Diablo 4 BEST Assassin Build [Skills, Class & Items]

Dominate your foes using the best and strongest Diablo 4 Assassin Build using the most appropriate skills and passives of the Rogue Class!

The Assassin is one of the best and most well-known DPS classes in Diablo 4. Although the Assassin class was replaced in Diablo 4, you can still recreate the same playstyle using the strongest Diablo 4 Assassin build.

Important: The build focuses on replicating the Assassin class through the Rogue class, thus named the Rogue Assassin build. 

Best Assassin Build

Best Assassin Build To Dominate The Combat In Diablo 4.

The following is an overview of the strongest Diablo 4 Assassin Build, in my opinion:

Skill TreeSuggested Skill
Basic Skills-Invigorating Strike
Core Skills-Flurry
-Twisting Blades
-Siphoning Strikes
Agility Skills-Shadow Step
-Weapon Mastery
Subterfuge Skills-Concealment
-Poison Trap
-Smoke Grenade
-Mending Obscurity
Imbuement Skills-Shadow Imbuement
-Precision Imbuement
Ultimate Skills-Shadow Clone
-Trap Mastery
-Adrenaline Rush
Aspects-Cheat's Aspect
-Bladedancer's Aspect
-Aspect of Unstable Imbuements
Specialization-Combo Points
Important Stats-Dexterity
Best ForBest Assassin Build To Dominate The Combat In Diablo 4.
  • Why I Chose This: I chose the Rogue build to replicate the Assassin build as it is the closest class to do so, and with this build, I managed to dominate the combat in-game. 
  • High DPS.
  • High movement speed and energy regeneration. 
  • Focuses on dual wielding for more damage. 
  • Features some great traps.
  • Isn’t friendly for beginners. 
  • Not as good as the original class.

Best Rogue Assassin Skills

There are six different skill trees for the Rogue Assassin build. Considering that the Rogue class is quite diverse and can have a mixed playstyle ranging from melee to ranged and trap-based, it is vital to choose the relevant skills needed to depict Assassin-styled gameplay.

Basic Skills

best basic skills for the diablo 4 assassin build
Basic Skill tree | image using the Diablo 4 Build Calculator

The Basic Skills tree is the first tree you’ll get to mess around with.

I would recommend using the following skills: 

  • Invigorating Strike: A Basic Cutthroat skill that necessitates dual-wielded weapons and delivers Physical Damage. 

Core Skills

diablo 4 best assassin build
Rogue Assassin Core Skills | Image using the Diablo 4 Build Calculator

Rogue class core skills define your playstyle. For Rogue Assassins, prioritize melee options: Flurry and Twisting Blades.

  • Flurry: A swift, dual-wielding move that costs 25 energy, has a 10% lucky hit chance and deals physical damage.
  • Twisting Blades: A dual-wielded skill costing 30 energy, with a 33% lucky hit chance, dealing physical damage. 

Agility Skills

Agility Skill tree for the strongest Diablo 4 Assassin Build | captured using Diablo 4 Build Calculator

The Agility tree is important for making the Rogue Assassin build work in Diablo 4. It offers abilities that allow you to remain in the dark while dealing more damage and also another ability that resembles the trap abilities that the original Assassin possessed.

  • Shadow Step: An agility-based combat ability particularly tailored for cutthroat characters who prefer dual-wielded weapons.

Subterfuge Node Skills

diablo 4 best assassin build
Subterfuge Skill tree | image using the Diablo 4 Build Calculator

Diablo 4’s Subterfuge Node Skills empower your Assassin Build with stealth and trap abilities.

Focus on these key skills:

  • Concealment: It Offers advanced Stealth with a 20-second cooldown. Also, it grants 4 seconds of undetectable status, even when taking damage, and provides +30% Movement Speed and the ability to move through foes.
  • Poison Trap: It’s a 10-second cooldown subterfuge trap skill with a 20% lucky hit chance. Up to 4 traps can be active simultaneously.
  • Smoke Grenade: A strategic 15-second cooldown ability for close combat. Throws a smoky concoction, causing a 4-second Daze effect on enemies.

Imbuement Skills

best diablo 4 imbuement skills for assassin build
Imbuement Skill Tree | captured using Diablo 4 Build Calculator

The Imbuement node focuses on applying elemental damage to the enemies. You have options between Poison, Cold, and Shadow Damage. Although the traps are more focused on Poison damage, opting for Shadow damage regarding your weapons is more beneficial.

  • Shadow Imbuement: A unique Imbuement ability that brings a distinctive flavor of damage and crowd control to your repertoire. 

Ultimate Skills

strongest diablo 4 best assassin build
Ultimate skill tree for Rogue Assassin | image using the Diablo 4 build calculator

Choosing the right Ultimate Skill is crucial for the best Assassin Build in Diablo 4. There are three main options: Physical Damage, Ranged Damage, or Shadow Damage via a trap. I recommend the Physical Damage ultimate, Shadow Clone. 

  • Shadow Clone: Shadow Clone is ideal for high damage and self-protection, offering a unique tactical advantage in critical encounters.

Best Passive Skills

Passive skill tree for Rogue Assassin

In crafting your Diablo 4 Best Assassin Build, don’t overlook Passive Skills, which complement the Active Skills from each tree.

Here are my recommended Passive Skills for the Rogue Assassin build:

  • Siphoning Strikes: This Core Node passive ability allows you to maintain an offensive stance while regenerating health. This skill is highly effective, given the focus on Critical Strikes in the Assassin build.
  • Concussive: Utilize the Concussive passive ability from the Agility Tree to enhance your Critical Strike Chance against knocked-down enemies by +15% for 5 seconds. This synergizes well with traps like Poison Trap, which can incapacitate multiple foes.
  • Weapon Mastery: Found in the Agility Tree, Weapon Mastery provides damage bonuses to various weapon types. 
  • Mending Obscurity: If you favor Concealment from the Subterfuge tree, Mending Obscurity is a must-have.
  • Exploit: For a more offensive boost, consider the Subterfuge tree’s Exploit passive, which offers an +18% increase in damage against Healthy and Injured enemies at rank 3 of the skill.
  • Precision Imbuement: Regardless of your build, Precision Imbuement from the Imbuement tree is a versatile choice. 
  • Trap Mastery: Given the importance of traps in an Assassin build, the Trap Mastery passive ability is a logical choice.
  • Adrenaline Rush: This skill is especially useful when combined with the Combo Points specialization.

These Passive Skills enhance the effectiveness of your Assassin build, allowing for more strategic and powerful gameplay.

Best Assassin Build Items & Stats

Besides choosing the best active and passive skills for the Rogue Assassin, you can choose other stats and items in Diablo 4 to create a powerful build. These contain things like Aspects, choosing the right stats, and much more.


Code of Aspect for Rogue Assassin

Aspects are crafted through the Codex of Power and can provide useful enhancements to your equipment.

Here are some of the best aspects to use for the build as per my experience in Diablo 4:

  • Cheat’s Aspect: A defensive Aspect allowing you to take less damage from crowd-controlled enemies. 
  • Bladedancer’s Aspect: An offensive aspect that allows the Twisting Blades to orbit around you briefly and damage nearby enemies.
  • Aspect of Unstable Imbuements: Cause an Imbued Explosion each time you use an Imbuement Skill, causing enemies around you to be affected by the Imbuement effects.


Specializations for Rogue Assassin

Your first specialization will be unlocked at level 15. After that, you’ll be able to unlock two more as you level up, but the first available specialization is all that you’ll need for the Rogue Assassin build.

After that, you can opt for Combo Points. It essentially gives your Core Skills more power.

  • You build up combo points by using your basic skills.
  • At a time, you can have a maximum of three combo points.

Once you’ve built up combo points, they can be used alongside your Core Skills to give them more power. 


strongest Diablo 4 assassin build
Stats for the Rogue Assassin

For any class, it is important to upgrade all stats as you level up and progress through the game. But for my Diablo 4 best Assassin build, there are certain attributes and stats you will want to favor more than others while leveling up.

  • Dexterity: The Rogue class is quite low on health, so it is important that you have high dexterity such that you can remain clear of danger.
  • Intelligence: Critical hits are quite an important part of the build, so Intelligence is a good attribute to invest in.
  • Strength: Lastly, as you’ll be relying heavily on melee for damage output, it is also important to invest in strength.

With that, you know everything about my strongest Diablo 4 Assassin Build. While you’re here, consider checking out the different builds, such as the Barbarian Build and the best Twisting Blades Build. Perhaps you might also be interested in checking out all the dungeon locations or best farming spots to look for better loot.

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