15 Minecraft Best 1.13.2 Seeds [First-Hand Experience]

These Seeds of 1.13.2 give you a variety of options to choose from in Minecraft.

The Best Seed in Minecraft 1.13.2 has all that a player needs to complete their game. It needs to have the necessary structures for the player to start their game properly. Some of these structures can be Desert Temples, Woodland Mansions, Ocean Monuments, etc. These all will help players defeat the Ender Dragon as soon as possible and win the game.

Key Takeaways
  • The Best Seed has structures filled with tons of Loot.
  • Not only that, these seeds have some great biomes around them, making resources available for the players.
  • They have different biomes. The more variation, the better the seed is.
  • Some Seeds have Woodland Mansions or Ocean Monuments near them, making them the best ones out there.
  • In a lot of Seeds, you’ll find Shipwrecks easily near coastlines. These Shipwrecks are filled with Loot.
  • Lastly, the seeds with tons of Villages are also considered the best as you can trade with different villagers there.
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Desert And Savannah Biome Seed

Seed Code: 998410095

You will spawn in a desert biome near a village with the coordinates X: 122 and Z: 49. While the village doesn’t have unique traders, you might find diamonds in the chests.

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For the second village, head west to coordinates X: -248 and Z: 152. Similar to the first village, it doesn’t have special traders but provides resources.

To the southwest, you’ll find a shipwreck near the mountains. Explore it for valuable loot like Treasure maps, Gold Ingots, and Diamonds.

Heading south from the shipwreck, you’ll discover a Desert Temple at coordinates X: -357 and Z: 524. Nearby, there’s a lush jungle with Shipwrecks that contain more loot. Additionally, you’ll find Jungle Temples scattered throughout the Jungle Biome, providing adventure opportunities.

Best Desert Seed 1.13.2 Minecraft
The Seed contains some good Villages and Desert Temples near the spawn. [Image taken by eXputer]

Villages Seed

Seed Code: -962479141

Heading north from your spawn point, you’ll come across the first village at coordinates X: -220 and Z: 175. This village offers some loot, although it’s not too extensive.

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Continuing further north, you’ll encounter a second village, slightly beyond some small mountains, at coordinates X: -167 and Z: -222. This village has more villagers to trade with and additional loot in chests.

Heading east from the second village, you’ll enter a forest area. In this forest, you’ll find the third village, not too far away, with coordinates X: 91 and Z: -394. Unfortunately, this village doesn’t have exceptional traders.

But there’s more! To locate the fourth village, face towards the snowy-top mountains and head straight in that direction. This village is a bit further away, with coordinates X: -609 and Z: -669. Here, you’ll find several good traders and even some Gold Ingots in chests, which can be helpful for early crafting. This seed provides multiple villages and opportunities for exploration and resource gathering.

Village best seed 1.13.2
We was able to find four Villages easily in the seed. [Screenshot by eXputer]

Ultimate Loot Seed

Seed Code: 4509792635160377507

As you head west from your spawn point, you’ll encounter a desert temple at coordinates X: 185 and Z: 102. Explore the temple and loot its chests for valuable items, including gold and rare loot.

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Continuing southwest, you’ll come across a desert village at coordinates X: 36 and Z: 351. This village has a variety of valuable villagers and chests with loot, such as gold and Armor pieces.

Near the desert village, you’ll find a savanna biome, adding to the diversity of the landscape. If you head northwest from the spawn point, you’ll stumble upon a buried treasure spot at coordinates X: -71 and Z: -39. This treasure contains valuable items, including diamonds and gold.

Close to the buried treasure, there’s another desert temple at coordinates X: -184 and Z: 72. Don’t forget to explore this temple as well to collect rare loot. This seed offers multiple opportunities for early-game loot and exploration.

Loot seed minecraft.
Loot these Structures for resources. [Image taken by eXputer]

The Desert Villages Seed

Seed Code: -1535035202

You’ll spawn in front of a desert biome near a valley and trees, with visible mineshafts in the vicinity.

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There are several interesting locations to explore in this seed:

  1. First Village (X: 214, Z: -399): Head east from your spawn point along the desert biome, and you’ll come across a village with various types of villagers for trading. While the loot may not be the best, you can find apples and other items here.
  2. Desert Temple 1 (X: 218, Z: -646): Just outside the first village, there’s a desert temple waiting to be explored. Inside the temple, you’ll discover four chests filled with valuable loot, including diamonds, gold, and armor.
  3. Second Village (X: 768, Z: -756): Travel east from the first village, and you’ll find another village at coordinates X: 768 and Z: -756. This village also has a variety of villagers for trading and additional loot to discover.
  4. Desert Temple 2 (X: 776, Z: -792): Along the way to the second village, you’ll encounter a second desert temple at coordinates X: 776 and Z: -792. As with the first temple, don’t forget to check the chests for valuable loot.
Seeds of desert village.
In these seeds, you’ll unique combinations of biomes. [Screenshot by eXputer]

Frozen Biomes Seed

Seed Code: 3845270981448445919

This seed features a frozen biome with icebergs and glaciers surrounding your spawn island. You can find unique blue blocks in the icebergs. Explore the ocean to discover an Ocean Monument hidden within the icebergs at coordinates X: -175 and Z: 240. There’s also a mineshaft beneath your spawn island.

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Two villages are nearby: one at X: 711 and Z: -167, located at the edge of a taiga biome and a river in a plains biome. The second village is at X: 844 and Z: 97, situated on the ocean’s edge and the beach of the plains biome.

Additional coordinates to explore:

  • Ravine at X: -110 and Z: 48.
  • Acacia biome at X: 105 and Z: 745.
  • Shipwreck with Turtle Beach, where you can breed turtles for valuable items, at X: 361 and Z: 559.
Frozen biome minecraft best seeds 1.13.2
The Frozen Biome is filled with Spiky ice. [Image taken by eXputer]

Desert With Frozen Biome Seed

Seed Code: -1450883218

Upon spawning in a desert, head Northwest to find the first village at X: -248 and Z: -215. This village has valuable traders for potential emerald trades and loot containing gold.

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Look for a tall mountain to the South near the first village, where you’ll find an arrow on the ground guiding you to the second village at X: -250 and 359. This village offers loot including iron armor and gold, although it lacks good traders.

Continue along the coast to discover the third village near the Ocean at X: -134 and Z: 533, with some promising villagers.

Explore the Frozen Ocean Biome for its rare ice spikes, which can be found after the third village at X: -200 and Z: 900.

Additionally, within the desert, locate a Desert Temple at X: -500 and Z: 870.

Good biome with desert and ice.
The Frozen biome gives an aesthetic view if you look at it from the village. [Screenshot by eXputer]

Ice Spikes Seed

Seed Code: 135528738

Upon spawning near an ocean, head South to a Shipwreck for valuable loot, including gold, iron, and a treasure map, found in up to three chests.

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Continue along the sea to reach the Frozen Ocean biome, where you’ll encounter massive and rare Ice Spikes spreading across the ocean. The Frozen Ocean biome is conveniently close to the spawn.

Near the ice spikes, you’ll discover a Mushroom biome with center coordinates at X: 750 and Z: 450. This is an extremely rare find in Minecraft and offers a safe location to build your Base, protected from mobs.

Between the mushroom biome and the ice spikes, there’s an underwater ravine with excellent loot, including diamonds and other valuable items, located near the mushroom biome.

Mushroom and ice biome.
The Mushroom Biome and Ice Biome combo is one of the few unique. [Image taken by eXputer]

Mushroom Spawn Island Seed

Seed Code: -763922862008843532

The seed is one of the most unique seeds in the game. You’ll spawn on a Mushroom Biome island. Not only that you will find that every major biome is near it. You won’t have to travel a great distance to reach these Biomes.

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As for the Mushroom Biome, it is a decent-sized mushroom island. If you go across the ocean on the western coast, you will come across the Snowy Plains biome. You can also locate a few broken boats nearby and check them for loot. There is a buried treasure about 700 blocks away from the Spawn. You will find some good loot there.

Mushroom Biome in the game.
Moohrooms cows in the Mushroom Biome. [Screenshot by eXputer]
Not only that, if you head South, across the ocean you will get to the Birch Forest biome. On the way, you’ll find some Shipwrecks nearby. Near one of the Shipwrecks, at X: 56 and Z: 344, you’ll find a Buried Treasure. Make sure to get a Buried Treasure map to find it.

Now, if you head East from spawn you will come across a Mesa biome, 280 blocks from the spawn point. There will also be a lukewarm ocean on the coast of the Mesa biome. The ocean has a beautiful coral reef within it as well.

The seed is all about the serene views and rare biomes. What’s good is that almost all of the biomes are near the ocean. You can explore these areas while making the Mushroom Biome your base.

Lastly, to the north, there is a Village at X: 184 and Z: -950. You’ll find some good villagers types there. In addition to that, there is good loot nearby.

The Woodland Mansion

Seed Code: 1663824752716592409

When you spawn in the Seed, the first thing that’s near the spawn point is a shipwreck. It is directly to the West. Its coordinates are X: -227 and Z: -174. The shipwreck spawned on the surface of the ocean which is a pretty cool thing to explore. You’ll have the chance to find the Buried Treasure map and many more rare items there.

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Moreover, another interesting location to look at in the seed is a village. The village does not only have several villager types, but it also has a convenient cave opening as well. The coordinates for the village are X: 835 and Z: -306.

Now as the name states the word ‘mansion’, I will check out the Woodland Mansion in the seed. They are quite rare in the game. But, for these seeds, it is only 1000 blocks away from the spawn. Its coordinates are X: 538 and Z: -1006. If you want to raid a Woodland Mansion, then it is the Best Seed for you.

Woodland mansion in the game.
The Woodland Mansion is a great raiding opportunity. [Image taken by eXputer]
Moreover, there are a few Mineshafts in the seed. You can check out one of these near the spawn. One of the best that I came across is at X: 126 and Z: -192. Here, if you dig down you can find a mineshaft. You can mine for minerals such as Iron, Coal, and Diamond here.

Coral Reef Island

Seed Code: -2073080769

As you first spawn on the seed, you will find out that you are on an island surrounded by vibrant coral reefs. The coordinates for one of the coral reefs are X: 69 and Z: 129. There is also a shipwreck on the coral reef location. Shipwrecks are a great way to search for great stuff from the chest loot contained in them. The one we’re talking about has some good loot in it. So make sure that you check it out first thing.

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The Coral reefs biome.
Underwater Coral Reefs surround the island. [Screenshot by eXputer]
Not too far away from the spawn, to the South, there is a Mesa biome. The Mesa biome is massive in itself and it is pretty cool. And you will find some good blocks here for your designs.

If you head west, you’ll come across Ocean Monuments. Raiding and clearing the Ocean Monument is a great way to get Sponges in the game. The coordinates to the Ocean Monument are X: -1448 and Z: -232. Now you can’t just go on and raid the Monument. You need to prepare yourself and make sure that you get every good enchantment.

For that, I recommend checking out a Village at X: =1320 and Z: -984. The village is a little far away, but it will allow you to get the necessary resources using trading and much more.

Village And Ocean Ruins

Seed Code: 1651390243

This seed offers a variety of interesting features and structures for your exploration and survival:

  1. Island Village: As you spawn, you’ll find yourself on an island close to the mainland. Right next to the spawn point, there’s a Village with multiple traders, including an Armorer, Toolsmith, and Cleric. The village has a diverse range of trades to offer.
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  1. Grounded Shipwreck: Within the village, at coordinates X: -204 and Z: 68, you’ll discover a Shipwreck that is partially grounded. While there may not be chests or loot inside, it’s an intriguing and unusual sight.
  2. Ocean Ruins: Venturing into the icy waters, you’ll find Ocean Ruins beneath the surface. These underwater ruins contain chests with valuable loot for you to discover.
  3. Multiple Shipwrecks: Explore the ocean surrounding the island, and you’ll come across several Shipwrecks, each in a different direction:
    • North: X: -232 and Z: -216
    • South: X: -136 and Z: 360
    • East: X: 24 and Z: 24
    • West: X: -440 and Z: 8
  4. Desert Temple: To the North East from the spawn point, there’s a Desert Temple located at X: 40 and Z: -360. The temple contains the usual four chests filled with valuable resources and loot.
Ocean Ruins in Village.
The Village has a Shipwreck in it. [Image taken by eXputer]

Coral Reef And Ocean Monument

Seed Code: 6598049644281182790

Up next, I have another Island seed. The island isn’t close to land, but it is far away from it. The island in itself isn’t interesting, but that all changes when you dive into the Ocean next to the island. The Island is surrounded by 3 different Coral Reefs. You’ll get to see the colorful experience as soon as you spawn on the island.

But before you can dive deep into the waters, you need to check one thing on the island. You’ll find that there is a family of Turtles on it. It will be a confirmed location so you won’t have to find Turtles far and wide in the world of Minecraft.

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With that, I can head inside the ocean for one more surprise. When you go down into the water, you’ll find that right underneath the Island will be two Ravines. These Ravines are underwater so they will give you a lot of benefits. You can mine minerals high up on the walls, without any worry about getting up to their level. Also, you can move freely there. Later on in the game, you can place a conduit there and it will be your secret underground base.

Ocean Monument with Coral Reefs.
The Ocean Monuments can be hard to clear. [Screenshot by eXputer]
There are a few Ocean Monuments in the ocean that you can raid. They’ll have a bunch of Sponge rooms and Guardians that you’ll have to defeat. You’ll find a lot of loot there. Their coordinates are X: 664 and Z: 776, X: -216 and Z: 760, and X: -776 and Z: 168.

Apart from that, if you want to trade with villagers, there is a village some 800 blocks away. It is at X: 664 and Z: -488.

Woodland Mansion And Witch’s Hut

Seed Code: 960570313

Upon spawning, head South to a village with various traders, including a Blacksmith’s House. Inside, you’ll find a loot chest containing armor pieces and an Iron Sword for early-game defense.

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To the South East of the spawn, you’ll discover a Woodland Mansion, visible from the spawn point itself. The coordinates for the Woodland Mansion are X: 344 and Z: 296. You can raid it for valuable loot after obtaining basic weapons and armor from the village’s Armorer.

To the north of the Spawn Point, you’ll find a Witch’s Hut at coordinates X: 216 and Z: -424. Deal with the Witch there. Along the way, you’ll encounter several Shipwrecks at X: 312 and Z: 56, X: 120 and Z: 72, and X: 328 and Z: -184.

Woodland Mansion seed 1.13.2 Minecraft.
The Woodland Mansion is next to the village. [Image taken by eXputer]

Igloos With Basement

Seed Code: -986625532

In this snowy biome seed, head to the Snowy Plains region by following these directions:

  1. Southeast from the spawn point, locate an Igloo at X: 90 and Z: 88.
  2. Inside the Igloo, remove the carpet to reveal a basement with two cages, one containing a witch and the other a Zombie villager. Use a Golden Apple to cure the Zombie into a villager.
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Head out and find another Igloo with a basement in the opposite direction:

  1. Head North West from the spawn to find another Igloo at X: -375 and Z: -328. Inside, remove the carpet to access the basement.

Further South West, you’ll discover a shipwreck by the seashore at coordinates X: -455 and Z: -248.

This seed provides an excellent starting point for your Minecraft Survival game in version 1.13.2. Explore the surrounding area to find villages for trading with villagers, with a village located at X: -1272 and Z: -376 to the west.

Basement of the Igloo.
The Basement usually has a Zombie Villager for you to cure. [Screenshot by eXputer]

Tons Of Villages

Seed Code: 1101475781

This seed is perfect for players who enjoy trading with villagers. It offers numerous villages within a 1000-block range in all directions.

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Along with other points of interest:

  1. The nearest village to the spawn is located to the west at X: -392 and Z: -280. This village has valuable villager trades to kickstart your trading journey.
  2. Continuing west, you’ll find another village at X: -728 and Z: -376.
  3. Heading east and slightly north from the spawn, there’s a village at X: 72 and Z: -344, featuring more good traders and plenty of chests.
  4. Further north, discover another village at X: 200 and Z: -660.
  5. Near the previous village, two more villages are located: one at X: 664 and Z: -770 and the other at X: -136 and Z: -952.
  6. Close to these villages, there’s a Desert Temple at X: 40 and Z: -968.
  7. To the southeast, find another village at X: 328 and Z: 88. Nearby, there’s another Desert Temple at X: 104 and Z: 184, with valuable loot.
Seed with many Villages.
We came across more than 9 villages in the seed. [Image taken by eXputer]


To conclude, these were the Top 15 Seeds of version 1.13.2. I hope the guide helps you discover and come across more diverse seeds. The seeds mentioned here are some of the best, and they will be the best ones if I make the most out of them. I are sure I have answered your question of What is the best Seed of Minecraft 1.13.2.

At all of these seeds, you will have different options. You can make some of the Best Houses in Minecraft. Whereas, others have vast areas where you can make XP farms, Leather farms, or even a Castle all for yourself. If you feel like it, you can restructure one of these Villages to your liking too. You can make Big Barns where you Breed animals for resources. Or you can get your Pickaxe with the best enchantment and go into the mines to get all the Iron

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