Diablo 4: The BEST DPS Class [Pros, Cons & Abilities]

The BEST DPS class in Diablo 4 focuses on classes that can deal the most serious damage to the enemies, so here is our ranking!

The wait is over, and Diablo 4 of the Diablo series is finally here! Once again, you can now take on the role of a hero. And you will be battling against the forces of evil in a dark and dangerous World. So, for that, you will need Diablo 4 Best DPS Class. The key stats that we will discuss are damage, movement, and skills each class possesses to make a fair comparison.

IMPORTANT: This rating is based on each class’ ability to deal damage, and it suits best the players who have an aggressive playstyle.
Key Takeaways
  • The Diablo 4 Best DPS Class focuses on classes that can deal the most serious damage to enemies.
  • Although Necromancer is a good class in the early game due to minions, they tend to perform poorly when you reach mid or late-game.
  • Druid has high health and low movement speed, which makes it optimal for tank purposes rather than a high DPS class.
  • The Barbarian Class do have good attacking abilities, but their playstyle does not suit them for a DPS class role.
  • The second-ranked in the Diablo 4 Best DPS Class is the Sorcerer class. They fight from range and cast elemental magic such as lighting, cold, and fire.
  • The best DPS Class overall is Rogue, mainly due to its melee and ranged attacks. Their movement is great, and they win the fights strategically using skills like Shadow Step and Poison Trap.

Best Diablo 4 DPS Class

ClassPrimary StatStrengthsWeaknessesStarting StatClass Resource
RogueDexterityHigh single-target damage, high mobility, good crowd control, melee and ranged attacksLow health, difficult to masterStrength: 7
Willpower: 8
Intelligence: 7
Dexterity: 10
SorcererIntelligenceHigh AoE damage, powerful crowd control, good survivabilitySlow movement speed, limited single-target damage, poor mana managementStrength: 7
Willpower: 8
Intelligence: 10
Dexterity: 7

Best DPS Class Overview

Each class has its unique playstyle and abilities. Therefore, before you pick the best class for yourself, you must factor in their fighting style, starting stats, class resources, and playstyle to pick the one that suits you best.

However, not every player needs to pick the same class, especially if they aim to play PvPs. Therefore, if you find yourself in a team deathmatch or capture the flag in Diablo 4, you must pick a class strategically. But for now, our focus will be mainly on the Diablo 4 Best DPS Class that you can pick. So, you will be able to maximize your damage while fighting against hordes of enemies.

Among the five classes of Diablo 4, there are only two classes that focus mainly on damage. They are Sorcerer and Rogue. The Barbarian class does have good damaging abilities like Raging Berserker, which increases its damage. However, the movement speed of Barbarian is slow, and it is better to use it as a tank instead.

The Necromancer class takes significant time in cooldowns. Also, it has low mobility, and its minion becomes ineffective in later stages. Lastly, Druid is mainly a tank class due to high health, its class build needs to be changed as you progress through Worlds, so it is difficult to master. Moreover, it has no ranged attacks, low mobility, difficulty in leveling up, and high dependency on gear.

2. Sorcerer

BEST DPS Class in Diablo 4: Sorcerer
The Sorcerer Class in Diablo 4 [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
OverviewMost simple and plain form of Magical DPS
Fighting StyleElemental Magic, consists of lightning, cold, and fire spells
Starting StatsStrength: 7
Willpower: 8
Intelligence: 10
Dexterity: 7
Most Important Stat To LevelIntelligence
Class ResourceMana

The second-best DPS class in Diablo 4 is the Sorcerer, which is easy to learn and can provide deadly blows from a range. It has strong spell combos that will not think twice before turning your enemy into pieces. During Diablo 4’s beta, the Fireball and Ball Lightning abilities, along with Fireball’s Enchantment effect, were the most popular ones.

With time, more builds for the Sorcerer are coming up that focus on increasing the damage. However, the main reason why Sorcerer does not make it to the top is that it has a limited range. It focuses mainly on AOE attacks, which are only good for ranged attacks. If the enemies do melee attacks, Sorcerer will also struggle because of slower movement than Rogue.

High Damage Dealing Abilities

  • Blizzard
  • Meteor Shower
  • Fireball
  • Ball Lightning 

Blizzard is a frosty skill that deals AOE damage. Meteor Shower has the opposite element but technically works similarly. Fireball and Ball Lightning deal intensive damage, and they are AOE as well. Apart from spells, you can also use Sorcerer’s damage-dealing abilities, such as Piercing Bolt, Scorching Ray, Arcane Torrent, and Wave of Force to deal effective damage.


  • Long-range damage
  • Variety of spells
  • Versatile playstyle
  • Good Mobility


  • Cannot withstand heavy damages
  • Poor Mana management
  • Requires heavy gear

1. Rogue

BEST DPS Class in Diablo 4: Rogue
The BEST DPS Class in Diablo 4 [Image Captured by eXputer]
OverviewExcelling at Melee and Ranged fights, Rogues have great movement and excel at at single-target damage
Fighting StyleNon-magical ranged and melee weapons such as bow and sword
Starting StatsStrength: 7
Willpower: 8
Intelligence: 7
Dexterity: 10
Most Important Stat to LevelDexterity
Class ResourceEnergy

There is no doubt that Rogue is the best DPS class in Diablo 4 due to its high damage stats. Apart from having the best damage stats, Rogue can perform from long-range and through melee attacks. Rogues are also known for their agility and mobility. It allows you to move faster in combat to save yourself from an enemy herd or take advantage of repositioning.

When you find yourself up against a herd of enemies, it will be no issue for you as a Rogue. With the Crowd Control ability, you can keep the enemies at bay and have the upper hand in a fight. Apart from that, you will also benefit from burst damage and damage over time effects.

High Damage Dealing Abilities

  • Rapid Fire
  • Twisting Blades
  • Shadow Step 
  • Poison Trap

Rapid Fire is a long-range skill allowing you to fire a rapid stream of arrows toward your enemies. The duration of the attack is less, but the damage is high. For melee attack, the Twisting Blades skill will let you stab your enemy and send a flurry of blades going back at them, dealing damage to multiple enemies.

Apart from other damage-dealing abilities, Rogue also has traps and the ability to teleport. With Shadow Step, you can easily teleport behind an enemy while stunning them, so you can play it safe and deal more damage. On the other hand, if you see enemies flanking you again and again. You can place a Poison Trap that deals poisonous damage to the enemy who walks over it.


  • Deals massive damage from close and long ranges
  • High mobility
  • Versatile Gameplay
  • Crowd Control abilities


  • Low health pool
  • Difficult to master
  • Requires constant repositioning to stay alive

All in all, Rogue is the best-ranked DPS of the five classes in Diablo 4, mainly because of its ability to deal with long-range and melee attacks. It is important to remember that Diablo 4 is not all about dealing with damage. Hence, if your playstyle is a bit different, then perhaps you should try other classes in Diablo 4 as well.

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