Diablo 4: Closing The Book Quest [Walkthrough]

Discover the intriguing Closing the Book quest, and learn the strategies to overcome challenges, collect hidden treasures, and uncover rich lore.

Closing the Book holds a unique spot in the diverse tapestry of quests within Diablo 4. Traversing the enigmatic terrain of Hawezar’s Dismal Foothills, you’re enticed by an enticing narrative and a promise of generous rewards. Throughout this mission, you’ll delve into the deep backstory of Diablo 4 and unravel the mysteries encapsulated within the ancient, smoldering tomes. With challenging battles and riveting adventures, it provides a fulfilling experience for every player.

Key Takeaways
  • Diablo 4’s “Closing the Book” quest focuses on retrieving lost ledger pages in Hawezar.
  • Start in the Dismal Foothills, meeting Elder Akos for information.
  • Prepare by conquering Eriman’s Pyre stronghold and maintaining gear.
  • Objective: Find four ledger pages hidden within Smoldering Tomes across Eriman’s Pyre.
  • Return these pages to Elder Akos for significant rewards: Experience, Gold, Renown, and a Salvage Cache with crafting materials.
  • Efficient inventory management is crucial due to the collection of various items.
  • Defeat Duz’Agur, the boss, using class abilities and health/mana boosts.
  • Use the Wejinhani Waypoint for faster travel and keep track of portal locations for efficiency.

What Is Closing The Book In Diablo 4? 

Diablo 4 Closing the Book Closing the Book Side Quest
Closing the Book Side Quest (Credit: WoW Quests)

Closing the Book is a noteworthy side quest in Diablo 4 that invites players into a world of hidden lore and potent battles. In the eerie landscapes of Hawezar, the quest is centered around uncovering lost ledger pages within smoldering tomes scattered across Eriman’s Pyre. This quest goes beyond traditional gaming encounters, offering a rich storyline, strategic battles, and captivating explorations.

Locating The Closing the Book Quest

The quest location is no ordinary spot, and It holds numerous secrets that are waiting to be uncovered. Here’s my recommended path to locate the quest:

  1. Hawezar’s Dismal Foothills serves as a vital starting point for the quest.
  2. Utilize the Wejinhani Waypoint for quick access to this area, facilitating easier travel.
  3. Initiate the “Closing the Book” quest by meeting Elder Akos in the Dismal Foothills.
  4. Elder Akos, the quest giver, offers crucial information and tasks players with finding lost ledger pages.
  5. This encounter not only starts the quest but also enriches the narrative and advances the storyline.
Diablo 4 Closing the Book Meeting With Elder Akos
Meeting With Elder Akos [Image Credits: eXputer]
Finding the quest’s location and starting it involves a blend of exploration, interaction, and engagement with Diablo 4’s lore. Navigating through this will undoubtedly enrich the player’s gaming experience.

Preparation For The Quest

The Closing the Book quest significantly emphasizes strategic preparation in Diablo 4. I have included some essential steps you should consider for successful completion:

Conquering Eriman’s Pyre Stronghold

  • The first task in the Closing the Book quest involves overcoming the challenging stronghold of Eriman’s Pyre.
  • This stronghold is known for its formidable foes. Your victory here signifies combat prowess, paving the way for the challenges ahead in the quest.

Repairing Equipment & Stocking Up Items

A crucial part of this preparation is maintaining top-notch gear condition. Some of my suggested tips are:

  • Repair Your Equipment: Any damage to your gear can drastically affect your performance in the quest. Visit the blacksmith and ensure all your equipment is at its best.
  • Accumulate Essential Items: Stockpile on necessary items like healing potions, scrolls, and offensive tools. These can be a game-changer during intense confrontations.

Remember, thorough preparation is key in this quest. Overcoming Eriman’s Pyre Stronghold and ensuring a well-equipped character are the stepping stones to victory in this challenging quest.

Collect The Ledger Pages

The focal point of the quest comes next—unearthing the missing ledger pages. These are situated within Smoldering Tomes strewn across Eriman’s Pyre.

A total of four ledger pages are present. Here’s my process of collecting them:

  • Ledger Page 1: Positioned in the northern segment of Eriman’s Pyre.
  • Ledger Page 2: Placed towards the east from where Ledger Page 1 is situated.
  • Ledger Page 3: Located in the southern region of Eriman’s Pyre.
  • Ledger Page 4: Positioned in the western segment of Eriman’s Pyre.

Finding The Smoldering Tomes

Now, it’s time to reach the quest’s central aspect to discover Smoldering Tomes’s quartet. Let’s individually trace these concealed treasures, and I will be guiding you through this adventure.

Diablo 4 Closing the Book Smoldering Tomes
Smoldering Tomes [Image Credits: eXputer]

First Smoldering Tome

The quest to find the Smoldering Tomes the Closing the Book quest commences by locating the initial tome in the search zone’s southwestern area. This secluded region on the map serves as the location for the first noteworthy item.

These are some of my tips in general that you should bear in mind while traversing through the area:

  • Keep a keen eye on your surroundings, as they may be well-guarded by creatures lurking nearby.
  • Once the area is cleared of threats, your first Smoldering Tome is ready for acquisition.

Second Smoldering Tome 

The second tome in Closing the Book quest isn’t as straightforward as the first. Situated eastward, this tome requires your keen senses for navigation.

Here’s what to remember while navigating the Second Smoldering Tome:

  • Be wary of wandering creatures that could pose threats.
  • With swift and strategic maneuvers, dodge or defeat these threats, securing the second Smoldering Tome.

Third Smoldering Tome

The third Smoldering Tome lies towards the north. An interesting ring formation in the northeastern part of the zone marks its location.

I’ve outlined several potential factors to keep in mind, as listed below:

  • Expect potential enemy encounters in this region.
  • Use your full abilities to overcome them, edging closer to the quest’s completion.

Fourth Smoldering Tome 

In the concluding phase of the treasure hunt within Closing the Book quest, you will be directed to proceed even further north, specifically located just south of the entrance to a dungeon.

Lastly, here’s what to expect in the Fourth Smoldering Tome:

  • Anticipate one last round of enemy encounters.
  • With courage and well-thought-out strategies, overcome this final hurdle.
  • Secure the last Smoldering Tome and revel in the completion of your collection.

Remember, each Smoldering Tome collected is not only a step forward in the Closing the Book quest but also a wealth of knowledge that deepens the world’s lore.

Completing The Closing The Book Quest

Once all Smoldering Tomes have been found, the next steps of the Closing the Book quest involve returning these items to Elder Akos and reaping the rewards. 

Diablo 4 Closing the Book Closing The Book Quest Completed
Closing The Book Quest Completed [Image Credits: eXputer]
After the ledger pages have been collected, I recommend you take the following steps to complete the quest:

  1. With the ledger pages collected, it’s time to make your way back to Elder Akos.
  2. Revisit the Wejinhani Waypoint to fast-travel to Hawezar.
  3. Present the ledger pages to Elder Akos. This will allow him to understand the lore and seal away the spirits tormenting the land.
  4. Completing this portion of the quest ensures peace for Hawezar and grants you access to significant rewards.
  5. Akos rewards you upon quest completion with Experience, Gold, and Renown. You’ll also receive a Salvage Cache containing various valuable crafting materials to enhance your weapons.
Diablo 4 Closing the Book Renown Rewards
Renown Rewards [Image Credits: eXputer]
Remember, careful inventory space management is crucial for this quest, as you will be collecting several items along the way. This epic quest in Diablo 4 allows players to delve into a compelling narrative while combating the dark forces that plague Sanctuary.

Tips & Strategies For The Quest

I have provided a set of tips and strategies to help you navigate through the quest effectively and efficiently:

  1. Prior to facing Duz’Agur at Eriman’s Pyre, devise a well-thought-out strategy. You should utilize class-specific abilities, and health/mana boosts while staying mobile to evade lethal attacks.
  2. Ensure a clear inventory before embarking on the quest to carry essential items without interruptions.
  3. Optimize efficiency by completing multiple objectives in each area before progressing to the next.
  4. Understand the attack patterns of different enemy types in quest areas for effective counters.
  5. When encountering larger enemy groups, leverage environmental hazards or choke points. Employ crowd control abilities for advantageous outcomes.
  6. Utilize the Wejinhani Waypoint for swift travel between main quest locations.
  7. Maintain awareness of portal locations to expedite quest completion and evade potential threats.

As you near the end of this thorough walkthrough, it’s crucial to remember the unique storytelling and gameplay elements in Diablo 4 Closing the Book. The quest’s strategic combat, immersive lore, and engaging exploration combine to create an unforgettable gaming experience.

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