How To Solve The Note’s Riddle In Diablo 4

The Secret of the Spring sidequest requires us to solve the note's riddle which is a puzzle in the Fractured Peaks region of Diablo 4.

The Note’s riddle is a puzzle that you can encounter and solve in the Secret of the Spring side quest in Diablo 4. This sidequest can be started in the Fractured Peaks region near Kyovashad. It is an early-game sidequest additionally with good enough rewards.

Key Takeaways
  • Solving the note’s riddle in Diablo 4 is part of the Secret of the Spring side quest.
  • This side quest can be started after finding the crumpled note located northeast of Kyovashad.
  • Kyovashad is a major city in the Fractured Peaks region additionally.
  • After finding the note, head towards the nearest spring which is located north of where you found the note.
  • Defeat all enemies near the spring before solving the riddle.
  • Next, open up your emote wheel and equip the Wait emote to one of the slots.
  • Use the Wait emote near the spring to solve the riddle.
  • A treasure chest will appear after solving the riddle, and you will obtain gold and XP additionally.
Important: You’ll need to find the crumpled note with the riddle before you can solve the puzzle at the spring.

How To Find The Note’s Riddle

solve the notes riddle diablo 4
Location Of The Note With The Riddle (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

As you can see by the image I provided above, the crumpled note can be found northeast of Kyovashad and is quite near it. You’ll need to pick up that note first to start the Secret of the Spring side quest. Additionally, the riddle can only be read once you find the note at the location shown in the image above.

solve the notes riddle diablo 4
Reading The Riddle On The Crumpled Note (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

When you interact with the note found on the ground, a riddle will be shown on the screen. According to the riddle, you’ll need to find a warm area in the cold mountains, and it also tells us to showcase patience at that location. However, to solve this riddle, you’ll need to move to another location that is not that far, in my opinion, so that’s a relief.

Solving The Riddle

solve the notes riddle diablo 4
Location Of The Spring In Diablo 4 (Image Captured by eXputer)

You’ll need to make your way to the nearest spring to solve the riddle in Diablo 4. Don’t worry, though, as the spring is close to the location where you found the note with the riddle. Just make your way to the location shown in the image I’ve given above, which is just a little north of where the note was.

mission in the game
Doing The Wait Emote Near The Spring (Image Captured by Us)

Once you’re near the spring, make sure to defeat all enemies before solving the riddle. The solution to the riddle is related to doing an emote. You’ll need to do the Wait emote near the spring, and the puzzle will be solved.

I have listed the steps and rewards below:

  1. Open up your emote wheel by pressing the necessary key bind or controller input.
  2. After you open up the wheel, assign the Wait emote to one of the spots in the wheel.
  3. Then select the Wait emote and use it near the spring.
  4. A treasure chest will pop up, and you can now get the rewards for solving the riddle.
  5. You’ll earn gold and XP by opening up that treasure chest additionally.

This concludes my guide on the note’s riddle puzzle Diablo 4, which you can solve as part of the Secret of the Spring side quest. I have not only entailed the method of starting the side quest but have also explained the complete solution of the riddle in detail. I hope that the guide was helpful in completing the Secret of the Spring side quest. Let me know what you think about Diablo 4 in the comments below!


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