Diablo 4: How To Level Up Fast [Top 11 Ways]

Learn how to level up fast in Diablo 4 using the most effective methods so that you can reach the max level in no time!

If you want to access better loot or just become stronger in general, then leveling up fast in Diablo 4 is quite important, even if you don’t know how just yet. But by using the following techniques, you’ll be able to gain a good amount of XP with ease and reach the max level in no time!

Key Takeaways

11 Best Methods to Level Up Fast in Diablo 4:

  1. Kill every enemy: Killing enemies that are stronger than you can give you up to a 25% XP boost.
  2. Play at higher difficulties: You can get up to a 200% boost in XP by playing at the highest difficulty.
  3. Use Elixirs: Craft and use Elixirs that provide a 5% XP boost for 30 minutes, aiding faster leveling.
  4. Playing With Friends: Play in multiplayer mode for a bonus XP boost up to 10%, speeding up leveling.
  5. Completing Side Quests: Undertake side quests for substantial XP boosts and valuable gold rewards.
  6. Completing Side Dungeons And Strongholds: Conquer Side Dungeons and Strongholds for immense XP gains and exclusive loot.
  7. Renown Rewards: Participate in various activities to gain Renown and claim XP bonus rewards for faster level progression.
  8. Completing Campaign: Fulfill quests, especially main quests, for consistent and high XP gains leading to steady leveling.
  9. Activate Obelisks: Engage with shrines to receive powerful, temporary buffs that facilitate quicker kills and increased XP gain.
  10. World Events: Participate in local and world events for rapid XP accumulation and an interactive community experience.
  11. XP Boosts: Strategically use XP boosts from Shrines to engage in intense combat and exponentially increase your XP earnings.

Kill Every Enemy

Killing enemies to level up fast in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 offers effective strategies for leveling up swiftly by eliminating foes encountered in the difficult Sanctuary.

Engage with adversaries, including wolves, skeletons, and other menacing creatures, as each defeated enemy grants valuable experience points (XP), directly enhancing your character’s power.

XP earned depends on the enemy’s strength. Weaker foes yield reduced XP, with a 10% decrease for enemies one level below you, 20% for those two levels below, and 30% for those three or more levels below your character.

Stronger foes offer an XP boost, with a 15% increase for enemies one level above you, 20% for those two levels higher, and 25% for those three or more levels higher. Targeting these formidable foes accelerates character progression.

While fast travel is efficient in Diablo 4, walking between quests is beneficial for faster leveling, allowing you to encounter and defeat more demons, thereby accumulating experience points quickly.

Playing At A Higher World Tier

diablo 4 how to level up fast
Different Difficulties [image by eXputer]

The World Tier or difficulty level you select in Diablo 4 significantly influences your game experience and leveling speed. 

  • Your choice determines the strength, density, and resilience of the enemies you face. 
  • More importantly, it also governs the quality of the loot you receive and the experience points (XP) you accrue. 
  • As the difficulty escalates, so do the potential rewards, thus creating a balance between challenge and gain.

Diablo 4 boasts four difficulty levels: 

  • Adventurer, Veteran, Nightmare, and Torment. 
  • Adventurer, the lowest tier, offers a base XP amount per monster killed. 
  • However, as you ascend the difficulty ranks, your XP earnings increase exponentially, with a 20% bonus for the Veteran level, a 100% bonus for Nightmare, and a massive 200% bonus for Torment. 
  • Initially, only the Adventurer and Veteran difficulties are accessible until you reach level 50 and complete the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon. 
  • With its 20% XP boost, the Veteran tier may seem appealing from the outset. 
  • If you’re confident in your character’s power and abilities, opting for such higher difficulty can enhance your overall XP gain from monster slaying.
  • However, if you aim to level up rapidly without distractions or impediments, consider your power level carefully before opting for higher difficulties. 
  • The XP boost on Veteran might be attractive, but tougher enemies take longer to defeat. 
  • If you lack formidable gear or haven’t optimized your skill build yet, you might find it more effective to play on Adventurer. 
  • The tier offers lower XP per monster, but the faster progression through the story might compensate for that.

You’ll have to experiment around as you play Diablo 4. If you find the going tough on Veteran, dropping to Adventurer can help you progress through the early game more swiftly, preventing any hurdles that might slow down your leveling journey.

  • Remember, Diablo 4 adjusts its difficulty level dynamically with you, ensuring that you always face enemies at a similar level to you and other players in your session.

Use Elixirs

Alchemist for XP Elixirs [captured by eXputer]

In the dynamic world of Diablo 4, elixirs offer an underutilized strategy for leveling up fast. 

  • An array of these elixirs, each providing unique bonuses, can be crafted by Alchemists using various ingredients scattered throughout Sanctuary. 
  • These ingredients align with your specific Diablo 4 build and, when mixed, form potions that can boost your experience gained during dungeon raids or world events.

Unlocking the Alchemist merchant becomes possible when you reach level 10 in Diablo 4.

  • Located in Kyovashad, the Alchemist upgrades your Healing Potions and enables you to craft Elixirs that boost various stats. 
  • Each Elixir in Diablo 4 serves a distinct purpose; for example, one might bolster your Armor, while another could enhance your Dodge chance. 
  • Yet, they all share one common trait: all Elixirs increase your experience points by 5% for a period of 30 minutes.

Crafting these XP-boosting Elixirs is a straightforward task in Diablo 4, ensuring that the 5% XP boost remains an accessible advantage. 

  • You’ll need to collect commonplace plant materials found during your explorations. 
  • Resources like Gallowvines, Biteberries, and Howler Moss form the basis for your Elixirs. 
  • As you traverse the vast landscapes completing content, gather these plants and return to Kyovashad to concoct XP-enhancing Elixirs.

While using Elixirs might appear a simplistic strategy, their efficacy lies in offering a small but consistent XP boost for half an hour. 

  • This advantage proves particularly useful in Dungeons or Strongholds, where hordes of enemies await. 
  • By leveraging Elixirs, you can amplify the returns on your efforts, ensuring that no matter the variation of Elixir, your experience points always get a beneficial uplift.

Playing With Friends

how to level up fast in diablo 4 XP
Playing along with friends to level up fast in Diablo 4 [image by eXputer]

If you want to know how to level up fast in Diablo 4, then playing with friends is one of your best options.

  • Blizzard, aiming to inspire collective gameplay, offers an incentive for players who choose to navigate the perils of Sanctuary together: an XP boost. 
  • When you delve into the multiplayer aspect of Diablo 4, a notable increase in XP awaits you. 
  • You receive an XP boost whenever you encounter and engage in combat with a fellow player in the overworld. 
  • But the boost doubles if you form a party, amplifying your leveling speed. 
  • If you maintain proximity to another player, regardless of whether you stumbled upon them during your explorations or purposefully sought them out, a 5% XP increase is yours. 
  • But, by grouping up, the XP bonus leaps to 10%.

The bonus increase does not stack, meaning the total bonus caps at 10%, not an additional 10% atop the initial 5%. 

  • Yet, the 10% increase to your XP gain doesn’t necessitate a hike in difficulty, making it a substantial advantage. 
  • Additionally, multiplayer in Diablo 4 often simplifies gameplay as more roles are covered within your group. 
  • For instance, a party comprising a Barbarian and a Rogue can vanquish demons more swiftly, with the Rogue’s crowd control effects amplifying the Barbarian’s prowess. 
  • Such synergy equates to swifter completion of quests and dungeons, in turn accelerating your XP accumulation.

Joining forces with other adventurers in Diablo 4’s multiplayer mode can be strategic. 

  • Not only does it aid in defeating more formidable foes, but it also garners an additional party XP bonus. 
  • Even if you aren’t locked in combat alongside your allies, the party XP benefit applies to all when members complete quests or dispatch enemies. 
  • This feature is a great way to gain passive levels while contributing to the shared combat efforts.

Completing Side Quests

diablo 4 leveling up fast
Example of side quest [screenshot by eXputer]

As you traverse the Diablo 4 landscape, you’ll inevitably stumble upon side quests and dungeons dotting the map. 

  • These optional activities are not overlooked, yielding large amounts of XP and gold. 
  • It’s advisable to tackle these between main story missions to expedite your Diablo 4 leveling journey. 

In the vast realm of Diablo 4, every outpost is teeming with individuals needing assistance. 

  • These requests range from foraging tasks in the wilderness to demanding the decapitation of a fearsome beast. 
  • Certain characters, such as Sister Octavia, located on Kyovashad’s eastern side, might even provide you with multiple tasks. 
  • Accomplishing these side missions offers a substantial XP boost, enabling faster leveling.

The rewards from these side quests and dungeons aren’t confined to completion XP. 

  • Many of them will thrust you into regions filled with enemies, including formidable elite foes and bosses. 
  • These adversaries prove more challenging than the typical demon you encounter in the open world, but defeating them yields a greater XP return. 

It might be tempting to focus solely on the primary campaign, eager to conclude the narrative involving angels and demons. 

  • But if your goal is outpacing your friends in the leveling race, you’ll want to expand the quest repertoire in your log. 
  • Side quests offer not only a path of war strewn with enemies ripe for XP harvest but also tend to be quick to complete. 

Completing Side Dungeons And Strongholds

diablo 4 how to level up fast
Example of side dungeon [image by eXputer]

In Diablo 4, Side Dungeons and Strongholds act as potent sources of rewards, enriching your character with Aspects, and unique enchantments that can be used with any character in your account. 

  • These dungeons are notoriously challenging, filled with creatures, and ending with an epic boss battle
  • If you band together with friends, tackling these dungeons one after the other can yield swift level progression.
  • Your efforts in clearing these dungeons reap dual benefits – not only do you earn XP, but you also amass high-tier loot. 
  • The result is a formidable character that’s prepared for any encounter. 

Dungeons sprinkled across the map house permanent rewards, some of which are exclusive to certain character classes

  • Therefore, it’s beneficial to clear as many as possible, prioritizing those that align with your character build and playing style. 
  • Certain dungeons yield rewards that facilitate a smoother leveling journey.
  • Locations such as Anica’s Claim and Rimescar Cavern in the Fractured Peaks, conveniently located near vendors, make an ideal grind route. 

Every region in Diablo 4 is studded with a preset number of Strongholds, marked by a red skull on the map. 

  • Conquering these Strongholds bestows upon you a substantial XP reward. 
  • Beyond XP, Strongholds offer further benefits, such as unlocking new Waypoints, Dungeons, and Events. 
  • You’ll also receive 100 Renown points
  • Some Strongholds, like Kor Draga in the Fractured Peaks, come with a stackable buff that enhances the XP gained from enemy kills. 
  • Therefore, seizing the buff before venturing into other regions is advisable.

Renown Rewards

Renown Rewards attained [captured by us]

Diablo 4 monitors your progress in each map region by Diablo 4, amassing what is termed as Renown as you complete various tasks such as side quests and dungeons. 

  • As you attain particular Renown thresholds, you become eligible to receive rewards. 
  • Of these, the Bonus XP reward stands out as substantial, facilitating quicker level progression. 
  • However, remember that higher-tier rewards demand gameplay at elevated World Tiers.

For you to gain sufficient Renown to avail of every XP bonus, engaging in as many optional activities as possible within the world of Diablo 4 becomes necessary.

  • These activities range from merely strolling around to uncover new areas, which reward you with 5 Renown points for each area discovered, to accomplishing Side Quests, Dungeons, and Strongholds. 
  • The latter set of activities grants 20, 30, and 100 Renown, respectively. 
  • Each region provides five reward cards you can claim as your Renown increases. 
  • However, remember that the final two cards can only be claimed once you reach World Tier 3, represented as the Nightmare difficulty.
  • This level escalates the strength of your foes to between levels 50 and 70. 
  • To access the challenging tier, you must complete the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon on Veteran. 
  • So, when you roll a new character, don’t feel rushed to pursue Renown rewards instantly.

Other ways to earn Renown include discovering new areas, opening Waypoints, and locating all Diablo 4 Altars of Lilith statues.

  •  Progressing through all five Renown tiers will yield skill points, potion charges, and gold. 
  • But the true gem among these rewards is the sizable bonus XP boost.

Your best strategy is to embrace every distraction you encounter while traversing between campaign missions. In doing so, you enrich your character’s abilities and resources and significantly expedite your level progression through the bonus XP rewards from Renown.

Completing The Campaign

how to level up fast in diablo 4
Campaign Cutscene [image by eXputer]

In Diablo 4, quests stand as a prime conduit for amassing XP. 

  • Whether it’s the main, side, or even bounty quests, each offers bountiful XP rewards. 
  • In reality, the act of completing quests surfaces as the most effective method to level up in Diablo 4 steadily. 
  • The compelling aspect here is that as your character levels up, the level requirement of quests also escalates. 
  • Consequently, you’re always assured of a generous helping of XP upon completion. 

You’ll want to heed the quest givers dispersed throughout Sanctuary and ensure that every quest you encounter is fulfilled to maximize your XP gains. 

  • These quest givers are typically located in towns and settlements, marked by a distinct (!) sign. 
  • While side quests are optional, they embody the optimal approach to enhance your character’s level and secure some high-grade loot.
  • Advancing through the main campaign serves as a consistent guide for steady progress. 
  • It’s not just a narrative of an ascendant hillside. It’s also meticulously designed to progressively acquaint you with Diablo 4’s fundamental systems, unveil all segments of the Diablo 4 map, and guide you through the initial leveling stage. 
  • If you manage to conclude the campaign on the initial World Tier of difficulty with minimal diversions, you should round off Act 5 at approximately level 40 in Diablo 4. 
  • However, with a few facile adjustments to your gameplay, you can escalate the level even higher.

Activate Obelisks

how to level up fast in Diablo 4
Activating Obelisks for XP [screenshot by us]

As you delve into the vast world of Diablo 4, journeying through the open expanses or excavating the dungeons beneath Sanctuary, you’re bound to encounter shrines that adorn your path. 

  • These stone tablets come in seven different variants, each bestowing a 30-second buff to assist your demon-slaying endeavors, making them significantly more manageable.
  • Shrines such as the Artillery Shrine, Blast Wave Shrine, Conduit Shrine, and Lethal Shrine turn you into a force to be reckoned with. 
  • Activating these shrines leads to swift kills and accelerates your XP earning rate. 
  • Therefore, when you chance upon these shrines during your travels, always make it a point to activate them. 
  • These transient power-ups can significantly affect your leveling speed in Diablo 4. 
  • These obelisks’ benefits can make your character virtually invincible, facilitating a more efficient demon-hunting experience and quicker level-ups.

World Events

Local and world events, along with unique sites like the Tree of Whispers and Helltide areas, are all around the map and are perhaps a great way to level up fast in Diablo 4.

  • These events typically pit you against hordes of adversaries, providing ample opportunities to gain XP rapidly. 
  • They also act as player magnets, attracting a host of other players seeking the same XP acceleration, thereby augmenting the overall experience reward. 
  • Engaging in these events not only hastens your leveling speed but also serves as a means to interact with the larger Diablo 4 community.

XP Boosts

An essential aspect to swiftly level up in Diablo 4 involves utilizing experience boosts, or XP boosts. 

  • These boosts usually materialize as Shrines that, once activated, enhance your XP gain for a short duration. 
  • It’s important to capitalize on the period by engaging in high-intensity combat, eliminating as many adversaries as possible. 
  • The strategic use of these buffs can greatly amplify your XP accumulation, significantly hastening your progress within Diablo 4.


With that, you know the best ways for Diablo 4 how to level up fast! You can use multiple methods and switch between if you ever get bored of one. But the most important part of it all is to enjoy the process while you grind for XP! 

And if you ever get bored, you can explore other things in Diablo 4, such as discovering the Watchman’s Key or getting the Penitent Greaves. You can also strengthen your character through different items like the Aspect of Disobedience!

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