Diablo 4: How To Level Up Fast [Top 10 Ways]

Learn how to level up fast using my top 10 techniques and reach max level.

If you want to access better loot or become stronger in general, leveling up fast in Diablo 4 is quite important, even if you don’t know how just yet. But by using my techniques, you’ll be able to easily gain a good amount of XP and reach the max level in no time!

Key Takeaways
  • There are 10 best ways to level up fast in Diablo 4.
  • Players should kill strong enemies at higher difficulty levels while using Elixirs and XP boost.
  • Do side quests, side dungeons, and strongholds.
  • Do not forget about Renown Rewards, Campaign Completion, Activate Obelisks, and World Events

1- Kill Every Enemy

Killing enemies to level up fast in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, level up quickly by defeating foes in Sanctuary. Engage with wolves, skeletons, and other creatures for valuable XP based on enemy strength.

  • Weaker enemies yield less XP (10% below your level, 20% for two levels below, and 30% for three or more).
  • Stronger foes offer a boost (15% above, 20% for two levels higher, and 25% for three or more).

I would recommend defeating enemies you can beat quickly, as I did the same. Also, I played the game with my friends as it also gave me a boost. Staying close to another player gives a 5% XP increase (10% when grouped).

2- Playing At A Higher World Tier

diablo 4 how to level up fast
Different Difficulties [image by eXputer]

In Diablo 4, your chosen World Tier affects enemies, loot quality, and XP gain, with four levels:

  • Adventurer
  • Veteran
  • Nightmare
  • Torment.
  • As you increase difficulty, XP bonuses grow (20% for Veteran, 100% for Nightmare, and 200% for Torment).

Access to higher tiers opens as you reach level 50 and complete the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon. Consider your character’s strength when choosing difficulty, as higher tiers offer more XP but tougher enemies.

3- Use Elixirs

Alchemist for XP Elixirs [captured by eXputer]

In the dynamic world of Diablo 4, elixirs offer an underutilized strategy for leveling up fast. Alchemists craft these elixirs with specific ingredients to align with your build and boost your experience during raids or world events.

  • To unlock the Alchemist merchant, reach level 10 in Diablo 4.
  • The Alchemist in Kyovashad upgrades Healing Potions and enables the crafting of Elixirs that boost various stats, with a common trait of a 5% experience increase for 30 minutes.

Crafting XP-boosting Elixirs is simple; gather plant materials like Gallowvines, Biteberries, and Howler Moss during your exploration and return to Kyovashad to make them. Elixirs offer a consistent 5% XP boost for 30 minutes.

4- Completing Side Quests

diablo 4 leveling up fast
Example of side quest [screenshot by eXputer]
  • Doing side quests between main story missions speeds up leveling.
  • Outposts in Diablo 4 are hubs for various tasks, from foraging to monster hunts.
  • Some characters, like Sister Octavia in Kyovashad, give multiple tasks.
  • Rewards aren’t limited to XP; they lead to areas with tough enemies and bosses.

5- Completing Side Dungeons And Strongholds

diablo 4 how to level up fast
Example of side dungeon [image by eXputer]

In Diablo 4, Side Dungeons and Strongholds act as potent sources of rewards, enriching your character with Aspects and unique enchantments that can be used with any character in your account. 

  • Clearing dungeons grants XP and high-tier loot, preparing your character for any encounter.
  • Locations like Anica’s Claim and Rimescar Cavern in the Fractured Peaks are ideal for grinding.
  • Each region in Diablo 4 has preset Strongholds marked with a red skull on the map.
  • Some Strongholds, like Kor Draga in the Fractured Peaks, offer XP-enhancing buffs. 

6- Renown Rewards

Renown Rewards attained [captured by us]
In Diablo 4, Renown tracks your progress. Completing tasks like side quests and dungeons earns Renown, with significant XP rewards at higher World Tiers. Explore and complete Side Quests, Dungeons, and Strongholds to gain Renown.

  • Each region has five reward cards; the last two unlock at World Tier 3 (Nightmare difficulty).
  • Reaching World Tier 3 requires completing the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon on Veteran.

Earn Renown by discovering new areas, Waypoints, and Altars of Lilith statues. Advancing through Renown tiers grants skill points, potions, and gold, with a valuable XP boost.

7- Completing The Campaign

how to level up fast in diablo 4
Campaign Cutscene [image by eXputer]
  • In Diablo 4, quests are your main source of XP.
  • Quest level requirements increase as your character levels up, ensuring consistent XP rewards.
  • Seek out quest givers in towns and settlements marked by a (!) sign.
  • Finishing the campaign at the initial World Tier gets you to around level 40 in Diablo 4.

8- Activate Obelisks

how to level up fast in Diablo 4
Activating Obelisks for XP [screenshot by us]

As you delve into the vast world of Diablo 4, journeying through the open expanses or excavating the dungeons beneath Sanctuary, you’re bound to encounter shrines that adorn your path. 

  • These stone tablets come in seven different variants, each bestowing a 30-second buff.
  • Shrines such as the Artillery Shrine, Blast Wave Shrine, Conduit Shrine, and Lethal Shrine turn you into a force to be reckoned with. 
  • Activating these shrines leads to swift kills and accelerates your XP earning rate.
  • These obelisks’ benefits can make your character virtually invincible.

9- World Events

Local and world events, along with unique sites like the Tree of Whispers and Helltide areas, are all around the map and are perhaps a great way to level up fast in Diablo 4.

  • These events typically pit you against hordes of adversaries, providing ample opportunities to gain XP rapidly. 
  • They also act as player magnets, attracting a host of other players seeking the same XP acceleration. 

10- XP Boosts

An essential aspect of swiftly leveling up in Diablo 4 involves utilizing experience boosts, or XP boosts. 

  • These boosts usually materialize as Shrines that, once activated, enhance your XP gain for a short duration. 
  • Capitalizing on the period is important by eliminating as many adversaries as possible. 
  • The strategic use of these buffs can greatly amplify your XP accumulation.

I would recommend using XP boost before starting leveling up, as it doesn’t require much.

With that, you know the best ways for Diablo 4 how to level up fast! You can use multiple methods and switch between them if you ever get bored of one. I personally liked using XP boosts and killing enemies alongside friends in a hire-tier world.

And if you ever get bored, you can explore other things in Diablo 4, such as discovering the Watchman’s Key or getting the Penitent Greaves. You can also strengthen your character through different items like the Aspect of Disobedience!

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