Diablo 4: How To Get Grandfather Sword 

The following is my take on how to farm the Grandfather sword drop along with its best builds.

The Grandfather sword is a unique weapon in Diablo 4 with powerful affixes and great damage. The unique effect of the Grandfather sword will allow players to increase their critical strike damage significantly. It is one of the legendary drops of World Tier 3 nightmare difficulty in Diablo 4. 

Key Takeaways
  • Grandfather Sword: A legendary item in Diablo 4 that inflicts critical strike damage.
  • Exclusive RNG drop in world tier 3 and tier 4, nightmare and torment difficulties.
  • Obtain by defeating enemies, opening chests, destroying crates, or completing nightmare dungeons and Helltide events.
  • Best utilized in the ice vortex barbarian build and double swing barbarian build.

How To Get Grandfather Sword In Diablo 4?

I  consider the Grandfather sword one of the best options for any build in Diablo 4, which can be quite hard to find.

The Grandfather Sword
The Grandfather Sword

Since it is a unique drop, I was only able to obtain the Grandfather sword in World Tier 3 Nightmare Difficulty or World Tier 4 Torment Difficulty. 

Torment And Nightmare Difficulty Levels 

If you reach World Tier 3 after completing World Tier two, you can look for the Grandfather sword as a drop.

Diablo 4 How To Get The Grandfather Sword 
Play on high difficulty level – image capture credits to eXputer

In order to unlock world tier 3 nightmare difficulty, you will have to complete the capstone dungeon located in the Cathedral of Light at world Tier 2 difficulty. 

  • The sword is exclusive to World Tier 4, and 3; it’s not available in World Tier 1 or 2.
  • To unlock World Tier 4, complete the Fallen Temple capstone dungeon in World Tier 3, located in the dry steppes region.

From Chests And Enemies 

After you have successfully unlocked the world tier 3 nightmare difficulty, you can farm enemies and open different chests to get the Grandfather sword as a reward in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 How To Get The Grandfather Sword 
From Containers – image capture credits to eXputer

Now, all you need to do is open every chest you come across during exploration for a chance to get the Grandfather sword as a drop. 

Unique Effects And Affixes

You might want to know why I consider Grandfather Sword one of the best weapons in Diablo 4. Its high stats and unique affixes make it a powerful end-game weapon against some of the major bosses.

Recommended class
Recommended class – image capture credits to eXputer

While it might be a bit slow compared to other melee weapons, it still has a high chance of landing critical strike damage. 

  • It has a maximum life of 147- 235.
  • Furthermore, it can tell around 9.0- 16.0% damage to enemies and will increase about 12-20 points on all stats. 
  • It completely ignores any durability loss.
    Diablo 4 How To Get The Grandfather Sword location
    Rogue is a great class for Grandfather – image capture credits to eXputer
  • It can increase your Critical damage by almost 60 to 100%, which is a lot for a sword. 
  • Any barbarian and druid builds crafted around the Grandfather sword weapon are considered some of the most powerful ones. 
  • I recommend pairing the Grandfather sword with the Harlequin Crest to get the maximum damage out of it. 

Best Grandfather Sword Builds 

All classes can use the Diablo 4 Grandfather sword drop, but it works great with barbarians. That is why I recommend two of the most powerful builds you can curate as soon as you get your hands on the Grandfather sword. 

The following are my two recommended builds:

1. Ice Vortex Build 

This barbarian build, along with penitent grieves, uses the whirlwind skill as its main focus.

Skills for the build
Skills for the build – image capture credits to eXputer

You will use skills like challenging shout and passive skills like unconstrained and Unbridled Rage for the Ice Vortex build. 

  • Skills synergize effectively with the Diablo 4 Grandfather sword drop, providing a substantial damage boost.
  • Offers impressive resource generation while concurrently reducing damage.
  • Recommended aspects for this build include the Aspect of Protector, The Aspect of Grasping Whirlwind, and the Aspect of Anemia.
  • For unique equipment, consider using items like Temerity, Penitent Grieves, or other unique gear found during exploration

2. Double Swing Build 

Another great build for Barbarians to use as soon as they acquire the Grandfather sword is the double swing build.

Grandfather Weapon
Grandfather Weapon Expertise – image capture credits to eXputer

This build focuses on skills like the Prolific Fury, War Cry, and Counter-Offensive.  

  • For ultimates, you can choose the wrath of the berserker or heavy-handed with unbridled rage as a key passive. 
  • You can choose among the Aspect of Disobedience, Accelerating Aspect, Aspect of Numbing Wrath, Aspect Of Retribution, Edge Masters Aspect, Aspect Of Echoing Fury, and Aspect Of Limitless Rage. 

With this, I conclude my detailed guide on how to farm the Diablo 4 Grandfather sword drop and its uses, affixes, and recommended builds.

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