Diablo 4: Gore Soaked Barricade Glitch [FIXED]

You can Fix Diablo 4 Gore Soaked Barricade Glitch by clearing any nearby events, changing world tiers, capping framerate to 1FPS until NPS start shouting, and entering the cave without talking.

Halfway through the “Fury Against Fate” questline, you are tasked with destroying the Gore-soaked Barricade in Diablo 4. However, due to an unforeseen bug, your character won’t be able to destroy the barricade due to Ealda and her companions not following you to the next objective. While there is no official patch by Blizzard Entertainment yet, a few workarounds can be used to complete the questline.

Key Takeaways
  • The gore-soaked Barricade bug occurs during the “Fury Against Fate” questline, causing it to get stuck.
  • There is no official patch by Blizzard Entertainment yet.

The following fixes can be employed to get past Gore-soaked Barricade Diablo 4:

  1. Clearing any nearby events before beginning the quest,
  2. Changing the World Tiers either from the main menu or World Tier statues.
  3. Capping the framerate to 1fps and continuing until the NPCs start shouting.
  4. Enter the cave without talking to Ealda and check if the barricade already has a health bar.
  5. Submit your concerns to Diablo 4 support forums and wait for a patch.

Important: The “Fury Against Fate” questline is unlocked after completing “Consumed by Pride” and “Raising Spears.”

What Is Gore Soaked Barricade In Diablo 4?

Gore-soaked Barricade

After speaking with Ealda at the Crane Tribe Hutmoot settlement, she’ll meet you at Wasting Hollow Dungeon and her followers to lead a charge. Shortly after the charge has begun, you’ll be tasked with destroying the Gore-soaked Barricade to progress further into the dungeon and kill the cannibals residing there.

The quest progress comes to a halt at this exact moment as you’ll notice that Ealda and her companions no longer follow you into the dungeon, making it impossible to destroy the Barricade.

Fixes For Gore Soaked Barricade Glitch

There is no official fix by Blizzard Entertainment; however, I have discovered several workarounds that you can employ to get past this annoying bug and complete the “Fury Against Fate” questline.

Clear Nearby Events

holding your ground
Event – Hold your Ground
  1. In my experience, starting the quest while there is an active event nearby can sometimes cause the quest to get bugged.
  2. Clear any nearby events.
  3. Abandon the quest via the journal.
    removing the quest
    Abandoning the quest from the Journal
  4. Log out and quit Diablo 4.
  5. Restart the game and begin the quest again.

Changing World Tiers

World Tiers
Changing World Tiers
  1. Changing the World Tiers has also reportedly fixed this issue for some users.
  2. To change World Tier, visit any World Tier Statue in the overworld.
  3. If you haven’t found one, there is one located on the northeast of Kyovashad.
  4. Alternatively, World Tiers can also be switched from the main menu as well.
  5. World Tiers are basically the difficulty level you are playing Diablo 4 on.

Limiting The Framerate

  1. According to Redditor ivan2340, limiting framerate can cause the NPCs to get moving and follow you into the dungeon.
  2. To do this, tab out of the Diablo 4 application and set the background fps to 1.
  3. Login outside of the cave and click on the cave entry before tabbing out again.
  4. Wait for everything to load at 1fps.
  5. Start the conversation and then again tab out.
  6. Once the NPCs start shouting, you can continue the quest.

Enter The Cave Without Talking

Speaking with Ealda
  1. Enter the cave without conversing with Ealda.
  2. Attack the Gore soaked Barricade and see if it has a health bar.
  3. If it has, exit the cave, log out of Diablo 4, and wait 10 seconds before logging back in,
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 again until the barricade has no health.
  5. The barricade having a health bar is an indication of the quest being bugged, so you have to repeat the steps until it’s invincible.
  6. Once the health bar is gone, you can go to Ealda and continue the quest.

Contact Official Support

If none of the aforementioned fixes work for you, then as a last resort, I would recommend submitting your report to Blizzard Entertainment. and waiting for the bug to get patched. Diablo 4 bug reports can be submitted on their official Diablo 4 support forums.

To know in advance what skills to go with and how much they cost, learn how to use the Diablo 4 Talent calculator by referring to our guide. For more general tips, why not go through the Beginner’s guide on Diablo 4? This concludes my guide on what is Diablo 4’s Gore soaked Barricade along with all of its possible fixes.


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