How To Get Sponges In Minecraft [2021]

Minecraft is a huge sandbox game where the world is created from blocks, giving players the liberty to create a dynamic and changing environment. Players are free to come up with many different possibilities while making whatever it is they want in the game. When it comes to crafting and using items, all the blocks in Minecraft have various dedicated purposes to fulfill, and it gives different outcomes as well. The sponge is one of the many most-used blocks in the game, and it allows the players to absorb water from the nearby areas. We have curated this guide to pinpoint the method of how to get sponges in Minecraft. Finding a Sponge in Minecraft can be rather challenging. However, our guide has entailed everything you need to know about the sponge.

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There are only two ways to get sponge in Minecraft without the console or creative mode. The first way to get this is by mining the sponge in the Sponge Room, and the second way is to kill an Elder Guardian who is guaranteed to drop one sponge at least. Both of these methods are only possible in an Ocean Monument, and here is how to find an Ocean Monument.

Step 1: Finding an Ocean Monument

The first step to finding an Ocean Monument is finding a village and locating a Cartographer there. After that, you will need to trade with him to unlock the Cartographer-Apprentice level of trading. This can only be achieved by trading papers with emeralds. After making the mentioned trades and reaching at the Apprantance level, the villager vendor will offer the Ocean Explorer Map. Acquiring the map will pinpoint players towards the location of the Ocean Monument.

How To Get Sponges In Minecraft
Ocean Monument Location

The Ocean Explorer Map looks like this, shown in the image above, the white marker is you, and the blue mark is the Ocean Monument.

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Another way to locate the Ocean Monument is by simply cheating. If you don’t mind cheating, then type “Locate monument” in the console. It will give you the location of the nearest Ocean Monument.

Step 2: Getting The Sponge

Now that you have acquired the Ocean Monument map, the next step involves reaching the location. Once you reach the Ocean Monument, you will need a couple of potions to prepare for the exploration if you are playing on survival mode. However, if you are not on survival mode, then this should not be that difficult and may not even need extra preparations for the task ahead at hand. Regardless of it, if you are on survival, you will need the Potion Of Water Breathing and the Potion Of Night Vision. Both of these Potions will allow you to breathe and see underwater. Now start exploring the Ocean Monument until you find the Elder Guardian or Sponge Room. In any case, there can be two possibilities when you reach this encounter while embarking on the journey of how to get sponges in Minecraft.

  1. If you find the Sponge Room, then mine the sponges with a Hoe. Mining them with this method will guarantee that you get sponges faster.
  2. Alternatively, if you encounter an Elder Guardian, kill it with a good sword like Diamond. Once you kill the Elder Guardian, it will drop a sponge.

Step 3: Drying The Sponge

If you go to your inventory, you will see that sponges are Wet Sponges, and we need to dry them. There are only two ways to dry the Wet Sponge.

  1. Place a Wet Sponge on the Furnace, and use any fuel to dry out the water. Making it a Normal Sponge. Note if you place a bucket as fuel, then the water will drain into the bucket.
  2. The second way is to put the Wet Sponge in The Nether realm; it will instantly dry out the sponge.

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Uses of Sponges In Minecraft

As we mentioned, Sponges are handy when it comes to removing a large quantity of water quickly. To do so, place a sponge where you want to remove the water, and it will absorb from all directions. For example, if your base was drowned by another player, then using a Sponge will help. Moreover, you can also use it for draining a pond. Each sponge can absorb 65 blocks worth of water before turning back into a wet sponge again. Just dry it out again and use it as much as you like.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about how to get sponges in Minecraft. Have you tried acquiring the sponges before? Let us know more about your thoughts in the comments section below.

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