highlands zone in the following areas.

Icehowl Taiga

Icehowl Taiga is the most common Altar to spot, as, at least in my experience, it will be the very first statue you will spot in the game once you complete the tutorial and leave the Nevesek village. Once you get outside the northeastern, you can spot the Altar on your main route.

The first Lilith statue gives you additional Obols carrying capacity. The Obol is the currency in Diablo 4 that you can use to buy different items from curiosity vendors. 

Eastern Pass

Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith Statue
Eastern Pass Statue [Image by eXputer]
  • Reward: Dexterity +2

The Eastern Pass Altar will come along the route to Kyovashad from the Hermit’s shack. You will come across a cliff leading to a desolate camp in your path. You can find the Lilith Statue on the right side of the camp.

Father’s Cross

  • Reward: Intelligence +2

The Father’s Cross Alter can be found near the Kyovashad Gatehouse entrance on the western side where the World Events spawn. There, you can find a clearance with a cubical corner. At the corner, you can find your hidden Altar.

Icehowl Taiga II

Icehowl Taiga 2
Icehowl Taiga’s second statue [Image by eXputer]
  • Reward: +2 Strength

This Altar is also in the Icehowl Taiga area but will not be accessible at the start of the game. To unlock the Alter, you need to return back to the Nevesek Village after completing the tutorial. The Alar is north of the Lost Archives Dungeon. 

The Pallid Glade Altar

The Pallid Glade zone consists of several Altars that await your exploration. You can look for the Lilith statues in the following areas. 

The Brinewood

Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith Locations
The Brinewood [Image by eXputer]
  • Reward: Murmuring Obols Max +5

This Altar of Lilith can be found northwest of the road from Nevesk, just to the east of the lower path to the Dry Steppes. Look along the dirt path for a grove of trees where the Altar can be found on its south side.

Lower Eastern Brinewood

  • Reward: Dexterity +2

This Altar of Lilith is also in the Brinewood area but on the southern edge near the Shallow Shores. Once you’re on the southeastern side, head near the Nostrava Stronghold to find the Lilith Statue.

Melnik’s Hill

Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith Statue
Melniks hill [Picture credit: eXputer]
  • Reward: Willpower +2

The Alter is easier to find as you can locate it on the top of Melnik’s Hill, which is on the eastern side of the Pallid Glade.

Sarkova Pass Altar

Sorkova Pass zone features four Altar locations, which are discussed below.

Western Ways

Western Ways Altar
Western Ways [Screenshot grab: eXputer]
  • Reward: Willpower +2

The Western Ways Alter is on the left path of the two roads connecting the Kyovashad and Menestad and is found just south of the latter town. As you look at the southeast corner of the path to the Sarkova Pass, you can spot a narrow passage leading to the Alter location.

Western Ways II

  • Reward: Murmuring Obols Max +5

There are two Alters near the Western Ways area. I found the second one in the northwestern region of the area, where the Silvered Edgelands are located.  

Forbidden City

  • Reward: Strength +2

You can find this Alter in the Sorkova region, on the western side of the Forbidden City, where the dungeon is located. As you head North to the town of Menestad towards the dungeon, you can spot a façade just before the dungeon’s entrance.

Crags of III Wind

  • Reward: Intelligence +2

The Crags Alter is also found near the Forsaken Quarry dungeon in the Sarkova Pass region.

Dobrev Taiga Altar

The Alters of the Dobrev Taiga zone are in the following locations.

Southeast Foothills

Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith Locations
Southeast Foothills [Image by eXputer]

As you leave the Kyovashad, head towards the south to the narrow path leading to the Radiance Field Cemetery. Here, you can easily spot the Alter of Lilith on your way. 

Shadow Trail

Shadow Trail Altar
Shadow Trail [Screenshot grab: eXputer]
  • Reward: Willpower +2

The Alter is near the town of Margrave, on the shallow path at the eastern side of Hawezar.

Western Tunnels

Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith Locations
Western Ways [Screenshot grab: eXputer]
  • Reward: Strength +2

The Alter is near the Western Tunnels, on the eastern side of Margrave town. As you surpass the Western Tunnels and reach the entrance of Krol Forest, you can find a small cave entrance on the right side that leads to the Alter of Lilith. 

Frigid Expanse Altar

The Altars of the Frigid Expanse zone can be found in the following locations.

Olyam Tundra

Olyam Tundra Altar
Olyam Tundra [Image by eXputer]
  • Reward: Intelligence +2

The next altar is on the eastern side of Kyovashad Cathedral of Light, on the top of its cliff that you can climb to get to the Altar. 

Olyam Tundra II

  • Reward: Strength +2

This Altar is also in the Olyam Tundra region, between the Immortal Emmanation and Black Asylum Dungeons. To reach the location, I would advise lookinng for a small path near Lake Klokova that leads to a cliff. On the top of the cliff, you can spot the Alter.

The Deep White

The Deep White Altar
The Deep White [Image by eXputer]
  • Reward:  Dexterity +2

The Altar is on the northeastern side of the Forsaken Quarry Dungeon. The statue is on the narrow path that leads to the hot springs geysers.

Shivering Wilds

Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith Location
Shivering Wilds [Screenshot grab: eXputer]
  • Reward: Willpower +2

The Shivering Wilds Altar is on the east of the Immortal Emanation Dungeon, on the south side of the icy river.

Shivering Wilds II

  • Reward:  Murmuring Obols Max +5

You can find the Shivering Wilds Altar on the southeastern part of the Tundra zone, near the Malnok stronghold that leads to the Gale Valley.

Gale Valley Altar

The Altars of the Gale Valley zone are in the following locations. 

Zeleny Lowlands

  • Reward: Dexterity +2

The Altar is near the broken bridge of Zeleny Lowlands, near the narrow path that leads to the river. 

Trekker’s Nook

Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith Locations
Trekkers Nook [Screenshot grab: eXputer]
  • Reward: Intelligence +2

The Trekker’s Nook Alter is located near the small town of Yelesna, where the waterfall is situated.  

Tsepilova Pond

  • Reward: Willpower +2

You can find the Alter on the northern side of the pond, near the town of Yelesna.

Seat Of The Heavens Altar

The Altars of Seat of the Heavens zone are in the following locations.

Sinner’s Pass

  • Reward: Dexterity +2

Head to the northern side of Hoarfrost Dungeon by following the main path that leads to the Kor Valar to find the Altar on your way. 

Fields of Judgement

  • Reward: Intelligence +2

You can find several circular chasms on the left side of the College of Light event area. Cross the largest chasm on the eastern side to reach the Altar of Lilith.  

Serac Rapture

Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith Statue
Serac Rapture [Image by eXputer]
  • Reward: Strength +2

This Altar is also near the College of Light event area near the mountainside. As you cross the Alabaster Monastery cliff, you can come across the Altar.

Event Alters

In Diablo 4, each event area usually has an altar somewhere near it. You can visit the Alter before visiting the event to get some additional stat buff. You can find the event Altars at the following locations.

Kor Dragan Stronghold

  • Reward: Willpower +2

Once you are in the Kor Dragan event area, head to the ramparts to find a small entrance near it. There, you can spot the Lilith statue. 

Nostava Stronghold

  • Reward: Intelligence +2

In the Nostrava stronghold event area, look for a large tavern that leads to a dead end with a breakable wall, destroy the wall, and crouch across it to find the Altar.

Malnok Stronghold

  • Reward: Strength +2

Malnok Stronghold Altar can be accessed during the Malnok event. Once you’re in the region, go to the frozen building that is sealed due to freezing ice on its entrances. Hit the ice to break it and get inside the building to find the Lilith Statue.

What Is The Purpose Of The Altar Of Lilith Statues?

In my experience, each Altar Of Lilith Statues sculpture rewards you with different types of perks, depending on the one you’re using. Once you unlock an Altar of Lilith, it will automatically get marked on the map, and you can visit it whenever you want. 

The Lilith statues grant different buffs that include:

  • +2 Strength
  • +2 Dexterity
  • +8 HP increment
  • +2 Willpower
  • +2 Intelligence
  • +5 additional Obol capacity

Other than the stats perk, the statues also help you upgrade your Renown level. So, if you want to boost your Renown progression, investing more time in discovering all the altars is worth the time and effort. 

That concludes my guide on the Altar of Lilith locations. There’s still much more to explore in the game, such as taming a wolf pet or learning about the different editions. If you want to get better at the game, make sure to learn about Diablo 4: All Classes and go through the Beginners Guide.

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