Diablo 4: Best Gem For Weapons & How To Get Them

Can't seem to get the most out of your weapons? Why don't you learn about the Best Gems for Weapons in Diablo 4?

Gems are an essential item in Diablo 4 that can grant useful buffs to your equipment. Regarding Weapons, gems mainly focus on increasing a certain kind of damage. Since there are 7 Types in the game, it becomes crucial to get familiar with them to get your hands on Diablo 4 Best Gem for Weapon!

Key Takeaways
  • Gems in Diablo 4 can take your equipment to the next level by adding game-changing buffs.
  • With seven kinds of Gems to choose from, here are some gems you can always rely on regardless of the weapons or build you’re using in Diablo 4.
    • Emerald.
    • Diamond.
    • Amethyst.
    • Sapphire.
    • Topaz.
  • You can find these gems by looting chests or taking down enemies in Diablo 4.
  • Players can further upgrade their gems by taking them to the Jeweler NPC.
  • Each upgrade will cost some Gold and 3 Gems of the prior rarity.

For a quick understanding of the best gems for weapons, I recommend you watch this video:

Best Gems For Weapons In Diablo 4best weapon gems diablo IV

Best Weapons Gems [Screenshot by eXputer]

Here is a quick rundown of the picks for the Best Diablo 4 Weapon Gems:

RankGemWeapon Effect
5TopazEnhances Basic Skill Damage.
4SapphireEnhances Critical Damage to Crowd Control enemies.
3AmethystBoosts Overtime Damage.
2DiamondIncreases Ultimate Skill Damage.
1EmeraldEnhances Critical Damage against Vulnerable enemies.

Diablo 4 has seven Gem types, each with unique effects when applied to equipment. Gems work on Weapons, Armor, and Jewelry, with the Best Weapon Gem elevating your Build, regardless of class.

For Weapons, prioritize Damage Effects, as Gems can be game-changing or have minimal impact. Consider your weapon type and class when choosing Gems.

NOTE: It is crucial to understand that some weapons are locked for specific Diablo 4 classes. For example, the Rogue can only use bows, and Barbarians can use two-handed weapons.

With that said, let’s check out the Diablo 4 Best Gem for Weapon!

1. Emerald

diablo 4 emerald gem
Emerald Gem [Screenshot by eXputer]
Emerald GemCrudeChippedEmeraldFlawlessRoyal
Weapon Effect6% increase in Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies.7.5% increase in Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies.9% increase in Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies.10.5% increase in Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies.12% increase in Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies.
  • 3 Crude Emeralds
  • 4,500 Gold
  • 3 Chipped Emeralds
  • 12,500 Gold
  • 3 Emeralds
  • 18,000 Gold
  • 3 Flawless Emeralds
  • 50,000 Gold

The Emerald Gem enhances weapons, armor, and jewelry, providing a unique advantage: increased damage against Vulnerable enemies.

Vulnerability, a debuff applied by certain class skills like Enhanced Flay for Barbarians and Flickering Frost for Sorceresses, results in a 20% damage boost to affected enemies.

When your weapon consistently applies vulnerability, the Emerald Gem becomes a game-changer. It’s especially effective against Diablo 4 Bosses.

2. Diamond

diablo 4 diamond gem
Diablo 4 Diamond [Image taken by eXputer]
Diamond GemCrudeChippedDiamondFlawlessRoyal
Weapon Effect4% increase in Ultimate Skill Damage.5% increase in Ultimate Skill Damage.6% increase in Ultimate Skill Damage.7% increase in Ultimate Skill Damage.8% increase in Ultimate Skill Damage.
  • 3 Crude Diamonds
  • 4,500 Gold
  • 3 Chipped Diamonds
  • 12,500 Gold
  • 3 Diamonds
  • 18,000 Gold
  • 3 Flawless Diamonds
  • 50,000 Gold

To enhance your weapon’s performance, obtain a Diamond gem. While not ideal for early/mid-game, unlocking an Ultimate Skill from your Class’ skill tree becomes crucial in the endgame.

Ultimate Skills, located at the skill tree’s bottom, such as the Grizzly Rage for Druids, significantly boosts your damage when used, depending on the gem’s rarity, notably the Diamond Gem.

For those relying on Ultimate Skill Damage in Diablo 4, the Diamond Gem excels, making you unstoppable. It complements late-game Druid, Rogue, and Necromancer Weapons.

3. Amethyst

diablo 4 amethyst gem
Diablo 4 Amethyst [Screenshot by eXputer]
Amethyst GemCrudeChippedAmethyst FlawlessRoyal
Weapon Effect4% increase in Damage Over Time.5% increase in Damage Over Time. 6% increase in Damage Over Time. 7% increase in Damage Over Time. 8% increase in Damage Over Time. 
  • 3 Crude Amethyst
  • 4,500 Gold
  • 3 Chipped Amethyst
  • 12,500 Gold
  • 3 Amethyst
  • 18,000 Gold
  • 3 Flawless Amethyst
  • 50,000 Gold

The Amethyst Gem is the go-to choice for players relying on Damage Over Time (DoT) effects in Diablo 4. DoT effects like bleeding, burning, poison, or blight damage are familiar to experienced players.

DoT effects inflict lasting damage on enemies even without direct hits. Barbarians excel in Bleed builds, and if you use Hellhammer (Mace) or Fields of Crimson (Sword), Amethyst significantly enhances their effectiveness.

In summary, for Bleed or Poison builds on Necromancers, Sorcerers, or Rogue Weapons, prioritize the Royal Amethyst for an 8% boost to your DoT damage in Diablo 4.

4. Sapphire

Diablo IV Sapphire gem
Diablo 4 Sapphire [Screenshot by eXputer]
Sapphire GemCrudeChippedSapphireFlawlessRoyal
Weapon Effect6% increase in Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies.7.5% increase in Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies.9% increase in Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies.10.5% increase in Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies.12% increase in Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies.
  • 3 Crude Sapphire
  • 4,500 Gold
  • 3 Chipped Sapphire
  • 12,500 Gold
  • 3 Sapphire
  • 18,000 Gold
  • 3 Flawless Sapphire
  • 50,000 Gold

The Sapphire Gem adds a low-key effect on your weapon. It may not help you take down the Diablo 4 Bosses, but it will surely help you deal with hordes of enemies. With the Sapphire Gem, you will be able to increase critical strike damage on crowd-controlled enemies.

Crowd Control effects usually slow down a bunch of enemies at once. Players can also inflict some crowd control effects, which decrease damage received. To be more precise, some of the Crowd Control Effects include:

  • Slow.
  • Immobilize.
  • Knockback.
  • Stun.
  • Freeze.

Crowd Controlling is usually associated with skills. Rogues can use some of their skills to Daze enemies. Whereas Barbarians can stun their foes. Regardless of your class, build, and weapon, the Sapphire Gem is worth considering if you’re relying on Crowd Controlling AoE attacks. In my opinion, Sapphire is a great Diablo 4 gem for Rogue Weapons.

5. Topaz

topaz in diablo IV
Diablo 4 Topaz [Screenshot by eXputer]
Topaz GemCrudeChippedTopazFlawlessRoyal
Weapon Effect10% increase in Basic Skill Damage.12.5% increase in Basic Skill Damage.15% increase in Basic Skill Damage.17.5% increase in Basic Skill Damage.20% increase in Basic Skill Damage.
  • 3 Crude Topaz
  • 4,500 Gold
  • 3 Chipped Topaz
  • 12,500 Gold
  • 3 Topaz
  • 18,000 Gold
  • 3 Flawless Topaz
  • 50,000 Gold

The Topaz Gem significantly boosts Basic Skill Damage, making it a valuable choice in Diablo 4. It offers up to a 20% increase in Basic Skill Damage, benefiting all classes. Whether you play as a Necromancer, Rogue, or Sorcerer, this gem enhances your weapon’s performance on the battlefield.

For early-game Necromancer weapons, in particular, the Topaz Gem provides a much-needed power boost. Adding Topaz to your weapon slots can help you breeze through the initial stages of the game.

Additionally, consider the Ruby Gem, which adds extra Overpower damage to your weapons and is also a solid option.

How To Get Gems In Diablo 4?

You can get your hands on Gems in Diablo 4 in multiple ways. Enemies usually drop these once they are killed. However, the gem’s rarity usually depends on the player’s level. So, if you have just started, you would most probably get Crude Gems through drops.

Players can also find Gems in Chests found in the open world. Rewards from chests are completely randomized; however, there is a slight chance that players might get a Gem from them. The drop rate of gems from chests is even higher when events are ongoing in Diablo 4. Once you do manage to get a few Gems, you can take it to the Jeweler and further upgrade it.


diablo IV jeweler NPC
Jeweler [Screenshot by eXputer]
The Jeweler will be your main go-to NPC for everything related to Gems and Weapon Sockets. Specifically, the Jewelers can add sockets to your equipment, upgrade gems, and remove gems from your equipment. Some weapons will either have no or only one socket available for a gem. For such cases, you can head to the Jeweler and add a socket for your gem.

IMPORTANT: Players can unlock the Jeweler and their initial quest called “Gem Crafting” after reaching Level 20.

Some weapons, like the Two-Handed Swords, can have two sockets. So you can add an additional gem to them. However, it must be noted that Two-handed swords can only be handled by Barbarians.

Upgrading Gems

diablo IV upgrading/ crafting gems
Upgrading/Crafting Gems [Image Credit: eXputer]
As for gem upgrading, players must provide the prior rarity gem and a fixed amount of gold. Gem upgrading is important since it will help enhance its buffs and make it more viable for the later stages.

The lowest rarity of a gem is called Crude, whereas the highest one is termed Royal. In total, there are 5 Rarities for Each Gem. In order to upgrade your Gem, you will also need to get a fair amount of gold in your pocket.

Hopefully, the Diablo 4 Best Gem for Weapon guide helped you understand a few things and cleared your mind on which gems you should get first.

You can check out the Diablo 4 Class Tier list and the Best Aspects. If you’ve just started, consider going through the Beginners Guide. On top of that, it’s also important to learn how to get Harlequin Crest. You can also check out the Talent Tree calculator to help you plan your optimal build.

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